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Welcome back to the channel guys. I am Matt, thank you so much for joining me. Hope you all are having a wonderful day. Now, today we're gonna take a look at the Smok X-Priv Kit. As always big thanks to our sponsor, Coil Master for sponsoring the up close portion of this video. Before we look at this though, I have to make a correction of something that I said yesterday, which was one of the top five, maybe top 10 dumbest things I've said since I started YouTube. And thanks to everyone that p

SMOK X-Priv Kit - The Best SMOK Mod??
Credit to: Suck My Mod
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Video Transcript: SMOK X-Priv Kit - The Best SMOK Mod?? by Suck My Mod

Welcome back to the channel guys. I am Matt, thank you so much for joining me. Hope you all are having a wonderful day. Now, today we're gonna take a look at the Smok X-Priv Kit. As always big thanks to our sponsor, Coil Master for sponsoring the up close portion of this video. Before we look at this though, I have to make a correction of something that I said yesterday, which was one of the top five, maybe top 10 dumbest things I've said since I started YouTube. And thanks to everyone that pointed this out also. Now with the Ghoul RDA I said it would have maybe been nice if they would have made the ceramic piece metal because of durability. Yes, ceramic can be very strong, and it may very well hold up for a long, long time. But anyway, that's besides the point. The reason you couldn't use a stainless steel piece right here is because it would short it out. It would be a hard short basically, because it would basically connect these two through this metal plate. So that was just really dumb that I said that. And I apologize. Obviously, I suppose you could use a piece of metal that then had a non-conductive material underneath it that was lined with it and they were sandwiched together or something like that. But anyway, that was a dumb dumb thing to say, so I apologize.

So we're gonna be looking at the X-Priv Kit. This is one of SMOKs newest mods dual 18650 225 Watt mod, a claim to fame with this one is the display. It is basically a refinement from past Smok Mods, we'll talk more about that when we go up top. Basic Smok packaging, inside, you're gonna have your mod. Underneath that, you have some battery warning cards, QC cards, a thick manual and then a charging/upgrade cable Smok moved to USB-C package of spares, TFV-12 prints tank, which we've looked at before so we're not gonna take a super close look at this one, and then a spare coil head and spare glass for said tank. So real quick, we'll just get this tank prepped and filled up ready to go, get the coil head primed up, press this button right here to fill it, I'm using some of this icing on the flake, which is actually pretty damn good. Then we'll close that up and we will set this off to the side. Okay, so here is a brand new mod, this looks to be their gun metal version. Let's go ahead and peel off the plastic there. And on this side, you do have a pattern going on which looks pretty cool, actually. Height on this one is about 88 millimeters, 48 millimeters wide, and at its thickest point it's about 30, but obviously that platform isn't 30. You're gonna have issues with 30 millimeter atomizers. So let's take a look at what the prints looks like on here.

Yeah, so 24, 25s looked good on this. Maybe even a 26 won't hang over too much, but a 30 millimeter attie is definitely going to hang over. So this does feel kinda like the G-Priv, but a little bit on the smaller side, it's got a nice contoured body, which feels really, really nice in the hands, it does have Smok's glossy finish that they seem to use on a lot of different mods. Spring loaded gold plated 510 pin. You have a side button. Feels really, really nice and I like that on this side button, there's not a bunch of big gaps like on some of other Smok's side Fire devices and other manufacturers in general, because a lot of times when you get those big old gaps between the body and the button, it will collect pocket lint, when you have it in your pocket obviously. Charge upgrade port, there is your buttons down here, just pretty unique having them off to the corner like that. Battery compartment down here, and there's your battery door, it does have this material on the inside there, you got some magnets going on right here. Door feels really, really nice, though. Now, with the battery compartment, while it looks like it's running in parallel, it is still wired to run in series. They just have it set up so both your batteries go in the the same way.

I don't know how much that really matters to people, or not, doesn't really matter, much to me, but yeah, it's still running in series, so we'll put one battery in there, next battery. So as you can see, the body fills up with batteries, so it's a pretty small body for a dual 18650, not the smallest we've ever seen, but fairly small for a Smok dual 18650. Let's put the door back on, just snaps in place, barely any play, feels very secure. It feels like a nice stout mod. Probably not their most durable mod in the world because you got... All... Basically all screen rig here, but it definitely feels, it feels solid, like it's gonna last. Now let's go ahead and fire it up. So you can already see that it's a bit of a fingerprint magnet, it is not a touch screen, although it's got a huge display on it, kind of the same display that we've seen in past Smok mods, right? So, we're on normal wattage mode right now. You can adjust your wattage left and right, it'll speed up, once you hold it down.

