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The Aspire Cleito RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) System gives a new lease of life to your Aspire Cleito tank. Featuring a dual coil velocity-style deck, its tempestuous airflow and intense vapour cloud production makes it hugely popular. You can customize your Cleito coil builds with the Aspire Cleito RTA System, regardless of whether you select stainless steel wire for economy or Claptonised wire for flavour. This self-build deck makes it convenient to create a sub-Ohm coil setup and comes with organic cotton, spare screws and an Allen key. The entire deck is carefully designed for easy building.

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Aspire Cleito RTA and FatBoy Glass - Reviews
Credit to: Vape Don't Smoke
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Aspire Cleito RTA reviews

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Video Transcript: Aspire Cleito RTA and FatBoy Glass - Reviews by Vape Don't Smoke

Okay guys. Welcome back to Vape Don't Smoke. It's Paul here and today it's just a little quick review of the... Maybe a little show and tell of what I've picked up. So, those of you that know me, I do really enjoy using the Aspire Cleito Tank. And I've had a couple of them in the past there, and I've always end up getting rid of them, just for one reason or another. However, during in my 2000 sub giveaway, the Aspire Cleito RTA system was part of that. And when I saw it, I thought to myself, Wow! I really want to get one of these for myself. So, over the course of the last couple of weeks, I have picked up another Cleito tank. I did pick up the Cleito RTA system. And of course the RTA system works best with the Cleito 5mL replacement glass tank. That is simply because of the size of it and obviously the juice capacity. So I picked them up and I thought we'd give it a go. So, we'll move that over to one side and we will just check out the Cleito RTA system then. So it comes in a little cardboard box, as you would expect. A little scratch and check there from Aspire. A little bit of information on the front and the little see through so you can see your RDA. So, let's open it up then and let's take it out and see what we get in the box.

So, first things first, a little instruction manual in there. We'll move that over. We get a little baggie of goodies, with some Muji cotton. We also get an Allen key, a whole bunch of spare O-rings and some spare screws. So I'm gonna open this up and take out the Allen key because I know for a fact I am gonna need that. O'Rama? O'Rama. Is the big one. Okay, so also we get the RTA system itself. So let's move all that to one side then, and have a little look at this. So this is the RTA System. So you can see here, this at the bottom is where you get your airflow looking right up to the coil. We can actually see inside there that there are in fact coil's already made. So the airflow's gonna be hitting those coils bang on. And now it's quite a little... It's quite a big RTA piece, but obviously the coils in the Cleito are very large as well, so it has to kinda fit the same size. Laser X Cleito RTA on the side, Aspire. And we've also got the chimney section here and quite large juice ports for your cotton and wicking.

So there it is guys. There's not a lot else I can show you, but let's open it up. So it does just screw off the top section. It screws off like that, and as you can see, we do get dual Clapton coils pre-installed into the Velocity style deck. So they look quite nice, little coils there which is good. Obviously you can see the Clapton wire is big enough. Now this is not the thickest Clapton wire I've ever seen, but the wire ports still look like they're a half decent size that you can get some good sized wire in there as well. Now obviously, if you are putting Clapton... Dual Claptons into this tank, that's really why you need the 5mL extender. But there it is guys, the Velocity style deck for the Aspire Cleito. Now, obviously you can see you've got little cotton wells where you can just tuck your cotton down which we're gonna do in a second. It looks very, very easy guys. Very, very simple. And hopefully, very, very good.

So, let's get some cotton then. We'll get a little piece of Muji Cotton. I'll get some scissors. Where are they? There they're there. And let's put some cotton in it then. So we'll just go with the coils that aren't already installed. So I'm gonna take a little piece of some Muji cotton. And we'll cut two strands of this, roughly the same size, and I tend to kinda get them a little bit off, but there you go. And what I'm gonna do now guys is what I always do, and that's just kinda peel off that outer layer on each side. And this is just where it's been kinda compressed. You can see it's like a skin almost. But we'll take that off. It makes it a little bit more fluffy. And then in our fingers we just wanna kinda roll it up a little bit, not too much. And we want it to still to maintain its fluffiness, and then just kinda pinch it at one end, like so. And then, we'll take the second piece. And we'll just peel of that side, this piece of the skin, and we'll peel it off that side. And again, just rolling it up with our fingers a little bit just to kinda make it a little bit more rounded. And it helps with going through the coil, not too much though, and then pinch it at one end.

Okay, so let's get it through the coil then. So we'll just feed that through. And we're just pulling it through, nice, easy, peasy. And on the other.

