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Maya just wants to be in every video now. You getting it? Oh, hey, you just gonna hang out right here? Alright. Come on, I have to shoot a video. I gotta shoot a video, you're distracting me.

Hello, vaping friends. Today's review is all about the Subox Mini Starter Kit by Kanger. Pretty cool, pretty cool. So, let's go.

So a huge thanks to Element Vape for sending this my way for review. You can find this kit at elementvape.com for $58.95, which is one of the lowest prices that

The Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit - Review!
Credit to: Ruby Roo
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Video Transcript: The Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit - Review! by Ruby Roo

Maya just wants to be in every video now. You getting it? Oh, hey, you just gonna hang out right here? Alright. Come on, I have to shoot a video. I gotta shoot a video, you're distracting me.

Hello, vaping friends. Today's review is all about the Subox Mini Starter Kit by Kanger. Pretty cool, pretty cool. So, let's go.

So a huge thanks to Element Vape for sending this my way for review. You can find this kit at elementvape.com for $58.95, which is one of the lowest prices that I found online. This is gonna come with the mod and the tank and a rebuildable section for the tank. So what I'm gonna do right now, guys, is take you up-close and personal with the Subox Mini Starter Kit.

Alright, here we are with the Subox Mini Kit. Got the mod right here. We've got our Subtank Mini right here. They're looking quite white and black, very stormtrooper-y. I dig. The specs on the mod, it goes from 7 watts to 50 watts. It fires down to 0.3 ohms. It takes a single 18650 battery which you can replace right here. You can charge this externally, or it also has an included USB that you can use for charging as well, and it has all the bells and whistles and safety features, and it has a flip screen too.

Onto the tank. This is a Subtank Mini. It has a 4.5 milliliter capacity. It comes with a 0.5-ohm head which is intended for lung hits, and it also has a 1.5-ohm head which is for mouth-to-lung hits, and it does come with a rebuildable section as well.

Here's the box. Mod, tank, user manual, bunch of good info there. Charging cable. This is the 1.5-ohm head, this is our rebuildable section. Okay. Also comes with some cotton, a second drip tip, the white one there, some pre-made coils, and everything that you'd need to start rebuilding, basically.

Let's take a closer look at the Subtank Mini. Pretty nice, glass. Got our drip tip here. Airflows, we've got two airflow slots on each side, and they do click into place. Here's one of the mouth-to-lung holes, in the smallest one. So you've got that setting, that setting, and that setting, and they're all mirrored on the other side as well.

Here is the base. That seems to be fairly static, but I wouldn't put that on a hybrid mech if I were you. This is super easy. Unscrew the base, we've got our coil head. Kanger has moved away from the horizontal coil heads, they're now using a vertical coil head. I actually quite liked this coil head. It took almost no time for it to break in, and I'm getting really great flavors. Of course you can just fill it up there, avoiding the center hole. Very simple. Very, very easy. Oh. And now I have E-liquid everywhere. Hold on.

This is our battery door. And you actually put your battery in upside down, and that is indicated there, and it does have reverse battery protection. Fits on really easy. Door goes on just like that. Mine does have a bit of a gap up here, so keep that in mind. It might just be mine, but it does have a gap.

Here we are at the top. For now this is a non-spring loaded 510 connection, but they are changing that. And this does sit nice and flush with 22-millimeter atomizers, which is good. And here we are at the front. We got our fire button, our screen, our up and down buttons, and our USB. I'm so glad it's on the side, that is just very nice. So this is for charging your 18650 battery if you don't have the separate charger. Let's put a tank on here. Really quick too, I just wanna show you the finishes are different colors. Hopefully that's going to come up in camera. This one is a little bit creamier, this one's a little bit more just whiter, I guess. That kind of bugs me. Anyway.

So we've got our wattage, our voltage, the resistance of our coil, and we can click that in 0.1-watt increments. We can also press and hold, and it'll start going in 1-watt increments. Now, if you press and hold both buttons at the same time, you can flip your screen, which is pretty cool. And it's five clicks on and off. One, two, three, four, five, off. And then one, two, three, four, five, KangerTech. So, pretty simple, easy, straightforward, basic. There you go. There you have it, guys. That is our setup. Why don't we take it up top and see how she vapes?

Alright, guys, that was my up-close and personal look at the Subox Mini Kit. Let us vape it. I went ahead and put the Freakshow Mini on here today with one of the new COMP caps just to kinda check it out, and I really like this setup. Doesn't that look cool? I think that looks rad.

