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What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here, today I have a device a new one, kind of... Yes, it is. From SMOK, it is the G-PRIV Baby. Yes, the G-PRIV Baby by SMOK. Yeah, this is SMOK, trust me. The owner of SMOK told me I was pronouncing it right, it's not smock.

But anyway, yes, it comes with a TFV12 Prince Baby Tank. Hopefully, I said that right. There's so many different variations of this tank. I don't know if it's baby, brother, cousin's, sister-in-law's, stepchild, not sure but it's one

SMOK G-Priv Baby Kit with TFV12 Baby Prince Tank Review
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Video Transcript: SMOK G-Priv Baby Kit with TFV12 Baby Prince Tank Review by Mike Vapes

What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here, today I have a device a new one, kind of... Yes, it is. From SMOK, it is the G-PRIV Baby. Yes, the G-PRIV Baby by SMOK. Yeah, this is SMOK, trust me. The owner of SMOK told me I was pronouncing it right, it's not smock.

But anyway, yes, it comes with a TFV12 Prince Baby Tank. Hopefully, I said that right. There's so many different variations of this tank. I don't know if it's baby, brother, cousin's, sister-in-law's, stepchild, not sure but it's one of those things that come with it. It comes with two coils, 2.4 resistance coils, kind of similar coils, 5 wattage... 5 watts difference between the two coils of like maximum you could go on, one I think is max 60 watts, the other one 65. But yes, touchscreen single 18650 device. Now, let's not waste any time. Let's do a dive down, we'll check it out, I'll show you the other two colors they sent me, we'll come back, vape it, give you guys all my thoughts on the G-PRIV Baby Kit.

And here's the packaging of the G-PRIV Baby Kit by SMOK comes in, inside the packaging, you get a user manual, battery safety card, USB charging firmware update cable, you get an extra O-rings and gaskets, extra coil, extra glass, you get your tank, and your mod. Inside the kit, you get this TFV12 Baby Prince Tank. It comes with two coils, you have this honeycomb style drip tip, there's a 510 drip tip, your usual top fill. I'm not gonna really go too in-depth on this tank, and there you go, and it does a lock in, it comes with a bubble glass pre-installed, you get a straight glass on the side, adjustable airflow with a stopper, unscrew the base and when you do get it, it's gonna be a little bit on the tight side. There we go, we'll take that base out, and pre-installed you will have this coil which also will be tight inside there. I don't know why they tighten it so much, but yeah, there we go, we've got that out, you have these two coils come pre-installed it will be this one right here, it's a 0.4 resistance, 30-65, best is 50-60 watts if I'm not mistaken.

Then you have this one here which is a 0.4, 40-80 watts, best is... What's that? I could barely see it, 55-65 watts? There you go, you get these two coils. And inside the kit you also get the G-PRIV Baby, yes. This is the baby mod is, a single 18650 device. We do have our cap right here, all you do is unscrew. It says negative, so negative will be on the top, positive goes in the bottom. There is a plus mark in here, I don't know if you guys could make it out but yes, single 18650 device. Alright, you have 510. Everything sits nice and flush on here. We have a fire bar, then we have this button here, which is basically to make your screen go into stealth mode and to lock. So this way you don't... 'cause it is a touchscreen, so you don't change the wattage by mistake. You do have a USB port on the bottom for your upgrades charging capabilities.

Now, one thing I've noticed with this, I do not see anywhere. No battery venting. So, I'm not 100% sure if there was some sort of accident to something where this would vent from, I would say maybe from the bottom out the USB, which most likely that will be a culprit, this is where it would vent. They also sent me this gold one, you could see here, and I did drop this so if I do do a giveaway for this and you find that the drip tip right there has a little scuff mark that's 'cause I dropped it, yeah, and it fell right like this right on a drip tip, no damage happened to the tank or anything, just a scrape on the tip.

And here's the one I've been using, the red version. And that red looks nice. Look at that, huh? Beautiful. I like the way that the honeycomb on the back looks, it says G-PRIV Baby SMOK, and there's our screen. We do have touchscreen, right now the lock is on. Now, if I hard press that button on top, it'll unlock. So now I could change the wattage on here. So it shows you your wattage, how many seconds you press on a normal mode. It shows you also a puff counter right there 207 Amps, voltage and resistance of coil. These two will activate when you press the fire button, as you could see there. Alright, and obviously the change in wattage, this goes up to 85 watts, and it does it in 0.1 increments. You guys know how I feel about that. But it does scroll fast up to 85 watts, so if I take the fire button now and click it three times, okay fire key is locked so the device right now is locked, three clicks, it's unlocked. Now, if I do five clicks.

Power on or off. Power off? No, I just clicked on No, but if I click on Yes, it would power off. Then to get into the menu system, you could see it's locked right now, I'm gonna unlock it. Actually before we do that, if I press it, not a hard press, just a press. Right now, it's in stealth mode, that's where, you don't feel you wanna use up battery life with the display, you could put it in stealth mode. But when you do put it in stealth mode make sure you lock it first and then put it in stealth mode. Alright, so let's do that, unlock, click on menu system, and right here we have first VW mode. So basically, this is our wattage mode. We could set up a pre-heat. This is where you have your soft, hard, normal, or maximum.

