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Okay guys, I'm finally back. It's been too long since I did the last video. I kept telling you guys I was gonna do product reviews, was gonna do the and e-juice review and stuff, and I did it, I just didn't film it and then when I thought about filming it, I couldn't be bothered. So what I did is I went out like every normal person would do and spent an absolute ton on camera gear, lighting stuff, getting taught how to use the camera and everything. After learning all that stuff, I really cou

Best Donut E Juice Ever ! ! ! ! ! ! ! - Flawless Aftermath
Credit to: Reloaded Motors
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Video Transcript: Best Donut E Juice Ever ! ! ! ! ! ! ! - Flawless Aftermath by Reloaded Motors

Okay guys, I'm finally back. It's been too long since I did the last video. I kept telling you guys I was gonna do product reviews, was gonna do the and e-juice review and stuff, and I did it, I just didn't film it and then when I thought about filming it, I couldn't be bothered. So what I did is I went out like every normal person would do and spent an absolute ton on camera gear, lighting stuff, getting taught how to use the camera and everything. After learning all that stuff, I really couldn't be bothered to even do anything else with a camera. It wound me up that much. But I think I've nailed it, hopefully it looks better than the previous videos. I'm thinking it probably should. It might not, if it doesn't, go fuck yourselves. So yeah, what I'm gonna kind of say to you is I'm gonna do a little re-cap on what I've been doing. So we've done the video, the camera stuff's there, the lighting stuff's there. Hopefully we've got things set up right, so we can start doing these again. Two a week, then I'm feeling good with myself and I'm helping you guys learn lots of e-juice stuff.

First thing I wanna mention is I've left the RX200, I know, cry from the inside. But I've got myself a Copper Limitless and gone ahead and customized it with this super sick Sleeve. If you guys wanna see it, I don't know if it's gonna focus. It might. Again, you can probably see the nice Copper Kennedy up on top. And I was a bit like dubious about getting the Kennedy. I've seen it on Instagram and stuff, if you guys follow me on Instagram. People love the Kennedy drippers. And I was thinking it's just hype, it's probably nothing special. I was a Velocity fan through and through. But the truth is you guys need to try a Kennedy, if you love the Velocity and you can get around the whole build deck being different, you guys are gonna absolutely love the Kennedy, it's ridiculous. I'm gonna just show you guys, let me just show you. Now you can see there look, my set up. This thing is hard to sort of like talk about, you know what I mean, look at that. But once you take a nice big puff of this, it's absolutely crazy. Unbelievable. The way it does it is, obviously the air comes through the side holes and then straight up to underneath the coils, which is so much better because the amount of times I'd take a drag on these and you'd blow into it. Like that. Juice spits out every single time on a Velocity and then you're trying to screw it up and then you're worried the threads are gonna get all clogged up and stuff.

None of that with this. Straight on, boom, you're done. Kind of an apology, I guess, that it's took this long to put another video up. Hopefully you guys thought the beginning sketch was a bit funny. I was pissing my pants. But just another little thing. I've been busy collecting e-juices. We've got like Beard Vapes, we've got Boss Reserve, again, by Cuttwood, Bird Brains, some people requested me to do Bird Brains. I was never a fan of it but I've tried a little bit and it's absolutely ridiculous, I'm gonna talk to you about it later. Glass as well, this is a huge one over in the States, I don't know if you guys in the UK have had this, but in the States on their Instagram page they've got such a following. So of course, I went out a bought some little... What is this one? Pound Cake. Never heard of Pound Cake before in my life, so hopefully it's nice. Mother's Milk by Suicide Bunny. And these are some of the UK ones, I think. This is from a little local shop in Leeds. It was absolutely a fantastic shop, it's called Moll. I think it's a custard flavour. Acid B, which I was told it's absolutely like a Slush Puppy, hate those type of vapes but I'm gonna try it anyway.

And then one that absolutely gives me nightmares every night, Butterbean. Look at that horrible clown thing. Is that focused in? I don't know. Hopefully it focused. But yeah, so you can see I've been busy. Again, a big sorry, I should have keep up on loading the videos. Some people asked where I'd been. A lot of people didn't care, so... Maybe fuck me right, I know right, horrible. But yeah, that's my apology and I'm not gonna talk about it anymore. So what I'm gonna do is... And I've titled it, rightly so, on the video, Possibly the best Donut flavoured e-juice I've ever tasted in my life. And I know if you've watched the other videos before, we've had the Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood and that's like a cinnamon pastry flavour. It was like... It was absolutely unbelievable but this thing beats it. Now I know it pains me to say that Cuttwood hasn't lived up to it, but Flawless Aftermath. You guys wanna see that bottle. Bright red, 60mL bottles. This cost me £29.99 from the shop I got it from. So much cheaper online, if you guys wanna buy it online, check them out. Absolutely fantastic.

