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Love to vape, but at the complicated battery process? Good thing you stopped here, as the Aspire Dynamo mod is famous for its nearly foolproof battery installation that has a very simple to open, yet very safe and secure system in place. This mod uses 220 watt dual 18650 battery that features a large colour user interface with just about everything on the menu that you would expect from this brand. The Dynamo mod is also easily charged with a micro USB port that displays two flashy battery icons while charging. It's also good to note that the change current and the voltage level are charged at the same time, and the USB port can be used for updating firmware as well.

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Aspire Dynamo Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Comes With Amazing Tank
Credit to: Jai Haze
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Aspire Aspire Dynamo reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire Dynamo Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Comes With Amazing Tank by Jai Haze

What's up everybody? Jai Haze here. So today, I'mma be doing a review on a device that I picked up for the purposes of the review. Okay. Aspire Dynamo. Aspire doesn't really need much of an introduction. Everybody already knows them. They've done so many pod based systems in the past couple of months, they've also been known to do the Atlantis. Again, I don't know why I'm giving you an introduction when I just told you that they didn't need one. The last mod I could remember doing from Aspire, I think was the Speeder or Speedster or... It had the Revvo Tank on it. I can't quite remember what it was, but anyway, when I did the review on that, I was very, very much impressed. Essentially, you were able to fire with the screen, and you had all your different options with it, and it was a little weird shaped, but it's extremely lightweight, and I think it was plastic.

Aspire has created this little gem which, keep in mind, the tank that is inside of this is absolutely badass. I don't believe that Aspire launched this tank all by itself, and they're only doing it with this kit. This mod uses 21 or 20700 duals instead of 18650s, and I do believe this is Aspire's first attempt at doing those two batteries. I don't know if you guys have picked up on the fact that a lot of companies were talking about all going to 21700s, but you see less and less companies that are doing it. Is it because of the lack of support and the lack of 21s on the market, or is it because of they just don't wanna do it? The way that Aspire is marketing this is, is they're saying that it's able to withstand moderate falls, basically waist height. And there's not a lot of mods out there that I know that can't fall from that level or that height and not break.

Usually, plastic mods can withstand falls like that. Now, this isn't a 100% plastic, but there is plastic on it, and oddly enough, although being a 20700 or 21700, which I'm just considering to be two X batteries, this is able to house a 30 millimeter. I've always tried to cover whether mods can in fact house a 30-millimeter comfortably and if you have any overhang, and I feel that that's very, very important. Very rarely will you see any kind of mod regardless of the power be able to support that unless it has the center firing pin, that's exactly what this has, dead smack center. The thing that pumps me up about this is not even the mod because the menu system is very, very basic, very fundamental style. It isn't horrible looking, but it's nowhere near sexy. And apparently, they list this as having multiple UIs, I don't have that. I just have one UI, which of course, I'll show you the whole menu functionality, how it works, everything inside the box.

Let me just preface this before I bring it down. The tank that is inside of this box is absolutely sexy as shit. The color, the feel, the knurling, everything about it, even the way you put the coils in on the bottom. So without further ado, let me bring this down. I'll show you what I'm working with. Let's flip it. Dynamo 220-watt kit, and this does include the sub-ohm tank that's on the top which I'm super pumped up about. On the top says Aspire, on the bottom Aspire, nothing on the side, nothing on the other side. On the flipside of that, all the information, typical Aspire box, gonna give that a freeze frame for you. Nepho Tank, Nepho Tank, Nepho Tank, then all your warnings here, on the bottom, you're gonna have a scratch and sniff, this is gonna be caramel blueberry flavor and scented. Then down here on the bottom is gonna show the color configuration and then the batch number.

There's something worth mentioning about this box that a lot of different sites are promoting, that you can fire this with this screen. Now obviously, I haven't shown the mod yet or show you how it works, but it's just very disturbing to me that these sites are getting random information about this that I cannot for the life of me figure out. This is the box, we'll go over that shortly. The sub-ohm tank which I'm super pumped up about, an extra glass in case you break the glass that's on that super sexy sub-ohm tank, and then on the bottom, all your information. You do get an extra coil in here, and right off the jump, when you see this, the first thing I think of is a Crown 3 coil, granted they are not cross-compatible, and Aspire has always been known to make very, very good coils, so I'm hoping that this gives as much as flavor as the Crown 3 does.

