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What's going on guys? Welcome to my review for this, a brand new line called Sub-Ohm Juice. Sub-Ohm Juice is only available in 30 milliliter bottles. It's only available in an 80/20 VG/PG blend and nicotine options are only available in 3 milligrams. Okay, so the first flavour I've got for you is blue waffle and is described as a gang bang of raging blueberries filling every hole of a sweet and innocent waffle leaving a real mess behind.

Right to start with it's very, very sweet but w

Sub Ohm Juice E Liquid Review
Credit to: The Ginger Vaper
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Video Transcript: Sub Ohm Juice E Liquid Review by The Ginger Vaper

What's going on guys? Welcome to my review for this, a brand new line called Sub-Ohm Juice. Sub-Ohm Juice is only available in 30 milliliter bottles. It's only available in an 80/20 VG/PG blend and nicotine options are only available in 3 milligrams. Okay, so the first flavour I've got for you is blue waffle and is described as a gang bang of raging blueberries filling every hole of a sweet and innocent waffle leaving a real mess behind.

Right to start with it's very, very sweet but with the sweetness as well, there's a element of tang tartness more than anything and that's coming from the blueberry. The blueberry forms in the back of the mouth just before the exhale.

Now, with the blueberry I've never used this word to describe anything before, but it's succulent, it's juicy, it's got a degree of texturing with it as well which is really is yum, really is nice. And throughout the vape, the sweetness and the tartness develop. Just before the exhale it really does give a powerful burst of sweetness and that tartness and it's still, that sweetness is still there on the exhale and it's really, really, really nice.

Trouble is, I'm not getting much of that proper waffle flavour. But going against that there's a floury texture. It's almost like a fluffy baked doughnut taste, texture more than anything. It doesn't do much for the flavour but with that there's a buttery element. It just lingers, it just lingers in the back of your throat and it's there. The sweetness is still developing but at the back of your throat there's a butteriness... A buttery element there. But the blueberry is really, really nice. The waffle is not, I won't call it a waffle, it's more like a... It's like a blueberry doughnut if I'm honest with you. But that buttery flavour does add a slight difference to the flavour overall. Overall it's not too bad. That blueberry, wow. That blueberry is really, really good.

Next stop is Fizzy Kush which is described as dazed and confused gummy bears whacked out on sugar, trippin' on a hybrid strain of mind altering fizzy cola bottles. Okay, so I'm getting that lovely, sweet gummy taste. I'm getting the sour hint as well. The cola bottle has come through more than the gummy bear taste and the cola bottle was all really, really nice. Touching on that sweetness again, the sweetness is very much there, it's finely balanced with the rest of the flavour. That fizziness, the sourness is not as much there but it's coming through and it's coming through really, really nicely. The cola bottles taste as genuine as you like. It taste like I'm actually chewing on cola bottles right now. The gummy bears aren't so in your face or as apparent as I'd like, but I can taste them only just.

The sweetness is there that much. I wanna smack my lips, it's settling on the roof of my mouth really, really nicely. It's quite a light flavour, but it's got quite a deep element but... It's got a lot of depth as well. That's coming more from the cola bottles it's because the cola bottles have got a dark taste to them and when I say that it's, how do I say, it's a very genuine cola bottle taste and it does have an element of bitterness to the taste as well as that tangy fizziness that comes with it. Overall, it's not a bad flavour at all. It's got a lot of different types of flavours going on and it binds together really, really well. It's really, really nice and it's... The cola bottle element to the gummy bear sweets is different. It adds a element of originality and uniqueness. Overall, it's great. It really is nice.

It's my kind of flavour, I'm into the sweet gummy bear flavour of the gummy sweet texture in the mouth. There's gummy sweet flavour. I'm really into that element and it's a fresh outlook on e-liquids. For me, it's an in thing at the moment and I really, I really, really like it. So if it's good, then thumbs up in my opinion and to be honest this is a good flavour. The Cola bottles are the hero of the flavour, carries the flavour over really, really well. There's not much to describe in terms of extra elements. There's a nice element of sweetness. The fizziness, the sourness comes from the Cola bottles. Like a bit more from the gummy bears if I'm honest, but there's enough there for me for it to carry. The sweetness does have an element of length to the aftermath of the vape. As I said, the sweetness is on top of the mouth and it stays on top of the mouth and that is a really nice touch. But yeah, it's a great flavour. It's really, really nice.

