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The TFV12 Prince tank is a very powerful all-round sub ohm tank that can be used daily and includes three of the newest and carefully built coils: The Prince Q4, X6 and T10. All of the coils were crafted with the intention of giving the vaper huge clouds and extremely thick flavor, no matter what type of E Liquid you decide to use. The TFV12 Prince also has a newly designed crown-style body along with a beautiful cobra resin tip that is extremely bright and colorful. If you have been using your current tank for some time now, why not take the plunge and upgrade it with this one at either the 5ml or 8ml versions? The simple top-filling system has a very proprietary fastening clasp that will help your e cig keep from spilling or leaking in any way.

TFV12 Prince SMOK
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The New SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank!
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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SMOK TFV12 Prince reviews

Video Transcript: The New SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank! by IndoorSmokers

Welcome back, vapesters, to another installment of IndoorSmokers. So I hope you guys are having a fantastic day today. That's about to get a little bit better. 'Cause we've got an exciting product we're gonna be looking at today, the brand new tank from SMOK with the convex bubble glass that's gonna give you up to a 8ml capacity. So that's right, this is the TFV12 Prince Tank we're gonna be looking at today. I knew a girl named Nicky; I guess you could say she was a vape fiend.

So that's right, guys. In honor of the artist formally known as, we got the Prince tank going on today. So this thing looks killer, and being a smoke TFV12 tank, I'm sure it's gonna vape awesome too. I can't wait to get this thing on a mod. This is what you're gonna get in your kit. So there is your tank with that convex glass pre-installed. Underneath you got your verification codes and instruction books and then you've also got a replacement glass piece which is not the bubble glass. You got a regular piece of glass, I guess if you don't like that convex one. You got your bag of goodies down here. Cock ring, O rings, all of that. Double bath salts. So they really got you guys covered. Nothin' like vapin in a nice hot bath. And then you got two more coils here that are all different. So you have a Q4, an X6, and a T10 coils all in here. So this one has the Q4 quadruple coil head pre-installed. And this one will vape between 40 and 100 watts. 60 to 80 is the recommended on this. So we're gonna go ahead and try this out first and then I think I'm gonna go ahead and switch in that T10 0.12 resistance coil that vapes all the way up to 120.

And then this is a bottom airflow design just like the original TFV12s and you can adjust that of course. It is a top fill and the fill is a little bit different now. I don't know if you guys can see that little button there, but you're actually gonna push that button and then spin it open just like a traditional TFV12 series or whatever. But now it locks into place. Click. Bam. So now you're not gonna have that thing open accidentally which could happen on occasion especially when you went to open the tank. And then that X6, the sextuplet coil is a 0.15 resistance and the T10, like I said, is a 0.12. And then with the traditional glass piece on there this will hold 5ml of juice. With that boobly tank on there it's gonna hold up to 8mls. So you could actually get quite a bit more juice in here and these TFV12 series are always juice guzzlers. So it's gonna be nice to have that extra bit. And then to fill this thing today, I'm gonna be using some of this slush juice I got from Zample Box. They've got a great deal going on over there right now. For these four bottles, these four 60ml bottles I got right here, 35 bucks. That's it for 240mls of juice. And these has got some great flavors, man. Strawberry lemon, lemon lime, this blackberry lookin one and the one we're gonna be using today which I've already primed the tank with which is the Cherry by Slush.

I will put a link right underneath this video, it will take you over to the site and then you just have to go to deals up on the main menu there. That will bring you down to a page with all the deals. Look for the Slush 240mls for $35. What a bargain. So alright. Push that little button. Swivel that tank open, and go ahead and fill this guy up. Whew and there we go. Filling up the fish bowl. Alright guys we're gonna go ahead and vape this on the smoke pro color. And I got it doin that scroll through on the colors they actually kinda match the tank up there. They're doin the iridescent thing. And now I gotta say this is still one of my all time favorite mods. I love the light feature on it. This thing ends up comin in handy in the middle of the night when you wake up and you gotta go take a leak ya know and you don't wanna flip on the bathroom light and wake yourself up too much. Standin there in the dark at night listening to try to see if I'm hittin the right spot. Makes me think this is what it must be like to be blind man. How the fuck do blind people hit the water? I don't know. Do they sit down? Maybe that could be the solution. Maybe that's what I should try. But I don't know how blind people pee. For that matter I don't know how a blind person knows when they're done wiping their ass either. But inquiring minds wanna know man.

