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What's going on everybody, Jai Haze here. I'm gonna be doing a review today on a device that's actually been sitting on my desk for probably a month and a half. I've been meaning to do this review but I've been overwhelmed with too much video editing and intros and all these different things that I've been doing that I've kind of put all of the reviews aside. But I'm back at it.

I'm gonna do this review for this device 'cause I want you guys to see some features if you haven't seen a

asMODus Minikin V2 180W Review and Rundown
Credit to: Jai Haze
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Video Transcript: asMODus Minikin V2 180W Review and Rundown by Jai Haze

What's going on everybody, Jai Haze here. I'm gonna be doing a review today on a device that's actually been sitting on my desk for probably a month and a half. I've been meaning to do this review but I've been overwhelmed with too much video editing and intros and all these different things that I've been doing that I've kind of put all of the reviews aside. But I'm back at it.

I'm gonna do this review for this device 'cause I want you guys to see some features if you haven't seen a review already. Again, this is probably one of those devices that the reviews been out for this long and I'm just now catching up to it. We're gonna do it on the Minikin V2, which is a 180-watt touchscreen device.

So the screen is not fully colored like on a Sig or the LAISIMO. It's not that kind of touch screen. It's not trying to mock an iPhone, but it is a touchscreen. And I'm gonna bring the camera up close and personal, I'm gonna show you about this device, bring it up top, vape it, give you my final thoughts on this device. So, let's flip it.

So, here we are with the asMODus. Sorry for the grease all over the screen. I was eating fried chicken, I just rubbed my fingers all over the plastic 'cause I thought it was a paper towel. So here is the device. The box is very, very plain-looking. There's not really too much going on. There is an authenticity scratch, check that, remix, flip it, double-dip it, take it out of the box and then here we go.

Those of you that know the asMODus, know this mod. Now this is their dual... They actually made another rendition of this. This is the V1.5, cool, really nice features. It's got that same type of material rubbery thing going on that is on, I guess, you could say, the Vapor Shark. This is their updated version of this. Boosting it to 180 and changing the ergonomics of this device. Now, there is a manual with this underneath here, but we don't really need to get into it 'cause I'm gonna show you the stuff that's on the box. So I'm glad I can actually take this out to finally show you guys this mod.

You could tell the size differences versus the V2 is very different. One is more like a waffle, the other one is more like a hotdog with the bun. I don't know what else to compare that to. So you could see by side-by-side, they are two totally different mods. Similar in power, buttons are similar in clickiness. They both have micro USB ports. This one has actual up, down as opposed to this one, does not. And the reason being is because you actually adjust it with the screen, which I'm gonna show you right now.

Actually not a bad mod. I actually like asMODus. I think that everybody knows them for the Snow Wolf and all that jipitty-jap and Snow Wolf's a solid piece. Alright, so don't mind the batteries that I'm gonna put in here. They're probably not the best batteries and I apologize for that. They're a little chewed up. We have a rat problem here and they like to eat the vinyl of... Eat the plastic of the battery.

You could see here that it is a series connection, negative on top, positive on top. It does have reverse polarity, so I wouldn't be too concerned with if you do put them in wrong. Of course, it doesn't beep like the Vapor Shark does, but that's another story in itself. Okay, so there you go. Now the weight on this is pretty solid, it feels pretty good. Okay, so if you look at it, it kinda resembles the Vicks VapoRub thing, the symbol. See it, the V? Maybe a uterus.

So we're gonna do five clicks to turn it on. You got the little wheel, it kinda looks like a ship wheel. Now, this is the screen. The screen is very, very, fluid. And to adjust it, you just tap it. Now, if you do mode, you do power and then you do watts. If you look, when you click this, slide to unlock, I don't know why it's... There you go. So there is your... You hit the watts and then you adjust it like that, and you don't have to press hard, it'd be cool if it was haptic feedback, but it's not.

And then on the top, you always have to... This is one thing I don't like is the slide to unlock. You have to do that every time. It's not that it's a bad thing, it's just kind of inconvenient to have to do that with everything you do. And as you see here, see? You're trying to do the power, you have to slide to unlock it. You have resistance mode and setup. And in the setup mode, you can change the brightness, you could bring it down, which is gonna give you better battery life. We're gonna just keep it halfway. You gotta really get used to the whole slide to unlock thing.

