Aspire BVC Coils

Aspire BVC Coils


AKA: Aspire CE5 Coils, Aspire K1 Coils, Aspire K2 Coils, BVC Coils

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Compatible with the the Aspire K2 Vape Tank and a variety of BDC Clearomisers, the Aspire General BVC Replacement Coils utilise a BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Configuration - which increases flavour and cloud production. Avail bile in 1.6 Ohm and 1.8 Ohm Ohm resistances, these Aspire BVC coils are ideal for those who are looking for a mouth to lung vape experience, and medium-to-strong throat hit. The Aspire BVC coils utilise the latest atomiser technology to prolong the life of your coils & give you the best possible vape. If you’re unsure what to select, we recommend the 1.8ohm coils.

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Aspire BVC Coil Heads - Tips
Credit to: Xaves Vapes
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Video Transcript: Aspire BVC Coil Heads - Tips by Xaves Vapes