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Welcome back to the channel guys, I am Matt, I hope your day is going very, very well. Today we're gonna take a look at the Zenith and Kroma-A Kit by Innokin. This is also a collaboration with Phil Busardo and Dimitris, the VapinGreek. I wonder if they fought over whose name goes first. This is a mouth-to-lung kit, you can also buy the tank separately. The Kroma-A has been out for quite awhile, I think the Zenith has been out for a month or two, so let's go ahead and dive into it. Very, very

Kroma a Zenith MTL Kit by Innokin
Credit to: Suck My Mod
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Video Transcript: Kroma a Zenith MTL Kit by Innokin by Suck My Mod

Welcome back to the channel guys, I am Matt, I hope your day is going very, very well. Today we're gonna take a look at the Zenith and Kroma-A Kit by Innokin. This is also a collaboration with Phil Busardo and Dimitris, the VapinGreek. I wonder if they fought over whose name goes first. This is a mouth-to-lung kit, you can also buy the tank separately. The Kroma-A has been out for quite awhile, I think the Zenith has been out for a month or two, so let's go ahead and dive into it. Very, very nice packaging. You're gonna have accessories over here and that includes some directions. Then you have a charging cable, a vape band, some warranty and safety information, battery care guide, warranty card, Innokin always does it up right, I gotta give them props for that. Then now, on this side it says Innovation Inside. Very, very well packaged, you've got this little card right here from Phil and Dimitris and then you have the Kroma-A Mod, the Zenith tank, an extra coil head in here and then two different types of drip tips. Obviously we'll look at all that stuff closer here in a sec. Oh, and also you have some o-rings right here.

Okay, so we're gonna look at the tank first and then let's go ahead and take a look at these drip tips. So, basically you just have two different shapes there, both obviously geared towards mouth-to-lung, looks like the bore is pretty close. I personally tend to go for that style, but I know a lot of people like that as well. So, let's go ahead and put this in, and here's what this one looks like. So this is a 24 millimeter tank from the base to that top edge right there, I got about 35 millimeters on the base there it does say Platform Series, Designed by P. Busardo and VapinGreek. Fixed 510 Pen. There is your airflow control right there. It's just on one side. On the other side it says Innokin. It's easy to move, it has a little bit of stickiness to it and then this is obviously the white version, but there is a black version. I think they're coming out with another color too, I saw Dimitris post like a purple or pink version.

So, inside there is your coil head. Now, you cannot open this tank all the way. You can open it right there to fill. You've got a little design up there too, which looks quite nice and then you close and then to get to your coil head, you unscrew the base and pull your coil head out that way. Now, the reason why you cannot open this completely is because this has a juice flow control in there. So right there the juice flow control is open but if you see inside there that bell closes it off, see now when it's completely open up here, it's closed off down there. So the reason that I'm assuming they did this is that for mouth-to-lung tanks there is a good... A lot of people do use thinner liquids, they'll use like a 50-50 or something like that and so juice flow control is a little bit more important with a tank like this, as opposed to some sub-ohm tanks where most people are using 70-80% VG. So, again, there it's open and there it's closed. So that's why you can't disassemble this completely.

So, there's a pro to that and obviously a con to that. You can clean it, that way, rinse it, rinse it, soak it, shake it up, or whatever. And the one worry about that, obviously is this glass, the glass is set in quite a bit, so it would be pretty tough to break it, but if you are worried about that or you're hard on stuff, use this guy. Okay, so let's go ahead and get into this coil head right here. These are press fit in, and this is the Z-coil, this is their 1.6 ohm Kanthal coil, as you can see, a very, very small hole because it is mouth-to-lung and the other coil head I will show you right now, this is the 0.8 ohm z-coil, 15-18 watts, so it's rated a little bit higher. The other one is rated for 10-14. We'll vape these both, I'll give you an idea if I think there's much difference to them. The hole looks a little bit larger on the 0.8 ohm. So, I just dripped a couple drops of liquid just right on to the top there, I didn't prime it super well, but I think we'll be fine. We'll let this sit in there for a little bit. The coil matches up with those notches there, so you wanna make sure it's pressed all the way in, then you screw the base together, open it up, fill it up. This one holds four mLs but it does come in a two mL TPD compliant version. Then you close it and we are good to go. So, there's that tank all put together.

