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The Apocalypse RDA UK by Armageddon MFG is perfectly designed to be the highest performing tank out there, as it integrates a two post design that features a bridge clamp mechanism and an entirely intuitive side airflow control section. This tank has a 5mm airflow control and is built in a teardrop configuration to give maximum vaping customization. If you are shopping around for a new RDA tank, give the Apocalypse RDA UK a try and become a fan of Armageddon MFG.

Armageddon MFG Apocalypse RDA UK reviews

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Video Transcript: Apocalypse GEN2 RDA by Armageddon MFG by VapnFagan

Hey, what's going on everyone out there in YouTube land? So today we're gonna check out an RDA, this one coming from Armageddon Manufacturing. This is the Apocalypse GEN 2, or version two. At the moment sitting on top the Lost Vape Therion DNA 166/167, I got a dual fused Clapton coil here from Advanced Vape Supply, vaping on some real delicious strawberry milk that I got from this company. We're gonna talk about the juice in a moment, but first let's have a vape. Ah, I got the airflow cut off a little bit, nice and tight on this thing, putting out a delicious vape. Beautiful. So the liquid that I am vaping on today was sent over by a company called Adrenaline Vapors, and I believe they have three different juice lines at the moment. Now, the particular one I'm using today is their Milk Money juice line as you could see here, and this particular Milk Money is the strawberry milk. Pretty much what it is, is a strawberry milk, just straight strawberries and milk, a delicious vape. This is actually pretty damn good.

How can I describe it? A natural strawberry in a nice creamy milk. It doesn't have any funky flavors. It's not overpowering. It's not too much strawberry, too much milk. Everything about it has just been delicious. They have a few different ones. They have like a banana milk and what was the other one? They have three other ones. I haven't tried them yet. I did try the banana one, really good, but so far this strawberry milk is delicious. Links for this stuff will be in the description. The price tag on the strawberry milk on the Adrenaline Vapors website, 17.99 for a 30ml bottle, a little pricey. They are available in zero, three, six and 12 milligrams, and these are a 80/20 VG/PG. If you guys are into strawberries, strawberries and milk, and the price isn't too high for you, definitely give this one a checkout. I guarantee you'll like it, alright?

So let's talk about the Apocalypse RDA, this one's sent over directly by Armageddon for the purpose of this review. If you guys are interested in checking one out or picking one up later on after the video, links as always posted in the description. Currently at the moment, depending on which version you go with, these can go anywhere from $79 up to $89. The basic stainless and the black ones are 79 and the colored and brass and copper looking at around 89. Keep in mind these RDAs are made in the US of A. So I wanted to get my hands on this one because I've heard so much about it. I hear people talk about the Apocalypse this, the Apocalypse that and I wanted to know if it actually was a good RDA or if it was just something like a designer piece, like just people just wanted to have it just 'cause it was cool. Been using it for a while and let me tell you this thing man is... Yeah, I'm gonna tell you in a little while what I think about this, but before I give it away, why don't we dive down? Let's get up close and personal with it. We'll tear it apart. I'll show you the build I got, this stainless steel one right here. And I'll show you guys the black cotton candy addition, really nice piece.

We'll jump back up. We will go through some pros and cons and let you guys know exactly what I think, alright? Let's have an up-close look at the Apocalypse RDA coming from Armageddon Manufacturing. Now, this is the version two or the Gen 2 as they're calling it. In the package you're gonna get the RDA with the included drip tip. They're also going to include a spare parts bag which will contain two extra post screws and some o-rings, and all of the parts will come inside this nice little kind of suede or velvet pouch. Now, the Apocalypse RDA is manufactured and designed in the US. So this is a USA-made product. Measurements, 24mm in diameter from the bottom to the top of the top cap or top of the drip tip, 31.8mm tall. Now the one that I'm showing you here is called the black cotton candy edition. This is the only edition that has a anodized aluminum top cap and barrel section. All the other versions are made of all stainless steel excluding the brass and the copper. So if you get the red one, the blue one, the green one, those are gonna be all stainless steel. This one, aluminum, aluminum, and stainless at the bottom, gold-plated stainless, of course.

