Eleaf Saurobox

Eleaf Saurobox

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Max Wattage:220W
Fits in Pocket:Tight Squeeze!

Are you shopping around for a new mod that is lightweight and has a unique style? The Eleaf Saurobox is exactly that, as it is not only inexpensive but is incredibly fun to look at. Aside from all of that, this device gives the users a fabulous vaping experience and functions reliably, proving that it is durable enough to be used heavily if needed. With a maximum output power of up to 220W, you can be sure that the Eleaf Saurobox won't let you down no matter how often you use it. It also comes with several output modes that contribute to making this the Eleaf brand's most high-end device yet.

Eleaf Saurobox Eleaf
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Eleaf Saurobox Mod. Looks Like a Corn on the Cob
Credit to: Eleaf
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Video Transcript: Eleaf Saurobox Mod. Looks Like a Corn on the Cob by Eleaf