Nice and easy as well. So, when we're gonna tuck it down, we want it just to be Kinda coming down a little bit to where this port is. So we don't need a lot of cotton here guys. So I'm just gonna use the side of the tank as basically a guide as to where I'm gonna cut. So I'm gonna snip it using the side of the tank as my base. So that should be enough just to tuck down. So we'll start there. Obviously if I've made... If I've cut too much we can always just rewick it again. And I of course will pause the video, delete that part, and pretend that I didn't make the mistake. So... I don't do that. There's a little bit of something funky there so we'll just peel that off. Okay guys, so there is our little coils. And we've got a little wick. We'll just fluff it up a little bit on each side. It should be relatively even. We used the tank going round, and then we'll just tuck it down. Tucking it down into the little cotton well, nice and easy.

Now guys, what you'll notice is we're not filling this section up with cotton. We're almost letting that section there fill up with juice, so that the cotton's just kinda dipping its toes in it. And in that way it maintains its fluffiness, rather than having a whole load of cotton. We're just placing it in. We're not stuffing it in. We're keeping it nice and loose and obviously keeping it tucked in as well down the sides so that no cotton is dipping into the airflow hole because that means it'll leaky, leaky, leaky. And again.

I've been looking forward to this guys. I actually do enjoy the Aspire Cleito tank, I think it's a really nice tank. And you do have to get it up to a little bit of a high wattage. But in terms of the price for the tank, it's very, very worth doing. Now, I have had a couple but basic on the fact that I do try and review as much as I can for you guys, I do kinda let stuff go that I don't use on a regular basis. So when I saw this is part of the giveaway, and then obviously Farouk won it, I thought to myself, I would really like to try and get that in for review. So I had to go then and trade. So I traded Nathan, one of my subscribers, so thanks Nathan for hooking me up with a Cleito tank. All the better it was a black version, so I was very, very pleased.

But guys, there you go. There is the wicking done. It's very easy. You're just tucking it down into the little cotton hole, little cotton well, little hole for the cotton, whatever you wanna call it. It just tucks it in, nice and easy. Velocity style deck, so it would have been very easy to build it as well. So there you go. Absolutely perfect. So let's get some juice. So for this review I'm gonna use some Rainbow Road from Vapetasia. Those of you that saw my review for this, you'll have seen that I was slobbering all over myself. So, that's just as eating a breakfast cereal like.

So let's go and wick it up. Now this is a 70% VG, so a little bit thicker in viscosity. Is that how you say it? So we'll just kinda wick it up, get it started, just like that, and then give it a few seconds to kinda soak in, because when it's thicker VG, you do tend to find that it kinda sits on the top. See how it's just balancing on the top? It's not actually soaking into the cotton. Eventually it does soak into the cotton. Okay, so, enough said about wicking juice. That's a bit boring there. So we'll take our little top piece now. And guys, the way you've wicked it and the way we've put it in, this should just simply slide right over absolutely perfectly. And so we're just sliding that over and tightening it down nice and easy. That's it in nice and tight guys, and there is your RTA for the Cleito wicked, juiced, coiled and ready to vape.

So what do we need to do now? Well, we'll just balance that over there for a second. So here is the top piece and bottom piece of my Cleito tank. Yep, no surprise there. And here is the middle glass piece that we're not gonna currently use, but you've all seen that before. So let me just move some of this stuff out the way so that you stay in focus. So we're gonna move that out the way, move that to one side, and we've got this now. So we're just gonna open up the box. So, the Cleito 5mL replacement tank does come in a little black box like this, we've come accustomed to with Aspire products. And when we open it up, we get nothing else apart from our glass. So, it's a funny looking thing, isn't it? Funky. It's a funky looking.

But guys, this just does, just place in. So what were gonna do is, we're gonna take the base of our tank, and our RTA system, and we're just gonna screw that on, like so. Now it is worth noting guys, I wanted to show you this. This is why I kinda showed you the glass piece. Now, you don't actually have to get the FatBoy tank. As you can see, the single, the normal glass section does fit on there fine, so you don't have to get it. But obviously, the size of the RTA, you're really gonna limit your juice capacity down dramatically. It would probably be pointless to be honest, so that's something that we wanted to highlight. So, we've got our new glass piece then and we're just gonna slide that over, like so. So you can see obviously a lot more juice capacity's gonna be in this tank, like so. So there you go, fatty. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna fill it up now with some juice, and we will just fill it up as you would do the normal Cleito, down the side and...

Now, it's probably worth noting that the glass piece is a 5mL capacity extender. Now that is only if you're using the standard coils, because the RTA System is fatter than the standard coils, then you're not actually gonna get the 5mL out of it. You're gonna get about maybe, what, 3.5mL? It's a guess guys, but I would say it's probably closer to that than it is anything else. So you wanna fill it up as much as you can. That's about enough though. Okay, and then we'll just take our little top piece guys, and just like you would do with these standard Cleito, you can just screw that on. That'll just fit over nicely. Tighten it down, and we'll just have a little look at it... Sorry. So there you go guys. There is the Cleito with the RTA System and the FatBoy glass. Is it called FatBoy or am I just making that up? I'm sure I've heard that somewhere.

