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The Kangertech Top EVOD retains the brand’s slim build and simple one-button operation with the added convenience of top fill functionality to the Pyrex and stainless steel-constructed clearomizer (called the Toptank EVOD"). Kangertech TOP EVOD starter kit is constructed from glass and can be filled from the top rather than the conventional bottom-filled metal barrel. The tank base is bigger than the previous version, which translates into bigger air holes. Meanwhile Kanger's modern VOCC-T coil offers 100% Japanese organic cotton wicks. Just like its predecessor, the TOP EVOD features a simple, one-button operation in a slim/sleek design that is ideal for casual vapers, smokers and users who’re always on the go.

KangerTech Top Evod KangerTech
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Top Evod from KangerTech
Credit to: Vaporleaf
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KangerTech KangerTech Top Evod reviews

Video Transcript: Top Evod from KangerTech by Vaporleaf

What's up YouTube? Austin coming at you with vaporleaf.com. Today we're going to be taking a look at a nice entry level product. This is going to be the Top EVOD by Kangertech. So, let's go ahead and jump down in, see what you're getting. Here we are down in close with the Kangertech Top EVOD. So this is going to be the box you get. You just slide it out right from the side here. You're gonna get a 650 milliamp hour battery, a 1.7 mL top fill tank, and a charge cable there, just very basic charge cable. I'm going pop that device out here, get that out of there. That's going to be your battery right there. So right now it is locked, so I can press the button and nothing happens to it. Let's get some focus in here. To unlock it, it's gonna be five quick clicks, one, two, three, four, five. It'll flash at ya. And then just to make sure that it's unlocked, press the button and you can see that ring lighting up.

The only time the ring's lighting up is actually the only time that it's draining any voltage, and then to relock it, it's going to be another five quick clicks, and this is all within three seconds. So one, two, three, four, five. It'll blink at ya again. And then to make sure that it's locked, hit the fire button and nothing happens to it. Moving up to the tank here, it is going to be a bottom coil tank, but it is going to be top fill. So you get a... See if I can get my fingers around that, there we go. So you do get a removable mouthpiece and then you just unscrew it from the top here and that's how you fill it. You obviously, you don't want to get it down that center tube, just get it down to those two slots on the side there.

Now you don't want to fill here, fill there, just fill on one side, let the air vent on the other side and that'll be the easiest way to fill it. And then once it's filled up, just go ahead and screw that back down. Like I was saying, you just unscrew the bottom there to take the coil out. Now, mentioning the coils here real quickly is that these are going to use their own specific coil. It is going to be the VOCC-T coils. Now, the VOCC-T coils will work in the normal tank that like the, what am I trying to say here? The normal E-VODs, but the normal E-VODs coils, the VOCC coils will not work in the top tank EVOD. So, when you're screwing it together, this doesn't have a spring loaded pin. So you do only want to go to the very first point of resistance. So what I do is I have it sitting in my fingers to where the battery can spin freely. And then I start screwing the tank on there. As soon as it starts spinning the battery with it, that's as tight as you need to go.

That's going to be basically the same thing for the charge cable as well but it's going to have this little light right there. So as you're screwing the battery in. Well, let me start off with when this is plugged into a power source and nothing's plugged onto it, that light's gonna be green. As you start screwing the battery in, that light's going to turn to red and it's going to be right around the very first point of resistance you feel there. As soon as it turns to red, stop screwing it in. And once it turns to green, it's going to be fully charged and you can unscrew it again. So, fairly basic kit guys, that's all we needed to do in up close. So let's go ahead and jump back up and we'll finish this up.

Alright. So that was the top EVOD. So just to kind of run over some things. It is an entry level device and it's not an entry level sub-ohm device. This is for the people who are looking for that little bit tighter, mouth-to-lung draw. So, just let's unlock the battery real quickly here, but to show you what I'm talking about, I'll go ahead and take a few drags off of it and when you're not doing a sub-ohm device, you don't wanna take a super heavy drag, you actually wanna take a little bit of a lighter drag. These non-sub-ohm devices are a little bit counterintuitive to the... I shouldn't say the lighter you suck, the better it'll work for you. But if you suck really hard on it, it's not going to do a whole ton for you, just to kind of show you, a super hard draw, really get nothing out of it.

So, but when you do a nice, controlled, slow draw with it, you actually get some vapor production out of it. And for a lot of people, that's all you need. A cigarette doesn't produce a lot more vapor than that or smoke. But this is going to be a very close experience to a cigarette, other than the little bit larger size to it. Now with that, you are going to need to do the higher nicotines then you do with sub-ohm devices. I actually have 12 in here, where on my sub-ohm device I'm usually at a three and I get roughly the same throat hit out of it. So, I'll just take a few more hits just so you can see the performance, how I draw on it and I am pulling it into my mouth and then doing kind of a AH into my lungs and then exhaling.

And that's what you get. Alright guys. Thanks for watching. This was the Kangertech Top EVOD. If you liked this video, make sure to hit that like button. And for all the latest and greatest videos, make sure you hit that subscribe button. You guys have a fantastic day. Bye.