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Yep, yep, yep, ladies and gentleman. Wismec, they're on the up and up and up with their newest product, and that product is called the Reuleaux RX2 20700 GNOME Kit. So this RX 2.0, the RX2, she's a dual-battery mod, dual 18650 you can run her in, or dual 20700. Big pro that you have those options. Also, super ergonomic. This feels like something in-between the RX2/3 in two-mode and the RX3. This mod right here is a tiny bit taller than the RX3, but it's also a little bit shorter than the RX2/

The Wismec RX2 20700 Mod Vape Kit!
Credit to: RiP Trippers
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Video Transcript: The Wismec RX2 20700 Mod Vape Kit! by RiP Trippers

Yep, yep, yep, ladies and gentleman. Wismec, they're on the up and up and up with their newest product, and that product is called the Reuleaux RX2 20700 GNOME Kit. So this RX 2.0, the RX2, she's a dual-battery mod, dual 18650 you can run her in, or dual 20700. Big pro that you have those options. Also, super ergonomic. This feels like something in-between the RX2/3 in two-mode and the RX3. This mod right here is a tiny bit taller than the RX3, but it's also a little bit shorter than the RX2/3, right in the middle of those two devices I just mentioned. Got a little bit less ass than the RX3, obviously, because that's a triple battery, triple 18650 battery, that mod is, but this one's a dual, so it's gonna have a little bit less ass, but it seems like it's a little bit wider on the side. It's all about what you're looking for, right?

The fire button is big, comfy and clicky; a lot bigger than the RX2/3, or even the RX3. The RX2/3 and the RX3 have the same-sized fire button. This one is just a lot bigger, man. You'll see in the close-up, it's a lot bigger. Like I said, it's nice and clicky. Whoo, it just feels good.

The menu screen for this device, it's the exact same; pretty much the exact same as the RX3. Again, I'll post a link down in the description to the RX3 video if you wanna check it out. I'm not gonna go into any detail for this mini-screen 'cause I've already done so with the RX3. But you got temperature options, you got nickel-titanium-stainless steel TCR, you got regular wattage, all the other options that you do for the RX3, you got with this, pretty much. I don't think you have a logo option with this, but I think you do with the RX3. Go watch that video!

Oh yeah, but there's one major difference between this RX2 and the RX3 I just mentioned, okay, this has 100 less watts than the RX3. Remember, that's a triple-battery mod. This is a dual-battery mod. The 510 connection on this RX2 is just as solid as the 510 connection on the RX3. Both, man, have not had any issues, not like the Predator 228. This has just been the opposite; phenomenal 510 connection.

All of your 24 and 25-millimeter devices are gonna sit pretty much flush, or maybe a slight bit of gap. You'll see this in the close-up, but other than that, from afar it looks great, it really does. And with your 24, 25-millimeter device, you're just not gonna have any overhang. You know what, with the 25, you may have slight overhang off the front, but it's nothing very noticeable.

Personally, I'm flipping digging this dual-battery sled. You got this little tack down here at the base. You get your thumbnail in there, that sucker pops out, the sled pops out like so. There's your dual 20700 batteries. Oh yeah, the dual 20700 batteries are not included with this kit, just letting you know, but you slide that sled right back in there, it clicks into place, and you're good to go, ready to vape. Oh yeah, easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!

Next pro for this kit, love that you have color options. You could choose the green and the black, you could choose black and black, or you could choose gray and black; three that I've seen. They probably have more colors coming, but the fact that you do have color options, that's a biggie.

Next, the sub-ohm tank that comes with this. Just like with the RX3, it's the same exact sub-ohm tank, the GNOME tank, man, I am a big fan of this sub-ohm tank, I think it's a big win. If you go back and watch the RX3 video, I go over all the pros and all the cons for this tank. There's really hardly any cons that I found for this tank; that's how good the sub-ohm tank is, in my opinion. But yeah, go back and watch the RX3 kit video when you're done watching this, 'cause I go over details for this GNOME tank. But I'm a big fan of it. I think it's great. Personally, I like this kit more than the RX3 kit because I think this is moving in the right direction with the 20700 battery. But again, all this is gonna be subjective, and I'm always gonna mention that.

The way this thing vapes, man, with this GNOME tank, with the fricking kit, that all together is just phenomenal. I cannot believe the vape quality that you're getting off these products nowadays compared to when I started. It's nuts, dude. If you're a newbie watching, goddamn! You got it made! But yeah, I like this better than the RX3. I like the 20700 batteries. I think it's moving in the right direction. Hell, I like the 21700 batteries. They're a little bit bigger, but you get way more battery life, and I think that's what we're all going for.

But yeah, the vape quality for this. Obviously, that depends on the tank you put on here or the atomizer you put on here, but with the way everything comes with this kit, it's great, man.

Alrighty, so here's the packaging this Reuleaux RX2 20700 comes in.

And of course, inside that packaging, you're gonna receive your GNOME sub-ohm tank, an extra coil head, an extra tinted glass tube, and this Delrin drip tip. Now I'm gonna go ahead and mention this. I'm not gonna go into any detail for this GNOME sub-ohm tank or the accessories because I've already done so in the RX3 video. So if you're interested in this GNOME sub-ohm tank with all the extras that come with it, go ahead and watch the RX3 video, link is in the description.

