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What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here. Today, we're gonna do a video on, basically, things I like. You know, building supplies, accessories, stuff I use to clean my RDAs, that kind of stuff. Basically, not a review but a video on what I like. For example, battery chargers, what I use. Coils, wires, cotton, drip tips. What else? I have a list here of all the stuff that I'll be showing you guys. Batteries I like to use, stands, tanks, where I put my tanks on, tank stands or build stands, coil build... Read the full video transcript below

Vaping Accessories and Building Supplies I Like to Use - Drip Tips, Coils, Batteries
Credit To: Mike Vapes
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What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here. Today, we're gonna do a video on, basically, things I like. You know, building supplies, accessories, stuff I use to clean my RDAs, that kind of stuff. Basically, not a review but a video on what I like. For example, battery chargers, what I use. Coils, wires, cotton, drip tips. What else? I have a list here of all the stuff that I'll be showing you guys. Batteries I like to use, stands, tanks, where I put my tanks on, tank stands or build stands, coil build... Read the full video transcript below

Video Transcript: Vaping Accessories and Building Supplies I Like to Use - Drip Tips, Coils, Batteries by Mike Vapes

What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here. Today, we're gonna do a video on, basically, things I like. You know, building supplies, accessories, stuff I use to clean my RDAs, that kind of stuff. Basically, not a review but a video on what I like. For example, battery chargers, what I use. Coils, wires, cotton, drip tips. What else? I have a list here of all the stuff that I'll be showing you guys. Batteries I like to use, stands, tanks, where I put my tanks on, tank stands or build stands, coil building tools, that kind of stuff. So I know a lot of people always ask me, Mike what kind of cotton you use? or Mike, what... Where do you get that drip tip from? or Mike, batteries. Where do we get these batteries from? I want that battery, or I want... How do you clean your tanks? What do you use? Those kind of questions. So I figured, you know what? Let me do a video to show you guys everything I like to use. So this is what we're gonna do.

So yeah, Mike, what are you vaping? What's that thing in your hand right there, what is that? You guys wanna see it? Look. This is the new iStick 200 watt TC. And on top of it, I got the Rafale X RDA. Yep, this is the new product from Eleaf. IStick 200 watts triple 18650 battery compartment is right down there. And basically, it does everything like the RX does. So it's like another RX but different shape of it. Fire button, that's right there on the front, there they are, nice. And the Rafale tank. I should have videos up soon for these. Well, the Rafale tank, there should be a video up this week I'll have. The iStick, we'll see. I'm still in the process of using it, testing it out, but it's... It's an RX. It's the same thing. I need much testing to do on this device. Just to see how it's working, how... I gotta test other temp control features and that kind of stuff, but, pretty cool. We gotta hit this shit. Nice.

So this is what we're gonna do. We're gonna dive down and I'm gonna one by one, show you guys the stuff I like to use. And then after the dive down, we'll come back. We'll talk about it just a little bit and then in the description below, I'm gonna have links to everything that I'm gonna show you guys, if you guys wanna purchase any of that stuff. So I'll have all of those links in description below. So let's do a quick dive down and let me show you guys all the stuff I like to use.

All right peeps, so this is pretty much the wires I like to use. This is one brand of wire I like to use, it's called TEMCo and this is a 24 gauge Kanthal wire right here. This one here I actually purchased, if I remember correctly, off of eBay if you look up TEMCo, which I'll have a link like I said, in there for this one. This brand of Kanthal wire I like to use. Another company that's good is Lightning Vapes where I get my Kanthal wire. They got all different wires on there. So, Lightning Vapes. And I think my favorite wire is gotta be the Geekvape stuff. I got the Clapton wire, we have a weaver wire, twisted wire here, twisted Clapton wire, Clapton wire. So this is two different gauges in Clapton. This is a 28, two pieces of 28-gauge with 32. This one is one piece, 26 and 32. So this is the stuff I like to use. This is primarily the wires I like to use but there's also pre-made coils which I'll show you guys right now.