And last but not least is Blonut Milk, which is described as a double dunked sugar covered doughnut, drenched in your favorite strawberry Nesquik-y milk gagging to get in your mouth. Ooh! Okay, so the first thing that really comes to a head here is the strawberry flavour. The strawberry flavour is very creamy, it's very fruity, and there's a nice degree of sweetness built in with that flavour on its own. Now, the milk flavour to me, is more reminiscent of a yoghurt flavour. Yeah. It is... The texture is for me quite thick, to me, a reminiscent of a thick, creamy yoghurt straight out of the pot in a spoon... On a spoon in your mouth. And that's a realistic flavour to me, very genuine. As I said the strawberry is very juicy, has a degree of sweetness, but it also has an element of tartness which is very important for me for a strawberry flavour. So it's got all of the elements that you'd expect from a strawberry flavour.

The doughnut is very light, it adds an element of... It's got a light fluffy texture, none of the fried doughy heavy textures that you can get from some doughnuts. It's quite light and it complements the strawberry really well, it doesn't fight with the strawberry, it just blends really, really well. It's not the most uncommon of flavours, but it adds its own two cents of the strawberry doughnut milk sort of flavour. It's a good contribution to that range of strawberry doughnut with the milk sort of flavours. And to be honest if you want me to be frank with it, it's the first doughnut flavour that when it says it's got a milk element to it, that it actually tastes of a milk... Oh, I said it's a yoghurt before, but it's got that creaminess and the creaminess just goes over the tongue, but it stays on your tongue. But it goes away pretty quickly, but saying that it does, it is what it is, and it's... When it's described as a doughnut with a milk flavour I expect that. There's not a lot of doughnut flavours that have that milk flavour built in when it actually says it does.

So, to me it's a winner. It does what it says on the tin and it's a pretty good flavour overall. It's really nice, that strawberry milk flavour is nice. I know it says yoghurt but let's perceive it as the milk flavour because that's what it's described as, it's got that creamy touch. It just seems quite thick. Got that bit of heaviness on the flavour. So yeah, overall it's really, really good. Really good quality flavour.

Okay, guys so there we have it. That is the review for SUB-OHM Juice done. Overall, it's a great bunch of flavours, the Blue Waffle kinda gets overlooked. The other two flavours Blonut Milk and Fizzy Kush are really, really nice, Fizzy Kush more so. My issue is this though, if you're gonna create a range, I'm really, really sorry 'cause I'm gonna upset people with this, but in my opinion, vaping is a smoking alternative, or... And also like an abstinence of tobacco and nicotine in my opinion. I've vaped zero nic for a year and a half, maybe two years now. Now, with these flavours, they're only available in 3 milligram. That to me is a cardinal sin for vaping in my opinion. You can have good flavours. You can have whatever you want, but in my opinion you have to have a zero nic alternative. That is very important for me.

It has annoyed me a lot because, I don't wanna say it's been hard for me to vape these but I very rarely vape on a mech mod and the only way for me to review this to you guys is to vape it at fairly low power to get them flavours without getting that nic hit. And if you vape zero nic for a while, for the people that have vaped zero nic for a while, you'll know if you have a 3 ml... I will never touch a 6 mg ever, because it will be far too strong. And 3 ml, after vaping zero nic for so long, is really, really, really strong. You have to create a zero nic alternative for this juice guys. That is my only feedback. You can have the best flavours in the world but you have to have that option. If I'd seen these in the shops and they're saying, Oh yeah, it's only available in the 3 ml, I'd walk away straight away because I don't need that nicotine. I mean, I've done all'em juices and I'm jittering. I really am jittering. My heart is going ten to the dozen and I'm buzzing. I really am buzzing. And I don't want that.

So, I'm sorry if that's gonna upset people, but in my opinion, I've gotta put my two cents in with that. The flavours are great but you have to create that zero nic option. Some people may argue, But I want 6 ml. Then maybe they gotta create a 6 ml as well. But for me, being nicotine free, you have to create a zero nic alternative. That's my rant over. I'm very sorry, but I have to get that in because that has annoyed me, quite a lot, with this range. But yeah, that is the review done for this guys. I hope you found it informative. Please excuse my rant if you don't agree with that, but that's just me. I hope you found it informative. Thank you very much for watching guys. And I'll see you soon. Cheers.

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Interesting. Okay, so the first thing that comes through mainly for me is the ice cream. This ice cream is very, very creamy and the ice cream is very, very sweet as well. When I say very, very sweet, it's not overly sweet, not overpowering, not gonna make your teeth sting, nothing like that. It's a nice element of sweetness tied in with that ice cream.