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What's up ZampleBox family? I'm Chris. This is Ian. And we have a special guest, Max.


This is the next episode of ZampleTalk.

I spent this whole week reaching in to the universe figuring out what questions vapers were asking. And you know what that question is, Max and Ian? What is the best squonker? Everybody loves to push that little sack, push that juice bag. They like to push it in to get the juice spilling right on to your coils. There's only one way to figure

What's the Best Squonker? Geekvape Athena, Vandy Vape Pulse, Wismec Luxotic Review
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Video Transcript: What's the Best Squonker? Geekvape Athena, Vandy Vape Pulse, Wismec Luxotic Review by ZampleBox

What's up ZampleBox family? I'm Chris. This is Ian. And we have a special guest, Max.


This is the next episode of ZampleTalk.

I spent this whole week reaching in to the universe figuring out what questions vapers were asking. And you know what that question is, Max and Ian? What is the best squonker? Everybody loves to push that little sack, push that juice bag. They like to push it in to get the juice spilling right on to your coils. There's only one way to figure out which is the best squonker. There's only one way. There's not multiple ways, only uno. And that way, is a squonk off.

We did our best to try to pick the top three most popular affordable squonk kits.

We're poor.

It's just 60 bucks or less-ish, everything you need out of the kit just to start squonkifying.

That's right.

This first one is the Geekvape Athena kit. Let's do a little walkthrough on what it got. It comes with obviously the mod and the tank or the dripper. On the inside, pretty clean straight-up squonker box mod.

Does it got have a sleeve? Does not have a sleeve?

It does not have a sleeve. So I found out most of them don't have sleeves, and the sleeves are to protect it from juice for the most part. It's because a lot of squonkers are coming out that are 18650 and 21700 compatible, and that's a little extender.

That's right. That's right.

It does come with two different bottles, a hard plastic and a soft silicone pushy squeezy.

The connection looks pretty simple.

It looks pretty simple. This right here is a protection, so it locks it.

That's a good thing. That's a good plus. Good plus.

You can't auto-fire. Having protection is a good thing, especially in a starter kit kind of mech mod, you wanna have that. Most all of these things are postless, so you've got your postless gold-plated deck. I do feel like getting the top cap onto this one, it's a little finicky like there's notches that adjust the airflow, and snapping it into place can be a pain in the butt sometimes.

And it's a top airflow, right?

It's a top down, yeah.

Let's do it. I like that black though, it's very Batman-y. It's like if Batman and Athena got together.

And today, in all three of these we are vaping Alpha by Libra.


One of the new ZampleBox e-liquids.

Are you a Libra?

I'm Scorpio.

It looks well-machined.

I like the size.

Yeah, it's a good size.

Tall machines are... Tall machines are really tight.


Okay, it had some sick sick RPMs on it or... Yeah.

It's good. It's guava-y.

I like it, man. The juice is great. I do like this little locking feature, it looks pretty good.


The button is pretty nice too.

I will say that in this kit, I really like the mod, the dripper is not my favorite.

Not my favorite dripper.

I've actually purchased the DPRO RDA that I've been using on this instead.

Yes, that's right. That's right, I've seen that.

I like like DPRO quite a bit, but the dripper is the weak point in this kit. It's not a great dripper.

I can agree on that. This is not my favorite. I like air flow from the bottom.

That does make this a little bit more leak-proof for people who are just throwing this in a bag and whatnot.

If you're on-the-go, this might be the one for you. You can bring a Greek goddess in your pocket everyday. Next up, Ian.

Next, we have from Mr. Tony B, the Vapor Trail Channel.

God, what a good guy.

We have the Pulse 24 kit.



That's his kind of jam.

So this is very similar in the sense that it's a purely mechanical device. This one, it's got the soft squishy silicone. This does have the sleeve-y dude to make it 20700 or 18650 compatible, so if you wanna have the 20700 batteries, you can put those in there. It does have a safety, so you can disconnect that...


And turn it off, there's that little switch. Not as convenient as the little safety slider on the other one.

But the feature is there.

But it exists. So if you want to, you can just totally disconnect the connection and basically turn it off. It's not lined up perfectly, so you have push it in and push it down. This one feels a little bit more plastic-y and light, the whole thing is plastic.

It's more Lego.

It is light. The dripper, pretty cool dripper. It's got two airflow pipes coming in from the sides.

Ooh! Look at that.

It's pointed down at the coils.

That's a lot more serious looking.

It is also a postless gold-plated deck. It does have notches so that your airflow when you just put the cap on, it just automatically locks into place where you should have the airflow.


I like the adjustable airflow, you can just go basically one hole, two holes.

And it's a side airflow. I like the colors. It's got that...