Almost forgot to show you, guys, also my stainless steel wires that I like to use, which I have here. I got 24-gauge stainless steel from Geekvape and 26-gauge stainless steel from Geekvape. So for stainless steel, this is what I've been using right here. I love these wires here. And here's some pre-made stuff like, this is something that UD had sent me which is basically like a box here, a wheel, actually. It's got all different coils inside here and like for whatever is here, it shows you right there what each coil is and the resistance. This basically just spins around. It's like, oh, like a Ferris wheel coil box. Just that simple coils and he builds, it's got a few Clapton coils inside here. I think right here, there's some Claptons. Here you go. Looks those Claptons are 26 gauge, 32 gauge and it says 0.6 ohms, that's... Each one is 0.6 ohms. So yeah, pretty cool. That...

And I also like to use this stuff from Wotofo, these tubes. See all these tubes here? Got all different kinds of coils in here for example. You got Clapton parallel wires here, they're rolled up. It's all different types. Clapton wire, we have Tiger wire, twisted, Helix Claptons, these are the ones... These Helix Claptons are the ones that I've been using in my funnel type out Cloud Comp winning coils right here. There's some more Claptons here, Clapton parallels. So yeah, these are pretty much like the pre-made coils that I like to use. This stuff here, probably like my favorites. And there's also the custom ones which I'll show you guys now, that are made for me. Actually Dirty DeVoe, I've been talking about him a lot but he makes some great coils, which I'll show you guys now. Here we go, I got a whole bunch here. It's all stainless steel fused Claptons. Well, he makes some beautiful wire. He does some nice coils, Mr Dirty. Yeah, so that's pretty much the coils I like to use.

Alright, for cotton I got some here, I could show you, guys. This is the Kendo Vape Cotton. This is the Gold Edition, this is even better. The Gold Edition is awesome. So these are some of the cottons I like to use, this is the Kendo. I like to also use Cotton Bacon. Alright, version 2.0. And I'll tell you guys the truth. This is probably my favorite of all which, it doesn't matter, nothing to do with the brand. It is regular cotton pads, organic cotton. Well, this is something that I love too. This, you can find anywhere, Amazon, eBay, anywhere. This one, I think I have purchased from eBay. Price, I don't remember. Like I said, I'll have all those links in the description but, yeah, that's what I like to use for cotton.

And my build stands. You guys remember the infamous wooden nipple build stand here? I know a lot of you guys always ask me, Mike, where can we get this? Mike, where can we get this? This one here was actually made by somebody I know and they stopped making them. There was a few of them that was selling in a vape shop and they stopped selling them. So I actually have somebody producing them. They asked me if they could and I said, Of course you can, and it's called Tenderfoot stands. All right, he's got a page on Facebook where he sells them off of and this is one of them that he makes. Actually, let me show you this one first. This one is supposed to be, basically, the nipple stand. Right, so this is his version of the nipple stand. He makes them in all different woods. The more rare the wood, it's gonna cost you a little more money. Prices, you would have to ask him but this is his original. This is his build stand that he was making before he was making these. So then, what he did was, he combined the two together and made the nipple with his... You see what I mean? So he made this build stand here. So he makes all different kinds of build stands. The guy is very talented. A nice guy. Mr Dan from Tenderfoot stands. So, like I said, I'll have a link in the description for these stands. If you guys want to purchase them all you gotta do is message him and let them know what you want. He's got lots of pictures on there. Find a picture and ask him.

And here's a nice stand I here... Have here for like, atomizers. Very nice. This one is from a guy, his name is Monkey Man Werks and the werks is with an E. WERKS. And he's got a Facebook, he's got a Instagram. He makes some beautiful stands. He made this one for me and this is like, this is just a work of art. And right now, I have inside here, 22, 20... I got 25 millimeter atomizers, 22. So, pretty nice. I got... See, this is the Geek... The Griffin 25 in there. There you go. I guess that's his symbol of his work. And basically, what this consists of is, let's see here. The base is African mahogany, right here, this is African mahogany. The top is a bass wood, right here, this is the bass wood. And then the stripes that you see here, these three here is basically a cocobolo wood and it's all coated in a polyurethane sealant. I mean, this is just a work of art and I'm sure he put a lot of time and effort to make this piece. This is just beautiful and I will cherish this. Thank you, Monkey Man Werks for sending me this.