Having a look at the included drip tip, we have a 10mm inner bore, very comfortable and chunky drip tips, really, really enjoy these drip tips. Now depending on the color or the finish that you get depends on the drip tip they include. Now the o-ring is not on the actual tip, kinda like on the Goon and the Kennedy. The o-ring is actually inside the top cap. Now if you're wondering what other drip tips will fit, here's the stock drip tip from the Kennedy 25, which is a little too big. If I use the stock drip tip from the Goon, it does fit, but it's a little on the tight side. But you could still fit it in there. And if I use a custom tip, this is a K Tech drip tip, a local guy from Chicago, these actually fit the Goon, the Kennedy and the Apocalypse. Now even though they have o-rings on the tip, they still fit nice and flush inside there. If you're wondering the diameter of the drip tip opening, 12.4mm. So if you have a drip tip that measures 12.4, it will work on the Apocalypse. Working our way down, we do have the Apocalypse logo. It seems to be laser-etched along the barrel section.

And we have dual airflow control. The air holes on this one measure 5mm. So we got a 5mm hole on one side, 5mm on the other, and we have this teardrop style airflow which is actually pretty nice. Now since I have not used this one, the o-rings are a little stiff, but if I show you on the stainless one I've been using, and you could see that teardrop air hole as I close it off, it's in the shape of a teardrop. So you can close it off to be pretty tight or you can open it up wide open. Keep in mind, dual coil only, there is no single coil option. There's no way to close off one of the air holes. And the airflow control ring, very nice and snug. It's not too loose, it's not too tight. Even with liquid on the ring, it's still a nice firm kind of turn. At the bottom, we do have a 24 carat gold build deck. In the center, we have a non-adjustable gold-plated 510 pin.

And personally for me, this 510 pin does not stick out far enough to safely use on a hybrid tip top-cap. But I know some of you out there, you do crazy stuff. So use at your own risk. But my recommendation, it does not stick out far enough, and also the Apocalypse RDAs are all serialized. As you can see, we have it heavily engraved 6898. Looking at the Apocalypse broken down, here is gonna be your top-cap with those two teardrop air holes, single o-ring at the top for your airflow control. Here's gonna be your barrel section, machine work and the finishing all very nicely done. Checking out the build deck, you could see 24 carat gold plated, the outer diameter 23mm, the inner diameter to be around 19mm. We do have these oversized bridged clamp design post, stainless steel flat-head screws, and I tried to measure the post hole opening when you open up these clamps. I got around 2mm. So you could fit some pretty large builds in here, Alien's Clapton, Fused Clapton. I've had zero issues and we do have bevels on the clamp. You see the little bevel right there on the clamp?

And that just makes it a little bit easier. So when you take your coil and you go to insert your coil, if you push it, that little bevel opens up the clamp. So it makes it a little bit easier. I'm kind of backwards on camera right now, but as you push your coil into the post, it will automatically open it up. So you don't need to flip it upside down to open up those clamps, real nice added touch. We do have a peek insulator under the positive post, 4mm deep juice well on this one. And also the distance from post to post, we're looking at around 13mm in length. We're not gonna do a build on this one because I already have one pre-built. I'll show you guys the one I've been using. As you can see, I have an 8 wrap 3mm dual coil. I'm not too sure if this is a Fused Clapton or Triple Fused Clapton, but 3 millimeters, 8 wraps and I still have room for much, much more. So once again, the build deck on here is just enormous. So that's gonna be it for the up close and personal. Let's jump back up and let's have a vape.

Alright guys, there you have it, up close and personal with the Apocalypse. You could see it's kind of cloudy in here, been kinda just getting a little crazy with this thing. I did open up the airflow a little bit more. And you would think with only having single 5mm air holes on each side that the airflow is kinda restricted. But the airflow on this thing, it has a ton of airflow, a lot of airflow. I usually run it halfway or three-quarters of the way open, and it's nice and airy, perfect for me. But regardless, 83 watts, let's have a vape. A delicious vape, very, very nice. Alright. So to answer one of the questions that I know everyone's gonna ask, it always comes up whenever I review an RDA, how does it compare next to the Goon? And I'm not trying to bring up another atomizer, but the question always pops up, if I was stranded on an island and I only had the Goon and the Apocalypse to choose from, I honestly think I would probably choose the Apocalypse over the Goon.