The dripper is significantly better. I like it with one airflow hole.

More flave.

With one airflow hole, it's got really good flavor, it's got a really old school, squishy button.

Oh, it's a deep button.

Yeah, it's a deep, squishy, squishy button. Some people really, really like that.

And it's cool, 'cause it's clear so you can see what's going on inside. The Athena doesn't have that. It's kind of a nerdy look.


Which kinda fits my whole...

You can kinda see the guts.

It fits my whole personality, really.

Flavor is way better.

Yeah, the flavor is better on that.

It's one of those things that even with that, immediately you can tell the flavor is way better on it.

Next up, Ian. Last but not least from the Squonk off. Look at this thing, guys. If you have two eyeballs, you can tell this one has sex appeal.

This is the Wismec Luxotic Box, which the kit...

Luxury and exotic.

The Luxotic box and the Tobhino...


Which is a combination of the tobe and the bambino.

Oh, Bambino, Tobhino.

And this one, a little bit different. This is the more different out of the three. First off, just a single coil dripper.

Like it. Papa likes that.

Tiny, little single coil flavor RDA.

I like that.

It's not mechanical.

Oh! Hmm.

It's unregulated, but it's not mechanical, so it actually does... I'm not sure what kind of circuitry they have in there, but it's got a clicky switch. It has a 3.3-volt cutoff, so it has battery safety protection, so if your battery runs low, it'll just tell you your battery is dead and it won't fire anymore. It's got under volt short-circuit. So it has all of the protection features that a regulated device would have, but it's still unregulated, and it does have a little five click on/off, so you can't just turn it off.

Oh, you can, but there's no light or indicator and it's Luxotic.

And unlike the others, the way you change the bottle is it pulls down and there's a little metal stem.

Oh! See, there's a metal stem inside and you put in the tank under it.

Yeah, so then you just stick the tank in there and boop, stick it up.

Oh, let's do it. I like the drip tip already. I like the look of it. It does have a big Wismec on the back too.


You need to know that.

Okay. Okay.

This is a flavor machine. This is delish. Wooh!

What's the price point on this thing?

I think that one is the most expensive out of the three, right up at around 60 bucks.

That is... You're right, flavor-wise, it's freaking amazing.

Sure. Safety features.

So, I think Max has found the one complaint I have about this.

Getting the front door off.

Yep. So that's the only... And it's not a huge negative. Once you figure out, you can just dig in there by the bottle.

I'll say the flavor on this one's probably my favorite. But if you are a dual-coil vaper and you like to check clouds or you like that kind of vape...

Then the Pulse.

Then the Pulse is probably your better bet.

Even fully open, the airflow is a restrictive lung hit on this one.

I like it. So, what's your favorite?

I think I have to go with the second one, the polymer Glock Wonder Nine, the pistol one and then the Pulse.

The Pulse.

The VandyVape Pulse.

Pulse, it was. Yeah, Pulse is my favorite followed by the Wismec.

I gotta say my favorite is definitely the Wismec just because the flavor is so good. That already is great. And I don't know, I like the feel of it. So, just the way it works. And I do think that if I wanted to check clouds though, I would definitely choose the Pulse, if I wanted to check clouds.

My favorite is the Wismec also, for two reasons, I really like the RDA, I agree with you. I'm a K-fun user. I like the restricted airflow, but the number one thing I like about it the most is it has the protection in it.


I know I can just vape, vape, vape, vape, I don't have to pay attention to it. And when it just stops working, it just stops. Where on a mech mod, when it stops working, chances are there's a bad thing happening. Second, the Pulse, I love the dripper, the Pulse RDA is so good, it's an awesome... You can get huge airflow and big clouds, if that's your thing and you get really good flavor too, in a fairly leak-resistant design.

Exactly. That's true.

I'm like, lots of like, just the straight-up airflow designs. You get similar flavor to, you know, your...

Under the coil, yeah.

What was, like Kennedy style airflow?


But in a more leak-resistant sort of a way.

Yeah. It seems like a really reliable one.

I do like the Athena mod more than the Pulse mod, I think personally just 'cause I like that external safety switch a lot.

Sure, sure.

And I like the look and feel of it. It seems like a slightly higher quality mod.


But the Athena dripper is so not good.

Yeah, it just... The flavor is not as good.

It's not terrible in the sense that it's impossible to build or it's cheaply made, it's just flavor-wise, it's below average.

That's it for the Squonk off. It seems like they're all pretty good choices, pros and cons, pros and cons. The scales of justice.

Recently, an e-liquid company got in the trub trubs...

Ooh, not good.

Ooh, they got in trouble with Skittles because they're infringing upon their trademark making their juice look too close to the Skittles' look.

