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The K3 Quick Start Kit from Aspire features a 2ml atomiser tank and provides a to-class vaping experience. Ideally suited for those who are not experienced in vaping, the compact device is easy to use. Bottom-loading function, fixed airflow system and an internal 20mAh battery are some of the most compelling attractions of the Aspire K3. Equipped with a Kanthal element, the atomiser tank uses organic cotton to produce clean vaping with deep flavours. The Aspire K3 is a good option for mouth-to-lung vaping and perfect for those who don’t want to sub ohm.

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Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit - Set Up and How To Fill the Tank / Prime the Coil
Credit to: Martin Lotsberg
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Aspire Aspire K3 reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit - Set Up and How To Fill the Tank / Prime the Coil by Martin Lotsberg

Here is the K3 Quick Start Kit. There's the back.

There it is. So right off the bat, one of the first things that I was inspired by the Aspire Cleito tank, and I noticed that this looks like it. But as a size comparison, you can see that this is a bit smaller. This is a 2-milliliter, but it is similar. You can see that it's similar. And I really like the Cleito so I wanted to try this thing out. Has a nice carbon fiber finish. Looks like just a simple device with just a fire button, and that's it.

So also in the kit, let's see what we have here. There's also warranty card, tips on refilling it with E-juice, especially when the coil's dry, and a very simple user manual. It's just this side... And that, nice and easy. There's charging instructions. And it has a USB cord and one more coil. This looks like the Triton Mini. Nautilus coils. The spare is a 1.8 ohm, 4.2-5.0 volts.

And then here it is. Inside it comes with... It also has a 1.8-ohm installed. Okay, I don't see how to refill it in the directions, but it's very straightforward. It's not a top-fill tank; you can't take that off, but you just take the bottom off. It seals pretty well down the bottom there with that O-ring. You can tell when you pull it out like that. You can see the coil inside there. So for the first time using it, I'll just make sure that the coil is tight. And then I'll prime it. Gonna use some of my new Pear Cake juice; this stuff is delicious. I just did a quick video on that.

I'll do like three drops down the middle, let that soak in there. You kinda see that. And I'll just put some juice into the tank. It's a 2-milliliter tank. So you just wanna get it on either side, not down the direct mill of this, but on the sides. Down the middle is where you inhale it, so you'll get e-juice in your mouth if you put the juice down the center, or it'll just go straight through. That will also cause it to gurgle a little bit if you have a little bit of e-juice floating around in there. Try to be careful not to get it in that middle part. Just thread the coil in. And I'll let this soak for a few minutes and try it out.

The way that the battery turns on, it's just five clicks. So that should be off now. Oh, now it's on. So there you go. It says when the charge is 3.8 volts or above, the fire button will be blue and orange. It looks just blue to me. Maybe it starts to fade into orange. Actually, then it says when it's 3.5-3.8 volts, it's just blue. It came like this, so it has a partial charge on it. When the charge drops below 3.5, it will be orange, and that means that it's gonna need a charge soon. And then of course, it won't work after that.

This is a 1200 mAh battery, so this will last a little while. Probably a good part of the day. I don't know if this will last all day. And you can charge it right here through USB. While charging, when it's 3.5 or less, it will be orange, lit up orange. When it's 3.5 to 3.8, it'll be blue. And then, just like when it's on, once it's above 3.8, it will be blue and orange. When it's fully charged, it will flash blue and orange 20 times.

So right off the bat, this reminds me a little bit of the eGo AIO by Joyetech. Here's a size comparison. It's a very simple just mouth-to-lung vape out of this, although this does not have an airflow control on the top; the AIO does. So let's try this thing out. It's a little bit of a loose draw for mouth-to-lung. I almost wanna try to inhale direct lung. So it's really almost an in-between from a regular mouth-to-lung like an eGo, and then like a direct lung, like a sub-ohm device. But it's definitely dialed in right for a nice amount of vapor for a simple device like this that's not too big, the type of device, if you're on the go, when it's charged up, if you wanted to take this like if you're going out for the day.

Flavor tastes good out of it. It's made by a Aspire, who makes excellent tanks, excellent batteries. The battery seemed to charge quickly on this. The price is right on this thing. It's very simple. Literally just put in the E-juice and hit the fire button and vape it, and charge it when it needs to be charged. Change the coil when it starts to taste a little bit weird, like burnt. And otherwise, for a really simple device, a nice pen with a nice 2-milliliter capacity for E-juice. It's a pretty nice little vape pen by ASPIRE.

Two last little things that I just want to point out. If it's a little bit of a loose draw for you, you can, if you see the holes there, you can cover one up, or even two, with your finger, and vape on it like this so only two are open. It's a little bit more restrictive that way. And I couldn't help myself, I did a little bit of a lung hit. You can do it, although it is a mouth-to-lung, but I just wanted to try it anyways. If you wanted like a half-lung hit, it gives some pretty good vapor that way. So let me just demonstrate that once.

Pretty good amount of vapor. This will give you an idea of what a direct lung sub-ohm could be like if you wanted to just try that. But it's definitely made for mouth-to-lung. I think if you were to do direct lung hits with this, it would probably heat up 'cause it's slow. It takes probably 20 seconds to get a full drag out of it that way. But for a nice, simple vape pen that produces good vapor, yeah, the K3 Starter Kit, the Quick Start Kit.