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The Aspire Feedlink Revvo Kit is the very first squonker that has been released by Aspire and features a modified Revvo Boost tank that is made specifically for squonking. Additionally, this kit has a nifty Aspire Radial Coul technology that is said to make the entire vape experience even more pleasurable than could be imagined. The Feedlink Revvo Kit comes with a ergonomic designm complete with a little bottle that is quite simple to use for refilling your tank with E Liquid. As far as batteries go, this device can hold one 18650 battery and functions by using the direct output while keeping safe with all the built in features that you would expect from a high quality vaping kit.

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Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit Review and Rundown | Best Ergonomically Friendly Squonk
Credit to: Jai Haze
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Aspire Aspire Feedlink reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk Kit Review and Rundown | Best Ergonomically Friendly Squonk by Jai Haze

What's going on everybody? Jai Haze here. So today, I'll be doing a review on a device that I was sent for the purposes of the review. Today, we're gonna be talking about something that I thought Aspire would never put their hands in. They had made an unregulated quote, unquote, or air quotes, whatever you wanna call them, Squonk Box Mod. So Aspire had started with the Atlantis, they did a couple of things before that, the Nautilus, just lots of beginner styles type stuff. That doesn't make it necessarily bad, it's just what they're known for. And then they did the whole Revvo thing which I wasn't a huge fan of, I didn't understand the whole idea of tipping the mod to wet that whole cotton arrangement, just not a huge fan of it. Either way, not really relevant because what is relevant is this device we're talking about. Before anybody gets on me and they're gonna say, Jai, this is a mechanical mod. This isn't a mechanical mod. The differences between a mechanical mod and a regulated and unregulated mod, there's a lot of differences, let me break that down for you.

So something is an unregulated mod. Basically, what that means is there's no chip. Usually, it's a direct connection to the battery, whether that be through a metal bar, a mech mod, those are unregulated, meaning that there is kind of no safety precautions, that safety is on you, that's about it. Then you have regulated. Now, regulated falls into a bigger spectrum. Anything that has a chip in it, any kind of safety precautionary measures. Five clicks to turn on, five clicks turn it off, is considered a regulated mod. Now again, just because something's regulated doesn't mean it has a lot of safety things in place. They usually do go hand-in-hand, but it's not a prerequisite to get into the regulated category. This mod that we're talking about today is actually regulated, you do five clicks to turn it on, it has a bunch of different LEDs to tell you what the situation of the battery is, there's a lot of things about it, but I'm gonna explain it to you when I bring it down. And this is a squonk box mod. We're talking about the Aspire Revvo Kit.

If you saw me in the past couple of days, you saw... That's not... It's not the Revvo Kit. Nope, that's not it, nope. Okay. So what we're gonna be talking about is the Aspire Feedlink Revvo Kit Squonk Box Mod, just like this. This is the silver one that I was using, and I'm not really gonna use that for the review just because I've used it extensively, there's juice all in the bottle, and this is what I was vaping on inside the mod yesterday. There's some cut-offs on this, there's an LED on the top up here that you really can't see, but you could... There you go. When I was at the Brooklyn Expo, if you didn't see my walk around there, I'll go ahead and I'll post the link right there. They were actually at Brooklyn, they had this kind of situation, sitting on a little spinner, and they were promoting it as the best squonk, I don't know, of 2017 or the best squonk of something, they got an award from NVE, the one at Foxwood, Connecticut, labeling this as the best squonk mod, and I'm not quite sure as to what the final part of the award is, but that's what they won.

And when I held this on that video that I just linked to, I was pretty surprised because Aspire's not usually making solid devices anymore. And that's not really... Well, I guess that is kind of against Aspire because a lot of companies are making that cheaper shit that just doesn't feel good, that has no value whatsoever to it. You drop it once, you break it, the battery flies out, hits you in the forehead, now you got a bruise and a broken mod. Nobody's trying to have a good time with that, that's not a party I wanna attend. So without further ado, let's bring this down. Let me show you a little bit about it, there's really not a whole lot to go over, but whatever there is to go over, I'm gonna go over it. Let's flip it. What we're looking at is the Aspire Feedlink Revvo Kit, this is the device that I was using all day yesterday during inside the mines, I was using the silver and black rendition.

However, because I did use this in the video yesterday, we're gonna be using a new box and a brand new device, so I can show you all the features of it without any flaws and how I got it outside of the box. This is the black rendition with the resin panels, there's a lot of different renditions of this, there is a straight silver, there's a chrome, there's a black, there's a lot. Nothing on the sides of the box. On the flipside of that, so you get the Feedlink Mod, the 2ml Revvo Boost tank. Coils, 0.1, 0.14. 11 O-rings. Talk about a random ass number. 38 shoes, 25 pairs of shoelaces, and 16 hats. Directions to their place, you know a little bit of... If you're ever gonna go to China, you wanna come see them, this is where they're at right here. Some of the warnings that we always see on everything. Down here on the bottom, we have some very, very unique stuff right here. UPC's gonna show the color configuration. This is the black/night sky, versus this one that I was using, is the nothing, is what that is. There's no color.