But yeah, inside that packaging, you're gonna also receive this Reuleaux RX2 20700 mod, a USB cable for charging, and upgradeable firmware. Hey, and check this out, you also get these two battery tubes if you were to run this sucker in dual 18650 mode. You receive a warning card, a coil head instructional guide, and you get this tank and mod user manual. As far as measurements go, she's 82-millimeter x 43-millimeter x 31-millimeter.

On the front, as you guys can see, you got this big JayBo fire button. This is probably my favorite JayBo fire button to date. Love how big it is, feels good. You got your nice-sized mini-screen. It's the exact same mini-screen as the RX Gen3, except with this one you get 100 less watts. That's pretty much the only difference, guys. But yeah, you got your mini-screen in the middle, your wattage up/wattage down button down below that, and then you got your USB port down below that for charging and upgradeable firmware.

At the top of this device you have a 510 connection, stainless steel 510 thread, spring-loaded 510 pin, and also, this is press-fitted just like the RX Gen3 with the plate on top, so you're not gonna have any issues with the 510 connection coming out, I guarantee it. Also, over here it says Reuleaux RX2 20700. Oh yeah, and then on the front side of this device you have these little slots, right? That's for battery venting or to keep this device cooler as well. And I think that these slots are way better than the RX Gen3 slots. But all this is gonna be subjective, and I'm always gonna mention that.

At the base of this device, as you guys can see, it says Wismec. You got the Wismec logo, and then you got this little button. You get your fingernail on here and you pull this, and this battery sled comes out. And this battery sled, this whole side of this device, that's where your 20700 batteries, your 18650 batteries go. But yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and pull this sucker, slides right out like so, and there she is. I'm holding 20700 batteries. I'm not holding; the sled's holding 20700 batteries. But like I said, you can use those battery tubes and pop your dual 18650s in there. Pretty freaking cool.

So here's what the mod looks like without the sled in there. Everything is nice and clean, and if you look through the front, those slots, you see daylight. You see that? That's for the battery venting. So yeah, once you have your batteries assembled in your sled, what you gotta do is just pop this sucker on there, slide it together, and it clicks into place, just like so. So you're gonna press on the bottom, and then you have this little notch right here that clicks into the top. Here, I'm gonna show you again. You release it, pull this sucker out. You see that little notch right there? So that notch is gonna click into that notch up there, just like so.

And the sled ain't going anywhere. It's not shaking, it's not rattling, but I also wanna point out, you got a little space right here, okay, see that? There it is, that little space. Hear that? That's what's making that noise. Does it affect the connection? No, not one bit. I get a solid connection with this device. So definitely, maybe a con for some of you guys, that's why I gotta point it out. Oh yeah, and here's what the inside of the battery sled looks like. It doesn't look super clean and shiny, not like in most devices, so maybe another con. Just being nitpicky.

So here's a little size comparison. I got the RX Gen3 in this hand and then I got the RX2 20700 in this hand, and check it out, the RX2 20700 is definitely taller, but the RX Gen3 is wider. So here's the size comparison between this RX2 20700 with the RX2/3 in Two-Mode. The RX2/3 in Two-Mode is definitely taller than this RX2 20700, but the RX2 20700 is wider. It's hard to see it on camera, but you can definitely see them when you match them like that. You see that?

And here's what the RX2 20700 kit looks like all assembled with a GNOME tank on there. I'll tell you what, looks the tits. And this GNOME tank, being 25-millimeter, she sits flush. I consider that pretty darned flush. See that close-up? Maybe slightly a bit of overhang if you wanna get real... Yeah, little bit, just a little bit, tiny. So your 24, 25-millimeter devices are gonna look great on here. 26, there's gonna be a little bit of overhang out the front. Personally, I like this device better than the RX Gen3. I think it looks better, I like how the fire button's bigger. I don't need 300 watts. Hell, I don't need 200 watts or even 100 watts. But again, all this is gonna be subjective, and I'm always gonna mention that.

So the only two cons that I found for this kit: The mod, pretty much the mod, okay, that's what it is, okay. The first one is, is that the battery sled, there is a little bit of play. Hear this. It's not horrible, it's not like there's battery rattle or button rattle, but the sled does move up and down against the top. Gotta point that out to you guys.

And then the second con that I found, this does not include 20700 batteries. And my thoughts behind it is, if the iJoy Captain included 20700 batteries with their kit, why not Wismec? It's not like 18650 batteries where every site or every brick and mortar's got them. 20700 batteries are more elusive; they're more difficult to get. So the companies that offer options, like 20700 compatibility or 21700 compatibility, should include the batteries. That's just my opinion.

Price point, price point, price point. 60 bucks is what I'm seeing online. I'll post links down in the description of the sites that I know of that are credible, that will be or are carrying this thing right now.

Now onto the big question, the big answer today. Who do I think this is meant for? This is for the vaper looking for 20700 battery mod, dual 20700 battery mod, or a dual 18650 battery mod. This is for someone looking for a temperature control device, a regular wattage device, a TCR device, something that comes with a nice sub-ohm tank. It's got different color options, it's ergonomic, it's got all the other stuff that I just mentioned. If you're looking for all that, well then get this puppy chugger.

So I hope you guys enjoyed the video, liked it, found it entertaining and helpful. If you did like this video, then please like it down below. Hit that Like button and share it for all your friends to see. And if you wanna see more of me, then subscribe for more. This is RiP Trippers, and remember, smoking is dead, vaping is the future, and the future is now.