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True to its name, the Geekvape Peerless RDA is configurable, flexible and clever, all at once. Regardless of the post holes’ spacing, the Peerless RDA lets you build both giant and small coil builds. Whether you're putting long 6-play framed staple coils, or simple solid-core coils, there is a configuration matching your requirement. Since the post contacts don't meet in the middle of the extra-deep 9mm juice, the e-liquid freely moves to either side in a dual-coil build. The airflow is even with the top of the cap, so you no longer need to worry about shorting your coils!

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Peerless RDA by Geekvape - Very Impressed - Build & Wick
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Geekvape Peerless RDA reviews

Video Transcript: Peerless RDA by Geekvape - Very Impressed - Build & Wick by Mike Vapes

What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here. Today, I have an RDA to show you guys. And this RDA right here was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Geek Vape. It is the Peerless, hope I'm saying it right, Peerless RDA. So 24 millimeter RDA, comes in different colors, lots of colors. Let me name off the colors. They have one that's in black, magenta... This is the magenta, like a pink. Yeah, why not huh? Real men rock pink, right? Yeah. Magenta, blue, gold and silver. Alright, those are the five different colors of the body itself. This is aluminum. Alright, So that's why you're not gonna see a stainless steel version 'cause it is aluminum. Single coil, dual coil option, comes with two chuff caps, comes with this chuff cap that looks like it's an Ultem, but I think it's more of an acrylic.

I got a weird feeling this is an acrylic chuff cap that's on here, but it could be polished Ultem, I'm not sure. Has a 24 karat gold build deck, super, super deep juice well. Comes with a squonking pin. The build deck itself... Did I mention 24 karat gold build deck? Yeah. It's something new. I've never seen something like this done in a build deck, which is very innovative by them. Big props to Geek Vape. Good job with that, which I'll show you guys in the up and close. What else, what else? Price, why not? has them on pre-order right now, $23.90. That's it. Yeah, that's dirt cheap. $23.90 for this RDA is cheap. So, let's do this. Let's dive down. I'll show you guys the RDA. I'll show you guys what it comes with. I'll show you the black version, 'cause yes, they do have the black version. We'll come back, vape it, and I'll give you guys my thoughts.

And here's the packaging my Peerless RDA from Geek Vape came in. Now, remember this is not the actual release packaging to the public, this is only sample packaging for reviewers. Inside the packaging, you will get your tri-tool, right there, two allen key openings, and one for Phillips head screw. You get extra O-rings, extra post screws, and a squonk pin right there. You get this very tall squonk pin. They also include this second top cap right here, which you could see it does dual coils or single coil option. And they also include this wide bore drip tip, they're calling it like a Goon style drip tip, as you see there. And here is the star of the show, the Peerless RDA. So, starting off the top, we got like a chuff cap style Ultem looking thingy here. Looks like it's been polished, almost see-through. Not a 100% sure what this material is. It might even be acrylic.

Okay. It might be an acrylic, not 100% sure, but you do have that chuff cap. You could put a 510 drip tip inside this if you want to, and use a drip tip. You have air flow, as you could see there on both sides. As you could see, adjustable air flow, single coil or dual coil option. There's the bottom of the RDA Peerless Gold. There's your serial numbers, designed by Geek Vape, 510 gold-plated 510. It does protrude out more than enough, you could use this safely on a hybrid mechanical mod. Here's the inside of the Peerless RDA's top cap, we'll push that open. As you could see there, there's your air flow, just like the chuff cap that I just showed you guys, same exact thing going on there. Single or dual coil option, so you could, if you want to, use this top cap and use your own drip tips or use the drip tip they provide.

So would be black, then red if you have the red or pink, or whatever you wanna call this, and then gold on the bottom. It would've been nice if this top cap for that would match the color. If it was a nice color coordination going with it, but it'll match up perfect if you have the black Peerless. The black Peerless with this looks beautiful on there. Here is the build deck for the Peerless. So check out that juice well in there. Yeah, baby. I think it's like 9 millimeter juice well. Very deep. This has gotta be one of the deepest juice wells that I've ever seen. This is real nice. Another thing about this is you have your PEEK insulator there. There's a little opening right there on the bottom. Right here, it's like a little channel that goes into the other side, so any liquid that's inside here will make its way through, so this way you have even liquid on both sides. Real nice.

You have four grub screws here. Actually, two of these are regular grub screws, allen key screws. And then here, you have two different style ones. So what happens here is, they give you... You have four slots here for you to use your bigger coils, Clapton coils, all that good stuff. You use this bottom part. And then if you're using round wire builds, you would use these two slots right here. I'll show you an example right now on another RDA that I have. And here's the black Peerless, pop that off and there you go. You could see right now, I do have a round wire build on the top part. So very versatile of an RDA where you could... They basically thought of everybody in this one, for people that like to use their big exotic coils, or people that like to make their own coils out of regular round wire. Pretty nice.