So then you have a scratch and sniff, it says Genuine right here on the hologram situation. The scratch and sniff situation of this is going to be goldschlager flavor and scented, and obviously, that's because they were going traditional with the scratch and sniff color that they got going on there. There it is in all of its glory. That is the black with the resin. Don't worry about that rattle. I'll explain what that is in a little bit. Inside the box, you're gonna get this baggy that has the 11 O-rings, really nothing else inside of here. A lot of those O-rings are gonna be for the squonk bottle that's inside, and the tank. Holy sugared pickles. One warranty for the mod, and then there's gonna be one warranty for the tank itself. And I don't really know what kind of warranty you would need for a tank, unless of course, an insulator or something goes bad, there is warranty cards in case if you're wondering what it is.

And as far as Aspire's warranty is concerned, I can't really comment on that because I've never really had any issues with any Aspire products going bad where it fell under the warranty block, and I gotta return for it. Then you have a little battery safety card, this is in a lot of boxes. Very, very important for people to take note of the hazardous situation of using a battery that is ripped and torn, especially if it looks like these two, or even that... Shit, any of those just look absolutely bad. Listen, if you can't re-wrap it, you can buy 100 wraps for 50 cents. Little warning so to speak, you saw that first line right there where it may hit your skin? That's some unique warning, but listen, they protect themselves. And then you have a manual. The manual on this is gonna go over the tank and the configurations of the mod. When the battery is full, it's going to be consistently blue, however as it dies down, it's going to be orange and blue, and I'll show you what that looks like, that's gonna look just like this.

See how that's orange and blue? That's what happens when the battery is dying on its way out, so you'd know to swap it out. And then if it gets even further than that, it's just gonna be a consistent orange. Five times is gonna lock the device and unlock the device, there's also something somewhere that I believe that this cannot fire down to a 0.1. There's no way to regulate the type of power aside from the type of build you're gonna put on the inside of this. They do state... I don't know if it's because of a safety precautionary measure, but 0.1 is kind of the lowest that they're recommending you to go with this device. And that's how you know it's regulated, if it's not gonna let you fire down that low, there's a chip inside that's saying, Hey, no, no. We're not gonna do that today. Let's do that tomorrow when you rebuild it. This tank, I wasn't a huge fan of, and that's because of this guy right here, the type of coil mechanism that's in it. Some people may like it because it's unique, it's different, it has a very cool situation.

Now, if you look directly down there, the way that this works is when this is sitting on top of your mod, you just kind of fill this up, you go directly to the drip tip scenario, and then it's going to disperse all over this, anything residual is gonna go into the RTA. Yeah. I'm not really gonna go over too much of this because I already did cover this in another review. They have this infamous 510 situation with an O-ring built into it. What this ring does on the 510 is keeps pressure on the bottom of your tank, so as you squonk it, you don't have to worry juice getting between your dripper and your mod and just going all over the place, that's where this O-ring kind of stops it. And to see what fits on the top of that, 26 is not going to work. Let's see what a 25 looks like. And I could tell you right off the jump that a 30 millimeter is not gonna work on this mod, it's gonna look absolutely ridiculous.

You do have a little bit of overhang just on the sides of the actual 510 configuration, not really too much on the mod itself, especially looking down because of the resin panel, you're not really gonna see any kind of overhang. You could see what I'm talking about there. See that where it kinda looks like the top of a whistle where it goes down at an angle? That's really the only overhang you're gonna get. So there is no battery inside of this, but it is an 18650, not a 20700. This is where you operate everything on this mod, this fire button. Five clicks will turn it on, five clicks will lock it or turn it off, however you wanna look at it.

So this mod has an automatic cut-off, basically 10 seconds after firing, it's gonna shut it down. There is also short circuit protection. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's basically if you build a coil on your device and that coil is touching the side of the dripper, or it's touching each other, or whatever the situation may be, it's not gonna allow you to fire it.

There's also an over-discharge protection when the battery level is below 3.3. It's either 3.3 or 3.2, and then this is going to flash. The mod is a really nice configuration. Fire button up here on the top, but do you see where my fingers are? That's where the squonk bottle is, and it's gonna be very easy for you to access because it's not a door, it's basically a cut-out of the whole mod. Just like that. To take the battery out of this, you have this connection which I'm not a huge fan of. I hate this connection very, very much so. Some people don't mind it. I much prefer this connection than I do the connection that's flat where you put a coin in. At least with this, you can grab it with your fingernails, and then turn it and take it out without any kind of tools. What makes this whole squonk situation unique, is this right here. Basically, you turn that and you see that there's little rivets cut, and then the bottle slides out, and then that is the casing, and then the bottle itself.