Alright, we're gonna click that again and this is our TC mode in here, we have our temperature control modes, you have your nickel, titanium, and stainless steel. And you could set up your wattage inside here too. So you could see four temp control, if you please. And the TCR setting. Then we have our screen. This is all different colors, you could do inside the screen for your font. Right now, I have the red right there showing. It might look orange right now, but it is actually red, which is this right now that you see here. Go back into that and I could change it for example, I could click on white and you could see now everything is in white. Let's go back and there you have it. Then obviously for the last one is for your puff counter if you wanna reset it and so forth. But that's about it. That's basically all there is to this mod.

Alright, we're gonna do some size comparisons. Right here is the mod next to the... Remember this device here from SMOK? The AL85. This one here uses also a single 18650, and they're pretty much the same when it comes to height. But thickness of the mod, obviously, this one's gonna be a little bit thicker, this has a touchscreen on it. And here it is next to the G-PRIV, as you could see, the G-PRIV 2. And you can see the size difference between the two.

Alright, guys and that was the G-PRIV Baby by SMOK. Let's go back up on top, let's vape on it, and I'll give you guys my thoughts.

There you have it, the up-close G-PRIV Baby Kit, Luxe Edition. I guess, the Luxe Edition. Luxe. So Mike, what are your thoughts?

I don't know if you guys remember my original G-PRIV 2 video. I praised that device. The touchscreen, everything about it was just awesome. I'm not a big touchscreen fan, but I love the way this one's done. I could touch this, do whatever I want, it doesn't change on me, it's very easy for me to lock and unlock to get inside here. So, for me, that's a big pro. Changing the colors of the font, it is a pro. It's very reactive. I press on everything, it does what it... You know what I'm saying? There's not like I have to double-press stuff and stuff like that. Very nice, I love the way this touchscreen works on here. Like a cell phone, alright, it's all pro. Mod is solid. It have no rattling, nothing. Paint is beautiful on this. No issues at all to complain about the mod. I really have no complaints, just for one thing. Just a small thing. I don't know, these coils are rated to vape at 60 watts. Now vaping at 60 watts, I kill... I go through the batteries quick. I've been vaping this. I got about 215 hits on here. And I've been going through batteries like crazy. Battery life sucks, right?

Now, if you're using a mouth to lung tank on here, just let's say you get this and you want it for the device, you use the coils and you're like, Ah, I'm not into the tank, I wanna use it for mouth to lung purposes. Yeah, you're gonna get through battery life, no problem. But if you wanna vape Sub Ohm tank like this on here or something similar, the battery life... Ah, god, I wish I had a little more. This is where it's like, it would have been nice, I mean, they could have made it just a tad bigger to accommodate a 20700 or 21700 single. That would have been beautiful for this. But, that's really the only complaint I have for the device. The tank itself, to tell you guys the truth, when I pepped the coil in here, maybe about one tank of vaping it, I was like, Oh what's wrong with the flavor? And then all of a sudden the flavor now, ever since I refilled it again and again and again, the flavor's getting better and better and better. So, I got a cannoli mix in here. I can't remember, the hand dough cannoli? I think it's from Emergency Vape Stash, that's what I got in here. That's delicious, let me have a vape.

Fires right away, no issues with that. Airflow is a little bit on a noisy side for the tank. But what I would have liked to seen with this tank, this kit maybe, I know SMOK, you guys, make mesh coils, right? It would have been nice a couple of mesh coils inside here. But with those mesh coils, I think you might need a little bit more wattage and that's where, with this device, yeah, it could achieve it, but you're killing the battery quick with it.

But as for the device itself, this set up, you know what, it's not bad. I actually do enjoy it, I actually love, love, love their touchscreen on here. If I'm not mistaken, SMOK's touchscreen and also was it, Smoant, when they did that touchscreen, those are like the two best touchscreen mods out there. And if you thought that G... What's that? Was it called a G-PRIV? Yeah, the G-PRIV 2, the dual 18650 version was a little two big for you, and you like your smaller mods, you will enjoy this one. And it comes in all different colors. There's too many to list. Gunmetal, ooh, that prism Gunmetal looks sick. Green, prism chrome, the rainbow, they got a black red, the gold that you saw, the rainbow, the red, the blue. They got all the colors in there.

Alright., $93 for the kit. Damn, Heaven Gifts, you guys are on the pricey pricey side on that one. Coupon code AMV15 will at least knock that down. It'll take 15% off that price, or anything else on their site that you guys wanna use that coupon code for. But yeah, it is on the higher tier of pricing, in my opinion, for this. But I think you'd also get this off of SMOK's website so I'll have their link down below too, you guys wanna check it out.

But do I like this device? Do I recommend it? Yeah, this is for a certain vaper. The people that like their single 18650 devices, if you're into touchscreens or if you haven't experienced the touchscreen and want to, this is a good choice if you're into the single battery and wanna experience a touch screen, you will enjoy this mod. It is a nice mod. No joke, it's a good one.

Alright, so, in the description below, I'll have link to SMOK's website, a link to, I'll also have links down there for my Patreon, yes. The other two? I'm giving them away there, check it out. And all of my other links are down below as always. That's it. I'm done. Thank you, and remember, keep on vaping.