That's it inside. I don't know what that is. That looks like some kinda pregnancy tester. That's probably where the micro-USB goes. Yup. That's it. So inside the box, we're gonna have a peripheral pouch which has a bunch of extra O-rings, a battery safety card, again, if your battery looks like any of these pictures, or there's even some nicks in the side of your battery cover, just go ahead and replace that skin or replace the battery. Then we get an Aspire warranty card, I don't really know too much information in regards to Aspire's warranty, that's one of those companies I've never really looked up because I've never really had any problems with this company, and I've never heard of someone bitching or complaining that they're not doing any kind of warranty for them.

The user manual, this right here, I'm gonna need to thoroughly go over because I don't see anywhere on the front here, and I don't see anywhere inside the manual as to how exactly this is a firing button. You could see here, fire button is located on the side which of course, I'm gonna go over, but the screen is just that, it's just the screen. I can assure you that there is nothing inside of this manual that says anything about this being a fire button. Some of the sites out there are gonna need to go and change out their system. This sub-ohm tank right here is very, very heavy. You have really nice knurling on the top, really nice knurling on the bottom, easy to grab the airflow control, it is very, very spinnable. It's also very spinnable up here on the top, however that's not how you fill it. The framework of this tank is amazing.

Drip tip on the top is gonna be 810, it doesn't come with any other extra drip tips. Now, when you lift this up, like that, what that does is activate the first part of a dual series child protection lock. Right when you do that, you could spin this all day, it does absolutely nothing. There is an arrow on the front side of this to where right where that arrow is, just push it and then it opens up. Really nice black grommet there. I don't think I've ever seen a grommet that was black like that, usually they're white. Unscrew the bottom.

And check that out. So your coil is right here. It may be a little bit difficult for you to grab and I don't really recommend you to grab it by this; because this part right here is where your connection is. You have to kinda grab it where these little prongs are and then give it a twist and pull. Just like that. And then that is your coil. You could see it's kind of self-contained in there straight shot. And if you do happen to break this glass the way you swap it out is you just unscrew this section right here like so and then you pull off the glass.

Inside the Sub-Ohm tank when you get it, there's gonna be a 0.15, 60-75 watts and this is in fact the mesh version for this tank. Now, I'm not quite sure if Aspire has another Sub-Ohm tank that's using a system like this but it's nice that they got one of these push jammies in. The extra coil inside of the box is gonna be 0.5, 65-75 watts and it's a regular parallel coil. Nothing crazy here and it's only a 5-watt difference on the lowest minimum for it.

Now, as you could tell by looking at this coil, the cotton is coming out of this. I can't say I've ever seen that before on anything where it's almost not packed in properly. We're not gonna be utilizing the 0.5; we are gonna be utilizing the 0.15. What you're gonna wanna do before you put this in and put juice on the side of the tank, just saturate this up a little bit. So all you're gonna do is just put a couple little drops on the side there. There we go. Then to put this in, you don't have to do anything crazy. You just push it in just like that and then you take your base and screw that on just like that. Let that sit for about two minutes before you start using it.

This up here is not a fire button. That's literally just a grippy pad and then on the bottom you have the same exact thing. Up and down button, very clicky micro USB which is a 2-Amp charger. Again, I don't really recommend you to use this. I say this in all kits and all mods. I don't know why they push 2-Amp charging or 1-Amp charging. They should really lower it down to like 0.05. People plug it in and they're like, This is ridiculous. I have to buy a regular charger. I understand that companies wanna make it easier for people so they tell them that, Listen, you wanna charge your jammy? No problem, use the micro USB.

The only problem I really have with that is there's a lot of companies in China that don't have the best track record for charging your mod with a USB. Fire button on the side, very sure throw. On the backside, you got your fake carbon fiber Aspire written in it and then Dynamo on the bottom. On the top, you could see that it is absolutely tremendous. That is a 30-millimeter with plenty of room left. You know what'd be cool? If companies started including a 30-millimeter Sub-Ohm tank.

