Aspire Zelos Mod

Aspire Zelos Mod

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Max Wattage:50W
Fits in Pocket:Comfortable

The Aspire Zelos TC 50W Box Mod has a sleek, user friendly design, stylish colours and advanced output modes. A compact and ergonomic vaping mod from Aspire, powered by a 2500mah built in Li-Po battery. Wattage can reach up to 50W with help of features like variable voltage and wattage. In addition to its precise TC settings, the new firmware ensures its wattage can be adjusted under TC mode. With a large 2500mAh internal battery the Aspire Zelos Mod, a smart choice for your vaping needs.

Aspire Zelos Mod Aspire
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Aspire Zelos Kit Review
Credit to: AVAIL Vapor
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Video Transcript: Aspire Zelos Kit Review by AVAIL Vapor