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It's small, 200 watts, dual 18650s, and even does temp control on Nichrome wire. Yeah, the KBOX 200.

Welcome to the Vapor Trail channel, I'm Tony. Kanger has been putting out a whole bunch of new products and they've got some that are still to come, including the new KBOX 200. They're doing some stuff that they haven't done before. Temp control just kinda came in recently with them, and this box even does temp control on Nichrome wire, which I have no idea about, so I'm not even gonna

KangerTech KBox 200w (Watt) Temp Control Review
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Video Transcript: KangerTech KBox 200w (Watt) Temp Control Review by Vapor Trail Channel

It's small, 200 watts, dual 18650s, and even does temp control on Nichrome wire. Yeah, the KBOX 200.

Welcome to the Vapor Trail channel, I'm Tony. Kanger has been putting out a whole bunch of new products and they've got some that are still to come, including the new KBOX 200. They're doing some stuff that they haven't done before. Temp control just kinda came in recently with them, and this box even does temp control on Nichrome wire, which I have no idea about, so I'm not even gonna pretend to, but it's nice to see that they're adding this stuff and I'm sure that's gonna be useful for a lot of different people. Now for me, temp control, it's just not there yet for me, because it's not simple enough. I'm a simple vaper, as I know many of you are. I like to just throw it on wattage, and use it, set it and forget it, that kind of thing, but for vapers that like to tinker with everything, dial everything in, this will probably be really nice. As soon as they get temp control to where it's like wattage, and I can just set this stuff, I think that it is the future, just for me, it's not there yet.

Best part about it, though, is you can use any of these temp control mods in wattage mode, if that's your thing, and then you have the possibility of using that temp control option later on. Let's go ahead and dig in and check out the KBOX 200. So they've kind of made a little bit of a change in their box this time. It's not the one with the fancy magnetic flap on it, or anything like that, but it's still very solid and very nice looking packaging. I'll let you see a little bit of the information on the back. I'll hold that on there for a second, you could pause it if you'd like to read it. Of course, they do have their authentication QR code on there but the mod itself actually has a serial number and you can check that on their website as well. It's got kind of a funky way of doing that, and I'll show you just in a second, but that's the box.

Inside, you've got your manual. Got a little thing about authentication and these little strips right here that you've seen before with the KBOX Mini that you would wrap around your battery, so that the battery shows black through the vent holes. And this is the serial number checking that you could do on the device. I haven't done it yet, but it's kind of like, if you remember old gaming systems, you had to plus, plus, click, click, all that kind of stuff. You can get it to show you the serial number on it by doing that combination of clicks. I do like how they're laying it out in their manual now, just to kind of make it really easy for you to figure out what you're doing with the mod. Of course, that was French, but this is the English side, you can see what I'm talking about.

Got your functions and stuff over here, some warnings, and this is more information about the box. I'll leave that up again for a second so you can take a look. A lot of different stuff with the resistances and stuff like that, but they give you an easy listing on there. So inside the box is the box, and that's it, there's nothing else inside of here. I'll just give you a couple of really quick comparisons. This is the Sigelei 150 watt box mod, it's a dual 18650, it's... Well, it's kind of almost about the same width, but this is decidedly larger. That's it, next to it, so this is a nice, small, little box. It kind of reminds me of the NEBOX. The other mod that I was gonna compare it to is the eVic-VTC Mini, very popular mod. This is a single battery mod and it's really not a whole lot larger than that, it's about the same height and only slightly wider. And this battery showing through here, that's what those little strips would be for.

They've done away with magnets on this one, as far as holding the battery door on. It just kind of slides right off of there. It's a little bit loose when you first get it, if you give it a pinch right here and just kind of bend that a little bit, it'll tighten it up, but I haven't had any problems with it coming off. You'll see that there's little grooves that are right there, there are also a groove in the side of the panel here, you could see that up at the top, and that fits right into the grooves once you slide it on. Slides on real nicely, and I haven't had any issues with it coming off. Plenty of ventilation here. They put a big K on the side, I'm not a huge fan of that, but it is what it is. Plenty of venting though, at least we know that. So again, that pops off.

