Innokin Plex Tank

Innokin Plex Tank

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The Innokin Plex Tank is a great looking sub ohm tank that features the popular Scion Plexus coil heads that have a superior longevity and bold flavor production. The performance of these two features is awesome as the tank itself houses three brand new core 0.13 ohm heads in addition to the 0.15 ohm Scion Plexus head. The Plex tank is very simple to fill with its sliding top cap, and it won't be hard for you to top off your E Liquid in just a matter of seconds without having to take anything apart. Inside each tank is a nifty honeycomb style resin mouthpiece for the ultimate vape experience.

Innokin Plex Tank Innokin
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Innokin Plex Tank - Plus New Proton Kit!
Credit to: Vape Don't Smoke
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