Let's take a quick look at the mod. Now this mod has actually been out for quite some time, I think it's been out for eight, nine months or so, but it is... It's very, very nice. It has a built-in 2000 milliamp hour battery. It's a mini little guy. It says Platform Series Edition right there. It's got some grip right here, Innokin branding. This feels like it's some sort of cast metal, feels nice, it's got a good coating on it. Go ahead and put this tank on here. So this is what a 24 millimeter tank is going to look like on here. Anything larger than that, and it will hang over. It's very, very similar to other Innokin mods. So, let's say I want to change the wattage, you gotta hold the button down for a sec, till it's blinking, and then you can scroll all the way through down to six watts all the way up to 75 watts. I'm not gonna dare fire this coil in here at that 75 though. Three clicks, turns it off. Three clicks turns it on. If you press the power and the left or right button, hold it down, that will swap us through to different temperature controls, titanium, stainless steel.

It's a very, very simple board as you can see from the directions here. You're not gonna get too crazy with it, there's no curves features, preheat features, stuff like that, but it does have simple TC modes and wattage mode. So for this type of tank especially, it's a great fit. But you could use, say you bought this as a beginner, maybe you wanted to use a sub-ohm tank or something like that afterwards, you could do that and maybe you wanna use a sub-ohm tank with stainless steel coil or whatever, you could definitely do all that with this mod. So, it could grow with you. Obviously, with a 2000 milliamp hour mod like this, if you start using it at 60, 70, 80 watts that battery's not gonna last very long. There's the buttons, a little tiny bit of rattle with this one, I think, but it's not bad. There it is in the hand so you can get a size idea, definitely very pocketable.

Alright, so let's go ahead, go back up top, vape this and talk about it a little more. Okay, so I'm gonna start out with the 1.6 ohm, it's actually reading 1.69 ohms right now. I have it at 12 watts and I have the air flow all the way open. Well, now I do. Yeah, all five little holes are open, let's go ahead and vape it. And let's go ahead and vape the 0.8 ohm, which is reading 0.81 ohms at 16 watts and airflow's wide open on that. Yeah, and when the airflow is all the way open, I think it's gonna be too loose for probably most mouth-to-lungers, you could almost do a direct lung with the airflow wide open, but if I'm mouth-to-lunging it, I really am probably around three holes. Yeah. As far as vapor and flavor, both coil heads seem fairly close. With the 0.8 ohm, usually there's thicker wire in there, there's more area that wire is covering in there, which makes the resistance a little bit lower. So it might be a little denser, a little warmer maybe. But it just depends 'cause you could just turn up the wattage on this one too. So, I would have at it, try both of them and see if one coil head really sticks out to you more than the other. But I like both of them, personally, I don't see a huge difference in them.

Now, let's go ahead and talk pros and cons with these. With the tank, there's not a lot to fault it. I'm using 12 milligram in here, and that's about perfect for me for mouth-to-lung in a tank like this. I think the flavor is more than good enough. Obviously, if you were to get a mouth-to-lung re-buildable the flavor would probably be even a little bit better and you could build your own coils and all that, but for a prebuilt coil head system like this, the flavor is intense for me and I don't see many people complaining saying that this doesn't have good flavor. Really the only con with this is just that you can't take it all apart. I get why they did it though, it's kind of a trade off, like they wanted to have juice flow control in there and in order to get juice flow control in there, the way the system was built, they had to keep it closed. I would just be careful. Put one of these vape bands on here if you're hard on your stuff and you should have no problem breaking the glass or anything like that. Even without the vape band, it would be pretty rare to break this glass. You would have to just drop it just right and maybe a rock is sticking up or something because the glass is set back in from the little cage here and so most of the time if you were to drop this, it would hit that metal. But besides that, there's not a lot to fault it with.

