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So when I first received this product, I was like, Okay, looks simple. Took it out of the package, read the instructions, read how to use this sucker, and then I filled her up, and I vaped her, and then I was like, Whoa! I mean, I could not get over how well this thing performed. And you know what I was like? This gotta be just a lucky, a lucky build. So I took that sucker apart, put a new build in there, filled her back up, vaped her again, and I was like, Woohoo! Yeah! This is why I love to

The Big Dripper RDTA
Credit to: RiP Trippers
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Video Transcript: The Big Dripper RDTA by RiP Trippers

So when I first received this product, I was like, Okay, looks simple. Took it out of the package, read the instructions, read how to use this sucker, and then I filled her up, and I vaped her, and then I was like, Whoa! I mean, I could not get over how well this thing performed. And you know what I was like? This gotta be just a lucky, a lucky build. So I took that sucker apart, put a new build in there, filled her back up, vaped her again, and I was like, Woohoo! Yeah! This is why I love to do reviews. This is why I love to put out videos. I love to vape and this reminds me how much I love it. And this right here, has reminded me how far we have come in the vaping market. No more dripping and driving, guys.

Today, I'm gonna be reviewing the Big Dripper, the RDTA, Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. That's right. It's a tank over a dripper. Have I vaped on something like this in the past? Yes, but has it performed like this? No. And that's why I was super stoked when I vaped on this thing for the first time. Because the other dripper tanks that I used in the past had a much cooler vape. It wasn't at authentic dripper experience. This is an authentic dripper experience. It's just like an RDA. You get that warmth, that nice dense vape. Holy crap. I couldn't be more happier. Could not be more happier, like a pig in slop. So the build I have it here is a 0.9 ohm, dual 28 gauge build. Oh, yeah, I got this big dripper sitting on the iPV2, vaping her at 35 watts performance. And she's a chuckin'. She is chuckin' just like a dripper. The vape, the flavor, the flavor is so good. Top notch flavor.

I wouldn't say it's up there with the or the Veritas, but it's pretty damn close. It's right up there with a lot of these other drippers that I've been using, but those other drippers don't have a big-ass tank right on top of it, this does. This is just more convenient. And when it gets a little dry, you've got this push activation button up here, right by the drip tip. You see this? Watch. Woop. Press that a few times, hold it down, and it saturates that wick and coil, you're good to go. Easy-peasy, what a sleazy.

Okay, so now I got her at 50 watts. I don't even have her wide open either. It's about, I would say, three-fourths of the way open, and it's a nice airy hit, I mean, I'm still getting that warmth, that nice, warm, dense vape. That dense flavor, that dense vapor. So I closed her off a little bit. Okay, it's gonna give me even more intense flavor. Still easily able to do my lung inhales. I mean, I could see this, not only being for you flavor chasers out there, but you cloud chasers as well. I mean, you see it. You see the vapor? Vapor's up there with the best of them. It's got a copper pin at the 510 connection. 510 threads, buttery smooth, fits on all my variable voltage, variable wattage devices, all my mechanical mods, etcetera.

Just like I mentioned earlier, you've got this push activation switch up top. Okay, it's spring loaded. It's got a spring on that shaft inside there, and how it works is, when you push down, in that tank at the base of the tank, you got a hole and it holds between 3 and 5 mL. But you fill it up, at the base it's got a hole. When you press the activation switch, it pushes that juice down into the chamber where your wick and coil are, keeps it saturated, so when you go dry, oh, man! It's just like auto dripping mode except you don't have to tilt it, you just press it, hold it, press it, hold it, it's saturated. Boom! It's got the smallest chamber that I've seen to date on any dripper style atty. The base of the tank sits right above, I mean, right on top of those screws. It is super, super small and that's why you're getting such a saturated, warm, hot vape.

I'm gonna cover all this stuff in the close-ups but you've got these Cyclops slots on the outside, you've got two on the outside barrel, and then on the inside lip that's attached to the deck, you've got four slots and you line it up from the outside to the inside. Just like most of these other RDAs. Oh, yeah, this thing is a 22 mm RDTA, so it fits perfect on all my mechanical mods, the 22 mm mechanical mods. You guys saw the picture on my Instagram page. If you hadn't seen it, go over there and check it out. You know what, I'll go ahead and post it here too. Look sweet, doesn't it? Yeah, she sits flush like that on all my 22 mm mech mods. Every drip tip that I own fits and is compatible. And you know what? This black drip tip, people keep asking me, RiP, what's this drip tip? I mentioned it a few videos ago, but this drip tip is the airflow drip tip by Ninja Mods. I don't know the exact name of it but if you go to ninjamods.com, I'm sure he sells these. This thing is awesome. It's Delrin. You can do adjustable airflow. I really don't care much for the adjustable airflow but I love the feel, it's bored out wide, wide, wide. I mean, just like it.

