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Looking for 0mg vape juice? We stock a huge range of nicotine free liquids and offer same-day shipping on weekday orders received before 2 pm. 0mg E-Liquid typically comes in larger 50ml or 100ml bottles and is sometimes called short fill or shake and vape. Enjoy it as no nicotine vape, or add 10ml nicotine shots to suit.

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Vaping without Nicotine
Credit to: Veppo Vape Shop
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0mg Vape Juice: Vaping without Nicotine by Veppo Vape Shop

Can you vape without nicotine? Yes. It is very common for people to use e-cigarettes, e-cigars, and vaporizers with e-liquid that contains zero nicotine. Who vapes without nicotine? Nicotine-free vapers usually fall into two categories; people who are interested in a change or stepping down their use of nicotine, and people who do not use nicotine, but simply enjoy the experience of vaping. Why do people who have never smoked cigarettes vape? Vaping has a relaxing effect. The deep inhale and exhale, the flavor, the blowing of O's tricks, and the social aspects of hanging out without needing to have a cigarette, or they can enjoy a celebratory moment with an e-cigar. More often, zero-nicotine vaping is often the result of a successful transition to using vaporizers and decreasing the body's dependence on nicotine. Because e-liquid is offered at a range of nicotine levels, it makes it easy to gradually reduce the level of nicotine allowing vapers to eventually lower the level down to zero. There are almost an infinite number of different flavors and flavor combinations to try, or just the traditional cigarette flavor.

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