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Here we have a slim and stylish "all in one" device that is so nifty, you will be stopping passerby-ers on every street corner! The Aspire Nautilus AIO is a pocket-friendly vape device created by Aspire, and uses a refillable pod with replacement coils. In fact, right in the box are two coils that are rated at 1.8ohm for you to have and stay supplied for some time to come. In addition to that, the Aspire Nautilus AIO is equipped with a big 1000mAh built-in battery that gets most users through the day without needing a recharge before the sun goes down. Conveniently, this device using a micro USB port on the side of the unit and is secured via a special locking feature that protects it from falling off.

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Aspire Nautilus AIO All In One Kit / Pod Based System Review and Rundown
Credit to: Jai Haze
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Aspire Aspire Nautilus AIO reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire Nautilus AIO All In One Kit / Pod Based System Review and Rundown by Jai Haze

What is going on? How is everybody doing? What's up, man? What's up, everybody? Jai Haze here. This time, I'm gonna be doing a review on a device that I was sent for the purposes of the review. Aspire is going absolutely bonkers, like straight up bananas. They're releasing so many damn pod systems, they need to slow down. Today, we're gonna be looking at the Nautilus AIO, which I guess you could not consider it a pod-based system, but it is because you fill up a tank and this is really what the market is becoming.

There's something I wanna cover and I think it's very important. I feel that the market that we're at right now for vaping is in a bad situation because everybody that is vaping, that's just getting into vaping, usually are gonna go to All-In-One or pod-based systems. So what that means is, people that like RTAs, RDAs, box mods, what have you and that's a dying breed, and that kind of sucks because that's the realm that I'm in and a lot of people that watch me are in that realm. That doesn't mean anything's ever gonna happen to my channel. It just, well, hopefully it doesn't totally die down and it keeps its little bit of fire that it does have left. Devices like this are what's devouring the market and everybody has this. Someone came in the other day, just started vaping. They were kinda on the younger side, I think 22 or 23 and they've only vaped these devices. Now, that's not necessarily a problem as long as you're not smoking cigarettes. I think that is a field that a lot of people don't wanna venture in.

Basically, it's about the same size as the Breeze but what's cool about it is it's utilizing old coils. Remember the old 1.6, 1.8? They originally had BDC which was Bottom Dual Coil. Then they went to a BVC which was Bottom Vertical Coil and that kinda just stormed the market, and everybody had a Nautilus, whether it was the mini or the normal size, that was just kind of the go-to tank. Then it was the K... Well, actually the K1 first which was a glassomizer or a clearomizer which is made out of glass. And then it was ProTank series, Nautilus. I don't know why Kangertech isn't doing anything like this. I feel like that company just fell off. They're done. They're bankrupt.

This is what we're gonna be going over. They sent me two different variations. Now, the red and gold version looks very, very cheap and not of great color. Again, that could be because I'm color blind and I really can't see the colors that well, but the silver and chrome looks that much better. This has that weird plastic dipped chrome that they got going on. You remember the deal. Back in the 80s, your Hot Wheel's rims would have it. Maybe Micro Machines if that was your cup of tea or maybe your plastic sword.

Pod-based systems are very, very easy for people to vape on. You kinda just put juice in it. Let it wick, let it saturate, then you vape it. It goes low, you fill it up. Every now and then, you may have to swap out the coil, if the coil is swappable. Otherwise, you'll have to change out the whole cartridge that has the coil built into it. I don't know if you saw the Orion review I did. Yo, that thing? What? This? Shut up. It goes to show you that I do use pod-based systems but I don't use them as much as some other people do. When I bring it down and I'm gonna show you both variations. Again, the silver on silver or the grey and silver and then the red and gold which is the one that I'm not the biggest fan of. So without further ado, let's flip it.

The Aspire Nautilus AIO or All-In-One kit. I don't necessarily consider these All-In-Ones. I consider something like the SubVOD system or the eGo AIO to be an All-In-One. Although this is an All-In-One, it goes with the name, but this is more directed towards a pod-based system than it is to be an All-In-One. And when we're talking about the resistances that these are offered in these coils, you're gonna look up the old school Aspire Nautilus and it's the same exact coil, 1.6 or 1.8. One is labeled as a salt-based nicotine while the other one is just labeled as a regular coil. I'm not quite sure how they're differentiating the different coils to dictate one is for salt than the other is for normal.

Front, on the top, Aspire. Sides got absolutely nothing. Scratch and sniff. This is going to be Tokito grape nut flavor and scented. Batch number is not filled in and I'm assuming that's because this is a brand new device, so that is just blanket for what it is. On the back side, I'll give you a freeze frame. So before we go over it, let me just show you the differences between the two of them. Let's open this up.

Take a look at the red and gold. The problem I have with the red and gold is I feel it's entirely too tacky. You have to really like that whole gold plated look to enjoy this color. Now, I'm not sure if other color variations have the same style of chromeness around here but that's something that Aspire needs to nix. They also need to think about how many products they're releasing because they're releasing so many products. It's almost ridiculous to try to keep up with. So they did the Breeze, the Breeze 2, the Sprite. Now you have the Nautilus AIO. It's just a consistent revolving door. And I understand that there's a demand for people to get new pod-based systems, but when they're all so similar, I'm not quite sure there's much of a point.

Inside the box, you're gonna get some extra O-rings and a plug, Nautilus AIO user manual. Not very difficult to operate this, so I'm not quite sure you're really gonna need this user manual especially after what I show you. It's like two buttons. You have a button to remove the pod and then a button to fire it. So if you look right here, they have a regular BVC and one for nic salt. Built-in battery capacity, 1,000 mAh, very, very good.