Ah, danger zone.

It happens to me all the time. I see guys walking around trying to look like this, but ain't nobody look like this. That's why this next segment is called dopplevaper.

In this segment, Ian and I are gonna look at really, really crazy e-liquid that just did not try to be unique.


They just took something that they saw and became it, somehow. So, there's a lot of e-liquid out there that really just took off brands of someone else like Shang Tsung.

Oh, yeah. Good ref.

Yeah. Shang Tsung is, Your soul is mine. So Spriite.

Dude, just straight-up called it...

They just called it Spriite. Onto their box, just Spriite. It's two I's.


Yeah. They put two I's instead of one I.

Puts the exact same color and logo and every... Oh, my gosh.

Yeah. There's nothing... Yeah. That's just...

When I see that, all I can think of is, You guys are idiots, that's like you're going out just saying, Please sue me.

Here's Kremey Klouds with the Krispy Kreme.

Oh, with the Krispy Kreme logo.

And that's pretty... I mean, there's nothing...

That's the logo.

That's the logo.

You can't use the logo or the word mark.

Yeah, that's true. With the same font and everything. Here's the Cloudsavers.


Lifesavers. Gummies. Same exact thing.

Oh, my gosh.

It's crazy. Okay, and this one you'll like. This one's for you. Okay. Vape Wars.

That is as close to just putting a gun to your own head as you can get with copyright infringement.

I mean, they just went for the all white, and then they just took a stormtrooper.

They straight-up took a picture of a stormtrooper. And Disney is notorious for aggressively defending all of their copy...


All of their trademarks and copyrights.

I mean, the font is the same, they also... Like the Melon Star, come on guys. I mean, come on. We have to be careful with this and... Other companies, e-liquid companies out there are just... It would be really bad for vaping to have more lawsuits based on infringement and... I don't know. I get that in marketing, everything's taken from something else. Okay, I get that.


But taking the Sprite logo and adding an I is not really...



Yeah. People are hating on the vape industry enough as it is. We don't need a whole bunch of lawsuits coming out for vape companies stealing other companies' branding. It's not a good look.

This next segment is an immovable titan like the Colossus of Rhodes. It is This Day in History.

Today in the year of 537, the siege of Rome, the Ostrogoth army under King Vitiges begins the siege of the capital. Belisarius conducts a delaying action outside the Flaminian Gate. He and a detachment of his bucellarii are almost cut off.

So they're sieging Rome.

Yeah, the Ostrogoths, man.

The Ostrogoths just had some big, big brass balls. They thought to themselves, This is the strongest, most immense empire the world has ever seen. Let's go in there and wreck it. Let's go in there and interrupt what's happening. Let's take what they have and make it ours.


The spirit of the Ostrogoths is the same spirit that vapers have. There is an empire out there that is just, ugh, big tobacco. Every vaper wants to break the norm. They wanna break the cycle, the smoking cycle, they wanna get that cigarette and cut it off. And you can do that any day of the week, any moment in your day by going to zamplebox.com. We have delicious flavors. Delicious flavors that break from the norm. Fuck you, Rome. We're taking everything that you got and we're putting it into our e-liquid. That's right, wealth, taste, deliciousness, power. Take power by your own mittens and put it into your mouth. ZampleBox, everyone.

Today in the year 1127, the assassination of Charles the Good.

That sounds like Charles the Bad.

Not good.

He was the Count of Flanders.

I don't know if he did anything bad or good, I mean his name was Good, probably did some bad things just like...

He's a saint.

Is he a saint?

He's actually a saint.

Okay. He probably did a lot of good things. That's messed up, that's what I'm trying to say.

So it said on the morning of the 2nd of March, as Charles knelt in prayer at the Church of St. Donatian, a group of knights answering to the Erembald family entered the church and hacked him to death with broadswords.

You know what, we need to be like those knights, Ian. At ZampleBox, we need to be like those knights. We need to take our broadswords. We need to cut down prices. ZampleBox. Wholesale prices where we cut down with broadswords, the prices for you. And one day, you'll get a delicious box of value, from us. Fuck.

The Olympics are over now. But last week, the Olympics were going on, we asked you guys, we're gonna give away for six bottles of ZampleBox. And we asked you guys if athletes should be allowed to vape and not vape? And I'll let you know. The vast majority... I think everyone said that athletes should be allowed to vape. That's what they felt like.

It's official now.

But the winner of that giveaway is Bloodrage Engage. He or she says, I don't just think athletes should be allowed to vape. Now, I'm just gonna throw this out there. You can take it or leave it, Olympic cloud comp.