But anyways, this thing gives you just enough light to see what you're doin in there and take care of business. Got this thing at 60 watts and I don't know how well you can see but it's actually reading this at 0.4 on the dot. So alright we're pushing just about 4.9 volts to get this hit at 60 watts check it out. Whew. Holy Smackanoly. That is some fuckin delicious vapor, so smooth, so rich. I do think this is actually improvement over the original TFV12. You're still gettin that huge big airy vape on this. But I feel like the vapor density is a little bit better. Maybe you're gettin more vapor to mix in with that big air flow you get off of it. And the taste man is like nothin else. God damn. I don't know about you guys but that is a freakin 60 watt vape. I am immensely impressed with just how much vapor production this thing can do. I'm really curious now about how those T10 coils are gonna do. Alright, let's try a wrap around with the 60 watt vapor on the Q4 coil. Oh yeah. Easy. Alright 75 watt vape and then we're gonna go ahead and switch this out with those T10 coils which are five dual coils in there for a total of 10 coils what. Alright, here's 75 watts we are pushin about five and a half volts to get this. Vapor production I think the flavor is diminishing a little bit. I would actually hold this thing I think between that 60 and 70 watt range.

Alright you just remove the base in order to get the coil outta there. So this is the one we're taking out and this is the one we're gonna be putting in there. And you got your big juice slots just like this one the sides now. Got the T10 coils right here. Bout to vape on this for the first time today. Alright, it's asking if its a new coil. Telling it it is. And I will put a link to where you can find these pro colors at if you're lookin for a mod as well as a link for the Prince tanks because they are available right now. It's actually reading this as a.123. So we are actually very close to that.12 its supposed to be. So this one has a vaping range of 60 to 120 watts. But it's recommended best is between 80 and 110. So I'm gonna go ahead and turn this thing up to 80 watts to start with.

Alright guys here is an 80 watt vape with the T10 coils in the brand new smoke TFV12 Prince. And we are barely pushing over three volts to get this with this.12 resistance. Thickity, thick, thick. Fuck now that is a great vape. You're still, I would say this is actually cooler at 80 watts than the Q4 was even at 60 watts. Just because the resistance is so low. So let's go ahead and hit this thing at 100. I got a feeling that's really where it's gonna be powering up great at. Alright guys goin zero to 100 real quick. Bam. Let's check it out. We are doin now about 3.6 volts to get this 100 watt vape. Still incredibly low voltage. I don't know if you guys have seen too, look at that honeycomb tip man. That thing is fuckin sweet. Love everything about the design of this. Especially that fuckin boobly tank man, that's my favorite.

Goddamn. There's your 100 watt vape. That one caught me off guard a little bit, man. Alright, let's try a wrap-around. See what we can do on this. Oh yeah. There we go. No problem getting all the way around, man. Always remember, don't be a selfish lover. Give them that wrap-around. Alright, I'm gonna turn this up just to try 120 watts. Just to see how quick we can get the vape off of that, cause it's not even feeling close to what 100 watt used to feel like even six months ago on those tanks. This is a smooth, cool type of vape coming off this thing. Even 100 watts. Now at 120. We're finally pushing close to 4. Just about 3.8, 3.9 volts to get this 120 watt vape on the new Prince Tank by Smok. Here we go. Whoo. Yes. Now you can get those vapes much quicker. Here is about a second and a half draw. You kidding me. Damn. I don't know. Between this and the first coil, they're both incredible flavor on this. This thing is getting its good flavor right now. Well over 100 watts. Where with that Q4, I would say it was down 60 to 70 watts. So the only coil we haven't tried on this yet is the X6. But that would give us something to come back to. And we are definitely gonna have to do a cloud contest between this and the original TFV12.

The original TFV12 finally got some competition on the new version here with the Prince. But alright guys. You've seen the clouds. You couldn't taste the juice, but trust me, it is delicious. This is a tank you definitely wanna get. This is not a beginner tank, of course, for people just getting their sub on vaping. You're definitely gonna wanna be comfortable taking those full lung hits. There's only so much you can really turn this thing down. Man. It is a fucking cloud chucker and a juice guzzler. So keep that in mind. But regardless, I'd have to say one of my new favorite tanks on the market right now. So alright guys. I will put the link right underneath this video. Like I said, these are available right now. And don't forget to use the link to go check out that great deal from Zamplebox for this slush e-juice. This cherry is freaking delicious. And that is $35 for 240mls of juice. You ain't gonna get a better deal than that man. And if you guys want a chance to win one of these, Mike is actually gonna be doing a giveaway for the Gold Prince tank over on the Vape Lounge. So all you're gonna have to do is go over there. Follow him and then watch the video. He'll tell you what you need to do to get in on the giveaway. I will put a link to The Vape Lounge right underneath of this video. Make it super easy for you guys to find it.

So get over there, subscribe to The Vape Lounge and then keep your eye out for the video, it'll probably go up tomorrow. And of course, don't forget to subscribe to this channel, if you haven't already. Ring that little bell, so you'll get the notification when the videos go up. If you enjoyed yourself at any time during this video, please give me a thumbs up. They are greatly appreciated. And you can tell me something down in the comments that you liked about the new Prince Tank by Smok. I am gonna be trying to get them to send me a few more so we can do some giveaways on this channel as well. Alright guys. That's gonna do it for me today. So I'm gonna let you guys get back to doing whatever it is you do. And thank you for the funky time. Call me up whenever you want to vape. Prince has left the building.