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Oh snap. Joyetech is back. They're better than ever because they've created a freaking starter kit that kicks ass. It kills two birds with one stone. It not only caters to the mouth-to-lungers, but it also caters to the lung-hitters. That's right. Two different types of vapers can vape on the same product. Oh, yeah? What is this, RiP? This is the Exceed D19, again from Joyetech. Alrighty, so here's the packaging this Joyetech Exceed D19 comes in.

And of course inside that packaging, l

Vaping For Beginners! The Joyetech Exceed D19 Vape Starter Kit!
Credit to: RiP Trippers
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Video Transcript: Vaping For Beginners! The Joyetech Exceed D19 Vape Starter Kit! by RiP Trippers

Oh snap. Joyetech is back. They're better than ever because they've created a freaking starter kit that kicks ass. It kills two birds with one stone. It not only caters to the mouth-to-lungers, but it also caters to the lung-hitters. That's right. Two different types of vapers can vape on the same product. Oh, yeah? What is this, RiP? This is the Exceed D19, again from Joyetech. Alrighty, so here's the packaging this Joyetech Exceed D19 comes in.

And of course inside that packaging, ladies and gentlemen, you're gonna receive your Exceed D19 kit. Comes with this USB cable for charging. You receive this extra glass tube for your tank. You get an extra coil head. It comes with this extra seal and extra o-rings, an attention card. You get this mod and tank user manual for your Exceed D19, included as a warranty card. And last but not least you receive two Joyetech Exceed stickers. Let's go ahead and get started with this Exceed D19 kit, shall we? Okay. First of all, she's 19 millimeter in diameter all the way through. 117 millimeter in length. The color options that I've seen personally is this stainless steel black, white, orange and this two-tone black and white. So yeah, you have a good amount of colors to choose from. And I'm sure they got more to come. So this Exceed D19 sub-ohm tank is 19 millimeter in width and 42 millimeter in length.

She holds a maximum of two mLs of e-liquid, comes with two coil heads. Pre-installed to get the 1.2 ohm and you get an extra gold plated coil head which is 0.5 ohm, which I'm gonna show you in a second. So what's really cool about this sub-ohm tank is you have two different airflow modes. You've got this long open slot for lung hits or you could turn the airflow ring and then you got these three holes and that's for your mouth-to-lung. And you can close these suckers off like so. So this sucker is a true mouth-to-lung sub-ohm tank and a true lung-hit sub-ohm tank. That's very rare. But this airflow ring stops in one direction and it stops in the other. So, yeah, if I wanna hit this sucker just in lung-hit mode, I just keep this bad boy wide open or I can close it off and close it off and close it off. Or if I wanna just go to mouth-to-lung, I just close it off all the way or until it gets to the three holes and then I close it off from there. You guys get the drift. And this airflow ring is the perfect amount of restrictiveness. At the base you've got a non-adjustable 510 pin. Do not, do not, do not, I repeat, do not use this on your hybrid top cap devices. It is not safe.

510 threads are nice and smooth and at the base down here it says D19. At the top you got an all-in-one top cap/drip tip which is made of Delrin or it's made of plastic of some sort. This unscrews like so. You got your little gromit or your little seal. And then you got your two fill slots. So in the center you got your shaft section. That's where the vapour comes from. And then you got these two fill slots on each side. That's how you fill this sucker up. And again, this bad boy holds two mLs of e-liquid. But yeah, here's the all-in-one top cap/drip tip.

And you gotta be careful with these threads. It is plastic. You could strip these over time. But the way I do it is I gently press it in there. I twist it forward until it catches and then I turn it all the way to the right. Oh yeah, and on one side it says Exceed, on the other it says Joyetech.

So here's what the Exceed sub-ohm tank looks like pretty much all disassembled. You got your fill port section. Again everything is nice and clean right out of the packaging. Again all-in-one top cap/drip tip. Got your pre-installed glass tank and the glass tank is thick, man. And here's the pre-installed 1.2 ohm coil head that comes with this tank. And she's screwed into the base like so. 1.2 ohm recommended vape 8 to 14 watts. So this is your mouth-to-lung coil head. You got your feed slots. Uses organic Japanese cotton and there's your little bitty coil in there. Little bitty, tight airflow, legit mouth-to-lung coil head guys.

And here's the base section. Now, here's the gold plated coil head 0.5 ohm in this case, 20 to 35 watts recommended. You got your feed slots. Organic Japanese cotton is what it's using and these feed slots are a lot bigger than the 1.2 ohm coil head, obviously, because it's a bigger coil. Check it out.

So this is for the lung-hitters. As you guys can see, the hole is much larger. I wouldn't say it's for the airflow holes, but it's for the nice comfortable restrictive lung-hitter. So today in the orange tank I'm gonna be using this 1.2 ohm mouth-to-lunger.

Go ahead and prime this mamma jamma up.

