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Manta RTA

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The ultra gorgeous ADVKEN Manta RTA features two glass tanks with a capacity of 2ml and dual cold-plate posts deck with four screws that makes it easy to build wire for those DIY enthusiasts. The adjustable airflow design gives it a unique look, while the six big airflow holes at the atomizer’s bottom ensure a smooth overall vaping experience with large clouds. Designed for dual coil build, this Manta RTA allows for more room.for bigger builds. As one of the best RTAs ever, it is sure to find plenty of fans.

Manta RTA Advken
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Manta RTA by Advken - Build & Wick
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Advken Manta RTA reviews

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Video Transcript: Manta RTA by Advken - Build & Wick by Mike Vapes