So you got brightness right there. It looks like a puff limit so you can set how many hits you want it to do to where it actually shuts off. Slide to unlock. I'm trying to figure out that... And then you have a trash can which cleans your puff count. Now, that is something that I'm pretty intrigued about. I didn't know that it had a puff count. That makes me... I'm really kinda freakishly weird with this 'cause I like puff counts and I think it's cool that you can, I guess, see how many hits you have. Seriously, you can't even... Even if you wanted to, you can't adjust this. Yeah, see that's the problem. Is every time you wanna adjust the power, you gotta slide to unlock. Maybe there's a trick that I'm missing. And you could see it does start to get fast when you go up in power.

Now, the trick is this. The puff count right there, 0.2. Let's see if it actually remembers it if I take a battery out. It's not obviously gonna work 'cause the connection's not complete. Put it back in, put this back on, five clicks, turn it on, it did. And you see, there's a little second hitter. So basically, if you slide from the top down is when you're gonna unlock it.

There's not many features aside from after you swipe down, that's really where all your features are gonna come in. As far as the stealth mode, I don't know if there is anything. Bring it up top, I'm gonna vape it, I'm gonna give you my final thoughts on this V2.

Alright, so here we are back on the top with the V2 Minikin by asMODus. Real quick on this. A couple of things I don't like. Let me tell you the cons and the pros. The pros is it feels nice in the hand, it's ergonomically there. I think it feels better than the 1.5. This one, it doesn't feel bad, it's a little lighter, it's a little easier to operate. This one is not. I guess the good thing is with this, the way that this operates is in order for you to adjust it, you have to swipe really fast from the top to the bottom. To me, that's kind of a hassle. I wish there was... And even if you just touch the screen, you could see it's trying to do something. So, they should make a way where you can either upgrade this in firmware. Hopefully, they didn't already and I'm not talking out of my ass, to where you can remove that feature and put it in stealth mode with three clicks and a hold, or something to where you could change the way that the screen is.

Let's talk about how it vapes, how it hits, 70 watts on 0.39. It's a lot of power right off the bat. Now this does have the whole curve module in it where you can adjust the power on a certain curve. You have power coil TCR/TFR. You have the coefficiency rating and all of that. Again, I don't wanna get too much into that 'cause I could be here all day talking about it.

What do I like about the device... Well, let me tell you the cons. The cons is the screen. The screen as cool as it is that you could touch it. It's kind of a pain in the ass to work it. I guess if you use it all day long and you get used to it, great. Another con for me is the actual way it feels. Now, I know I said earlier that I like the way it feels, that's fine, I do. But I don't like it to where I would use it all day long and enjoy it. I'm kind of more into to the whole 3D print-type texture. And that's probably 'cause I'm spoiled with 3D-printed mods. That's really it for the cons.

The weight is solid, it's very compact. I like the way that that feels. Now the pros is the power's right off the bat. Some people might look at the pros of the screen, I don't. I don't necessarily hate it but I couldn't see me using this all day long. As soon as you touch the screen, it acts like you wanna do something.

What is the question of whether or not, is this better than the 1.5 or the 1.0 or the 1.2? That's a tough question. I would have to say yes. Because the way that the batteries are, is it's more secure. In the 1.5, they're kind of just flopping there. That's not... This is a cool feature, don't get me wrong, 'cause you just pop them out. That's definitely cool that it's a kind of like an invisible tray, it's a piece of plastic. But, but, but, I'm gonna say that 50 times till I figure out what the fuck I'm gonna say.

Okay, if you don't have a 150 watt-plus mod, I recommend you to get it if you're looking for high power. Let's cut the bullshit. Nobody... I know someone's gonna comment down below is, Oh, I vape at 250. No, you don't. Shut up, no you don't. You ain't vaping at 250. You know why? 'Cause if you're vaping all day at 250, you're gonna go through a set of batteries in less than 2 hours, you're gonna be tapped out, even on a triple cell. So I don't think you're vaping at 250. Now someone's gonna say, I vape at 180 Well, then that's fine, then you vape at 180. Majority of people that I know don't vape above 50-60 watts. So if you're gonna use this at 50-60 watts, I'm sure it's gonna last a good amount of time. I do think it's a little heavier than most dual batteries. So, you make up your mind whether or not you would like a device if it's fat.

That's all I got to say about everything. Whether or not you wanna buy it, it's up to you. I do recommend it on a 0-10, since I rate everything on a scale, I probably would give it... I'd give it an eight. I wanna thank you guys for watching. I've kept it real, have you? Jai Haze out.