Now on to this Exceed D19 mod, 19 millimeter in width, like I mentioned before. And she's 76 millimeter in length without the tank. You got your fire button, this rubbery fire button, when she does protrude, I like it. I think it's nice and comfortable. On the back you got your USB port for charging. It says Joyetech on this side and then on this side it says Exceed. Down below you got your one hole for battery venting, says D19. At the top you got your stainless steel five-tank-connection threads and then you got this plastic plate and it's got a light in it. So five clicks of this this puppy chucker turns wrong. One, two, three, four, five. She's gonna blink orange. You got two different modes. Orange mode or white mode and right now we're in orange mode. But when you're rocking it with this orange light on, that's constant voltage mode. Think of it like regulated vape mode. So it's vaping at a constant voltage until the battery dies off. It's a more consistent vape. That's what the orange light mode is. Now if you turn this sucker off... One two, three, four, five, all you gotta do is hold down the fire button and you could switch modes. In white mode or the white light, that means direct output mode so it's basically more of a mechanical mod mode.

It's an unregulated vape. So as you vape in this thing in white mode, over time your vape quality is gonna die off and die off and die off. It's gonna get weaker and weaker and weaker. So yeah, you've got two different modes for this bad boy. Okay. It's got a built-in 1500 milliamp hour battery. She's just a tiny little mod, guys. And honestly it's a tiny little kit all together. Like I said, 19 millimeter in diameter. That's small. It's small, but it packs a little punch. It just gets the job done. And the flavor off these coil heads. Man, way better than the AIO coil heads. Oh, yeah. Another thing, after you take a hit, see how that light lights up? That means this sucker's pretty much fully charged. Now, as the light starts to blink, that means it's dying off. And the more this sucker blinks that means it's closer to dying. So again with the orange unit I'm doing a legit mouth-to-lunger and I'm gonna show you how legit this sucker is, but I've got the 1.2 ohm coil head in here. Got her in freaking direct voltage mode. Both these devices are in direct voltage mode. The direct voltage mode with the stainless steel. Again, direct voltage mode and I've got her in lung-hit mode. First we're gonna do the mouth-to-lung. Oh, yeah. The airflow. Only got one of those circular holes open.

That's a legit mouth-to-lung hit, baby. And the flavor off these coil heads, way better than the AIO kits. I mean a significant step up in my opinion. Again, all that's gonna be subjective, and I'm always gonna mention that. Mmm, mmm, mmm. That is a hellaciously good mouth-to-lung hit and I feel that three milligram. Yeah, it's only three milligram but I can feel it hitting the back of my throat. It's that ah feeling, you know what I mean? So, if you're looking for a starter kit that provides a legit mouth-to-lung hit, this is for you. But she also offers a legit lung hit. Airflow's smooth, it is a nice, comfortable, restrictive lung hit, guys. Flavor from the 0.05 coil head, awesome. I mean it is nice and satisfying.

So, yeah. As far as pros go, you get a legit mouth-to-lung hit, you get a freaking legit lung hit. Both the coil heads are phenomenal. Holds a good amount of juice. Juice lasts a long time, even with the 0.05 ohm lung hit mode. This thing is petite, man. It's small. Turn these mamma jammas off, pop it in your back pocket, front pocket, front shirt pocket, jacket pocket, cargo pocket, doesn't matter. Oh yeah, leaking? None. I've not had any issues and that's in lung-hit mode or mouth-to-lung mode and I've been using this thing for three weeks. Love the fact that it's got one function button, that's it. You got two modes, one function button. Five clicks to turn her off, five clicks to turn her on. Easy-peasy, what-a-sleezy. Easy-peasy top fill and I really like the fact that you can unscrew the tank from the mod. The only con that I found for this, and this is gonna be subjective. Again, this is not a con to me, but the all-in-one top cap, the top cap/drip tip you can't use your preferred 510s, you can't use your preferred 810s. You just can't use your preferred drip tips. But the drip tip/top cap that comes with this, it's comfortable.

Now another con, another subjective con goes back to the top cap/drip tip. It is made of plastic. So you gotta be gentle 'cause you could strip those threads over time. Have I had any issues in the three weeks that I've been using this? No. This thing has been a freaking delight and I tell you what, the mouth-to-lung mode, that's where this thing shines in my opinion. It shines in lung-hit mode, but I just prefer the mouth-to-lung hit mode over this. I think this is gonna cater more to the vaper that's coming up from the pre-filled pod type of devices, those cigalike type of devices. But again, here it is in lung-hit mode. I just wanna show you this, here's the vapor production.

I mean, that is not freaking bad at all. That's in chuck territory, guys. So, I pretty much the stated the big question, the big answer of the day but I'm gonna go ahead and state it again. Who is this meant for? First of all, this is meant for anybody who loves their mouth-to-lungs or their restrictive lung hits. But I think the vaper that's gonna benefit from this the most is a smoker who just recently transitioned over to the pre-filled pod system and they're just looking for that step up, that next step to be able to use their own juices, to be able to get more vapor production, to be able to get better flavor, to be able to still get their mouth-to-lung if they want or transition up to lung-hits. That's what this sucker is and that's who it's meant for. So, if you're that type of vaper watching, this bad boy is for you. Exceed D19 from Joyetech, killer kit, $24-25. Again, I'll post links down in the description, where you can get it.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed the video, liked it, found it entertaining. Hell and if you did like this video, well then please like it down below and if you wanna see more of me, subscribe for more. This is RiP Trippers and remember, smoking is dead. Vaping is the future and the future is now!