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Welcome back to the channel guys. I am Matt, thank you so much for joining me. I apologize I haven't had any videos up for about a week. We were out of town, but now it's back to business as usual, and so we are gonna start out this week's videos, with the Zeus Dual RTA by Geek Vape. This is a dual coil version of their fairly popular Zeus RTA, it has that top airflow design. Inside, you'll find your tank, then you'll have an extra piece of glass, a goodies pack with a tool, some O rings, a c

Zeus Dual RTA by Geekvape!
Credit to: Suck My Mod
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Video Transcript: Zeus Dual RTA by Geekvape! by Suck My Mod

Welcome back to the channel guys. I am Matt, thank you so much for joining me. I apologize I haven't had any videos up for about a week. We were out of town, but now it's back to business as usual, and so we are gonna start out this week's videos, with the Zeus Dual RTA by Geek Vape. This is a dual coil version of their fairly popular Zeus RTA, it has that top airflow design. Inside, you'll find your tank, then you'll have an extra piece of glass, a goodies pack with a tool, some O rings, a couple different drip tips, which I will show you guys, and then you have some prewrapped coils, right here.

Okay, here is the tank. Now, at the base, it is 25 mm in diameter. As you can see right there, it does start to bulge out a bit and maxes out at 26 mm. Now, from the base to the top of this tip, you're looking at 47 mm. Gold plated, protruding 510 pen, says Zeus. Now, the only ones that I got were this color, it's got that media blasted, sandblasted type of look, but I am assuming that it's gonna be coming in different colors as well. Now, with the tip that it comes preinstalled with, let's get that off.

It is an 810, but as you can see, it's got this little lip here that fits over that, but then it also comes with this standard 810 that fits on top of that platform there, so you can see some of the metal, and it also comes with a 510 drip tip, plus another little black Delrin 510 drip tip adapter. So all these tips do look to me to be Delrin. Now, the measurement across there is 18 mm in diameter, so if you do have an 810 tip that is wider than that, then it could hang over. So that's one downside to that design where it's got that platform right there. I do like the look of the kinda two tone tip thing going on right there, though, with this one on.

Airflow adjustment, right here. There are hard stops on that. There are two slots, one and two, says, Geek Vape right there, Zeus down here, and then on the barrel there, it's got a Zeus logo, some Zeus art. It's kind of hard to make out, because it's... The detail is very small, but you can pick it up, it doesn't look bad. So you pull the base off, you're gonna have the build deck right there, it is a postless design. You can pull this glass off, then you can pull the top cap off, right here, and there is where you'd fill it. And if you see, there's a tab right there, tab right there, fits in right there, so there's no threading per se. It does just fit down into these little grooves and then you tighten it over. Personally, I honestly just like threading better, 'cause with this one, I have had times where I was going to put the cap back on and I'd really have to line it up a little bit. Obviously, you can take a look at where those tabs are, though, try to line those up like so. And there you go.

Now at the top airflow, it does come down from an outer chamber, around there, and then that transfers into here on both sides. Although I like the flavor on this, it does seem like you get a little bit of indirect airflow, because if you see that chamber, it looks like it wraps all the way around. They're also gonna be selling this bubble tank separately to that, it doesn't come with it. This will add another 1.5 mLs of liquid. Stock, it is 4 mLs, but with the tank on, it is 5.5 mLs, so there's what that bubble tank looks like. Not bad, honestly, I like the straight glass better, but it really just depends on what's important to you, depends on how often you're able to fill up your liquid. So I'm gonna put that tank section back on.

Now, with the deck, it's a postless design, does have little flat head screws on both sides, not a huge deck. Your leads go in there, so this side looks to be the positive. So one lead, one lead, and then they sit that way, horizontally, and then the wicks come off onto both sides. Not huge wick slots either. It's really moreso optimized for 2.5 mm coils, which is too bad, 'cause most of the prebuilt coils out there are 3 mm. I looked to see what I had for prebuilt, I have some Tri-core fused Claptons, I have some of these twisted Claptons as well from Coilology, both of those are 2.5 mm. It's not that 3 mm coils won't work, it's just a tight fit and you're really, really gonna want to thin your cotton down quite a bit, if you do that.

So I'm gonna go ahead and put this on the Proton, loosen these screws up, and they are a little tiny in there. I'll go ahead and use these Tri-core fused Claptons, these should ohm out to 0.32. I went ahead and trimmed my leads down on those. Let's go ahead and put the first one in here, screw down my leads. So there's my first coil. Now, if you look, this wall right here kinda keeps you from using a bar and pushing your coil even closer to that airflow. You can do it just manually and try to straighten it out, but this bar right here is pushed right up against the wall, and so it's a little harder to do that.

Okay, so there's my first one, I'm happy with that. If you see there, the airflow is slanted up, so, should hit your coil at an angle, like that. I got my second one in. Don't have to build it too high up off of this deck, because of the way the airflow is coming in. One other thing to note too, I'm just not a huge fan of these screws. I mean, the flat head part sucks, but they're also, they seem a bit smaller than some other screws that we see in postless decks. So, it would have been nice if they were a little larger and also maybe Phillips, or something like that.

Alright, there's my build, it's coming out at 0.16. And I'm sorry, I think when I said, when I showed you guys, I said it would be 0.32, that's just one coil, so one coil is 0.32. Now, with this one, even with a 2.5 mm coil, you definitely do wanna thin your wick out a bit and then trim it down more. I'm gonna trim it down about like so. Now, if you look underneath there, there's a little lip, and you can tuck your cotton in there. But be aware, because that's not a huge hole right there, and if you are really pushing cotton down in there, and it's tight, and it really mashes that cotton together, it's just not gonna wick well. So I would suggest either running your cotton right above that, or just barely tucked in there, maybe just a little bit tucked in there, or sitting on top. I'm gonna get my wick wet, and then form these wicks more, and then, without compressing it too much, just kinda lay these down. Remember, you don't want any wick covering up those threads right there. Okay, so I'm happy with that. When you push this on, it's gonna press those wicks down a little bit more too, and just screw this thing together.