Very nice what they've done with that. Now, going back to the RDA, don't think that you're gonna use this and this at the same time. It won't really work that way, their openings are too small, or if you look closely inside there... Let's see if we can cut it. I'm gonna start unscrewing. Do I have the right size? No, I don't. There we go. Had the wrong side in there. Just look at the screws. You see the way the opening just got bigger inside there? So that's what it would clamp down on your wire. Now, if you're using the bottom, the bottom part of the screw will clamp your wire. If you're using the top here for round wire, the flat piece right there, then as I start to screw this down, you'll see... See that? The way it just... It's going down. That's where it would clamp your wire. So I'll totally remove this screw so you could see how it is.

And there you go. It's almost like a two-step process going there. My first time I've ever seen something like this. Big props to Geek Vape for coming up with this. Very nice. Very, very, very impressed with what they've done with this RDA. So, I'm gonna screw this back on. There we go. I could even start off with my fingers and then screw it down. Beautiful build deck. Alright, let's get a build in here. Coils I'll be using in this build is some Staple Aliens. Alright, I'm gonna use some of this here, 0.15 resistance. You can get these on There we go. Just to do a little demonstration. If I want to, I could put my build just like that, or if I want to... See it'll fit nice just like that also, as you see there. I could use the two center and put my coils one on top of the other, or if I have a wider diameter of a coil, I use the outside post just like this.

But just notice that when you're using this outside post just like that, it does pop out. See that? So it's kinda hard to get them in there, but I suggest if you have like this one here, where it's a five wrap, I would just use the center and just put the coils right on top of each other. So what I would do here is, I'd figure out right around there to have my coil. And what I'll do is, I'm gonna cut the wire right there. Make sure it looks good right there. Perfect. Just like that. You could see there, there's my wire. I'll do the same thing on this side. Push this in just a little bit. This is hard to do with a camera right here. I think I got it right there. There we go. Got that out of the way. Now I'll take my second coil. And the best thing for this situation to do is take the coil out. Why not? Just pop it out. We're gonna grab a 2.5 millimeter rod.

So this way I cut the wire in the same exact spot on both sides. So this way I have equal distance on them. No messing around there. Just like that. I'll reverse that side also. We'll do the same thing here. Alright, there we go. Wires are cut perfect. All I gotta do now... Let me get that out of the way. Just put that in just like that. Put this side in. Hopefully you guys are seeing this. I'm not even paying attention if I'm on the camera or not, in the shoot. There we go. I'm gonna put this down 'cause it's easier for me not holding it to tighten that up. Alright, So what I'll do is I'll put my fingers just like this just to hold them in place and now I'm gonna start to screwing down. I got one side clamped. As you could see, one on top of the other. Alright, now I got the other coil and I'm pressing it together so this way you'd be able to screw them down. And there we go.

Both of them are clamped together. There we go. Okay, I've removed the 510 out of there and this is the way you would put your squonking 510 in. Alright, there we go. There's your squonk pin right there. Now, in my opinion, I think this pin is too high. Alright, I think this needed to be cut halfway, half of this distance. That's where it should be. I think it's a little bit too far up in my opinion, that's me. But yeah there's your squonking pin. There we go, baby. Let's get some cotton in there. We got the cotton in place. We'll do our usual little comb out. Just like that. Everything is nice and fluffy. Fluffed up. We grab our scissor or you could just pull those ends out. I like to usually use the scissor. Just like that. Take the cotton and put it down that deep juice well. Oh, yeah. Very nice.

Just like that. Repeat on this side too. There we go. Just like that. Juice, I'm gonna use some of this stuff here from Dis Won, it's called Karnival Celebration. It's like some sort of like donut, but it is delicious. Good stuff right here. This one is from That's where you get it. They also got this badass custard. Oh, it's so good. Oh that, smells good too. Alright, with this RDA, you could just drip right down there. Look at that, right down the center and just fill her up. Lots of juice capacity in there. I've got her soaked right now, loaded. Alright got plenty of liquid in there. We have our air flow adjustment cap. Make sure everything is fully open. Throw the top on there. I do have it on the Finder as you see. And we're ready to vape. Alright, let's go back up on top. Let's vape on it, I'll give you guys my thoughts.