This is a beautiful piece. Price on this, you know it's, something like this is a little pricey, this is gonna cost you, probably like in the 100 dollar range, somewhere in there for this piece 'cause this is all rare, exotic woods. But I'm sure he's got others that he makes that could be a little bit economical in price but if you have the money to spend then you want something beautiful, a nice show piece for your desk, for your atomizers, this is just gorgeous work that he does. So, like I said, I'll have his link. I'm sure he's got a website too. I'm not 100% but I will have all those links in the description. I think he does. So, check him out. I'll have his Facebook and his Instagram so you guys could check out his work.

Alright. Here we got some of my building stuff that I use. Love the coil master stuff. This kit right here is probably one of the best kits that we have here from Coil Master. All right, its gut. Let's put this stuff a little to the side. You have wire cutters, you got some needle nose pliers, you have your screwdrivers, you have, basically, ceramic tweezers, we have these tweezers which you guys see me use all the time. This is what I like use for doing my cotton and my coils, for my RDAs. I just love this thing passing a cotton through the coils. These tweezers here, I love them. They give you some coil... Some wire here, some Kanthal. You got your ohm meter here to read your resistance. They give you a nice scissor. I use this scissor a lot. This scissors always in my vape bag. Just in case I have a need to re-wick, put cotton in. Nice scissor.

And then, they'll give you the Coil Master Rod. Alright, the Coil Master Rod. You've got all the different sizes there and basically the rods itself. That's the coiler, the rods, all different sizes. This is a great kit right here for building. And I don't consider myself a beginner or a professional and I use this. So, love using this thing. Love it. We got that and basically right here, we got the 521 tab from Coil Master which is also a build deck. This is the updated version, they put rubber on the bottom, they rubberized it. That doesn't swing around anymore. It takes a single 18650 battery. Okay, very nice. Here, this is another thing, it's an ohm reader. You can read your resistance, you can pulse coils with this. Nice little device, I actually had done a video for this, and you could also charge it through the USB. That's another product there from Coil Master I love. And this is a new product of theirs right here. This is, basically, it's a container for your juice. It comes in this pouch. There you go. It's got a little keychain holder or belt clip. It holds 20 mls of liquid.

Alright, and here's the button you would press, and it would come out of here, your juice. You could set it to either do drops or a stream of juice. And to fill it, open it up and there you go. This whole inside portion is all glass. So the only parts that are stainless steel is obviously gonna be this piece here and the bottom. But the rest is enclosed in glass. See, you could also see how much juice you have. You could see through there through the little windows. Nice. It almost looks like mech mod. Nice item from Coil Master here.

Another, this... Then I got some random stuff that I like to use which I'll show you guys. These kind of tweezers here. Love these things. My regular tweezers I use all the time, some little mini wire cutters, these are from UD, some other wire cutters I have here, my infamous scissors that everybody always ask, Mike, where'd you get those scissors? Pretty cool, huh? These actually, I did not get... I don't even know where you get them from. You gotta look on Amazon maybe or something. But these scissors were basically, my wife gave them to me. My wife's a hairdresser and I guess, I don't know where she got this from, she didn't wanna use them or whatever, she gave them to me and I use them for my cotton. These are the ones that I use here at home, so. And then I have this here, my coil jig. All right, so I could also wrap my own coils on here, you know, do them free-handed and basically, it's got all the sizes right there. You got 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 or 3.5. You can wrap your coils with this, I use this also to place coils in an RDA. So pretty cool. Alright.

Alright, so over here now, I'm gonna show you guys what I use to clean my tanks and RDAs. I use this stuff here, it's called Atty-Clean, RDA and RTA cleaner. It cleans foul e-juice, machine oil and bad flavors. Right there are the ingredients and basically directions. Yeah, that's the stuff I use. There's a company of where you get it from. I'm gonna have... He's working on a website and I'll have a link to his website where you guys could purchase this. I'm not sure on what the prices are on this but this stuff is awesome. This is one... This is what I use now, but what I used to use was Don Soap and my Ultrasonic Cleaner. Now, if you don't have an ultrasonic cleaner, you could use Don Soap, a toothbrush, hot water and scrub. You clean this stuff with that or a cleaner like this, this is an ultrasonic cleaner. I purchased this thing off of Amazon. I think it was like 30-40 bucks. You can find this in there. I don't know. I don't know how I feel about putting an Amazon link down below. You guys are gonna think, Oh no, it's an affiliate Amazon link. But, anyway, you get this off of Amazon, these things. But this is primarily now, what I use, this is the combo I use. I use this stuff, inside here with some hot water and that's it and everything comes out sparkling clean.