Now what I'm gonna do guy, I'm gonna open it up again. I'm gonna open it up and get a little bit more e-liquid in there because I can see some space has opened up as I've tightened that down, so I'm just gonna fill it up again. A little bit more. Just to be nice and full. Low and behold, it'll probably leak now. And once you tighten it down you can feel that the glass is setting and everything else. So there you go. Okay guys, so there you go. It's nice and full. It's wicking up. I did have a little bit of a... When I was screwing the top cap on, the glass felt as if it was a little bit off. But when I gave it a little bit of a squeeze, it seemed to go into place no bother. So I'm gonna use this Zero Clone. I'm gonna pop it on there. There you go, nice and tight. Fire it up. Is it a new coil? And it's reading at 0.42. So we'll bump it up to about 50W. There we go. So there it is guys, the Aspire Cleito RTA System and FatBoy glass. Let's jump up top and see how it vapes.

Okay guys, so that was a close-up look at the Aspire Cleito RTA section. Now guys, I've got to be honest with you, I did film that section of the video about four weeks ago, and then obviously I have been doing the big move, so I have been using this non-stop, pretty much for four weeks now, as I moved. I've been using this, the Goblin mini version 3 and this, the Wotofo Steam Engine. This is one of my favorite tanks. So, throughout the last four weeks how have I found this RTA? Well, I've got to say, I think it is absolutely fantastic guys. I've got to say it. In terms of the wicking. Now, you've got to get the wicking correct, because when you wick it wrong it will leak, leak, leak, leak, leak, leak, leak, leak, leak. It will piss juice, and it will flood the Titanic and every other slogan that I can think of. Guys, this is a leaker if it's not wicked properly. Now, what I would suggest you do is, when you are wicking it up, just put a lot of cotton down those sides, and make sure that the cotton is coming out and you can see it when you're putting the RTA in and shouldn't really have a problem. But let's have a vape first of all. So I've got this at 41W on the two coils that still came with the kit.

Really nice. Really good. Excuse me. Now guys, What I would say about the Cleito RTA is, I would highly recommend that you get one, if you have a Cleito. Now, the reason why I say that guys is because the Aspire Cleito will cost you around about £20. Now, the RTA section will cost you around about 12 to £13, depending on where you go, and the fact that the glass will cost you around about £6 as well. All in all, that's a lot of money for an RTA tank. What did I work that out at? That, I'm kinda thinking of that, it's worth a 36, £37 for a tank. Now guys, if you've got a Cleito already, then I certainly would recommend that you get the RTA. I'd certainly recommend that you get the FatBoy glass because it makes your tank hold more juice, which is good in every aspect.

However, I wouldn't recommend that you go out today and buy all three at once because there are better tanks out there that are at a lower price. Other tanks out there that do the exact same thing at a lower price. But because it is available in different bits. And that's why I always say when I do juice reviews, or tank... Sorry, tank reviews. And I love the fact when a tank brings out a... A company brings out a tank, that they bring out the RTA section with the fucking tank. And they give you in a kit. I think that's the way it should be and Aspire are not following those rules. They bring out a tank, and then a few months later they bring out the RTA section, and then charge you more money for it. Now, I think the RTA section is very, very good and it works very well. Yes, it guzzles the juice, but that's because I'm using dual Clapton coils in this one.

I love the FatBoy glass because, obviously with the RTA, you do need that extra capacity. And also it gives you more juice capacity when you're using the standard coils. And I've got no problems with leaking or anything like that either. But, to buy them all separately would be far too expensive. And you could pick yourself up something like a Kanger Top Tank for about £20 and that gives you everything that you need with it, whereas this will cost you the best part of £40 and that's maybe... You could get two Top Tanks for that. So again, Aspire may be pricing themselves out of the market.

But all in all guys, I think that if you do have a Cleito I would certainly recommend the RTA section. If you don't wanna build, I'd certainly recommend the FatBoy glass. It's about £6 and it doubles your juice capacity. Very, very good. Let's have a vape. That is worth noting guys that I have ran this RTA through the wringer. When I was doing my move I lost all my juice. And I was using a heavy VG juice in my RTA and it wicked no problem whatsoever. So it's definitely gonna wick. And I think it looks pretty good as well. I do like 22mL tanks and the little fat glass just makes it look a little bit quirky.

Guys, that's my review of the RTA from Aspire for the Cleito. I do think it is a great RTA, but I wouldn't recommend you buy it unless you've got the Cleito tank already. Because buying all three, it's far to expensive for what you're getting. That's just my humble opinion guys that I'd... Okay guys, so that is just my opinion. I hope it has helped you make a decision. Please nip over to Facebook and join the Facebook group. It's called Vape Don't Smoke. You can follow me on Twitter @vapedontsmoke82. Please subscribe for future reviews. I am gonna sort out the vape well and hopefully get some more videos done shortly. But guys, more importantly than all that, please take care and Vape Don't Smoke.