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The Geekvape Zeus RTA Vape features a spacious tank, which is very easy to build in and wick. Designed by the Geekvape GM, this is a super-efficient and easily handle-able tank, perfect for both beginners as well as advanced users. It features a super easy top-filling and is leak-proof. The product also incorporates a unique 3D airflow system from both sides and bottom. This leads to the generation of awesome flavors. This tank supports both 510 and 810 drip tips. There is also an adapter in the goodie bag. This adapter helps in the usage of the 510 drip tip.

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Zeus RTA by Geekvape - Favorite Single Coil RTA - Build, & Wick
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Video Transcript: Zeus RTA by Geekvape - Favorite Single Coil RTA - Build, & Wick by Mike Vapes

What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here. Today I have a 25 millimeter single coil RTA to show you guys. And this RTA right here was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Geek Vape. It is the Zeus RTA. So, like I said, 25 millimeter RTA, holds 4 mLs of liquid, has top air flow, yeah. Build deck, postless style build deck. Single coil build deck in here. And it's got a nice way of doing the air flow on this. Real nice what they've done with the air flow system on this RTA. Uses 810 drip tips, uses their proprietary drip tip. Also has a 510 drip tip adapter that they include, and they give you a 510 drip tip. Alright.

So, looked online to see who sells it, a couple of places in China got it. Price on this is around $36, around there, that's what they're gonna be selling this, and they have pre-sales going on right now. Later on the video, I'll tell you guys who's selling it, and a coupon code. I'll give you guys a coupon code for one of the companies. You get 30% off. Yeah. So, let's do this. Let's dive down. I'll show you guys the RTA. We'll break it apart. I'll show you guys how the air flow works. I'll show you the drip tips. We're gonna do a build, cotton. We're gonna come back, and we're gonna vape it, and I'll give you guys all my thoughts on the Zeus RTA.

And here's the packaging the Zeus RTA by Geek Vape comes in. Well, actually this is the sample pack the reviewers get. Retail will be in a different packaging. Inside the packaging, Geek Vape provides you with a couple of coils, they also provide you with this baggy right here, you get the tri-tool, bunch of extra O-rings, you get a 510 drip tip adapter, and extra post screws. Geek Vape also provides you with a spare glass, they also provide you with this Delrin 510 drip tip, and a Delrin 810 drip tip.

And here is the star of the show, the Zeus RTA. So, we have top air flow on here, they call it leak-proof air flow. Alright. So we got top air flow, and it's adjustable, has a stopper. Alright. And you have openings on both sides. Obviously, what you do on one side will be on the other. Top, we have this wide board drip tip. Then you can see on the inside, I mean it is wide, but it makes no sense why it would be so wide 'cause your inner chimney is smaller, as you can see there. But anyway, this piece, it's not a regular drip tip, it basically covers this metal piece that sticks up here, so it just slips right over it as you can see. But like I said, they include that adapter that goes in here, you could use your 510 adapter in here, or you could use the 810.

Let me pull it out. I actually put it back in the packaging. We'll put it out. Alright. So your regular 810 drip tips, then it will just go just like that in there. Alright. So that's what it'll look like with an 810. Alright. Here is the bottom of the RTA, it says Zeus, you have a gold-plated protruding 510. Serial number is designed by Geek Vape. Paint on this is that same paint like on the Siren Version 2 that I just reviewed. It's like a matte finish going on here, like a grey matte, silver matte finish. Real nice paint on here. Everything is done that way, the insides also.

Now, this is set up almost like the way the Engine RTA is. It's got that cage going on over here. Take out the build deck, just unscrew. Alright. There's your insides. Now, these all does come apart. Over here, oh, let me show you guys the top fill. Almost forgot that. Top fill, it's actually the same, if you guys saw my Siren Version 2 review, it's the same type of air flow, I mean top fill where it's got this notches sticking out and it slips right in here, as you can see. Yeah, basically, you put it in, turn, and that's it. And just like that, it unlocks. Then push down, half a turn, and it locks.