And now, let's go ahead and fill it. Put the cap on. And there's a look at it on the Proton. I think they match up really well, actually. Alright, so let's go ahead, go back up top, vape this and talk about it a little more. Alright, here I have the Zeus Dual, airflow's wide open. It's now reading 0.15, 65 watts, let's go ahead and vape it.

Now, I'm gonna lower the wattage down to about 60 and close the airflow about halfway, maybe even a little more than halfway, that's how I like it. Yeah, this thing surprisingly has a lot of airflow, more than I expected it to have. I closed it down maybe even two-thirds of the way, as you can see, and it's still a pretty comfortable lung hit that's slightly restricted.

When you close it down like that, you do get a little bit of a whistle. Wide open, got a little bit of a smoother sound. But yeah, if you like a lot of airflow on your dual coil RTAs, I think that this would have enough for most of you out there. Now, first off, let's talk about the reasons for an RTA like this. We've seen top airflow RTAs out there before. The reason being is, leaking. It does not mean that no matter how you wick it, it's fine, or whatever, because you still, if you... Like with this one, this build I just put in it, it's just at the cusp of overwicking. It's not there, it's a comfortable, good vape, I'm not getting a bunch of liquid in my mouth, but if I would have wicked it less than that, or cut my wicks a little bit shorter, then you have liquid pooling up all the way up to where the coils are, and then it's just gonna be popping and stuff like that. So don't think that with RTAs like this, yes, you might not get liquid coming out the bottom or anything like that, but it still matters how you wick it, because if you don't wick it well, you don't wick it enough, or whatever, it's going to then pool up too high and be unvapable, you'll get a bunch of liquid in your mouth.

Let's talk pros and cons, let's go cons first. The deck's small, and that's... I understand why it had to be that way, because you needed extra room for the chamber, for airflow to come down inside that bell there, but it's small, so you're limited on what coils you can put in this. 2.5 mm really, probably your best bet, and even then, you're gonna wanna thin your wicks up a little bit and play with it to figure out how long to run your wick. If you run your wicks too long, you tuck it inside that hole, and it compresses the cotton in there, it's then not gonna wick as well for you. So it's not the easiest build in the world, for RTAs like this.

Another con for me is, I'm not a huge fan of how small those screws are. Again, I think that they probably had size limitations because of, they're trying to pack everything inside of here, but the screws are pretty small and dinky, and you really gotta hold it up close, when you go to screw 'em down, especially being flat head. Also, I wish that this was just threaded, this little top cap. Not a big deal, but I did have times where I wasn't really paying attention and I was just trying to fill up quick and go for it, and I kinda had to line up the notches here. I mean, now that I'm used to it, I could just look at the bottom here, line 'em up fairly close, then twist, wait for it to drop down and then tighten it up. But I wish that it was just threaded, personally, so that's a con. Another con is that this platform will limit some of the 810s out there. Most of them are gonna be 18 mm or smaller, but there are some 810 drip tips out there that are even wider that might hang over the little platform.

Now, with pros, the flavor is pretty damn good. It's not the best dual coil RTA flavor I've ever had, but it's actually quite good, even though I think there is some indirect airflow going on in there because you have airflow coming down the whole way around that bell. Even then, the flavor is more than enough for what I like to see out of an RTA like this, and so I have no issues there. The flavor is really nice. The build quality is great, I love the look of this. I think it's just my style, it's simple, classy. I like the media blasted finish on this as well. And also, another pro is that it's top airflow, so you're not gonna have issues everywhere, you're gonna have liquid coming out the bottom here, and seeping onto the top of your mod. So something like this is definitely good in warmer months, where the liquid thins out when you're outside, but again, you still wanna try to wick it correctly, and that might take a little bit of trial and error on your part, depending on your juice thickness, the climate outside, all that stuff, how you vape it, the temperature you're vaping it at, there's lots of different factors in there. And so you're still gonna wanna wick it correctly because if this overwicks, it's just gonna pool up to your coils, like I said.

So all in all, I do think it's quite good. It's an RTA I'm gonna continue to use, I like the performance I get off of it, I like the flavor I get off of it, I like the draw when I close the airflow down. It's made well, it looks cool, it fits into my style of vaping. It's not perfect, though, that's... There's always give and takes when it comes to any style of RTA and RDA. If you want top airflow on an RDA, that's great, 'cause then you're not gonna have liquid coming out, but if you purge, you're gonna have vapor coming into your face. If you want top airflow on an RTA, then you have less space inside, it's gonna hold less liquid, unless you put the bubble tank on here.

There's pros and cons on both sides, and it's really just up to you and what's important to you when it comes to shopping for an RTA. But I'm gonna continue to use it. I like it, I like the draw off of it, I like the flavor off of it. And I think that Geek Vape did a pretty nice job. So I haven't seen any sites in the States have this in stock as of filming this. A few have already listed it, but it's not in stock yet. They're charging around $35, I'm assuming all the big guys, the VaporDNAs, the Element Vapes, MyVpros, all them, will have it within the next week or so, 'cause I know reviewers have had this for, I think, close to two weeks now. I'm assuming they will have other colors in this as well.

Okay, let's wrap it up there. Sorry if I was a little rusty guys, first time I filmed a video for like 10 days. That about wraps it up. Until next time, thanks for watching Suck My Mod.