I cannot get over the damn flavor, how good it is with this type of set up, the way this thing's engineered, I could have swore this thing was gonna be a cooler vape. I didn't think in my wildest dreams that this will produce the flavor it does, but it does. Right now, vaping on a 90% VG juice, okay? And this thing feeds great. It feeds great. I noticed that with the thicker juices, I have to hold this automated switch down or this push-activated switch down longer, hold it down, it feeds to it, with thinner juices. Okay? Just boop, boop, boop, boop, it feeds right to it. Okay, something like a 50-50 blend or even thinner PG, PG-based juices, all you need is just a press, a press, a press, and it just feeds it right to it. It's easy. And then, the last pro is the juice well, it has got a deep juice well, 3 millimeters, 3 millimeters deep. It holds a lot of wick and it holds a lot of juice.

So those are the many pros. Now, the cons and there are a few of them. The pen at the 510 connection is not adjustable, that's one. Two, this thing could be easier to fill up. I wish, at the top, there was like a screw where you can unscrew it or some sort of a plug, where you pulled that sucker out, fill it up from the top 'cause filling up from the bottom could be a pain in the ass. You'll know what I'm talking about when I show you in the close-ups. Three, and this is a subjective con, but you know what? They should make this thing to where you can do a single coil build. You don't have to worry about doing a dual coil. I mean, where the hell is the love for all the single coilers out there? A lot of these drippers nowadays are just made for dual-coil or made for quad coils. What about single coilers? I'm a single coil guy, I mean, I do dual coils. I do dual coils all the time but I do 'em because I got no choice. Because I got no choice. Because I got no choice. I wanna do my single coil. Come on! Fourth con, because of that super deep juice well and that lip, that attached lip around that deck, it can't be a pain in the ass to do your build. I mean, for someone who's experienced, who's an experienced coil builder, it's easy but I'd say, it's not convenient. Five, this thing is on the pricier side, we'll get into that in a little bit. And six, this thing is not accessible. So yeah, those are the pros and the cons. Let's cool that and dive down.

I'm gonna show you guys, what this thing's made of, how it goes together, how to use it. You ready? Let's go. Here's the Big Dripper, all disassembled; you've got the deck, you got the tank section, you got the drip tip/shaft section, you got the top cap/shaft section, and then you've got the spring. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, you get an Allen key and you also get extra o-rings, extra screws, even an extra Allen key. Here is the deck section, as you guys can see, it's got a deep juice well, 3 mm deep, you've got two Cyclops slots on each side, and this is primarily made for dual-coil builds. So you can either build on the right side, like I've done, right on this side, right on that side, or the left side. And as you guys could see, it's got a three-post design. You've got your grub screws to make connection with your leads, and look at the size of those holes, 2.5 mm in diameter. Monster holes for monster wire.

For this build, I've got this obviously, the dual-coil build, but I'm using 24 gauge, not 28 gauge. I put a new build in. I just wanna show you how easy it is to use your 24 gauge, 22 gauge, 20 gauge. It swallows it. One more look from the top down. She's a beaut, she is a beaut. Now this is how I've been doing my builds, these dual-coil builds. I build them on either side, mostly the right side and I make sure that they're down. Each coil is down because you wanna be able to see your coils through those slots. That gives you the best flavor, the best vapor, the best throat hit. I mean in my opinion, that's my experiences, anyways. The tank is held on by these two o-rings and it is a nice fit. The tolerances are great. It's not too loose, it's not too tight. I never have any leaking issues from the o-rings. It seals it in perfectly.

Here is the base of the deck, Sub-Ohm Innovations, that's the company that manufactures this product. You got a copper pin at the 510, and these screws down here... The screws down here allow you to adjust your negative posts. Cool, cool, cool. Made in the good old US of A. So here's the top cap/shaft section, you got the threads, threads, smooth, smooth, smooth. Tank fits over that, O-ring seals it in, seals the juice in. You got the two Cyclops slots on each side for your adjustable air flow. Here is the chamber, it doesn't look tiny if you're looking at it straight on, but let me tell you something, this chamber is small, when you fit that deck in there, the base of the top cap is a hair in width above those grub nuts. Tiny, tiny, tiny. You got the bevel at the top, as you guys can see. And I think that contributes to the great flavor you get off this device. There's the hole at the base. You see that hole, that tiny little hole? That's where the juice comes from. The juice comes in, seeps in there, feeds through that hole onto your wick and coil. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, goodness.

