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I tell you, it's not that often a sub-ohm tank comes out nowadays with three coil heads for only 30 bucks, but guess what? This one does. Today, boys and girls, we're gonna be taking a look at SMOK's newest tank called the TFV12 Baby Prince. Alrighty, so here's the packaging this TFV12 Baby Prince Tank comes in. Of course, inside that packaging, you're gonna receive your tank, you get an extra glass straight tube, two extra coil heads, comes with a baggy of extras which includes an extra seal

The SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince SubOhm Tank!
Credit to: RiP Trippers
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Video Transcript: The SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince SubOhm Tank! by RiP Trippers

I tell you, it's not that often a sub-ohm tank comes out nowadays with three coil heads for only 30 bucks, but guess what? This one does. Today, boys and girls, we're gonna be taking a look at SMOK's newest tank called the TFV12 Baby Prince. Alrighty, so here's the packaging this TFV12 Baby Prince Tank comes in. Of course, inside that packaging, you're gonna receive your tank, you get an extra glass straight tube, two extra coil heads, comes with a baggy of extras which includes an extra seal and some extra O rings that match that tank that you get. Included is a quality control card/warning card, and last but not least, you get a user manual.

Now onto this TFV12 Baby Prince Tank. She's primarily made of stainless steel, comes in a multitude of color options, it's like 10 different color options. As far as measurements go, she's 22 millimeter in width at the base and about 50 millimeter in length. At the base of this device, you got a non-adjustable protruding 510 pin, threads are nice and smooth. Down here, she's got dual bottom adjustable air flow. You grab a hold of this air flow ring, it stops in one direction, stops in the other. Whatever you adjust on this side, is obviously gonna be the same on this side, and it's got the perfect amount of restrictiveness.

At the top of this device, she comes with a beautiful cobra pattern 510 drip tip that matches the tank. She fits snug as a bug, but when she fits all the way down, ooh, she looks the tits. She's got easy sleazy top feel, you just push this button right here and it swivels out and you fill her up. In the center, you got the shaft section, you don't wanna fill it up through there, you wanna fill it up in this slot right here. And in bubble tank mod, she holds 4.5 mills of juice, but when you're done filling her up, you just pull it in, push down, and it closes up and locks into place, and you're rocking and a-rolling.

Coil head and base unscrew from the tank and the top cap section. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pop this bitching pink acrylic bubble tube that you can buy separately on here. Check that out. Sick as freaking tits, baby. Now, the coil head that comes pre-installed into this bad boy is the Q4 0.4 ohm. We've all seen this coil head. They say it's an upgrade, but to be honest with you, I don't notice that much of a difference. All that's gonna be subjective, but yeah, she's reading 0.4 ohm, 30-65 watts recommended. They say it vapes at its best between 50 and 60 watts, you got your organic cotton feed slots, parallel coil in there.

The second coil head that comes with this tank is the T12, and it's got an LED light in there. I don't know if you guys can see that. See that in the middle? An LED light. So when you hit the fire button, the light lights up and it shines through the tank. I'm gonna show you that in a second. But yeah, she reads 0.15 ohm, 50-90 watt recommended. They say it vapes at its best between 60 and 80 watts, and you got your organic cotton feed slots around the whole thing. Inside there, you got your quad parallel coils. The third coil head that comes with this is the 0.15 ohm mesh coil head, and this what makes this tank in my opinion. Loving mesh in coil heads, guys. I think it gives you the best flavor, the densest vapor, definitely the best coil head that I've tried from SMOK thus far. So yeah, she reads 0.15 ohm, recommended vape 40-80 watts. They say it vapes at its best between 60 and 70 watts. And of course, you got your organic cotton feed slots around this coil head, and inside you got your mesh, your beautiful mesh with all that cotton, woohoo hoo. Oh yeah, before we move further, I wanna show you what it looks like in the inside of the base. Everything's nice and clean, not the cleanest that I've seen, but it's good.

And of course, you guys know the coil head that I'm gonna be using today is the mesh coil head, right? Go ahead and prime that sucker up, screw everything together. Push and swivel that top cap open, so we can fill her up. Swivel it back, push in, lock into place. And another thing I wanted to show you, check this out, you can also buy this 510 acrylic drip tip along with a bubble tank that's acrylic. Matchy-matchy, baby. Oh, man. Now, that looks popping. So before I go over the pros for this device, I wanna talk about some cons, and I also wanna talk about one thing that should've included but they didn't. SMOK, I'm talking to you.

That first thing is, you should've included the bubble acrylic tank along with this acrylic drip tip. Don't force people to go out and buy that stuff separately. SMOK, you guys should toss this straight glass tube and include these things. First con, this is subjective, not a con to me, but it may be a con to some of you guys, and that is, this is not A10 drip tip compatible. Second con, the acrylic 510 drip tip that came with this device already broke on me. Hell, I didn't even get to use it. Popped it in and out of this device two times and it snapped. Next con, this is gonna be subjective, and I mentioned this in the past, they need to make the fill port a little bit larger, so you can pour the juice in.

And the last con that I found for this tank, using the mesh coil head only, when I first filled it up, it leaked just a touch, just like the Avenger Tank. It wasn't horrible. Once I started vaping it after I filled it up for the very first time that leaking went away, but it's something to point out. Now onto the pros. You got a multitude of color options. I mean, like 10 color options. Crazy. Love how you have the option to buy the matchy-matchy tube with the drip tip. Again, I think they should include it with this tank, but at least they give you the option. It looks the freaking tits. Love the push swivel for the top fill. Easy-peasy water sleazy, it works every time.

