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Hello and thanks very much for joining me. I'm Dean, the Vaping Biker. Today, we're gonna be looking at a mod from Aspire which I actually quite like, although it's not without its problems. Before I go into any more of that, I think it's probably best if we get straight up close into the tour around the Aspire Speedo. Speedo? Keep calling it a Speedo and that makes me think of banana hammocks. So it's actually called the Speeder but for today, I'm gonna call it the Aspire banana hammock. Rig

The Aspire Speeder 200w Mod - Schmexy :D
Credit to: Vaping Biker
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Video Transcript: The Aspire Speeder 200w Mod - Schmexy :D by Vaping Biker

Hello and thanks very much for joining me. I'm Dean, the Vaping Biker. Today, we're gonna be looking at a mod from Aspire which I actually quite like, although it's not without its problems. Before I go into any more of that, I think it's probably best if we get straight up close into the tour around the Aspire Speedo. Speedo? Keep calling it a Speedo and that makes me think of banana hammocks. So it's actually called the Speeder but for today, I'm gonna call it the Aspire banana hammock. Right? let's go for a tour around it, shall we? Come on, then.

So here we are with Aspire Speeder Mod, I'm using a black background, 'cause it's a white mod in here and I want you to be able to see it properly. Now, then this isn't the kit, obviously, this is just the mod. I didn't get sent the kit which is not a bad thing, but looking around the box, it's fairly normal Aspire packaging going on there. Yours will probably have a batch number written in there, although mine being a review sample, it hasn't, and there is information on the back there about what the box is including and so on as well as the scratch and sniff.

Now then, breaking this bad boy open. We do have a few bits and pieces here inasmuch as we do have a battery wrap thing going on, we do have a warranty card, and we do have the Speeder user manual, which is all very splendid. Now, then opening it up, you can see in the box there, this is the mod, and I really like the look of this one. I way prefer this coloring to the darker ones that I've seen available. Now then you do have one of these, what's the name? Stickers that I can't remember the name of, going on here. This sticker was actually on the mod when I had it, but obviously I've just popped it in the box so you can see what you get. Now in here we do have a USB cable, it's a little bit of a funky one, a little bit of a braided one, I can't get it out. And, out you come, go on, go on, you bugger, break the box. So, there we go, a braided USB cable, so there we go.

That was exciting, wasn't it? Now, then, this is the mod itself. Apologies if that white is blowing out a little bit, but I did want you to see the full kind of glory of this mod. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, I really, really do. I really think this coloring reminds me of a kind of a Barbarella or old school, 70's sci-fi kind of thing going on, which I think is really pretty sweet.

Anyway, let's zoom up a little bit and we can get a little bit closer to having a look about what we're going on with today. Now then, on this side, you can see that you do have the Aspire logo. On this side you can see that we do not. Now the Aspire logo side is where the fire button is. And this is my biggest complaint with this device. Having this here on something that feels exactly the same as this side, it's desperately confusing. It really is confusing. And for this to have worked properly rather than being something that kind of pivots off around about here, I would suggest... It might be at the bottom, but you can't really press until you're starting to get to this kind of middle section, that you properly press it around that Aspire logo. That to me, needed to be one of these buttons that you just press the whole side for it to work. I don't think that it works overly well as being a sort of a specific in that area presser, only because it gets confused with this side so often. However, having said that, that's where your fire button is. Obviously, you've got a Speeder logo down here. Here is where that QR code, that's the name of the thing. The QR Code was previously, and there we go.

That is the look of the mod. You've got your up and down button going on here, on a rocker button, you got a USB there, a spring-loaded 510 up there at the top and at the bottom here, we do have the battery door. Now the battery door is another point of annoyance for me. Now, at the moment, you can see that there is some movement in there. Now, if I un-click it, it will come open nice and easily. You do have your battery orientation in that contact strip right at the bottom there, which is fine. So you pop your batteries in all like so, you then close up your door and it stays open. You can see that there is a gap there. If I zoom in a little bit more hopefully, we can see that there is a kind of not necessarily a gap, rather, but a ledge. So, that ledge does mean that it doesn't quite sit flush. Now, while that doesn't mean that it kind of rocks around all over the place and when you pop it upright, because, obviously, this section takes up so much of the base, it does mean that it just doesn't fit as well as it should do, you know?

Right then, now, looking at the board itself, it's good and easy to use. Okay then, so looking at the board itself, I did just have to replace the batteries 'cause the last ones were getting pretty dead. So this is what we are dealing with, and it's a nice, straightforward layout. And I do like, how obvious it is, you can't quite see how large this display is, but it's very, very easy to see. So that's something that I'm really a really big fan of. The other thing is, as well, that it does have this great Aspire technology where it will automatically flip, depending on whichever side you're using it at, which I think is really, really cool. So once you've got this on, three clicks and it takes it into stealth mode, three clicks brings it back. Five clicks takes it into locked. When you're in the locked position, if you press and hold the fire button for three seconds, it will then turn the device off, like so, and it's good and easy to bring back again.

So there we go, nice and easy to get round that one. So how do we get into the menu? That's the fire button and the up button, and you can see that watts has now been highlighted, so I can now scroll through there to TCR, and one TC nickel, CPS, which is their power curve, bypass and so on. So what's TCR there? I'm now gonna go... Sorry, TC. I'm now gonna go from nickel to stainless steel, titanium, and so on. So it's super easy to choose whatever you're gonna be going for at this stage in the game, which I really, really do like. Now obviously, to up and down it, like so. Easy enough. Once we get to the top there and carry on, that will round-robin through to the Fahrenheit. When you're in wattage mode and wanna go to temperature control, now obviously, we do have a couple of different settings with this one. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna press the fire button and the up button together. That will highlight the watts. Now what we can do is, obviously, we've got these TCR settings that I told you about a moment ago, but we will look at that again in a second.