What? Hello. Down here on the bottom, door, wow. No movement at all. I mean, there is movement but even... I guess if you do it really light, very, very, very stiff. Inside there are... Those are not batteries, that's actually a little sleeve for you to utilize if you don't have 21 or 20700s and you have to use 18650s. However, we do have a set of 20700s which we're gonna use. So on the door, you have negative and positive and when you look down the chamber, you're gonna see negative and positive down there as well.

One thing that's worth mentioning on this, the plating for the contact looks almost used and decrepit. I guess it doesn't really matter what it looks like, right? As long as it works. There you go. Snaps in and then there is your display. I'm gonna tell you right now, that is not a firing button in any fashion whatsoever. To access the menu, you're gonna hold the up and the fire button. Then you have modes, data, system, time, and about.

If we go into modes, that's different ways of firing it. Watts, voltage, bypass, TCR, temperature co-efficiency rating, CPS, which is basically power curves and then watts. Go ahead and select that. Then we have data. All this is is just data logging. Tells you all your different preheats you've used, the resistances, your power curves. Just basically like a memory data bank function. System, this is where all your magic is gonna happen. You can start with default which is basically gonna reset this whole system back into default and remove all settings you have. Vape time, time which is gonna be defaulted at 10 seconds. You could bring it down as low as five, go all the way up to 15. What that is is basically how long you can hold down the fire button as you're firing it.

Screen time is how long the screen will be active after you're done using it. Again, it doesn't go down very far; five seconds. We're just gonna leave the screen time to about 10 seconds. I don't feel there's much of a reason for me to have it any longer than that. Then your watch time is right after the screen goes off. The watch time will prevail itself and then there it is. You can set it up for how long you want the watch to show on the screen.

Brightness is the brightness of your screen. Language, self-explanatory. Main UI. This is where I thought you'd be able to change your user interface but I can promise you that you cannot. All you can do is change what is listed on there, vape time and vape progress. Now once you hit the fire button, that's not gonna do anything. You actually have to press the two together to go back to the other one.

Click time. Here's your different UIs that you could set, user interface which isn't really much of a user interface as it is just an interface because you don't really control any of it. So right there and then you have all your different options. It's a little difficult to see the colors because of, well, the way that it is but... I'm gonna just leave it right there and then you could set the time. And your last option is About, which has a quick response code. That is the Aspire Dynamo. Let's bring it on the top. Back, back, back, wicky, wicky remix dynomite. Aspire Dynamo 220-watt kit with the Nephor, Nephor tank sitting on the top, 67.5 watts and a 0.17. Let me show you some vape production, whoa.

Okay. Alright. Listen, I'm not quite sure how much the cam is really gonna pick up that whistle or that turbulent noise. Let me bring it in a little bit closer just so you can hear what I got going on. But the amount of flavor I'm getting off of this is ridiculous. I don't quite know if I would put this above the Uwell Nunchaku tank. I don't wanna make it just about the tank on this, but there's this whole thing right now that I'm kinda dealing with and trying to conquer this on my own side is this whole Sub-Ohm tank thing.

Ever since I got the Uwell Nunchaku, I can't but help really interest myself into Sub-Ohm tanks. Now, that's not saying that I'm gonna go against the grain and not do RTAs or RDAs, 'cause nothing will ever take the place of an RTA for me. They're just amazing; great flavor, easy to fill, easy to re-build, it just works for me. However, some people that are just getting into vaping, before they learn how to do rebuildables on drippers, on tanks, they're gonna go this route of the Sub-Ohm tank. And the crazy part is, with all the sub tanks that are coming out, a lot of the companies are going with Mesh, which is known to provide an immense amount of flavor. I don't know if there's a tank that has recently came out the past six months that doesn't have the option for a Mesh coil right now. It's that absurd.

I'm waiting for that one guy, or that one company to take Mesh and make a coil out of it. How badass would that be? And we're not talking about notch coils. I know we're spending a lot of time on the tank, 'cause that's really what shines in this whole kit, the knurling, the way it feels, how heavy it is, the ease of use putting a coil in it. I can't make it just about the tank, let me talk about the mod. My button on my screen doesn't move, and it's not firing to activate. So I'm not quite sure where these companies are getting this information, but I feel that they need to adjust that accordingly to stop letting people believe that you can fire this with the screen, 'cause you are literally gonna break that screen if you continue... If you... That hurt the shit out of my fingertip. Don't do it, it's not gonna work.