That's your battery compartment right there. I've got two Samsung 18650 25R batteries in here. Pull those out of there. The first one's easy to take out because it's got a little finger thing there. The second one, not as easy, but if you have any hard time, there's little holes back here, you can just poke it through with something. Just make sure that it's not something sharp, 'cause you do not wanna tear your little battery casing. It does have the plus and minus on here, so it's easy to remember how to put them in there. The inside is plastic, and I've had some people say, I don't know if I like that, but you know what, a lot of mods are like that. You might not know that they're like that, but a lot of mods are like that. It keeps them light and it also keeps the manufacturing cost down. So to put your batteries in there, these are spring-loaded, all you have to do is put that in and you pop it in like that, and then this one, the positive is gonna go on the top, so you just put it in like that and good to go. And it's telling me that it's off, you just slide that on and it's done.

Here's the top of it, it says KBOX 200. The side of it, these buttons right here are very familiar if you're used to the SUBOX Mini or Nano. USB port on the bottom of it, I don't think that you can update or upgrade the software, the firmware, that's on this, but that's entirely possible. I haven't seen anything anywhere indicating that at all. And more venting down here on the bottom.

You'll notice on the 510 thread that it's kind of recessed down there. I haven't had any problem with any of my tanks fitting on here. It says right in the manual that that is a spring-loaded copper pin, for the positive pin. It's really not that springy. I'm pushing on it right here, and it does have a little bit of play. I'd say it's a little bit springy, but it's not like a really super duper springy 510 pin. But I will tell you that I haven't had any problems with any tanks fitting flush on here, and let's just go ahead and put this tank on here, this is the Vengeance tank. Do have a review for this on the channel.

No gap or anything between the tank and the mod. The only thing is that, when that is the case, you may scratch up your mod and this one's had limited use, but it's already getting some scratching on the top there, but if your tank's gonna be on there, it covers that up, right? So let's go ahead and turn this thing on, it says it's off. And you get the Kangertech screen there, and then we're in wattage mode right now, that's what I've been vaping this at. It's a standard Kanthal coil in here. The screen is oriented this direction, but if you want it the other way, you can just hold these two buttons down and it flips over to the other side. Flip it back, alright. 38 watts is what I've been running this coil at. To turn it on or off, it's five clicks. So when it's on, five clicks, one, two, three, four, five, and it goes off. Turn it back, on it's five more clicks.

Now this does temp control in nickel, titanium, stainless steel and Nichrome, which, I haven't seen any mods do it on Nichrome yet. I'm not a real expert on temp control, so I'm just gonna run through them real quickly, so that you can see what the different functions are on them. So let's go ahead, what we're gonna do is, you click it three times, one, two, three, and then you're in Ni-200, that little Ni right there is telling you that. That's your ohms, the wattage that it's gonna run at, it's set at 200 watts, 380 degrees Fahrenheit. And that's titanium. That is Nichrome, the NiCr right there. And that is stainless steel, SUS. And then we're back to wattage mode, and that's pretty much what I run most of my mods at.

Alright, so it's still in wattage mode, and I'm gonna put this coil on here, this tank, with an Ni-200 coil. We're gonna go to Ni-200, now it's on Ni-200, it's reading at 0.13 ohms, and when you fire it... See, it should be asking me if this is a new coil or not, and it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. When it does that, it calibrates it and locks in your resistance, so you don't actually get a little lock symbol there, but it didn't appear to do that right there. Now, I have used it and it worked fine, but sometimes it just doesn't. Right now, it should be... There we go. So it says new coil, you say Yes, and then that would lock the resistance in at 0.18, which I think this is really more like 0.12 or 0.14, but since I've been firing it, that's how it would work.

And so basically you've got your wattage in there at 200 watts and your temperature, you can go up and down with your temperature. Of course, you can go all the way to the top, which should be 600. And then, once you get to that, it's the top of Fahrenheit, and then you get into Celsius, so when you get to the bottom of Fahrenheit, it'll go to Celsius, and then when you get to the top of Celsius, it stops, but you can also take it all the way down to the bottom of Celsius, which will take it to Fahrenheit. There you go.

Now as far as wattage on this, when you're in temp control, you don't change that, it just adjusts the wattage for you, up to 200 watts, apparently. Then it'll just basically shut off when you reach the temperature, or it'll keep regulating it until it keeps it at that temperature. Haven't tested Nichrome on here with temp control, but I have tested the Ni-200 and stainless steel, and they seem to work pretty good. Now, the box does have all the protections and warnings and stuff that you'd expect, and they've got a few remarks over here that are worth reading. So whether you're into temp control or just plain wattage, it's a decent little mod. The size of it's good and it's dual 18650, so it's gonna last a while, and I would like to point out that the display is big and easy, easy to read, I like that. It's kind of got a magnified effect as you move it.

