Aspire Athos

Aspire Athos

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This 2ml TPD version of the Aspire Athos Tank places the company as a premier manufacturer of multi-core atomizers. The elegant Athos tank’s most prominent feature is a transparent, wide-bore drip-tip flaunting a conical profile. An insulating Delrin cap obstructs the heat generated by the high-wattage atomizers from reaching the drip-tip, whereas a strong Pyrex glass reservoir augments the strength of the product. The easy to fill, easy to build Athos tank comes fitted with a big, A5 penta-core coil and a phenomenal resistance of 0.16 Ohms. A real cloud chaser. The Aspire Athos Tank range offers 5 finishes: Stainless, Anodised Rainbow, Gold, Black, and Grey.

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Aspire Athos
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