And we're back. And that was the Peerless RDA by Geek Vape. So Mike, what are your thoughts? Alright, I switched it up a bit. I'm using the black one with the black top cap and the black drip tip like the Goon style drip tip that it comes with. Alright, I think it looks much nicer that way. No offense, but this color here is not for me. But there's people that... It's hard to do matchy-matchy with this color. It's one of those colors that is hard. It's not red. It's like pink, but not pink. It's called magenta. So anyway, back to the RDA. Like I said, I got the black set up going on right now. Both air flow is wide open. Got the chuff cap that it comes with, with that drip tip. Let's have a vape. Okay, let's do some pros and cons on this RDA. I found two cons. This almost was the perfect RDA in my opinion, but I have found two cons for this RDA. Possibly three, possibly three.

So first con is gonna have to be Goon style drip tip. I have Half Moon Mods Goon Drip Tip. It fits in there, but watch this. That's too easy. When it's in your pocket that drip tip just pops right off. I haven't been using it. So I have not been able to enjoy none of my Goon drip tips, but this drip tip that it comes with sticks in there a little better than the Half Moon Mod ones that I have, but it hasn't been bad with this one. So I've been rocking it just like this and have a vape. Yeah, so hopefully they could revise that part so this way... It needs to be just a hair tighter so you could fit your Goon drip tips. You don't have to worry about them popping off. Maybe you're out, it pops off, pops out when you take it out of your pocket or something, whatever the case maybe, falls down on the ground, you don't realize it, you go to vape, Where's my drip tip that I paid 20, 30 bucks for? It's vanished.

Alright, so yeah, I think they need to update that. That's gonna be the first con. Second con would have to be... This is why it's kind of like a subjective, Maybe it's a con. This is your 510 drip tip, also adapter. I wish it included a 510 drip tip adapter to put right on here so I could use it on this. You know what I'm saying? 'Cause it look, your 510 drip tip's on here, just look kinda funny. That's my opinion. So, that could be kind of a con. And another con for this... It's not a big major issue of a con... Remember, all these cons that I'm giving you are just so minor in my opinion, except for the Goon drip tip part. But anyway, squonking pin. The squonking pin I think is a little bit too tall like I showed in the up and close. It needs to be half of that. That tallness where you saw it sticking up, by half of that and I think it's just fine. It still works, but I think it's just too tall. I don't know.

It could be a con, it could not be a con. I'm nitpicky. It's hard to find cons for this RDA. They really did a good job with this one. This is one awesome RDA. Build decks, big pro. We're gonna start with pros, yeah. Build decks. Love the build decks on there. You could use your regular Clapton coils, use the four bottom. Openings, you could use just two if you want, or four, or single coil builds, use the top. That's innovative. I haven't seen anybody do that yet. I could be wrong. Put it in the comments below. Remember, I'm not a vaping encyclopedia. I don't know everything that's come out. That's the first time I've seen that done. So big props to them for innovation with the build deck. So I'll give them a big pro for that.

Build quality on this RDA is awesome. Awesome build quality. Aluminum on here. It does get hot, aluminum always gets hot. I've had a few RDAs that are aluminum and if you're running high wattage on there it does keep the heat on them, but at least the top is all Delrin here, the Delrin drip tips, so I don't mind it. So it's been good that way. Looks for the RDA, that's a nice look. It has real nice look. Air flow is super smooth on here. I've been enjoying using this fully open. It's got nine little holes all around on both sides. That's the way I've been vaping it. I like it wide open. Awesome vape. Lots of cloudage.

Flavor is on point not the greatest flavor I've ever had, but it has awesome flavor. So all around awesome RDA. A big pro that they give the squonking pin with it, big pro on all the accessories, extras of everything that they give you. All in all, awesome RDA. $23.90? That is dirt cheap and I suggest getting one. That's just an RDA that's a must in everybody's arsenal. I think it's an awesome RDA. Another pro I'll give, it is also the 510 pin does protrude out. I think it's safe enough for a Hybrid. All in all, this is one sweet badass RDA. But, like I said, I want to use my Goon Drip Tip sets. See the matchy-matchy going on there? Do you see that? Geek Vape, I wanna be able to do that and not have to worry about this just... It's just sitting there. It's not even... It feels like it clicks some place, but I could just... Look at that. How easy it comes off so no good. And that's not only this brand. I have all different Goon Drip Tips on there and I have issues with all of them. The only one that's kind of better is this one here. I mean, it's not perfect but it is the type, the one that comes with it. So not bad of an RDA. Totally worth getting in my opinion.

Alright, so in the description below, I'll have a link to Geek Vape's website, I'll have a link to MyVpro. $23.90, that's dirt cheap. It's a pre-order. They'll be shipping out some time. I think this month they'll be shipping out so go for it. I think it's an awesome deal. All different colors that they have, top notch. I'll have their link, my links of course., Those are the links that'll be down below. You like my videos? Click on that bell icon so this way you could be part of the notification squad. That's right, baby. Why not? Click on it. Alright, so this way you get alerts when I put up a new video. That's it. I'm done. Thank you and remember, keep on vaping.