Alright. There's our build deck. Alright. So as you can see there, this is a postless build deck. This is a whole post, but you guys know what I mean, right? Postless. So you have to cut your leads and there's your one flat head screw right there, then you have another flat head right there, and your coils would slip down right inside these two holes right here. Now, the way the air flow works on this is, the top air flow. Okay, your air flow comes in right through here, as you can see, and what happens here is, the way this aligns is, these pieces right here, they slip inside here.

Alright. So there's only one way for this build deck to go in. Once you put it on here, and you turn, it's gonna find its way to get inside, and when it does find its way, there we go, inside there, now I could screw it down. Right now, it's aligned inside here. Alright. So that's the way this air flow works. Now, the air flow then comes down, and you're gonna get air flow going in through these side holes, hitting your coil, and you also get from under, as you can see here. So you get also like a bottom effect going, and they hit right under your coil and sides. So you get bottom and side air flow. They're calling it like a 3D air flow, that's what they're calling it.

And then over here, this is the way your cotton would slip right inside here and here. Alright. I got my coil ready to go. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna start cutting it now. So trying to judge it about how much I need to cut. Alright. So just to give myself a little bit of leeway, I'm gonna do it right about there. Alright, let's do a little test and see how it flows. Now, one thing is about this is it's a little bit of a pain in the ass to get your coil in there. So you can see there about how much I need to cut. And that's why I have it pretty much judged. This is where it's going to be I think a little bit of a pain just to get your coil ends back inside those holes.

Let me see, make sure it's even, there we go. Alright, we'll try and do it with the rod. It might be a little bit more simpler that way. So I'll get one leg in. Just slide the other one in and there we go. I got that in position. Alright, so right about there, I think we're going to do it. If I take the rod out and I'm gonna use my Coil Master screwdriver. Alright, got that side in. Give it a little twist. Looks good right about there. Tighten that down. Do the same thing again. Alright, there we go. Alright, got the tank on the Aspire Speeder 'cause the colors kinda match up with this Speeder here. Doing a little matchy-matchy for you guys. I'm going to pulse. Give it some strumming. Give it one little pinch. Alright, and there we go, perfect. Alright, so I'm going to let this cool off and we'll do some cotton.

Okay, we got the cotton in position. Now, like I said, the cotton's going to be right inside these ports. Alright, so I'm going to cut it right under this base, right here. So that's the way I'm going to line it up. So, we'll take our scissors, and it's kind of hard to do it a level cut. So yeah, you're going to have to play around with it a little bit, so we'll do it just like this. It doesn't have to be perfect, and right about there. Now, what I could do is, I'll do a little test. Get out of the way. Alright, and see where we fall. So you can see there, the cotton is sticking down just a little bit. So forgot to compensate there, now I'll just take my scissors. Alright, and I'll trim that off. Let's see where we fall now. I think that's just about good. Yeah, that's good. I could take just a little more off there. Which I'll do. There we go. Alright, do the same thing on this side. Put it down, then I'll do a cut. I'll do it right around here. We'll judge it, see where we fell. Alright, I'm not gonna cut that yet. Let me do a little comb out.

Just a little bit, 'cause those openings are pretty big that are on there. Now, what I'll do here is on this side, cut that off. Take off the excess only on this side. Give this one a dry run, see where we fall. We'll give it one more cut. Alright, now cotton is ready. The juice I'll be using is some Boston Cream. Alright, Boston Cream Donut, Take the liquid. Start applying it, just like that. I know people are going to ask, Mike, what coil is that you put in there? It's a Coilology coil and I'm pretty sure it's a nichrome. I'm not sure what type of coil it is. It's some sort of Clapton. It might be an Alien. I'm not 100% sure. I found it laying around so I figured, Oh, let me use this one. I probably used the other coil 'cause obviously, the package only had one. So I used it on another single coil, I just don't remember. And the package that I used, that it came out of, didn't have nothing written on it. It was like a sample package from Coilology. Alright, so there we go. All wicked, ready to go. Got that ready.

