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GeekVape's Medusa RDTA presents a 25mm RDTA along with a bottom juice reservoir of 3 ml and an adequate build of two post dual terminal build deck. With an overall diameter of 25mm, the GeekVape Medusa balances dimensions with the integration of a striking engraving on the chassis. WIth a maximum reservoir capacity of 3 ml within the Stainless Steel tank section, it provides an extremely durable design. The quarter turn midsection mechanism facilitates the disassembly of the chasis, whereas airflow makes its way into the build chamber via dual 5mm by 2mm airflow cutouts that the top cap throttles. GeeskVape Medusa also deploys a proprietary 8mm bore PEI drip tip for well-rounded airflow.

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Medusa RDTA by Geekvape - Build & Wick
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Video Transcript: Medusa RDTA by Geekvape - Build & Wick by Mike Vapes

What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here. Today, I have an RDTA. An RDTA? Yeah. An RDTA to show you guys, and this RDTA was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Geek Vape. It is the Medusa RDTA. So, 25 millimeter RDTA holds up to 3mls of e-liquid. Yes, it's an RDTA. People are like, No, it's not, Mike. That's an RDA. Yeah, it's like an RDA, but it's an RDTA. Wait till you guys see it in the up and close. Like I said, 25 millimeter, Medusa RDA only for your dual coils, no single coil option with this one. Got the Ultem, like drip tip, this whole top thingy going on right there. Pretty sweet. Check to see who sells it online. I see it's already released in China, Heaven Gifts has it, 3FVape. I'll have their links in the description below. In the US, will have it, and they told me they will have them arriving in the United States, they're going to be the first ones to be selling them in the United States. I think that he told me last week of February. Alright. So, some time towards the end of February, he said, they'll be in stock in the United States.

Alright. So let's do this. Let's dive down. I'll show you guys the RDTA. And if my voice is off, yeah, I'm getting a cold. I'm pretty sure. So you guys might not see me for a few days after this video. I might be out of commission, sick. Yeah, I feel it coming. Alright. So let's dive down. Let's check out the Medusa RDTA.

And here's the packaging, my Medusa RDTA from Geek Vape comes in. Alright. The one that's going to be released to the public will probably come in the plastic packaging. This one is my sample or reviewer boxing. Inside the packaging, you'll get a user manual, you'll also get this baggy with extra O-rings, extra post screws, and your tool. And here is the star of the show, the Medusa RDTA. I'm always wanting to say RDA, but it's an RDTA. So, we have this Ultem chuff cap drip tip right here. Basically, it's one of those that you just unscrew off there, as you could see here. Then you screw it back on, make sure you go in reverse when you screwing it back on 'cause you don't want to strip the threads. I'd like to see this being metal on the inside. It is a pain in the ass to get it back on after you've unscrewed it. There we go. Screwing it back on.

Alright. We have our air flow. Both sides, no single coil option on this one. There's the bottom of the RDA, it says Medusa, black, got a gold-plated 510, does protrude on more than enough for your hybrids, designed by Geek Vape. We have engravings here, which, I guess, is supposed to represent the snakes maybe of Medusa, I'm not sure, but nice engravings. Medusa right there. So, air flow, you just spin this top, just like this. You could have one opening, it'll be both on the same side, I mean both sides, you could it like that. Whatever's on one side, will be on the other side. Top cap pulls right off just like this. You have one O-ring here, you have a nice conical shape there for great flavor, as you could see there. There is the build deck. Now, to remove this section here, there's a lock. You see the lock, a little symbol right there? So right now, it's locked.

To unlock it, you just turn, and pull, just like that, and there's the other piece right there, we have an O-ring right here. Alright. It's got a locking mechanism. As you could see here, those are cutouts. There's a cutout right there, and that cutout slips in somewhere, it's on one of these where it grabs. Alright. Now, hold it down. So this way, the inside is just like this. Your cotton would go down these four sections, and then you have a reservoir. They say you could fit about 2.5 to 3mls of liquid inside this reservoir. Pretty nice. Velocity style post. Nice big post holes. Alright. We're going to slap a nice build in here. And for something like this, I recommend at least a three millimeter coils.

Alright. So let's do it. For this build, I'll be using some framed alien staple by Coilology. You'll get these on Oh, yes. Sweetness. Alright. We'll take our coil. Pop it right in, right about there. That's perfect, as you could see. Oh, I did it again, tightened the wrong screw, did it on my last video, and I'm doing it again. There we go. Love the post screws on this. Geek Vape always has some post screws with their RDAs, RTAs, everything. Alright. Got those tightened. We'll take our rod, pull, bam. Alright. Put that in. Right about in the same area, just like that. Got that tightened down. Push it in just a little. Tighten this side down. Take the coiling, rod, jigs, whatever you want to call it, and pull. Just like that. Clip the wires. I keep on hitting the camera. You guys noticing the camera going back and forth? Yeah. There we go again. I bumped into it. Alright. Just like that.

And now what I like to do is, I like to take my air flow ring. Let me see, did I got the right side here? Yes. Just like that. And do a little test and see where my coils are, as you could see, right there. Now, if I want to, I could leave it just to hit the side, or I could just raise it just a little bit, so this way it hits the side bottom. Alright. So, what I'm going to do is I'll take this off. Just a little bit up, just a little bit. Alright. Looks about even. There we go. Alright. So I'm going to pulse this, get all the hot spots out, and we'll add some cotton.

