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Premium 100ml Shortfill UK E-Liquids

Cornelius Cloud's is a premium UK-based vape liquid brand established in 2018, they are specialists in crafted juices for all types of e-cigs and devices. All of their shortfill ejuice is manufactured at a high-quality manufacturing facility in Milton Keynes. Cornelius Cloud's is supplied as 100ml of nicotine-free liquid (0mg e liquid) in a 120ml bottle - otherwise known as short-fill. They're not available in vape shops, which enables us to offer them to you at a really affordable price.

Cornelius Cloud's offers a wide range of flavours to choose from, all of which are professionally blended at their flavour lab. Using only the highest quality ingredients that are fully TPD-approved & sourced from the United Kingdom, each bottle contains 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerine), and 30% PG (Propylene Glycol), including flavourings. Every recipe has been fully lab-tested many times to ensure quality, compliance, and a perfect flavour for your vape tank.

Nicotine Shot Compatible

The 120ml larger bottles are specifically designed to leave a 20ml space for up to 2x 10ml bottles of your preferred nic shots. They are compatible with all TPD-approved nicotine shots, whether they are nic salt or regular nic shots, so they're perfect for sub-ohm vaping and many of the new style all-in-one starter kits.

If you have a low-power device, we recommend using a nic salt shot which is 100% PG Propylene Glycol for the best non-sub-ohm vaping experience. All High-VG (Vegetable Glycerin) liquids have a higher viscosity, which is more suited to sub-ohm coils and high-power devices. Adding a 100% PG nic salt shot will rebalance the overall ratio, making it suitable for a low-power vape coil. If you would like help with nicotine shots, or if you are new to electronic cigarettes in general, please message us - we're always here to help!

50 Delicious E-Liquid Flavours

With a huge range of flavours to choose from it can often be difficult to know where to start. To help with this, here are some of the favourite flavours at VGE: For fruity drink flavours, we like Sex on the Beach, Grape Raspberry Blackcurrant, and particularly recommend Fruit Explosion if you have a monster sweet tooth. Peach or Blackcurrant is also popular with our team, and Iced Menthol is an absolute blast with fans of ice-cool vapes.

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Cornelius Clouds