Alright, here's a bunch of batteries that I like to use. Over here I have, these are the Samsung 25Rs. Right here they have... These are the newer version, the green ones, but they also come in a baby blue, but the newer versions are in green. I love those batteries. The brown LGs. These kind of batteries here, 3000 milliamp hour. We have these here, these are like a pink color Samsungs, 3000 mAh. These and the Brownies are like almost the same thing. I think these are better. From what I've heard, they're better than the Brownies. These are the 30Q Samsungs. Then over here these are, if I'm not mistaken, LGs, yep, HD2s. These are, I think they're 2000 milliamp hours, and they're 25 amp batteries. These are good batteries to put in a dual 18650 if you're gonna use like very low ohms on there. If you're gonna sub ohm. These are good batteries right here.

For example, DNA 200, it takes the... Actually a DNA 133, these are the batteries I would recommend inside it. But I think the best of all are these batteries here, these are the Pegasus Vapor Academy and for example, like these batteries, 2000 mAh batteries, it tells you on the battery. Every battery tells you on... Let's say you're gonna use one single battery. So for this battery, 0.19 to 0.15, you're okay to use for a single battery or if you're gonna use an analog parallel, that's basically analog parallel, that means if you're using these two in a parallel box mod. Alright.

And if you're gonna use it in regulated devices of 70 to 150 watts in series, then you can use it too. So it gives you the stats on the battery and I'm gonna have a link in the description where you can purchase these. These are some great batteries. They are actually re-wraps of a-bin batteries, of batteries that I'm showing you guys now. There's all different style, all different milliamp hour and batteries. He has five different style batteries and each one tells... Says on them what it's basically for you to use. I've done a video for these batteries already the Pegasus Vapor Academy but I'll have the link and website, you guys can just check it out and you could actually see the resistance of each battery and you can actually choose if you find the battery... If you like to vape at, let's say 0.5 ohms, if that's your range. They have batteries just for 0.5s so this way you could take advantage of milliamp hours instead of getting something that really defeats the purpose. And it's also great for battery safety reasons so these are primarily the batteries I like to use. There's actually one more which is... But they stopped making them which is the white LGs and those are 30 amp batteries that I use for my mechanical mods. Here's two more types of batteries. I also like to use these here. These are basically Sony VTC5s.

If you could find authentic ones. And these are the white ones I was talking talking about, the HB6's, which I think they stopped making these. These are 30 amp ones. These are good for mechanical mods. Alright, chargers. These are the chargers I like to use. This is one charger that I really like to use right here. This is the NiteCore. Here is the box that it comes in. NiteCore L1 it's got a eGo connection right over here. Obviously, it's only for single 18650, in the box made for vapers, they have it on here. There are some stats for it right there. And this charges up to 1000 milliamp. Alright, it's got a USB output too. I like to use this for my 26650s. If I have like... If I'm using like, for example, my stout or my Wismec Presa 26650. Instead of putting it in here with the other batteries, 'cause usually I'm using one battery at a time. I like to use this one here to charge my 26650s with. And then here are my other charge... These are my two other go-to's for my at 18650s that I primarily use. Luc v4, 4 bay. This one does one amp charging.

Alright, if you wanna quick charge your batteries on one amp, I use this. This here is the Efest 6 Bay, this also does one amp but only on four slots it'll do one amp. As soon as you put all six, it's gonna cut it down to 0.5. So you'll have one, two, three. Do you understand? So you could actually get maybe one battery, one, two, three and a half. So you can get one or two batteries, I think it is, to charge at one amp and the rest will charge. Actually it's two batteries. Two batteries to charge at one amp and these would charge at 0.5, a slower version of it. But you could also set it up.

It has controls on it to set up how you want it to charge, whether you want it to always charge at a 0.5 or at one amp. So you have flexibility, this also has Bluetooth so you can actually hook it up to your phone and control all the settings from your cellphone with this. So these are basically my, primarily the chargers I like to use. Alright drip tips baby. So basically I like these kind of containers, a little organizer, Home Depot, you can find these at. And you can put these little separations and you keep your drip tips inside. My Trinity drip tips, love my Trinity drip tips here. I have... What else do I got from Trinity in here? I got these here. I love my Trinity Nip drip tips. I got those. These are all the Bella series, I did a video on all these drip tips here. The Bella series drip tips. Love using these. Another great drip tip are right here, if I can get 'em out. Where is it? Come on. There you go.

