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iStick Power Nano

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Max Wattage:40W
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The iStick Power Nano is a pocket-sized powerhouse. With a built in 1100mAh battery, the iStick Power Nano delivers a maximum output of 40w and is bolstered by a number of output modes for a wide range of vaping experiences.

iStick Power Nano Eleaf
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Eleaf iStick iPower Nano | Portable 40W Internal Battery Mod
Credit to: AVAndy
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Eleaf iStick Power Nano reviews

Video Transcript: Eleaf iStick iPower Nano | Portable 40W Internal Battery Mod by AVAndy

About two months ago, I covered the original iPower, so I only figured it was right to cover the iPower Nano, which is the mini version of the original iPower.

How's it going, everybody? This is Andy with, and today we're gonna be taking a look at this tiny little guy. It's the iPower Nano. We're gonna be covering the starter kit that comes with the Melo 3 Nano and the iPower Nano itself. They are calling it the Eleaf iStick Power Nano now. Before, it was just the iPower, so I'm not sure what direction they're going with it, but we're just gonna call this the iPower Nano for now. So like always, we're gonna run through the basics of this little guy and the tank that comes with it, which is the Melo 3 Nano, as I just stated, and then we're gonna dive in and take a close-up look, see what it comes with, then we're gonna bring it back up top, have a vape on it, and then talk about the pros and cons of this little starter kit.

Alright. Starting off on the basics of the iPower Nano, they wattage range on this little guy is from 1-40 watts, and it does have temperature control along with TCR, and it does have temperature control for nickel, titanium and stainless steel, and then there's three memory settings for TCR mode. So this thing does have a lot of features packed into its tiny little body. The dimensions of this mod are 55 x 38 millimeters, so it is a tiny little portable device and they were able to pack 1100-milliamp hour battery into this device. So it does have a decent amount of battery for how small this thing actually is. The minimum resistance on this mod is 0.05 ohms, and that is in temperature control, and the minimum resistance in wattage and bypass mode is 0.1 ohms. So you can go pretty low on this guy if you're in temperature control, or you can go down to 0.1 if you're using it in the standard wattage or bypass mode.

This mod does have an internal battery. It does use a micro-USB charger which is located right here on the bottom of the device, and it does have pass-through charging so you can vape it while it's charging. It's not always recommended, but that is what Eleaf does state, is that it can be vaped while charging. This mod does come in bronze, gray, white, wood grain, and brushed silver. I would like to see that wood grain version; that does look pretty cool on the pictures. I'm not sure how well it would translate to actually in real life, but the pictures of it actually do look pretty nice.

On to the Melo 3 Nano. The tank that comes with this kit, you can buy this mod by itself or you can buy it as a kit with the Melo 3 Nano. But the Melo 3 Nano, it is a 2-mill E-liquid capacity. It does have top-filling capabilities, and it does have adjustable hidden airflow here on the bottom. This tank is a 22-millimeter diameter tank, and the coils that come in here are 0.75 ohms, so it's targeted towards more of the mouth-to-lung vapers rather than actual direct lung vapers themselves. Well, you can put whatever tank you do want on here. If you don't want this little Melo 3 Nano, you could put your own tank on here, and it will be able to go right down to 0.05 ohms in temperature control. Alright. Now that we've got all the basics covered, let's go and take a close-up, see what it comes with. Take a look at the screen, though, and bring it back up top, talk about some pros, cons, have a vape on it, and all that good stuff.

Alright, here we have the iStick Power Nano packaging, as you can see right here. Pop that open. You'll have your iStick Nano here. You can get it as a kit or with the mod itself. This one's obviously the kit with the Melo 3 Nano sitting right there. You will get a pretty long micro-USB cord for charging; that is nice that they included a super long one. They used to include these small little ones. That's got a good four feet or so, I would say, on it. You'll get two user manuals, one for the Melo 3 Nano and one for the iStick Power Nano, and a 0.3 ohm replacement coil. The replacement coil that comes pre-installed in that Melo 3 Nano is a 0.75 ohms, so this is for the higher wattages and the more vapor production on that kit. So here you have the iPower Nano itself. You can see this is actually the bronze version, and you can see, here is the screen. One, two, three, four, five, you got that screen right there. We got the micro-USB port located on the bottom for charging. You got your spring-loaded 510 connection up top. We got the Melo 3 Nano on there still, very sleek, small little device. You can see in the palm of my hand to see how tiny this thing really is.

I'll show you some size comparisons here in a second with some other mods... We're now taking a look at the screen. You can see on the screen, you can see the resistance of the coil, the voltage and the current wattage. If you do wanna change between wattage-temp, you hit that in middle button right there. You'll see it's in bypass, low-high settings. Now it's in nickel, titanium, stainless steel, Memory 1, Memory 2, Memory 3. So you do have a lot of options packed into this little guy. I know some of the small devices, they normally don't have all of the features, but this one does come packed full of the features. Up-down on the plus-minus buttons, simple as that. Fire button right here. Here's a size comparison so you can see. This is next to the KangerTech Cupti right here, and you can see it is a good deal smaller than the Cupti. It is a tiny little device, as with the Melo 3 Nano up there. That's pretty much it, though, for the close-up on the Eleaf iStick iPower Nano. If you do have any other questions or I missed something, let me know.