Hey, I like that proposal, man. We'll see it one day. I just imagine the cloud comp will have to be more athletic, right? Like, you'd have to be in the high jump and then... Pffff...


Or you have to be on the pommel horse and then... Pfff...

Ian and I are gonna do another giveaway, it's for six bottles of ZampleBox.

We talked about copyright infringement today. So let us know, all you gotta do is like this video, make sure you subscribe to our channel by clicking on the bell, which is on one of these sides somewhere, and you just let us know in the comments. If you had your own e-liquid company, what would you name it? What would your branding be like? We wanna know because you're creative.

Wait, Ian, we're not done yet. Guys, I'm gonna treat you to something nice. James and I were talking about it, we're gonna do a little bit something sexy. You can tell the lights are a little low right now, it's a little dramatic, it's a little...


Let's do that again.


This is ZampleBox after dark where we show you guys some hot takes from some of the old ZampleTalks. Some of this is gonna be raunch, some of it is gonna make you wanna vomit, and other parts might turn you on.


Let's do it.

So I'm gonna sign off right now, and then we're just gonna play that, for all the good things to come.

That's right, guys, this is ZampleTalk, a weekly show were we talk about really interesting things on the Internet related to vaping and maybe not related to vaping but things that we like, things that really titillate us, things that really make our nipples erect. Let's do it.

Max was in the closet, taking a business call or something, he locked himself in the closet, and then like 20 minutes later, I noticed I had three text messages and I got a call from him, Max was like, Hey, can you let me out of the closet?

And fruit, those are the flavor tags.

If you love yoga pants then this juice is right up your alley.

Guys, if you like yoga pants and you love wearing 'em and looking in the mirror at night, this one is right up your bum hole.

Oh, rawr...

There you go. Oh, yeah.

We're just pretending like we're in the fucking chairs right now.

It is December and that means that there's a man in a red suit prancing around, he's gonna go around on your rooftops and just creep! He's gonna creep, he's gonna creep and creep and try to give you his special gift.

Ooh, it's light. Awesome. It's 70% VG so it's still got a lot of flavor. Any of you Apple heads out there... Apple, Apple, Apple, bobbing for apples all the time, you're gonna wanna bob for this bottle because it is good.

Something reaching, guys.

I'm just be like, Hi!

Hey! Hurry Curry, yeah.

Hi, Hurry Curry here.Hi!

We were high...

Please work. Goddammit. Our fucking office is... This is terrible, dude. This is really bad, like everything is fucking cold and like, the fucking...


Nothin', just let me fucking try to do my life here. There you go. Goddammit.

Ooh, our office is a show.

Son of a bitch. Oh, fuck.

Seems like Prozac's working.

No, I'm happy.

Did you see my new mod? I didn't tell... I didn't tell my partner about this, she doesn't know about it. That's not like the reason why she's not talking to me right now. That's just something that's her problem.

Yeah, it's not good to go into Valentine's Day with secrets.

There's no secret here. I mean, I'm showing you I wouldn't show her, but I'm showing you.

Until the video comes out, she sees that new mod.

Yeah, this mod is really nice, huh?

It is nice. I'm a little jealous.

It's pretty awesome. I think the ladies... It's a mod that the ladies will, Hey!


This is an old mod that I've had for a long time. I would never buy anything new.

You have to save that money.

Of course.

Oh, hello, Selena.

Hi, Selena.

What are you doing to me?

Lookin' at your sweet pears.


Let me give you some of my Bavarian cream.

Take a peak at my coconuts.

That's right. I'm dreamin' of Selena tonight. Night.


Night, night.

That's gonna be delivered to your door. In this video, we're gonna talk about exciting new flavors that are gonna be in your Christmas ZampleBox.

Uh, sorry, I ruined that one.

No, it's fine. You want me to do it again? Is that fine? Or, what do you think?

I mean, I could just cover Ian with a giant pixelated thing.

That would be really funny.

I can redo it.

Maybe you should ask her out.

So I was thinking, you know, we kinda hit it off here a second ago. Would you mind going on a date with me? No? I knew it. Just like every other... Just, no. You can never get a date these days.

You bitch!

You are a bitch!

And it's rainin'. Rainin' flavor!


I just want all this juice to pour onto my hat and my body so I can share my love for vaping and flavor with you. But nobody wants to see that. Nobody wants to see me drenched in e-liquid.

Except for maybe Max.

Except for Max.

But he's a heartless bastard.

That's right, and he also likes looking at people drenched in e-liquid. This part should be excluded from the video.

You have lame friends anyway. Your inside joke is Vegas, with all your friends. Stupid. Way too thick. Papa like that booty.

Why do you guys keep me around? Can somebody fire me, please?