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Joyetech RunAbout

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The Joyetech RunAbout is a vape kit that is inspired by the maritime adventurers, and it is a pod system that houses a 480mAh battery as well as a 1.2 ohm coil with a refillable cartridge. This device is a wonderful blend of fanciness and technology as this e cig is incredibly easy to use and a great fit for all day caping. It even has a customizable LED light along with a portable and comfortable hold, with its durable weight in a cast metal body. The Joyetech RunAbout is the ideal product for vapers who love simple devices that don't sacrifice any functionality in design. It's time to put an end to the stall and get your very own RunAbout vape kit to begin your next big vape adventure.

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Joyetech RunAbout AIO | A Tasty Surf Board Looking Pod!
Credit to: Vapor Trail Channel
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Video Transcript: Joyetech RunAbout AIO | A Tasty Surf Board Looking Pod! by Vapor Trail Channel