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CoilART Mage

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The CoilArt Mage V2 RTA is a new upgraded version of the Mage by CoilART, with 3.5ml e-liquid capacity and a 24K gold-plated postless deck for dual coils. It comes with a 24mm diameter and has adjustable airflow on the base of the tank. There are 29 x 1mm airholes to provide you with great airflow for better flavour and vapour production. The new coilart RTA comes with, dual wicking ports are located on the side of deck. CoilART MAG RTA V2 with ergonomic design will improve your vaping experience.

CoilART Mage CoilART
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The Mage RTA V2 by CoilART!
Credit to: RiP Trippers
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Video Transcript: The Mage RTA V2 by CoilART! by RiP Trippers