So before we get into pros and cons, I think we need to have a vape pairing. Vape pairing time! What are we pairing today? Well, I've got E-liquid here. This is a new one from Frisco Vapor. This one is called Sutro. I think that's how you say it. Sutro by Frisco Vapor. This is a blueberry oatmeal cookie dipped in milk. We're gonna pair that today with something a little unusual. This is a Jim Beam with seltzer water, and then I used some raspberry syrup in here as well.

So you know how a lot of whiskey companies are coming out with fruit-flavored whiskeys? The Leopold Bros. Have a really, really nice line of fruit-flavored whiskeys. So, I'm kind of making one myself today. So like I said, this is essentially a raspberry whiskey with seltzer water, and we're gonna pair that with our blueberry oatmeal cookie. Bringing forward that oatmeal cookie note, for sure. And brightening that blueberry flavor too, at the end of the vape. Oh yeah, and bringing forward the bakery notes. Whiskey, in my opinion, and bakery vapes really pair nicely together.

Okay, so I put the tank back on. Let's talk about some things that I don't like first. And this is gonna be about both the tank and the mod. Now, it doesn't come with a battery. The 510 connection is not spring loaded. Now, I have heard that Kanger is fixing that issue, which is very, very good. The white finishes are slightly different, and for OCD people like me, it kind of bugs me. And there is a slight delay between when you press the button and when it fires.

So there's a slight delay there, and that kind of bugs me. Now, let's talk about some things that I like. I think that the price that Element Vape is offering is amazing. Under 60 bucks, you've got a complete set up and it's really, really good. It's a super complete kit. You've got your mod, you've got your tank, you got your different coil heads, you have a re-buildable section. I think it's really good for newbies and veteran vapers alike. I think that I'm actually gonna be taking this set up with me to Reno to Vapor Con West as my travel set up. I usually try to bring something that's relatively inexpensive, in case I break it or lose it while traveling, and something that's gonna work really well. So, I think I wanna take this one with me as my travel set up.

Now, the tank is fan-freaking-tastic. You can do direct lung hits, you can have your nice mouth to lung hits, depending on which coil head you're using, depending on your airflow setting. The flavor is fantastic. It only took about 10 minutes to break in the coil head, and after that I was getting full, delicious, yummy flavor. And it works really, really well. I haven't had any wicking issues. Overall, I think the tank itself is very good. The mod is small, super easy interface, simple, easy to use. The display is basic, but it's got everything that you need to see. And overall, I would definitely recommend this kit to either a newer vaper or maybe someone who's looking to upgrade from a stick battery or an eGo setup to something a little bit bigger, a little bit more powerful, I would definitely recommend this kit. Or to any seasoned vaper who's looking for a nice like a travel set up or something that's really easy to use in your car.

Hold on, I need to have a sip of beverage and then I need to have a little rant.

Now, you've probably noticed that on my channel I haven't reviewed a lot of Kanger products lately, and that's because I've been a little bit mad at Kanger because they've been putting out all of these products fast and furiously, and honestly it's been kind of hard to keep up. I really think that they released the Subtank too quickly. Nobody wants a 25 millimeter tank, okay. Everyone wants a 22 millimeter tank. They should have come out with the mini first. And the original Kbox Mod in my opinion was a piece of crap. I did do a review for that one a while back. It was just super, super cheap. I mean, it vaped, right? But I think it was missing a lot of features. It was just really cheaply done and I think they pushed that one out of the factory a little too quickly as well.

So overall, I really think Kanger should learn to take their time with their product releases. Come out with something good, come out with something every three or six months rather than putting a brand new product out once a month. It's a lot to keep up with, and these poor shop owners and online stores have to keep up with all of these new Kanger products and it's very expensive for them to keep all of these different products in stock. And it's really annoying for the consumer too, because if you just bought your brand new Subtank and then a month later they come out with the Subtank Mini and the Subtank Nano, or you just bought a Kbox and you're like, Wow, I really wish this had a screen, and then they come out with a Kbox mini, it's just like... It's very frustrating as a consumer as well. So dear Kanger, just slow down, take your time, put out good, quality products, and do some thorough beta testing first, please.

So thank you so much for watching today, guys. Don't forget that you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @rubyroovapes. You can also find me on Facebook. And please join casaa.org and thevapingmilitia.org, and if you're interested follow notblowingsmoke.org as well. Follow their calls to action and fight for your vaping rights. Vape 'em if you got 'em, guys. Cheers.