So once we are choosing the, say, stainless steel in this instance, we are going away and you're controlling it by the temperature. So you're controlling the amount of power that goes through it by the temperature. However, when you go into... If I reset this, instead of TC... There we go, TCR, M1. Once we're in there you can choose a M1, M2, or M3. I'm okay with that one there. Now, once we're in this position, once this thing clears up here, if we press the up and down together, we're now getting the maximum power that we're gonna be getting. So that power curve is something that you can adjust, as well as a TCR setting there as well.

So it's something that you have got. Now you do have the TCR setting. It's this percentage figure, which we'll talk about when we go up top. However, having said that, by pressing the up and down together once again, up you go, you come back into here. So we do have two different ways of dealing with temp control on this device. But that being said, it's been super easy. I have to be honest, been using it mostly in wattage mode, but I will tell you about my temperature control experience as well. So let's go back up top and we can have a vape and a little bit more of a chat about the Speeder from Aspire.

So that was the up-close with the Speeder/Banana Hammock I do like this mod. If you saw me around VapeFest, then I may have been carrying this exact set-up with the Cheetah II from OBS sitting on top of it. It's got a big tip. I think this is the acrylic; I don't think this is the Teflon. Acrylic 810, and I'll pop a link for everything down below. But no, when it comes to this mod, I have been using it a lot, and the reason I've been using it a lot is the fact that I think it's super comfortable in the hand, like really comfortable in the hand, and because of that I like it. However, I said it's not without its foibles or not without its issues.

And I did point out in the up-close about the battery door. That's a mild annoyance. Like I said, it doesn't make it wobble when it's sitting down, but it should fit properly in my opinion. And I did point out the fact that the fire button only has Aspire written on it, whereas the non-fire button doesn't, and so you're forever pressing the wrong one, which is a bit of a shame. That whole bar should have been pushed that whole bar, anyway, and that way you could have popped it in your hand, just giving the whole mod a squeeze, and you'd be vaping away.

So all in all, I think that's a little bit of an oversight. Or at least, rather than having the Aspire, if you rub your finger across it, you can just about feel it. But if you'd have had kind of a little knurled bit there or little dots coming out or something like that, then that would have been quite cool. And it also would have been cool if there was some kind of Braille sort of thing. I don't know if that's a possibility, but that would have been really cool, like Braille for fire or something. That'd have been great, 'cause it would have meant that non-Braille readers could feel things nice and easily. But that's just an idea.

Now then, as far as the mod works, I think it works, on the whole, very, very well. The temp control works well. The fact that you can really dial it in to how you like it, that's great. And I like the fact that you can set on that, the screen I showed you, you can set the wattage as well as the TCR value. There we go. The max wattage, that is. Now, it's not saying that it's gonna hit that because it's gonna go as far as the temperature control would allow it to do. But no, it does still give a very, very satisfying vape.

The only thing I found when it comes to firing is, and this isn't necessarily button placement, but I can fire it and start vaping and then it'll just cut out, just for a second, and then it'll come back in again. And it doesn't happen often at all. But just once in a while it does happen, so therefore I have to tell you that. This is the only model I've got, so I can't compare it to any other ones, but that's certainly something that I found personally. Anyway. Let's have a little vape, shall we? A cheeky 77 watts, 0.12-joule Clapton coils. Let's have a toot!

And it works as you would expect. It's powering that. It gets in there, kicks in nice and quickly, and does what it should do. I do like the fact, and I liked it since their little tiny single 18650 that I reviewed ages ago; a year ago, maybe longer. Was it the NX75? That mod. It was the first time that I saw how quick this kind of flippy-flippy screen thing worked, and I really like it. I think it's really, really cool. It works really, really well for me. So yeah, all in all, I think it's a great mod. It's comfortable. Does it hit the advertised 200 watts? Well, that's something for DJLsp and Phil Busardo to let you know more than I, but it certainly packs a good enough punch for everything that I've thrown at it so far, that's for sure. And yeah, all in all, I think it's been a great little experience.

Now then, cost-wise, these are coming through from at $54.99. So $54.99 just for the mod. Like I say, I haven't got the full kit, so I'm not gonna talk about that, but just for this mod, and like I said, these colors, you can get this one, which I believe is the rose gold. You can also get a grey and a lighter grey, which they call grey and silver, and you can also get a full black one as well if you really want to, but for me, personally, I don't know what is wrong with me but I kind of really like this color scheme, especially with a gold atomizer on top, I think it rocks. I really do like it and that big white drip trip, that just finishes off in my opinion. Anyway, I really do like it, but... Yeah, I'm not gonna gush about it, because I think it isn't without its issues. The paint work is kind of, it's not bad. I've noticed that there is kind of a couple of very small scratches on it, but nothing significant. There's not been anything massive that's gone on with it.

So, all in all, I've really enjoyed using this model. I think it's a little bit cracky. If the button doesn't annoy you, then I think it's pretty darn good value for money and being Aspire, you know that it's pretty much it's gonna work, that it's gonna do what it should do and that it pretty much does. So that's about all I can tell you. Thank you very much for joining me. I'm Dean, the Vaping Biker. This has been the Speeder/Speedos/Budgie Smugglers/Banana Hammock. And I will hopefully see you very, very soon. However, that being said, I will leave a little subscribe button, if you're not subscribed already. Please make sure you hit the little bell next to it. And a video there, and a video there as well. Otherwise, have it large!