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The Aspire BVC CE5 clearomiser is the most up to date version of Aspire BDC CE5, incorporating the very latest Bottom Vertical Coil technology to provide you with enhanced flavour/vapour production. You are recommended to fill the Aspire clearomisers from the bottom and not from the drip tip end. Offeirng a medium airy vape, the Aspire clearomiser does not need a very heavy or light drag for optimal use. Both clouds and flavours are in abundance.

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Aspire BVC Clearomizer - New Vaper Recommendation
Credit to: Ironhammer5
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Aspire Aspire Clearomizer reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire BVC Clearomizer - New Vaper Recommendation by Ironhammer5

How's it going everybody Bobby here once again. You might know me online as Ironhammer5 and today I've got a bit of a different video for you. Because I want to show you something that's gonna help out the new vapers hopefully and perhaps those who aren't too sure whether vaping's for them. Perhaps they're still smoking and they want to try something out that's not too expensive and see if they think they can switch to vaping. Because there are many people that perhaps had bad experiences with other devices. But today, you might be used to seeing me vaping off something like this, but today, I'm going to be vaping on this. What is it? It's the Aspire BVC Clearomizer, which is a little tiny Aspire Clearomizer, a plastic Clearomizer, which takes BVC coils. I'm rocking it on the ITC Okay 1280 but I'm pretty sure that any variable voltage battery will get you going on one of these. So a cheap, eGo Twist or something plus one of these tanks which costs about a fiver, is gonna be a great way just to check out vaping and get a good first vape and find out if you think you can make the switch. Because I think with something like this you probably can. The BVC coils perform great. It looks familiar to people. They're not gonna be put off by it. It looks like the same kind of e-cigarettes that people have seen before and I think it's a real good way to get started out.

It's what my missus vapes on all the time. This is actually her setup here that I've got here. And she's got some MBV Grappler juice in here which I don't really like. But it reminds me of those... Do you guys remember those trash can sweets? They were like little plastic trash cans and they had little candies inside like fish bones and stuff. It tastes like that to me, so if that floats your boat, check out MBV Grappler. I'm not too keen on that but she vapes it all the fucking time. So let's have a quick look at it a little bit closer. So it's a very simple affair. It's a small Clearomizer, familiar in looks to what you might have seen before. It's got a removable drip tip. It is a 510 drip tip, so all other drip tips should fit in there okay. It opens up at the bottom here. If you want to fill it up you just unscrew this part, and this comes out with your coil attached, and it's a BVC coil, very similar to the Nautilus but a little bit smaller.

So this is a great alternative, considering it costs £5 and the Nautilus costs like £20. This is a good way to check it out and maybe move up to a Nautilus. You now fill your liquid around the edge of that metal pole. You don't want to get anything inside there of course. You change your coil, fucking balance that for a moment, just by unscrewing this part here and there's your tiny little BVC coil. You screw that back in when you want to change your coils. Fill her up with juice. Screw this part back on and there you have it.

So if you want to get started with vaping on something, these cost like a fiver a piece. They're an absolute bargain and it's a real great way. It was actually the first thing that I started vaping on, was one of these, and I was quite lucky to do so 'cause I know that people had much worse stuff. But you can take the voltage to, if we crank it up to like 5V on this ITC Okay, it handles it. No burn. And this is a 70/30, a 70% VG mix and it wicks fine, vapes fine. I can't argue with that. So definitely check these out. And if you want to recommend something to people, like if you're watching this, one of my regular viewers you're probably not going to buy one of these for yourself, but if somebody's new and they say, How can I start vaping cheap? Definitely consider this or any of the other small Clearomizers that take these BVC coils. They're around great big BVC coils. I can't even say it, alright. They all perform very much well. I've got the, I think it's the ViVi Nova or something which also fits these coils. I don't remember what it's called. No, it's an ETS I've got, not a ViVi Nova, an Aspire ETS that I've also used those coils in as well with a glass tank. This one is of course plastic which could be a downside.

My missus likes the plastic one more than the glass one because it's a lot more lightweight and it's not so top-heavy, so she prefers that. Some people might prefer that. Obviously be careful if you put any lemon juices or anything like that, that might crack your tank. I've had a banana one crack a tank before. It's not fun, especially if you've just bought a brand new tank like I had. So yeah, check it out there's no tank cracking juices that you're using in here. But for £5, pairing it with a little eGo Twist, which you can probably get for like 10, £15 now, if you look in the right places online. It's gonna be a nice first vape, you're not going to be disappointed I wouldn't think and it's really gonna help people stop smoking, which is why I made this video. Because it's all cool to talk about the advanced stuff and all this stuff that I vape on all the time and a lot of you other guys vape on all the time, but at the end of the day, it's about switching from cigarettes to vaping, so that's why I made this video. If you're new to vaping check it out, Aspire BVC Clearomizer of any kind should do you very well indeed. Catch you later guys.