There we go. And like all RDTAs, I'm going to cut the cotton, so this way, it's just not even hitting the bottom, like halfway down, so I'll take half of this off. Right about there. Do the same thing on this side. Maybe just a little bit like that. Yeah. Just like that. Take some of that off. Take some of that off. Cut some a little bit off the side. Alright. Fluff it up. Take that cotton, just put it right down in there. Oh, yeah. Just like that, and just stick it right in there. I'm sorry. Alright. Got that in. Do the same thing on this side, and this side. There we go. Now, when you're filling this, you just take the top cap, and this is where you would fill from, you could fill it right here, right here. Alright. Juice I'll be using is some Raspberry Cheese Danish.

I'll get it started, we're going to put some liquid on there, as you could see. Take this piece, put it on. And when you're putting it in, you're going to feel. There we go. It just goes in. And if you want to look, you look for the arrow, and you turn. I did go by it, there it is right there. It's so small. Anyway, you could see there, there's your lock. It's right about there. Looks good. See, it's not perfectly lined up, but I want my coil air flow to hit right on there, as you could see there, just like that. Alright. Everything is closed up on this side, as you could see. Now, you're going to ask, Mike, how do you fill it? Just turn, pop it off, and fill. I got to put liquid in that reservoir.

You just go on any side, just pump liquid right in there. Alright. That's about good. And now, we're going to put this back on again. Just like that. Where's my top cap? And there we go. We're ready to vape. Alright. Let's go back up on top. Let's vape on it, and I'll give you guys my thoughts.

And we're back. And that was the Medusa RDTA by Geek Vape. So, Mike, what are your thoughts? I'm impressed. I am very impressed. It's an RDA, but it's not an RDA, it's an RDTA. This is crazy. It could be used as an RDA, of course. You could drip down there, paint your coils if you want to, or put some liquid in the reservoir, and vape it like an RDTA. Freaking genius. Awesome idea what they've done with this. Pretty nice.

It is basically a short miniature RDTA, that's what it basically comes down to, but it's impressive. 3mls of liquid, air flow options on here, where you could cut it down, give it a restrict it, fully open. Love it. Flavor, flavor. Vapor, vapor. What do I got? I got a 0.15, that build I put in there. I'm vaping it at 85 watts, and yeah, this is the VN 167 Illuminati edition from Vaporized Nomads, review coming soon. We might even do a giveaway for one of these devices. So, let's have a vape.

So basically, the only con I found with this device is the drip tip situation going on here. It is Ultem, it protects me from heat and everything, but I don't know, I kind of wish I could've put my own chuff caps on here. And the opening that's on here actually does fit your 510 drip tips but not all of them. Certain 510 drip tips, you might have a hard time, you're going to have to lube it up a little bit to get it in there. Yeah. But yes, it is 510 drip tip compatible, but me personally, I would use this as the chuff just the way it is with Ultem on there. But I kind of wish I could put my own chuff cap, like a Goon style drip tip on there, throw my own Ultem drip tip on this. Yeah, we badass. But hopefully, they sell different tops to put on here, something to where it's more lower, and I could throw on chuff caps.

But anyway, 'cause that piece does spin off. So that leads me to my second con. This piece here, if you're going to keep on unscrewing this drip tip thingy, putting it back on, you got to be careful you don't cross-thread. You cross-thread this, it's done. Alright. So, I wish it had like maybe a stainless steel lining inside to screw on, so this way, you don't have to worry about it stripping. That's why I like to have just a plain where I could throw my own drip tips or an RDA, 'cause I don't need to worry about that stuff. But yeah, that's basically it. A squonking pin would've been nice, but you're not going to be able to see the liquid you're squonking, but the more experienced person that vapes lots of RDAs knows when they need to re-drip 'cause you could just feel it.

When you're vaping, you feel the dryness right before the next hit would be, maybe a burnt hit, because you need to refill and that's why you would press and squonk the device. Alright. But maybe, who knows, in the future, they'll have squonking pins. I'm not sure. But the way it is right now, it's pretty badass. Nice job with this, 3mls of liquid for such a small RDA looking RDTA. Crazy. Two colors that I've seen, I got black only from them, they're going to have this also in stainless steel. I'm not sure about any other colors, but for now, black and stainless steel is what I know about. But all in all, pretty awesome RDTA. I keep on wanting to say RDA, but it's not an RDA, it's an RDTA. But it looks like an RDA. Let me stop. Let me stop.

Mike, do you recommend this RDTA? Yeah. This one is actually pretty damn good. It looks good, the build quality of it is awesome, the post screws, very nice. It's all in all, very nice. Another con. I did mention it in the up and close, no single coil option with this. Alright. For all the single coilers, but this one here, wasn't meant for a single coil. The way they designed this, it's a dual coil cloud chucker flavor RDTA. Almost said RDA again, but very good. Like I said, online, I'm seeing it in China selling, I see it on Heaven Gifts for $26. I think 3FVape has them for like, I don't know, $22, $23, something like that. I'm not sure. I'm not sure what it's going to sell here in the United States.

Like I said, I will update and put a link in the description in the future for when it does release in the United States. Most likely it'll be MyVpro which I'll throw their link down there anyway, and you guys could always check. Click the link, check and see if it's in stock. Alright. MyVpro is basically a website here in the United States, and they are affiliated with Geek Vape. Alright. So, you're going to get it first, when you get it from the pro, MyVpro. Alright. That sounds like a commercial, right? What an idiot I am. But anyway, I think I'm done. All those links will be down in the description below. I'll have a link to Geek Vape's website and also down there, all my links, social media, advocacy, my websites, I got two websites, yeah, I do, and, those links are always down below. I'm done. Thank you, and remember, keep on vaping.