Here's a top view of the shaft. Alrighty, so, let me show you how this sucker works. Spring fits over the shaft. Before we screw on the tank, I'm gonna show you guys how it works from the inside. You got the spring right here, fits over this shaft, then you got this other shaft section, this drip tip/shaft section and the drip tip fits into this hole. Here's the shaft section. See that O-ring inside there? It fits just like this. And then the shaft section, this shaft section fits in this shaft section and the O-ring, brilliant design, it seals in the juice. So you push in just like that. Okay? And imagine the tank is screwed down, this is what's inside. You got juice in here, and as you press this, the juice feeds in that little pin hole, down in the chamber, onto your wick and coil, and that's how it works.

So here's the tank section, you've got this O-ring in here, and that seals everything in. This right here is the shaft, I just showed you the drip tip shaft, and how it works is here is the inside of the tank, right? These threads right here, this screws on the top cap, it's compatible. This pops in, the fat portion where the drip tip goes in, pops in head first and all that does is it press fits just like that and that O-ring seals in everything.

So now, we're gonna go ahead and fill this sucker up. All we're gonna do is push this in right here and like I mentioned, it holds either 3 mL or 5 mL. If you fill it up to the edge of this shaft, where the shaft ends, that's 3 mL marker. That's what we're gonna do first. That's the 3 mL marker right there. Now to fill it up to 5 mL, let me show you how to do that. We're gonna go ahead and install this shaft into this other shaft. Okay, boom, it's in. All we're gonna do is fill it up to the start of those threads. That's the 5 mL marker right there. Screw that sucker in. Gotta make sure it's completely tight, no leakage. No leakage one bit.

Let me show you how this thing works. I'm gonna go ahead and press that button up top, watch this. Look at that. And that's with 90% VG e-liquid, guys. This is how I've been wicking this sucker. I've been using Japanese cotton, one, and what I've been doing is I've been taking those squares and I've been cutting sections off, as you guys can see. Those are flat sections, I'm pulling them through there, and what I'm doing is, is I'm clipping off just a little tail. Barely any on this side. And how it works is, I'm just pushing that little tail in flat, I don't wanna push it down, I don't wanna keep it up. I'm gonna keep it parallel with this lip in the coil and I do that on both sides. Just even with that lip. Wick cannot be facing that, it's just gotta be the coil.

Line up those slots on each side with each slot where the coil is. And then you adjust your airflow by just turning it. So, that is the Big Dripper. Let's go ahead and take her back to the original screen.

Alrighty, so that is the Big Dripper. I received this sucker from a company called Grand Vapor Station, grandvaporstation.com. I'll have a link in the description. It is a little pricey, $129.99. I gotta say this, this thing is innovative. There's really nothing like it on the market right now. So, that being said, $129.99. Yes, it's worth it for that reason. Would I have purchased it if Grand Vapor Station hadn't sent it to me for review, I would have purchased it. I would have tried to purchase it. But here's the bad news, you can't get one of these suckers. They're not accessible. Just like in my last post, I mentioned about accessibility. If something is not accessible, that freaking sucks and that pisses me off. And you know what, this thing is awesome. I fell love with this thing from hello. I just feel like it's a damn waste of your time for me to review something that you can't get. And I don't understand why vendors like Grand Vapor Station, Grand Vapor Station, if you're watching this, why the hell are you gonna send me something that you can't get until October 1st?

Here's a perfect analogy for you. My wife over here, boy, she's looking foxy, she just got done shaving. Mmm, mmm, mmm, smooth as butter. Wearing red lingerie. Well, she decides to come over and sit on my lap. She starts caressing me, getting me all worked up, blowing in my ear and then she just decides to stand up out of the blue and go, We'll finish this later. Bye. Talk about blue balls. And I feel like that's what the manufacturer of this device is doing to you guys. Giving you vape blue balls. Grand Vapor Station sends me this. I love it. Oh, man, do I love it and then I find tonight when I go to their site and see if it's in stock, it's not available till October 1st. What the fart? You gotta go and get on a pre-order list. So, if you want one of these things, unfortunately you gotta wait, which sucks. So that is my take on the Big Dripper. It's a kick ass product, but it's not available.

This is RiP Trippers. And remember, smoking is dead, vaping is the future, and the future is now.