Then you get an Aspire warranty card. I don't know too much in regards to Aspire's warranty just because I've never had any problems that were really bad to where I needed to go through Aspire as a company or reviewer or a consumer to validate the warranty and then get a replacement or whatever the case may be. As a reviewer, it's very hard to dictate someone's warranty because usually companies will wanna fix that situation before they go turning someone away that is, especially, reviewing one of their products.

A USB, the device, 1.8, 10 to 12 watts, MS on the side. And then the other variation doesn't say MS. It just says, in big font, 10 to 14 watts and then regular BVC, which is bottom vertical coil. The one on the left is the non-nicotine salt and it has mesh over the top of it for anti-spitback. The one on the right does not. The only noticeable differences between the nic salt and the regular rendition is the O-ring is obviously a different color which you could see and the ports are all the same with the exception of one. It's quite large on the nicotine salt. A little peculiar but I guess it is what it is.

The one on the left is the Bottom Vertical Coil and you can see that there's a mesh on top of the cotton to stop the spitback or negate some of it. And the one on the right is the nicotine salt. While the coils look exactly the same, and that's because the resistances are the same, there is no mesh over the nicotine salt one. It's peculiar that on the non-nic version, they have the spitback when it's gonna be much more tart to get a spit back of 50mg than it would be for regular.

For the purposes of the review, we're gonna be using the regular 1.8, 10 to 14 watts, even though the watts on the side don't really mean much of anything because it's going in the pod-based system. There's really not a whole lot going on here. You got this really big power button that reminds me of a PC or a Mac, micro USB here. This is not a firing button. It is located on both sides and that's what you're gonna press to release the whole pod-based system. Very, very chromey. Not a huge fan. Very, very lightweight as well.

But once you turn it on, there's gonna be LEDs that light up the power button and all on the sides of the fire button. There you go. For your pod to swap out the coil, you just un-thread this here on the bottom. That's where your coil's gonna go. Then to fill it up there's this plug right here. There's gonna be no coil located on the inside so just, again, take the coil out that you chose. Take that, screw that into the base right there. On the bottom is where your airflow adjustment is gonna be.

Again, once this is inside the pod and it's inside the device, you are not able to adjust the airflow. So make sure it gets adjusted all the way open and then just kinda play with it as you do it. There is no way to test it unless of course you just put your mouth on that and start sucking on the coil. I'm not a big fan of that. I'm not trying to give Aspire a rim job, if you know what I'm saying. You know what I'm talking about. Making that dirty money. Before you put a coil in, all I recommend is just to do a little couple of dabs of juice in there to get it wet and ready to go. With the pod itself, it goes in either way. It doesn't really matter. It snaps in. That's it. Kinda reminds me of the Breeze 2, a lot. Once again, that is the Nautilus AIO in silver and chrome. Let's bring it on the top.

Back on the top with the pod-based system, Aspire Nautilus AIO. Really not a whole lot to go over here. Let me just show you some vapor production. Working with the one coil that comes with this, the 1.8. Again, if you buy this device and you wanna pick up coils for it, it's the same exact coils as the original Nautilus. You can even get a lower resistance of a 1.6. I think we had this discussion before on something else that was using the same style of coils, and they actually released a 0.7 and a 1.0 Nautilus coil. I would almost bet my toenail clippings on that. Here's some vapor production. It's gonna be a tight one.

With the air flow all the way open with the 1.8 coil, I could tell you that it's a very, very restrictive lung-hit. You can get away with doing a mouth-to-lung with it all the way open but it's very, very loose. The dilemma I'm having with Aspire making so many different pod-based systems are just gonna confuse the market. I get it that they're tapping that market and that's fantastic, and their Breeze and their Breeze 2 are phenomenal devices. This just literally reminds me exactly of the Breeze 2. This is the biggest problem I have with pod-based systems. There's always that company that's always making a new one. So that just confuses consumers. However, what is super sexy is the fact that this is using the original Nautilus coils. That's the key here. We're not talking about the Nautilus X. We're talking about the original old school Nautilus.

I understand that as a business standpoint of making consistently brand new products every other two or three weeks that are all doing essentially the same exact thing. And there is not really much to perfect to make it that much of a better device. Like, if they were coming out with mods all the time... And we're talking about Aspire. If they were doing that every single day or every single week, I would say, Why not perfect something that you've already done? But there's not really much room for perfection when we're talking about a pod-based system that was previously made. Like with the mod, you could make the buttons more clicky, you can make them softer, whatever the case may be. However, with the pod-based, you just put coils in, put the pod in, be rocking and rolling. If Aspire continually does this all the time, it's going to get very old very fast. I think I'll rate pod-based systems.

As far as a pod-based system is concerned... Listen, if you already have a Breeze or a Breeze 2 then I'm not gonna recommend it. If you're just now looking into getting a pod-based system, I guess it's not a bad option. It's pretty viable. And finding the coils for this should not be a problem at all especially if they're continuing to make brand new coils that are for the original Nautilus. You shouldn't have any issues. It just reminds me so much of the Breeze 2, and I don't see why anybody that already has a pod-based system would go out and go buy another pod-based system just because it's using old coils that someone may have in their drawer from when they may have the original Nautilus or it's gonna be easier to find. Those are the main reasons why I would choose this over a majority of other pod-based systems. I still would not prefer this though over the Breeze or the Breeze 2. I think that's Aspire's best pod system that they made.

The Sprite wasn't bad but it had a very awkward shape. Whenever you put it down, it would just fall over and roll off. And I've kept it real. Have you? Jai Haze out.