The way that this mod feels reminds me just like the iJoy Captain Dual 20700 mod, literally almost identical. It is a little bit more lightweight, and I think that's because of the plastic that's on the side. I'm not gonna drop this just because I do like the mod. What I don't like about the mod is the screen, it's very, very distracting, there's nothing nice about it. It's not a touch screen. The watch, I guess, is a nice feature, but I have them all timed out to the lowest possible functionality. You can, however, put this in stealth mode where it doesn't light up anything, which is three clicks of the fire button. One, two, three, and now, you can fire it and not have to worry about the screen lighting up, that's the best way it is for me.

The menu function on this mod, again, is not that advanced. I figured that they would give me an option to change the user interface, the actual display we're talking about, over than the way that it is by default. There are no short menus. To access the menu is a little bit different. Nothing too crazy, but even the way that the menu looks, I feel like Aspire would have spent a little bit more time with that making that super sexy, 'cause Aspire does have a pretty good track record for making really solid mods and Sub-Ohm tanks. You don't really hear too much in the whole RTA realm. I don't even know if Aspire has ever released... Yes, the Quad-Flex Survival kit, I actually did a review on it.

And if you haven't seen the review for that, I'll post a link right there. This is, by far, one of the best top three Sub-Ohm tanks that I've ever used, without a doubt. That much flavor, that much vapor production. It is a little bit loud and that's the reason why I wouldn't put it above the Uwell Nunchaku. As far as flavor is concerned, these are literally side by side, but I'm gonna give it more to the Nephor Tank.

The next thing is, with the tank specifically, you can't buy the tank by itself. The only way to get this tank is to get it with this kit. And it doesn't come with any other kit. Price point of the coils is a little high for what it is. For three coils it's 15 beans. Yeah, I feel like that's a little too high. 15-20 bucks for like five, but three?

I understand that this is Aspire's new innovation and their new baby, but this just works. This Sub-Ohm tank is hands down the best Sub-Ohm tank that Aspire has ever made, without a doubt. The mod is just exactly that. And usually that's the opposite of when I do a review, is I focus much more on the mod than I do the Sub-Ohm tank.

This is one of those tanks, if you were to go to your local brick-and-mortar store, they're probably not gonna have the coils for it. And that's because, well, this is the only way to get this tank. And that's where the recommendation comes in. As much as I wanna recommend it because it does work well, there's a lot of good features with this, including the child protection. Usually, I hate those on Sub-Ohm tanks, but it's not that bad. Pull up and then push it back, fill it up, push it back, push it back down, all done. Usually, child protection on Sub-Ohm tanks really turned me off, 'cause you have to do all this crazy shit, like you have to flip it, flick it, then you have to open up your juice while holding the cap in your left hand, not your right hand. Turn it upside down, twist it, interlock it, put up chicken fence, chicken wire fence, hold some barbed wire and then put juice in it. That's entirely too many steps you need to take to fill it up.

At least with this, it's literally a three-action type Sub-Ohm tank. I literally cannot remember the last time that a Sub-Ohm tank has had a higher rating than the mod itself inside of a starter kit. This is probably the first time. If I was to rate the Sub-Ohm tank, just the tank by itself on a 0-10. I'm gonna give it an 8; maybe an 8.5. As a whole kit, let's float this somewhere right into 5.56. This sub-ohm tank is really, really helping out the rating on this. And the mod, if you put it in stealth mode, works well. Dual 21700 though, keep in mind, it is gonna be a little bit heavy, however, your battery life is gonna be astronomical. So across the board, it's not a terrible device. There are other starter kits I would recommend before you pick this one up. But a lot of the starter kits that you're gonna get, the tanks that are on the top of it are like the Baby Beast, the TFV85, the TFV8 Big Baby V2, all these different TFV Series.

A 5.5 is the most that I'd like to go on this. I would really like to see this sub-ohm tank all by itself. However, once you've got it, you don't need to buy it again. It's not like different versions of RTAs. I'm wondering if Aspire's really gonna focus fire on that coil specifically inside of this and run all of their future coils off of this platform alone. I've kept it real. Have you? Jai Haze out.