The dual bottom adjustable air flow, perfect amount of restrictiveness, and you get a good amount of air flow, at least wide open you do. And the air flow all across the board is smooth as a porn star's ass. The vape quality you get with the mesh coil head, wow. Just like the Avenger Tank, just like the mesh tank, not quite there with the Falcon, but I mean, it's up there. The fact that you get three coil heads with this tank, huge, huge, huge pro. And the other two coil heads that come with this tank, they're good, not anywhere close to the mesh coil head in my opinion.

And you gotta love the LED light option in this T12 coil head. It maybe hard to see, but you can see here down at the base it's lighting up. Definitely more noticeable in real life, but it's cool, cool little feature. Even though my cobra pattern acrylic drip tip broke, at least they include one, and it's sexy as hell looking, you can't deny that. And something else I gotta point out, for a 22 millimeter tank holding 4.5 mills of juice, that's a good amount for a smaller tank. Oh yeah, and just to give you guys a size comparison, here's what the Baby looks like next to this big boy. Big difference. Especially in width, boys and girls, again, 26 millimeter for the big boy, 22 for this little guy.

Oh, man. Now, before I take you guys back to face time, I definitely gotta show you what this pink Baby tank looks like on this pink Mag Mod. Wow. Pink is so freaking good-looking, isn't it? I guess all that's subjective, but I sure love it. Yep, that's right. As you guys saw in the close-up's going full pink with the full pink Baby Prince and then the full pink Mag Mod. Oh, man. Does it look sick as tits or what? The coil head that I have in here is the mesh coil head like I showed you in the close ups, it's reading 0.15 ohms. Actually, on the Mag Mod she's reading 0.184 ohms, but I'm only vapor at 55 watts. That's what I said with this coil head, they rate it all the way up to 80 watts.

SMOK, what the hell are you doing? You know what you're doing. You're overrating your goddamn coils! Told you not to do that. But you're gonna keep doing it, aren't you? People gonna burn their fucking coils out. I'm tired of that shit, and I'm calling you out on it. Again. I digress. But you have 55 watts, got the air flow about a halfway open, a little bit more than halfway open, you know the drill. First of all, I wanna state this. It's been a while since I've vaped on a Baby or Big Baby. By the way, this is basically a Baby upgrade. They put the word Prince on the end of it. It's a Baby Tank, but the air flow I get off this Baby, man, woohoo. It is smooth.

That's why these things sell like hotcakes and have sold like hotcakes for the last six months, eight months, a year, whatever. The air flow is easy. Easy on the lungs. You get just enough too. I think even the cloud chasers will like it. The guys that like the swooshy-swooshy air all the way open, it's good, but I prefer it about halfway to three-quarters of the way, I get the perfect amount of restrictiveness. Here it is again, about three-quarters of the way. Oh, yeah. A little bit loud, but it is smooth. I also wanna pint this out. The acrylic tip that you buy separately? Oh, it's so comfortable. One of the most comfortable drip tips I've used to date. It's right there with with the ribbed tip. Super comfy.

And I'll tell you what, like I mentioned in close-ups, loving the matchy-matchy bubble tube. Wish you guys didn't have to go out and buy it separately. But yeah, this mesh coil head, wow. Gone through about four of them already, and they're just as good as the FireLuke Mesh coil heads, just as good as the Avenger coil heads, not quite there with the Falcon. Let me tell you why, because the Falcon uses that wood pulp and cotton. They got something figured out, something figured out that SMOK and all these other guys don't know, but this mesh coil head is definitely the best coil head that SMOK has ever made. Whoa, and it chugs the tits. You see that? Oh yeah, I wanna show you this. Here's the air flow wide open. Loud but smooth. Now I'm gonna close her off 'bout a quarter of the way open. Still smooth, baby.

So yeah, I've been sticking to 55 watts, I get the perfect amount of heat, and it's just... Oh, it's so good, and the coil head lasts a long time. I had one last me two weeks guys, two weeks! But that's sticking at 55 watts, I'm not going over. Like I said, they overrate their fucking coil heads. And because they overrate 'em, you're gonna be vaping 'em higher. Most of you guys will, because you guys... Well, I'm not saying all of you, but if they say it vapes up to 80 watts, you wanna pop it up to 80 watts 'cause you gonna think 80 watts is more. That's the American way, isn't it? More is better! No, it's not! Drop it down to about 55, maybe even 50, and she gonna be rocking and lasting a long time.

But yeah, all in all, this thing is definitely a winner, winner, chicken dinner. Like I said, they should have included the acrylic tank, the acrylic tip, but it is what it is. I mean, three coil heads that come with a tank for only 30 bucks? How do you not frickin buy it?

Oh yeah, and as far as where you can get this puppy chugger, I'll post links down in the description to the sites that I know of that are credible that are carrying this motherchugger right now. I already answered the big question, the big answer today, but I'll go ahead and answer it again. Anybody looking for a kickass sub-ohm tank for a great price where it comes with three coil heads and one of those coil heads is a mesh coil head that performs great, get this puppy chugger, it's definitely for you!

So I hope you guys enjoyed the video, liked it, found it entertaining and helpful. If you did like this video, then hit that like button, let me know that you care and share it for all your friends to see, and if you wanna see more of me, then subscribe for more.

This is RiP Trippers, and remember, smoking is dead, vaping is the future, and the future is now.