I know they have a two mL version of this, I would imagine the two mL version is even a little bit more intense when it comes to flavor because your mouth is even closer to the coil head and like I've said in the past, the closer you are to the coil head usually means the better the flavor, at least that's what I've found through my vaping experience over the years. But, like I said, flavor's more than enough for me with this type of system. As far as the mod goes, it is what it is. It's been out a long time, the few that I have tested, have a little bit of rattle in the buttons. Obviously, it would be nice if maybe the board had more features but that's not really who it's geared towards. I like boards that do have preheat functions, curves, things like that but it's made to be simple. It's not just made for new vapers but it would be a very, very good device for new vapers.

Besides those buttons, I think the build quality on the mod is very, very nice. It has a little bit of texture back here, feels almost rubbery but that might just be because of the texture, it might just be a textured plastic of some sort. But then on the metal part, it does have a nice matte finish on it and it's just, it's a solid device. For the price, a lot of people are gonna say Well, they're reviewers so you're giving their product a good review. There's not a lot out... What am I missing? There's not a lot else here to complain about. I mean, it's a simple, solid device that would be great for most mouth-to-lung vapers that want a prebuilt coil head tank. As far as how long is a tank full of liquid gonna last you, it depends on how much you vape, but for me, I'd have to fill this up like once, once in a day, so two tank fulls, really, because you're using it at such a low wattage, you're using it mouth-to-lung, you'll be surprised if you're someone that's using sub-ohm tanks now or something like that, surprised how long a 4 mL tank will last you. It's so much longer than on a lot of sub-ohm tanks. That's just the price you have to pay if you want high wattage, lots of vapor, wide open draw. So, depends on what you're into.

So, this kit goes for around the $45-$46 range, that's what I've seen it for. You could buy the tank by itself for like $28, but why not buy the whole kit if you are into the mod and you like it. If you already have loads of mods and you don't care, then sure you can get the tank but I think the mod itself is like another $17, $18, so it's kind of a no-brainer there. I like it. I like it a lot and I know Vanessa's gonna be using one of these quite a bit, I just already know that. I haven't given her one yet but I just know she's gonna like it because she's really into mouth-to-lung now and she's been getting kind of sick of her JUUL, and the pods and always having to buy the pods and all that. So, I think she's really gonna dig this. What she wants to find though, and let me know if any of you guys have any suggestions. What she loves about the JUUL is the mint, their mint flavor. So, if you know of any liquids out there that are pretty close to that mint flavor, let me know and that would make her very happy.

So, I do have two of these to give away, both of them are in the black version and with the two winners, I will give you a couple extra packs of coil heads as well. So, you'll be set for awhile. I would love to give those away to new vapers, maybe you don't have a kit yet. I don't mind too if you just want it and you're a mouth-to-lung vaper but I would love to give one away to a newer vaper 'cause I really think that this would be a great device to keep you off of cigarettes, or like I said if you're just a mouth-to-lung vaper and you really wanna try this, that's totally fine too. Go ahead and leave a comment down in the comment section, one week from now I will pick the winners and I am gonna... People have asked me, I am gonna try to start doing more giveaways. Vanessa said she will try to help me with them more. People have asked me why I don't do as many giveaways and it's really just a time thing, you know having to do a giveaway for every video, but I am gonna try to stay more on top of it. So be on the lookout for that. Also, follow us on Instagram, 'cause we are gonna be doing some giveaways over there, just @suckmymod, very, very easy to find.

Anyway, I'll put links in the description for where you can buy this. Don't forget to check out our other channel, Matt and V. That about wraps it up until next time. Thanks for watching Suck My Mod.