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The 100 watts Saber kit by iJoy. Are you ready, peeps? Let's dive down. And here's the packaging the Saber 100 watt iJoy comes in, inside the package, you get an o-ring, 510 drip tip adapter, a 2700 battery, 18650 battery adapter, 4 mL tank section, an extra coil, USB charging cable, and your Saber Mod with the tank. Alright guys, here's the tank that the kit comes with this is the Diamond sub-ohm tank with the bubble glass, 5.5 mLs liquid, with the spare glass, 4 mLs, and you guys could see

IJOY Saber 100w Tube Mod & Diamond Mesh Tank
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Video Transcript: IJOY Saber 100w Tube Mod & Diamond Mesh Tank by Mike Vapes

The 100 watts Saber kit by iJoy. Are you ready, peeps? Let's dive down. And here's the packaging the Saber 100 watt iJoy comes in, inside the package, you get an o-ring, 510 drip tip adapter, a 2700 battery, 18650 battery adapter, 4 mL tank section, an extra coil, USB charging cable, and your Saber Mod with the tank. Alright guys, here's the tank that the kit comes with this is the Diamond sub-ohm tank with the bubble glass, 5.5 mLs liquid, with the spare glass, 4 mLs, and you guys could see that, right, with the glass? Yes, you get this iridescence look to it, it's pretty nice the way it looks, I like that. So we have drip tip on top. This is 810 drip tip with the o-rings and it's got this feature where you could unscrew this piece.

So, I'm not sure if they're gonna be selling pieces, different types for the sub-ohm tank, so you could replace it for matchy-matchy purposes, but yeah, that's all for that option. We do have top fill on this, basically it's just a turn and it comes right out. Same thing in. Getting it back in is a little tricky, sometimes. There we go, I got it. Airflow, adjustable. Stopper, there's the bottom, designed by iJoy, diamond tank, unscrew it. Preinstalled will be a mesh coil, and it also comes as a spare coil. You get this coil here, which is like that net coil or like a honey comb style, as you could see inside there. Alright, so you got two different style coils. I have the mesh coil preinstalled, that's the way the tank comes.

Alright, now first thing we do with this, let's get this all ready to go. I'm gonna grab some liquid, gonna use some of this Crimson Carnivalia, and first thing you wanna do when you get a brand new, fresh coil like this, saturate it, get some liquid all up in there. Don't overdo it, 'cause you don't want the liquid to go through the hole and come out the airflow. Alright, put a little bit more, that's about good for now. After you've done that, screw that back together, unscrew the top, drip tip pops off and you fill. Alright, now after you've filled the tank, take your top part, screw that back on, there we go. Alright and we are ready. Alright, we're gonna put this on the side, let that saturate and let's check out the Saber.

Alright, guys and there she is, the Saber mod. So, we have fire button, up and down button and right here is gonna be our display, your screen, you have a charge port right here, bottom, you have a little opening there, vent hole, designed by iJoy, Saber. You have your platform here, what does it say there? You guys could read that? May vape force be with you. Yeah, May vape force be with you. We got a spring loaded 510, 25 millimeters at the top. Also the tank itself is 25 at the stainless steel part, then bulges out here to around 26, this one, 27 millimeter. Now, to do battery install on here, right here, we just unscrew this. Alright, you got a little marking inside there that shows you negative and positive goes in. I don't know if you could spot that, but it is more positive inside there. Then you see this section, the way it's thicker here. That's because the chipset is sitting right inside, in this area. Take our battery, got an iJoy 2700, put that right in, screw it down, little crunchy on the threads there, and there you go, there's your display. By clicking it like this, it goes in 0.1 increments. Keeping it pressed does 1 watt increments. Alright, up to 100 watts.

Now, to power the device on and off, one, two, three, four, five. It's gonna say no atomizer, nothing on it. Do it quick, power off. Power on. Three clicks brings you into this section here, puff reset, yes or no. Click on yes and you reset the puff counter. That's all it does, there's no temperature control, there's nothing. That's the only thing you can do in the menu system is basically your puff counter, inside there, to erase it, restart it. That's it, it's a simple, easy-to-use device. Take the tank, screw that down, now that's the way Saber kit looks all together. Let me show you guys the other colors. Alright, there is the stainless steel version, or the brushed version, whatever you wanna call it, and here is the all-black version. Alright guys, and that was the Saber 100 kit, including the Diamond Sub-Ohm tank. Let's go back up on top, let's vape on it, then I'll give you guys my thoughts.

And that was the up-close of the Saber Kit by iJoy. So Mike, what are your thoughts? Okay, my thoughts on this setup right here. I like it. Yeah, it's not bad. It's a tube mod. Tube mods, yes. It's gonna cater for those people. There's a lot of people out there, and you guys down below, mention it, 'cause I know there's a lot of them out there that love tube-style mods, regulated tube-style mod, 100-watt mod. Pro right off the bat for the wattage. Device fires down to 0.05 resistance. Yeah, if you vape that low, you could vape that low with this. Do I recommend it? No, I don't, but it does go down that low. Simple, easy-to-use, no menu systems, no temperature controls, none of that stuff on here. It's a simple, easy-to-use device. Five clicks on, five clicks off. That's all you really need to know. Three clicks, you could mess with the puff counter. And that's about it, that's all it does. It's a simple, easy-to-use device. I'm gonna have to give them a pro on that.