All the way up to 225 Watts, does not round robin, 1 watt increments, but I believe, under 100 watts It does 0.1 increments. Yeah, so now we are in 0.1 increments. Now to get into the menu three clicks, there's your menu, and here's where you can switch between wattage mode, titanium, nickel, stainless steel and then you have some of those memory modes. Now you're in the puff counter, you can reset that. Now you can adjust your screen color. I actually think I like the blue for this. You can also adjust your screen time in here, and then you get to that off-screen, so here's where you can power it on or off. So now let's go into a TC mode. So now this is your screen for TC mode, pretty standard, if you want, when you're in TC mode, if you want to adjust your wattage, it is the right and power button, and here is where you would adjust your wattage in TC. Now, if you want to adjust your TCRs, you can long press and then you can adjust the wattage from right here too, when you're in the TC mode. Long press again, and then now you're in TCR mode. Okay, so pretty simple, let's go back to wattage mode, long press, could adjust your wattage from right here, if you'd like, long press again.

Then you can adjust your preheat. Normal, hard, soft, no preheat curve still, which I would love to see Smok start doing. Now, in normal wattage mode, if you press the right button and the power button together at the same time, then you can adjust your preheat from right there as well. And if you press the power button and the left button, you can then adjust between wattage temperature control, your memory, all that stuff, but you gotta do it quick. That's one thing I wish they gave you a little more time on that. Now, the way to lock this, you can power it off, obviously, through the menu or just five clicks, and now you're locked.

So pretty standard menu for a Smok mod just a different display, a larger display, a little bit different body, all that stuff. So with Smok, it's very incremental, and that's what we're gonna talk about a little bit more when we go up top. But as far as just the mod itself, build quality, how does it feel. Feels very, very nice. Here it is next to the Predator about the same height, maybe a little bit thicker. Here it is next to the Revenger, very, very similar body shape. The Smok one does feel a little bit more durable though, it's got a little more metal to it, a little heavier. Here's a look at the red one, it's got some black with red accents. Now, on the frame on the sides there, if you can see this one has more of a Matt finish, maybe eggshell, I don't know what you'd call that, but not as shiny, which I actually kind of like, less of a fingerprint magnet than this one. This red one's bad ass. I love the look of this. This is probably my favorite looking Smok mode right here.

Let's go ahead, go back up top, vape this and talk about it a little more. Okay, so here I have the X-Priv from Smok. Now, before people tell me I'm saying it wrong, inevitably somebody will, every time I do a Smok video, they do tell me that they say it's Smok, not smoke. I heard smoke at an event, say smoke about their own name. And so that's why I've always said smoke, but it really doesn't matter, but people are so... They get really, really triggered when I say that. Anyway, let's talk about this device. Right now I have the Prince on top, it's got the Q4 coil inside, air flow is wide open, 70 watts, it's reading 0.39 ohms. Here we go.

As far as the prince tank is concerned, since I've done a video on it, I've heard a lot of complaints from people about the coil heads. A lot of people have said that the coil leads aren't lasting them very long. A lot of people have told me they're inconsistent, and so while I personally feel like they last about as long as your average coil... Cotton coil head does, it's worth pointing that out because a lot of people have said that. So there might be some QC issues out there, but I still do like the tank for what it is. Like I said, in the recent video I did on the Horizon Tech Falcon, I would love to see more and more manufacturers, including you Smok, work on your coil heads, work on your wicking, and whatnot, and that would really help you, maybe slow down a little bit on the mods and work on the coil heads themselves, but the star of the show, for this video is the mod itself, and let's talk about that. Like I've seen a lot of other people say, This is my favorite Smok mod so far, but I'm conflicted there, because it's very, very incremental, and that's what Smok seems to do.

They don't... They come out with a little bit of a different form factor, maybe a little bit different display. Their build quality seems to get better and better, but for the most part, it's always very, very incremental and they kinda stay in their lane and do the same thing and just make... Build on their last mod, and that's totally cool, but I think that consumers need to know that. So if you just bought a Smok mod two months ago or something like that, don't feel like you always need to get the latest and greatest. That being said, like I said, this is my favorite that they put out so far, mostly because I like the form factor. It's a little smaller, a little more slender than the G-Priv. It just looks... The looks are great. The style of this. I really like... It's one of my favorite looking Smok mods, especially this one right here. I mean, you got a little bit of a flak glitter going on on this back plate here, and it's just... It looks very, very nice. It's more symmetrical than like the G-Priv, even though it does have that side fire.

