18650 Battery 3000mAh

18650 Battery 3000mAh

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The outstanding 18650 battery from Efest features a large 3000mAh capacity along with a 35A discharge current, making it ideal for Sub Ohm builds - to provide the ultimate vapour and power output. As a note of caution, a powerful battery and adequate care should be exercised when using not to over-discharge. These 3000mAh Efest high drain batteries have a good shelf life whilst providing pretty good discharge current.

18650 Battery 3000mAh Efest
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18650 Battery Review - Efest 3000mAh IMR
Credit to: DeLo Enterprises
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Efest 18650 Battery 3000mAh reviews

Video Transcript: 18650 Battery Review - Efest 3000mAh IMR by DeLo Enterprises

Alright guys, this is gonna be a quick review of the Efest IMR 18650s, this is the 3000 milliamp hour, 3.7 volts. I'm in the market for some new batteries, so I was looking around and found one that appealed to me, which were these. I think I got these on Amazon for 19.99 or something like that. All the reviews said they work really well. I know Efest there was a rumor going around that they are just re-wraps. I did some research into that and I went on their website and stuff, and it does seem like they have turned it around if those rumors were true. There's an authenticity counterfeit code you enter in their website. They're actually those like scratch off lottery... There's that material over them. So when you... You type that code in to tell if they're the authentic product or not or if they're counterfeit.

Like I said the reviews were good. I haven't had any problems with these yet. These are high drain batteries, obviously. Compared to my Sony VTC4s, which are right here, they do work a little bit better. They do last a little bit longer. With that being said they do take a little bit longer to charge. I think my Sonys charge in about three hours, maybe three and half depending on how much I use them. But these take at least four to four and a half hours to charge.

I haven't had any problems with them yet. I'm hoping I don't have any problems with them. They do not seem to be re-wraps. That Efest is not on the wrap, it's actually on the battery itself. And it's not just like painted on there, it actually looks like it's almost engraved, it looks like. But yeah it's underneath the wrap so I don't think these are re-wraps. Once again I got these on Amazon for I think $19.99. I like that they have positive and negative labeled as well. Obviously this is positive, but if you were in a situation where you're just gonna grab these real quick you can easily identify what is what just by the markings.

I think these are a pretty good deal for the price. There's a lot of other batteries out there that claim to have 3200 or 3500 milliamp hours, I am not... I am not too fond of that. I don't know the validity of those claims. I'm not really interested in testing that. I wanna be safe. So when I found out that they have a counterfeit system and they're authentic I was pretty hooked on them. And I guess, they had a pretty good price for the two. Any time you go into a vape shop or anything like that, they're gonna charge you through the roof for them, so the best way to get them, I think, is just online.

So, yeah, $19 on Amazon, check it out if you're in the market for new batteries.