I'm gonna put this Crown tank on here, it has a stainless steel coil in it. Alright, and we're gonna give this 420 degrees. No, it's not asking me if it's a new coil or not, but it's working. And I see that the ohms have jumped a little bit. Let's pull this off of here again. Now it's asking me if it's a new coil. Yes, it's a new coil. So now it's calibrated it at 0.64 ohms, and I believe this is a 0.5 ohm coil that's in here. But again, I fired it, so it's probably a little bit warm. You're supposed to calibrate that when they're at room temperature. It's working well, though. Let's just fire it real quick and see what we get. So I never even got up to that temperature, but the coil's not burned, so I guess that's the key, you don't wanna get dry or burnt hits.

So I may not be the best person to test this for temp control, might wanna check out some of the other guys that are big into temp control and see what they say about the temp control in here. But while it's a bit spotty for me, it seems to work. So I don't know, maybe it's just me, but there's a few times, trying to use temp control, where it should be asking me if it's a new coil so that's the only way to set your resistance on this thing, basically. It's going to calibrate it when it says Is this a new coil? If it doesn't do that, then I'm kind of wary. I'm like, Okay, well, what? Is it basing it on the last coil, or... But anything's a possibility, me using it wrong, or this is a pre-release model, maybe the chip isn't exactly right, I don't really know.

And I don't know about being able to update the firmware on this, but hey, either way, I think it works really well in wattage mode. And from my limited use of temp control on it, it is working well in that. I've got this in wattage mode now, I've got it at 40 watts, this is a point 0.21 ohm coil inside the Vengeance tank, and I've got some I Love Donuts juice in here from Mad Hatter. I'm gonna take a little vape on this. Yeah, like I say, even in temp control mode, when I was able to get it... You had to take the tank off a couple of times, put it back on, to get it to do that, because I don't wanna vape in temp control unless I've got my resistance set, locked, calibrated, whatever you wanna call it. Now, somewhere around here, I've got some titanium coils and I'll test that out too. If there's any kind of significant thing that I need to update you with, then I'll let you know in a future update video.

The Kanger products are typically inexpensive compared to other products that are out there, so I'm sure this is gonna come in at a good price point, and with dual 18650 batteries, it's gonna last for a long time. I think it's pretty durable. I had no rattle in this thing at all, no button rattle or anything else. The screen is nice and big, and I really like that. It fits well in the hand, and it's really, really thin. If you look at the actual mod itself, it's just super thin, it's no wider this way than the batteries themselves. Well, only slightly. If you're a fan of the KBOX series like the SUBOX Mini and the SUBOX Nano, then I think you'll probably be a fan of this, too. Sturdy construction, I'm not a huge fan of the big K on here, but it's good to know that we have plenty of ventilation for this thing, and there's ventilation on the bottom, ventilation here, ventilation there, they even give you the little strips to put on your battery to black out the window there, if you wanna do that. I personally don't mind the green or whatever color of my battery showing through that K on the side there, though, so it's pretty cool.

22 mm tanks fit perfectly on here because of the size, the width of the mod that way, but if you put a tank that's bigger than 22 mm, you will have some hangover. Otherwise, I think it's a great vape. Let me have another one here.

Well, there we go. The KBOX 200, dual 18650, temp control mod. Lots of options on this one and I think it'll be popular. Thank you so much for your support to this channel. It's unbelievable. We're almost at 43,000 subscribers now, and sometimes I still can't believe it. The Guide to Vaping Best of 2015 survey has ended, and I didn't wanna push it here on the channel, I wanted to see what would happen organically. I think I was number 13 in Best YouTube Channel, which... That's fine by me. GrimmGreen won first place, and I knew that was gonna happen. I love GrimmGreen, he's got a great channel. So thank you so much if you voted for me on that survey. Hey, do us all a favor and go check out notblowingsmoke.org and casaa.org, two great organizations that can help you to fight for our rights to vape. That's gonna do it for this episode, we'll catch you next time on The Vapor Trail channel.