It's my favorite side fire button that I've seen on any mod so far, mostly because I love the amount of resistance on it. It doesn't have a long travel and the gaps on it are very, very small, so you're gonna have a very little pocket lint, and stuff like that that are gonna collect in here, and it feels very natural pushing it, either thumb-firing it that way or just pushing it that way, but let's talk cons with it. And a lot of that has to do with the board, they're playing it safe, they're basically using the same board, same UI, they'll change a few things up. It's very very... It's a nice UI, it's very, very easy to navigate through, but they are missing your curves functions, which I really like. Like your wattage curves functions, yes, you can adjust your preheat to normal, soft, hard. But I really like being able to adjust the curves for the preheat, and all that. We've seen that in... For mods from Vaporesso or Voopoo, there's a few others too. Smoant I believe, does that too.

So it'd be nice if Smok would start implementing stuff like that into their mods. Also, I would love to see Smok start using a third button, a Mode button, that we've also seen other manufacturers use. This mod especially made me think of that because you have the up, down button or the plus, minus buttons right here and then this little space right here and that feels just like it should be a third button right there. Just a Mode button. Would be very, very nice. As opposed to having to do it, the different click combinations of three clicks, or the the click and hold, and stuff like that. I think that it's time for them to maybe venture out and try a third button. Stepping away from the board itself, it is a fingerprint magnet for sure. And while I really really like the screen, the screen... You can tell that it's set back inside quite a bit. So you got this glass piece right here, and it can collect fingerprints, but then the screen looks like it's a couple of millimeters below that. I really like it, I guess maybe I'm getting used to cellphones and stuff, where it doesn't look like that. It looks like you're touching the actual number. Not that there's a gap between the glass and the screen itself.

That being said though, the screen, the display is very, very nice, and it's easy to read, it's large, it's probably the best screen that Smok has done so far. So those are basically my cons. As far as pros go, like I've already said, love the side fire switch, love the form factor of it, it's more symmetrical than some of their others. The build quality is fantastic, probably it's the best build quality that I've seen on Smok mods. They just seem to always get a little bit better, a little bit better. I'm not a huge fan of like the glossy finish, that's why I tend to like one like the red a little bit more, where you have... The whole thing's not glossy, on the sides there, it's not glossy. So it just depends on what you like obviously. Love the back door here. It's very, very secure, but also easy to take off, the battery compartment's very, very nice and easy. It does look like it's running in parallel, like I said, which is very interesting that it is running in series. Super easy to take your batteries in and out, super easy to just put your door on like that.

Like I said, my first impression from this was, it's just very, very refined. It's a Smok mod, it looks like a Smok mod, it acts like a Smok mod, but it's just a nicer Smok mod if that makes sense. As far as performance goes, I've had no issues with it, I did try it out in stainless steel mode, had no problems with that. It behaves like a Smok mod, again. So if you are a Smok fan, would you like this? Yes, absolutely, I'm sure you would love this. Does it do anything crazy different from the past Smok mods that we've seen? No, not really, it's just a different form factor, a different display, so you're looking at around 80 bucks for this and the tank. It's a solid, all day mod. If you're somebody that just wanted one mod and one tank it'd be a good one to go for. Although the one caveat there is, well you get some coils for this tank, that aren't great. So who knows, the Prince is a really good sub ohm tank. It's one of Smok's best sub ohm tanks in my opinion, but there are other sub ohm tanks out there that I like better. If you are in the market for a new mod, you've been looking for a while, and you wanna get a Smok mod, this would be the one I would suggest anyone to get.

If someone came to me tomorrow and said, Hey I wanna get a mod that does 200 watt plus, I want a Smok mod. And what do you think I should get? This would be the one that I would suggest, bar none, over all the others. So that's where I'm conflicted, because it's not crazy different and I do think it's time for Smok to start trying different things and working on their coil heads more and things like that, but as far as Smok mods go, this is the best, bar none. Okay, so I think that's it, guys. Like I said, 80 bucks. I will put links in the description for where you can pick this up. That about wraps it up, until next time, thanks for watching, suck my mug.