This is from Signature tips and basically, all these sleeves pop off. I can pop that one off and put a different color on. I can put this one on if I want. Alright I got all different colors of this here. Actually, have another drip tip here, there you go. This one's in copper, got one in brass in the house. I have one in stainless. Signature drip tips. And I also got these drip tips here, which are from Half Moon mods. Acrylic drip tips. Love these drip tips. Half Moon mod drip tips. I got a bunch in here. These are all Half Moon mod drip tips. Here's a couple of nice ones from Wotofo. There's Wotofo drip tips right here. This is another one from Signature tips that I love to use. I have two versions. I got one that's just the carbon fiber and this one here which has got the stainless steel on top. This is the Night drip tip from them.

Pretty much that's... These are the companies that I like their drip tips from. I also like a couple of more which I'll show you guys right now. I got this drip tip here, this goes on top of an RDA. This is basically for an RDA 22 millimeter. This is from Trinity. This one here, love to use this piece right here, very nice. Double Helix designs. Here's an example on how it looks on the Dotmod. This is the gold one here. This is the Trinity, see?

I love these set ups right here, look at that. Nice stuff here. There's some other drip tips I like to use, are these here. These are from a company called Look at that, look at that, how beautiful it looks on the Twisted Messes. And I also have this one here on the double vision. Yeah, so this is primarily the drip tips I like to use. I know you guys are probably like, Mike, what the hell mod is that? That's the Movkin. What's this called again? The Disguiser. Review coming soon on this, this thing is huge. The Disguiser. So yeah, these are the drip tips. Did we've covered everything? Yeah, I think we pretty much covered everything. Alright let's go back up on top, and let's talk about all this a little more.

Alright guys, so you guys saw all the stuff that I like to use. That's what I like to use, you know? You know what I'm saying? I'm simple. Nothing really complicated about it but I gotta tell you guys something. Out of everything I showed you guys, there's a couple of items that I cherish. That stand, that atomizer stand, the one that was made by Monkey Man Werks. Work of art and thank you once again for that. The guy is very talented and I love that piece, I have it in front of me all the time. It's just... I'm looking at it right now, it's just a beautiful piece and I enjoy it. It looks awesome on my desk and I highly recommend you guys to check him out. Awesome stuff he's got there. He's very talented. And another thing is my nipple stands from Tenderfoot Stands. Those stands, I love those. Those building stands, the wooden ones, the wooden nipple, I just love those. Those, I'm also gonna cherish. I love those. They're just nice pieces of work of art and I know they put time and effort into making those. Those were hand-made. Another thing that's hand-made are these drip tips that I showed you, these last ones. The ones from Double Helix and the ones from Suck It Drip Tips. Those are also, they're not mass produced. They sit there and they make them and then they put them up on their website and they sell them. Beautiful stuff, very nice.

The Trinity drip tip is beautiful. That stuff that I showed you guys to clean your atomizers, that's some good stuff right there. There's a lot of good stuff there. I mean, this is stuff I like, like I said. And in the description below, I'll have links to everything. Alright, so if you guys wanna go and purchase any of that stuff or check it out, go check it out.

So, thank you for watching guys. It was pretty cool. This is a little weird to do a video like this. I haven't done a video like this. I think I might have done something similar a while ago but it was pretty nice to do something where it's not a review. It's just me showing you all the stuff that I like to use. Alright, so in the description below will be all the links to everything and very soon, review on these two pieces. Alright, so, yeah. This is weird, I can't even do my exit properly. It just doesn't sound right, but yeah, all the items will be down and below in the description. I'll have links to my Facebook, Instagram, all that jazz. Alright, thank you and remember, keep on vaping. And Mike, don't forget about CASAA. No, I'm not forgetting. Also sign up on, 'cause we need to fight for our rights to vape. Thank you, and remember, keep on vaping. Damn, that whole exit just was out of order, right? Yeah, fuck it.