The smell though, okay, you can see I've vaped on this, I'm gonna tell you now, I was told it's a donut flavour and that was it, I said just give me one. Didn't smell it, got home, opened it up, smelt it and it smells like ass. It's horrible. It smells like bubblegum, like really, really strong bubblegum and that's not what you want if you think you're gonna have a turned up flavour. The profile reads, A creamy glazed donut filled with juicy blueberry bites served with a side of vanilla bean ice cream. Does that sound appetizing to you? It did to me, so that's why I said I'm gonna try it. Don't trust the smell, ask the guy at the shop to let you try it because your brains will melt out of your ears. So yeah, let's drip this up. Check it out. One thing I will say about the Kennedy thing though, as well, careful when you're dripping in, because it can drip down these air holes and it does cover you that time.

Unbelievable. Flavour is just like flaky pastry, that's exactly... If you can imagine them as like round donuts with the powder on the top of them. That's exactly what you're tasting. I'm not too sure about blueberries, it tastes more like jam. Which is kind of what I'm smelling when I say the bubblegum, it's like a raspberry flavour. So what it tastes like guys, it's like a donut with the frosting on the top of it, like a sugar. And inside it's like a jam. I can definitely not taste blueberries so I don't know why that's on there. I'm gonna try again but, it's definitely like a pastry, really fresh, fresh pastry. Honestly, if you guys have the chance to try it and you're looking for the best donut juice, Flawless Aftermath and you will not be upset.

Their production is ridiculous, the clouds hang around all day long like your best buddy. But yeah, the truth is, is there's also has a downside to it. Plus point, 60mL, £30 that's still very, very reasonable. You'll be using it all the time. Downside, and this is a really, really big downside, for me anyway. I drip this juice. Haven't tried in a tank. I'm trying to get away from tanks now. The flavour is so much better on dripping, usually. You get maybe about two full drippers full and you cannot taste this juice anymore. It's just a blank flavour, it is literally like smoking absolutely nothing. Which to me, is a massive downside, because this is gonna last me now for months, which is fine, in that sense. But the truth is that if you wanted that flavour consistently, this is not gonna work for you. I don't know if it was maybe my batch, I don't know.

Nevertheless, still scores pretty highly. I'm gonna say out of ten, it's a solid seven. And mainly the few stars it's missed out on, is definitely because I can't taste it all the time and that sucks balls. Okay? So if you guys are looking for the best donut juice vape and you can handle the the whole not being able to chain vape it, Flawless Aftermath, check it out online. £30 for 60mL, can you go wrong? Okay. And again, guys, thank you for sticking around. Subscribe to the channel if you haven't already. I will not be posting any links up top because I haven't done any videos for so long, but hopefully the quality of this video is gonna make up for it because you guys all expect so much better. Okay, so until next time guys. Peace.

It is really good. Anyway guys, if you're on to this point of the video, you know I always put a little clip after that end title. Again, thank you very much if you're a subscriber already. Because it does mean a lot. I know I've not posted anything up recently. It's kind of difficult. I don't get sent any of these juices for free. So I've got to go out and buy all of these. And you guys know as dedicated vaper people that it's not cheap, is it really? And on top of all the camera gear and stuff because I wasn't happy with the quality of the videos. So, what I wanted to do is I wanted to make sure that what you guys are watching is something that I would wanna watch. And that's kind of difficult to do with cash flow, working, buying the juice and stuff. Hopefully you guys will appreciate it. So yeah, this is a little end bit. Nothing much more to tell you about. If you haven't already and you're watching this for the first time. I review juices, I check out the new mods. Anything I get sent, if I ever do, I'll always review it and let you guys know seriously an honest opinion on it.

If it tastes like shit, I'll tell you guys, It tastes like shit, don't waste your money. If it tastes amazing I will tell you guys to go out today and buy some. So yeah, if you haven't already, subscribe to the channel. Like the video if you like the video. And hopefully this is what it's gonna be like for the rest of the time now, the same quality you've got now. And hopefully you guys will like that. Okay. So again, thanks very much. See you later.