They are proprietary, a lot of mods are doing this where they have a bottle that only works with them. Kinda sucks for some people that like other bottles, but you're stuck with what you got. Now, the bottle that comes with this is super soft and squishy, 7 milliliters. To take this part apart, to fill it up, hold the top neck up here, and then just unscrew this. If you don't like the metal tube on the inside of this, you can cut this and put plastic tubing down. This, goes back in here, just like that. Little casing, nothing special. And then as this goes in, you put this in, then you line up those little nipples, see, just like that, and then when you turn it, that's it. Makes it very, very stealthy. Once again, that is the Aspire Feedlink Revvo Kit. Let's bring it on the top. Alright, guys. So here we are back on top with the Aspire Feedlink Revvo Kit with a DJV sitting on the top of that. If you haven't seen the review for this dripper, I'll go and post the link right there.

Fully charged up, ready to go, Sony VTC5A on that 0.19 build. Okay. Let me just tell you this. The ramp up time on this thing is ridiculous. As soon as you hit the fire button, it's right away. If you already own a device like this, or you're not aware of this style of device, let me just help you out a little bit. If you already own a Wismec Luxotic, that's kind of the same situation. It's a regulated mod, but it doesn't allow you to adjust power. I think this mod will be that much more better if in fact it did have a chip, and it... Where you can adjust the power. A lot of people don't like that idea, they just want it to be mechanical or regulated in the sense that the way that this is. The Luxotic is a great example because a lot of people love that mod. And it's simple, you put your battery in, you're good to go, but for someone like me that vapes on a higher tier of resistance, 0.9, 0.8, this is not really gonna be the best idea. If it was something like a series or a stacked battery mod, then absolutely, it would be phenomenal the way that I vape.

The bulk of the people that are hobbyist vapers that are really blowing clouds would love a device like this, however it runs a single 18650, so you have to be careful as to what kind of battery you're gonna put inside of this. I'm gonna tell you now as a prerequisite cautionary measure, is if you do buy a device like this, don't put LG browns in it, or Samsung 25Rs. You can, it is regulated, there's a little bit of safety things in play for you not to hurt yourself, or anything happen, but I definitely recommend you to do a little bit of research on some batteries that'll work really good on this. I personally prefer HB6s, but they don't have a lot of mAh, but they have a lot of high amp output. I really don't wanna get back and forth in with batteries, just because a battery has less mAh and more amps, people think that you're gonna get less running time with that because of the mAh, but what really plays in is the actual amp draw that you have based off the build the you have.

If you have something where it's rocking whatever build, and it needs 24 Amps, and that battery can't do it. It will try to do it, but you're gonna destroy the mAh of that battery and the cells. So just know your battery safety, especially when you're talking about mech mods which this of course is not, but still in the same... It is regulated, but it is a mech type scenario, meaning you can't really adjust anything. Anybody that owns a Luxotic is gonna want this device. This device feels really good in your hand, but it's solid. When I tell you this thing's got some weight to it, it's got some weight to it. What I don't like is the battery contact. What happens is, the first two threads for whatever reason, it gets a little stuck, even if I back it out and try to drive it back in, I have that issue, so I grab a pair of pliers, and then I just do with the pliers and it works fine.

That's really the only thing I don't like about this, is just that connection, that's it. Now, that's not saying that I think that this mod is amazing, but I'm gonna tell you this. Being that this is from Aspire and their first squonk mod, I think it's a really solid device. Definitely a really good stepping stone to making something that much better. If they made this with a chip where you can adjust it and be 75 watts, I think this would really appeal to a lot more people than a small niche that's gonna appeal to this little piece the way that it is. Really like the way that the firing button is. I like the position. I like the way you hold this. Ergonomics, 100%. One of the better mods that came out of China that is very ergonomically friendly. It does ramp up quick, but it's a single 18650, so if it had a 20700 battery option in this, I feel like it would be that much more better. I can't speak for Aspire, but I feel like they've already mass produced this.

This is already made. However, if it is not, I definitely recommend a small modification to make the body of this a little bit wider to house a 20700, and this mod would be that much better. If I was to rate this device on a zero to 10... That's rough. If I was to rate this mod on a zero to 10, I'm gonna give it a 6.5. Even though I don't really vape like this, and this is not my style of vaping, really low type builds, I do have a mech mod, but I very, very rarely use it because I like adjustable power just because of the way that I vape and the resistance that I vape at. But if you're this style of vaper where you really like low builds, you're going to like this device. The fact that they're using a proprietary bottle, and it doesn't come with any other bottles, kinda sucks. It does, but it's a 7ml bottle, it is a soft, squishy, gooshy guy, so you may have a little bit of better luck with cleaning it out than you would if it was a harder plastic. Why give me an RDTA?

I feel that this mod, this kit would be that much better if I had an RDA, but I don't really know too many Aspire RDAs aside from the Quad-Flex. As far as recommendations, I definitely recommend it to anybody that vapes in that lower tier of resistance, 0.1 up to about a 0.3. You go higher than that, you're gonna want something that's regulated that has a single battery squonk. I really like the ergonomics of this mod. Absolutely feels amazing. And if you watched my live show yesterday, I used the shit out of this thing. Feels good, feels solid, got some weight to it, decent device for what it is. Aspire's on the right track of making something that much better if they just put a chip inside of this, and put another bottle in it, would be a win for me, but that's not what this mod is. And I've kept it real, have you? Jai Haze out.