Joyetech RiftCore Duo RTA

Joyetech RiftCore Duo RTA

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Are you looking for a rebuildable tank atomizer that has an ingenious coilles build deck? Here we have the Joyetech Riftcore Duo RTA, a device with dual RFC ceramic elements along with a molecular heating function for a new and improved vaping experience. This tank doesn't have the build deck that most tanks have, as with the two quick-heating elements at hand reduces the complication in that process by quite a bit. The awesome design gives the user a very smooth vaporized juice disposal and has some self-cleaning capabilities by dry firing the RFC RDA to getting ridge of all that build-up carbon. As a result, this means that this tank has a much longer life of its RFC heating elements and can last you up to 1 million puffs!

Joyetech RiftCore Duo RTA Joyetech
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Joyetech RiftCore Duo RTA.....No Coils!!
Credit to: TVP
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