Build quality: Paint, everything, no issues with it, pro. Let's go to the tank: Drip tip. Big pro on the drip tip. I think the drip tips on these are gorgeous. Really like the drip tips. Kinda wish it was regular 810s without the o-rings on here, and the o-ring in here would have been better, but still not a bad drip tip. One thing I could say, though, with the drip tip, the o-rings needed to be just a little bit tighter. It's a little bit on the loose side. It's not bad, but just a little bit it needed. Top fill on this thing is a little bit unusual, with the top fill, because of the way they have the o-ring placed, but it works. It's fine. 5.5 mLs of liquid with the bubble glass, pro. The look of the bubble glass: That, I could see it, like, rainbow inside the bubble, in the glass itself. You guys could see that, right? Check that out. You guys could see that? Yeah, it just looks... It looks... Looks good, actually. I'm gonna have to give them a pro on that. I was gonna say, It looks sick! But yeah, it looks good.

Diamond sub-ohm tank. You have diamond pattern on the bottom. Everything. Turning to your airflow adjustments, everything on it just feels good with it. It feels like a good-quality, well-made tank, pro. The coil: Mesh coils. Mesh coils are the way of the future right now for sub-ohm tanks. So big pro on the mesh coil. What was the last thing? I think the Avenger had the same coils in them, had this coil in here, the one that was mesh, and the other one that they're calling the Diamond coil or like a net coil or whatever you wanna call it, it almost looks like a honeycomb style instead of it being a mesh, like the one I'm using right now. Great coils, both of them, enough to give them a pro.

If I shake it like this, I do get a little bit of button rattle, but I don't know anybody who vapes this way, so you're not gonna notice it if you're a normal person. Going like this in your hands or whatever, there is no rattling going on. Everything is solid. Battery's solid in there, pro. All in all, not a bad device. This is gonna cater to a lot of people. I know from UWELL, the Nunchaku. Remember the Nunchaku? That one there was a great hit by UWELL; everybody loved it. But the one thing this one here I think is better than the Nunchaku is the tank. The tank on this one here is much better than the Nunchaku tank that that kit came with. This is a pretty nice tank.

Flavor is... I don't know, how do we rate the flavor? By number? Let's have a few vapes. I think I would give it around a seven, eight, in flavor. It's actually pretty good. Good at vapor production. I'm vaping it at 70 watts right now. Resistance is at 0.17. Coil is rated up to 90 watts, but I just don't see it. If I put it at 83 watts, for example, the tail-end seems to get a little dry. Yeah, I like it better around 75 watts, 70-75 watts in there. It's a nice flavor. Nice airflow too. Got cloudy down here.

So anyway, all in all, nice kit by iJoy. I really like this one. I like tube mods, you know what I'm saying? I like this, 100 watts. Now, does it do a 100 watts? Not sure. It says 100 watts on there, but does it actually do it? I'm not sure if it does; I don't have the tools to test if it could actually hit 100 watts. But hey, I've tried RDAs on here, I tried my RTAs on here at the same wattages that I would vape it at on a dual 18650 mod, for example, or a DNA device, and it hit pretty much the same. But at 100 watts? I tried an RDA, it was a 0.1 resistance, and it kinda felt like it wasn't at 100. It was close to it, I don't know. Anywhere from 80-100 watts somewhere inside there, it felt like. But for what it is, for what it does, for realistic vaping, wattage-wise, pretty good.

Now, price on this, heavengifts.com and on iJoy's website, they also sell them, $89.90, okay? It's on the pricey side, but this kit includes the battery. That's the way it comes. You're gonna get the 2700 battery, you're gonna get the tank, the mod, and two coils. So you get a whole kit for 90 bucks. Coupon code AMV15 will get you 15% off, and we're gonna do a giveaway. Yes. Recently, if you guys noticed, maybe the past two or three weeks, I haven't done any giveaways on YouTube because policies have changed, excuse me. Policies have changed that we're not allowed to do giveaways. So if you see channels doing giveaways, they're taking chances there of getting their channels shutdown.

So we're not doing any more giveaways on this channel. From now on all my giveaways, and this is the best way that I can find to do it, is on Patreon. Alright, so you could become a Patreon of mine. I do have brackets. I have brackets right now for YouTube giveaways and then it escalates where you could be in YouTube giveaways and Patreon giveaways. So there's all different brackets in there. So, just jump on this link down below to Patreon. Check it out, if you want to sign up. Become a Patreon of mine and you get in on some of the cool giveaways that I'll be doing on Patreon, alright? So, yeah, sorry guys that's how we're gonna have to do it. I know the giveaway hounds, the ones that are here for the free free are gonna be pissed. Hey, tough shit. What can I say, man? It ain't me. We're gonna talk to YouTube. You know what I'm saying? So anyway, that's what we're gonna do from now. So I'll be giving away the black and the stainless. There we go.

Alright, so, yeah, we're gonna do that. Like I said, On Patreon, we're gonna do this giveaway. Now, I think I pretty much covered everything, I did. In the description below, I'll have a link to heavengifts.com with the coupon code, a link to iJoy's website, a link to my Patreon will be down there and all of my other links are down below as always. That's it. I'm done. Thank you and remember, keep on vaping.