So now, what we're going to do is, where's my top piece? There's the top piece, and we'll take that and just start screwing it in. It's going to automatically line up. Alright, there we go. We are lined up. Take it off the base. I'm going to put on the Speeder mod so you guys can see how it looks on here, pretty much matches up real nice. Look at that. Looks pretty cool. Alright, so top fill. Like I said, unscrew just like that. Tank holds 4 mLs of liquid. Alright, it's a 25 millimeter tank. Not sure if I'd mentioned that earlier, but I'll mention it now. Alright, there we go, we got her filled up and take our top cap. Put that back on. Make sure everything is tight. And we are ready to vape. Alright, so you guys you can see there where it says, Zeus, it's actually cut out. Pretty nice, the way the cage, they did it here. And let me see. Another thing about this is, you can turn it and just have it lined up with that logo. Real nice tank. Alright, so let's go back up on top. Let's vape on it and I'll give you guys my thoughts.

And we're back. And that was the Zeus RTA by Geek Vape. So Mike, What are your thoughts? Okay, build that I did in here came out to a 0.23 resistance and I'm vaping it at 50 watts. Alright, 50 watts. Got it on the Speeder by Aspire. Nice little matchy-matchy going on here with this. Mike, what are your thoughts on the tank? This is a well-built tank. Not only that it's well-built, it looks good too. It's got a nice stance to it. Drip tips on here are nice. This drip tip on here, I don't mind it. But like I said, you could pull that drip tip off and use your own 810 on there or 510 drip tips. So, big pro there what they did. The top fill on here, the mechanism, the way this works, real nice. Give them a pro on that. Airflow; airflow is real nice. It's got the stopper. Easy for you to adjust the airflow on here; real nice. The airflow is real smooth. It's got a nice smooth airflow. And the flavor on here is not bad; it's got a real nice flavor too. Let me have a vape. You see cloud production?

And it keeps up too. Alright so now, for cons on this, this one is another one that I really found trouble finding issues with this tank, any cons on here 'cause they pretty much covered all their bases on here. The air flow, flavor, build, quality of the tank, everything. Now, the only thing I could see as an issue is, because of the way the air flow works on that build deck, it's kind of a little bit on the difficult side for you to put your coil in, but you guys saw it, I did it no problem. Takes a little bit, 'cause when you cut those leads down and put them in there, 'cause it is like a postless deck, it's hard for you to get that spread, so you gotta put one lead first in one hole, and then push it, and drop it in. Alright.

So, it all depends on how big of a diameter and how long your coil is. Obviously, if you have a coil that's wrapped, that was like a five wrap, so I figured if maybe like a six wrap coil, or seven, it's gonna slide in perfectly because of the way the openings are on the build deck for you to put your leads in. But when you have something like a five wrap build, obviously, you're gonna have to do a little tug on it. Now, if you have something that's even more, a nine wrap, something like a Clapton, or Alien, it might not fit, I mean your leads are gonna be a little bit like that on an angle. So, it's just something worth mentioning. But other than that, really, this is a nice tank. It's a real nice single coil tank, top air flow. You don't have to worry about leaking or none of that with this.

I think they did a good job. This is actually pretty nice. I'd love to see this RTA, something like this, a dual coil. It's kinda hard to do it, dual coil, because of the size of it and everything, the build deck, because of the way the air flow is, it's got those two pieces going up, so that takes up part of the space of the build deck. But if there was a way to make this into a dual coil RTA. Whoo! Yeah, real nice. It would actually replace my Engine. But it's a single coil. I still prefer dual coils over single, even though singles, single coils are nice. I am getting a nice vape off this, 50 watts, 0.23 resistance, that's a nice vape, and it keeps up. Let me have one more vape.

So in the description below, I'm gonna have links to Heaven Gifts. Alright. Coupon code AMV15, will get you 30% off for the month of October. I think the sale ends October 30th. Alright. So you have until October 30th to get 30% off. It could be either this product or whatever you want off this site. They're having their 10-year anniversary, and they bumped up basically, my coupon code to the peeps, 30% off. Alright. So you get it from there. I also have I have a link there too. They also got a pre-order going on right now for it. Alright.

And yeah, I think it's a nice tank. And for all you single coil lovers out there that love your single coil RTAs, you're gonna love this one. This is actually a pretty good RTA. They did a real nice job. The build quality, the vape off it, everything. Real nice. Real nice RTA. Give them props on it. Alright. And I'll have a link to Geek Vape down below, and all of my links as always. And Boston Cream Donuts. Yeah, I have a link down below for that also. That's it. I'm done. Thank you, and remember, keep on vaping.