Now that we've got the close-up out of the way, let's go on to the pros and cons, starting off with the cons. My first con on this is gonna be the buttons on here. The buttons on here do feel a little cheap, and sometimes they aren't as responsive as you'd like. Sometimes I'll have to click it maybe one, two, three times before it actually registers. When it does get working and the screen is on, it's usually pretty responsive, but like I said, sometimes I do have problems with it actually thinking I'm clicking it. Not the fire button though, the fire button has worked a 100% of the time. It's just when I'm trying to navigate the menu system or something like that, sometimes I have had issues with it actually registering.

My second con is gonna be actually navigating the menu system. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to navigate the menu system with those buttons, clicking in there. As you guys saw in the close-up, it's that middle button that you use to navigate. Sometimes that can be a little bit difficult, but when it does work, it's good. And I'm not switching between modes that often, but it's definitely something that should be tossed out there and to let you guys know about because it can be a problem. I've never had the issue where I couldn't get to somewhere if I'm trying to navigate from temperature control down to wattage mode or whatever, I'm able to do it, but sometimes it can be a little pain. It's not anything crazy, but it's just not as fluid as it should be. That's gonna be my second con. My third con is gonna be the tank. Now since this is the starter kit, I am gonna be covering the tank as well. The mod itself, this doesn't have anything to do with the mod, but the tank. It's got subpar performance for a sub-tank. Again, it's like one of those other tanks like on the Movkin Disguiser Nano. It's not the best tank, it's not an amazing tank, it's not the worst tank. It's just sort of a middle-of-the-road tank and it's got all right flavor production and all right vapor production.

This coil in here is 0.75 ohms, though, and it's made for mouth-to-lung, so you shouldn't be expecting crazy vapor production out of this. It's made for the mouth-to-lung vapers and like I said, you can put whatever tank you do want on here, but the actual Melo 3 Nano is made for mouth-to-lung vaping. Even as a mouth-to-lung tank, though, I still think it's subpar and it could be improved upon, and I do think there are better tanks for mouth-to-lung vapers out there. That's gonna be my third and final con.

On to the pros. I like the overall sleekness of it. Just like on the iPower, the original version, it's just a super sleek mod. It's portable; the screen's bright, vibrant; it does have a lot of features packed into here. It's not too hard to use once... Pretty much, you set it up in your wattage mode, you set it to whatever watts you want. You can use temperature control as well, obviously. I only really use it in wattage mode, but if you do wanna use TC on it, you do have that option. So that is gonna be my first pro. That pro is pretty much my only pro, though. I'm not saying it's bad; I just can't really think of anything. It's sleek, it's portable, it's easy to use, it's a great mini device. It's actually one of my favorite mini devices, but I just don't see any other pros that I could really rave about. It is a good overall mod itself, besides the cons that I mentioned earlier. You guys can decide if that's gonna be a negative to you or not. But I do wanna just mention those. Other than that, though, I really do like it and it is one of my favorite mini mods out there.

I might have to do a video here comparing all of the mini-mods and let you guys know the pros and cons of each of them to help you guys decide, but in terms of this one, I do enjoy it. Those cons don't outweigh anything. I would still definitely use this mod as a portable, sleek on-the-go set-up. Right now, the Eleaf iCare definitely has that, but if I'm looking for something with a little bit more power and battery life, then I'm definitely gonna bring this guy along with me. Alright. So now we're gonna have a vape on it. I've got the 0.75 ohm coil in here, and I've got it at 22 watts. This coil is rated from 8-25 watts, the 0.75 ohm coil, so we're gonna have a vape on 22 watts. Pretty high in that spectrum right there.

So as you can see, it is a pretty tight draw, but like I said, this is made for mouth-to-lung vapers, so that airflow isn't too airy. It's a pretty restrictive airflow, but that might be something you're looking for. So that's definitely not gonna be a con on there because this is essentially, like I said, made for mouth-to-lung vapers. Let's go ahead and have one more vape on it.

Now if you want, you can put your own tank on here like I've said, this little mod will go up to 40 watts, so you can put whatever tank you want, up to that range on there, and the minimum resistance, as I covered earlier, 0.1 in wattage mode and 0.05 in temperature control. If you are looking for a new mouth-to-lung set-up though, I definitely would consider this as one of your go-tos. That is pretty much gonna wrap up this video, though if you guys do have any questions or comments on the iPower Nano or any vaping-related questions in general, please leave a comment down below and I'll be happy to get back to you. And if you guys did enjoy this video, please be sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe, it is greatly appreciated. And as always, I hope you guys have a wonderful day, and vape on.