It's not saying anything bad about the Goon. I love it. It's one of my favorite RDAs, but this thing, man, has been very, very impressive since the day I got it. I've been really enjoying this thing. So I'm gonna shut up now because if I don't, I'm gonna start gushing over it, and it's gonna turn into an hour-long gush fest. So with that said, let's go through some of the pros and cons, wrote down some pros and cons throughout the time I was using it. We're gonna start off the pros as usual. Pro number one, the build quality, perfect, beautiful build quality, beautiful machine work. They did an awesome job. Now it's being made in the US. So you would assume it has a really nice build quality to it. But lately I've seen some USA-made atomizers come across my desk with really poor quality. This one has just been nothing but impressive. So I'm definitely gonna give it a thumbs up for that. The next pro is the fact that it actually comes with spare parts. Finally, finally a US manufacturer putting in a spare parts bag with actual parts, nice enough to include two post screws. Holy hell, if every other company in the US could do this, I'd be happy.

We get an actual packaging, which is not a plastic baggy and we get some post screws and some o-rings, a few extra cents, very nice. Thank you very much Armageddon for doing that. I do give you a thumbs up for that. The next pro is that it comes in a wide variety of colors and materials. So if you're into the whole matchy-matchy thing, we got red or reddish pink, a green, a blue, stainless steel, black, the cotton candy. It also comes in copper and brass. So I'm definitely gonna give it a thumbs up for the variety of options as far as colors. The next pro I had is the drip tip. The drip tip on this thing, man, is amazing. I don't know. I wish they sold just the drip tips because these things are very comfortable. The perfect diameter, everything about them, they don't get hot, they don't heat up, they're nice and chunky. I believe they're made of acrylic but man, the drip tips are just amazing on this thing, really love the drip tips.

The next pro, building on it, very easy to build on. Now with some of these clamp style post, they look more like amplifier terminals. But I've had a few that were kind of hard to build on. This particular one, I don't know what it is, but it's just really easy to build on. Maybe it's the fact that they bevelled off the clamp so that way you don't have to flip it upside down to open up the clamps, but building on this thing, really super easy, wicking it, of course, very, very easy. So I'm definitely gonna give it a thumbs up for that. And the last pro I had is the gold plating. I believe that a reason for the good flavor on this one is the gold-plated juice well. Now of course we know gold plating on the terminals improves conductivity, but when you gold plate the juice well, the gold is not gonna alter the flavor of your juice.

So when you have like a stainless steel juice well, sometimes the greatest stainless steel can actually alter the flavor and the color of your liquid. And I think because we have the gold-plated terminals, the post and the juice well, the juice you put in, the flavor you put in, is the exact flavor it's putting out. So I think that's one of the main reasons why we're getting such good flavor off this. So definitely gonna give it a thumbs up for the gold plating. So there are the pros, let's go through some of the cons. As far as cons are concerned, I really don't have much to complain about with this thing. I have two minor cons that just something personal, but con number one, the 510 pin. I wish it protruded just a little bit more. If you're gonna use it on the hybrid, I would just feel a lot safer if it stuck out a little bit more.

Now I know a lot of people out there are saying, Oh yeah, the pin is safe. I use it in my hybrid all the time. And you probably could use it on a hybrid, but it would be, I would just feel a little bit safer if it just had a little bit more length to it. That's all. So I'm gonna give it a con for that. The next con, there's no single coil option. Now even though I never... Hardly ever do single coil, there's still some single coils out there that prefer a nice single coil RDA. But this one does not have it. So dual coil only guys, and as far as cons are concerned, that's pretty much gonna be it.

So let's have one last vape and let you guys know exactly what I think of the Apocalypse. So at the end of the day, would I recommend the Apocalypse? You guys know the answer I'm pretty sure by now. Yes, most definitely. This one might actually replace the Goon. It might put the Goon onto my shelf. I'll give the Goon a rest probably for a while, but this one I think is gonna be my favorite. It is pricey. It does have that USA-made price tag, so you're gonna pay a good bit of change for this one. But if it's in your budget and you're looking for a really good RDA, I don't think you're gonna be disappointed with this.

Now I do have an extra one. They did send along the cotton candy one. And as much as I don't wanna to give it away, I really don't wanna give it away. I don't, seriously don't, but I'm gonna give you one away. It's going into the Christmas giveaway which I will be talking about probably this week and I'll give you guys some more information on the Christmas giveaway. But since I'm using the stainless, I will be giving away the cotton candy edition. So make sure you guys look out for the Christmas giveaway coming up this week or weekend. Other than that guys, that's pretty much gonna be it. I appreciate you watching. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below. Please like, share and subscribe. I'll talk to everyone, very, very soon. Make sure you guys build safe and vape on.