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What's going on Charlie Brown?

All right. You know what that's from, right?

What's going on everybody, Jai Haze here. It seems we'll be doing a review on a device that I've picked up for the purposes of the review. VGOD. Why is it that you don't see a lot of reviewers doing reviews on their devices? Is it that they don't send it out to people to do reviews, or they're just so happy with their product that they don't feel that they need any kind of constructive criticism to m

VGOD Pro 200W & Pro Sub Tank Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Elite vs Pro - What's Better?
Credit to: Jai Haze
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Video Transcript: VGOD Pro 200W & Pro Sub Tank Starter Kit Review and Rundown | Elite vs Pro - What's Better? by Jai Haze

What's going on Charlie Brown?

All right. You know what that's from, right?

What's going on everybody, Jai Haze here. It seems we'll be doing a review on a device that I've picked up for the purposes of the review. VGOD. Why is it that you don't see a lot of reviewers doing reviews on their devices? Is it that they don't send it out to people to do reviews, or they're just so happy with their product that they don't feel that they need any kind of constructive criticism to make it a better device? Well, I'm not quite sure of that, but I could tell you that when I did the review on the original VGOD, this guy right here, I really, really thoroughly... What is that noise?

I don't know. Sounds like a Pterodactyl.

It's a Pterodactyl she said. It's weird that she chose a dinosaur, not a chicken or a seagull, a Pterodactyl. Funny thing is, I think it was actually Bree breathing. So when I did the review on this guy right here, I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thumb Fire. So if you haven't seen a review for this guy, I'll post the link, write down. Anyway, long story short, I guess they liked that. They saw the succession of how that was on the market, then they came out with this guy, right here. Now, VGOD is typically known to be more of a trickster-type device. If somebody that uses lots of power, lots of airflow, does lots of jelly doughnuts, maybe some maple bars, some bear claws, all these different types of doughnutries, is what they do.

If there was a tree that grew donuts on it, I feel like it would be dead tomorrow. 'Cause there would be everybody walking by, taking pictures, eating the bark, thinking you're gonna get more sugar. There's a good invention for you. All you people out... All you botanists. Okay. VGOD, PRO 200 watt kit. Now, this does come with a tank. I don't remember when I got the original VGOD, if it came with a tank, it might have came with a dripper. Either way, I've done reviews on a lot of VGOD products. And I don't really have a connection with them 'cause if I did, I probably would've ask them the whole ordeal, whether or not it was truly made in China or the Philippines because a lot of people think that this stuff is made in the Philippines when in reality it has nothing to do with the Philippines.

There might be some Filipino vapors that use it, but that doesn't mean it's from there. 200 watt device, again using the same chip that they use there, just changed the whole interface, maybe tweaked it a little bit, made by Adam Vapes. Everybody knows that company. It's the same company that made those little gold coils or the Neord RDA. They also did the Air Blades or they're still working on them. I'm not quite sure. Even though this model's similar to its predecessor, the regular 200, there are some things that are different with this. You could change different colors, you could do all types of tricks and shit with this. Figuratively, not relatively. So without further ado, let me just bring this down to show you everything inside the box and how this works. Let's flip it.

VGOD PRO 200. Really nothing on the front of the box. I'm very, very much impressed with that because it gives that whole clean look appearance. On the top side PRO 200 watt kit on the side. You know what this emblem reminds me of? Ferrari. I don't know what it is, maybe it's because it's red and black. Matter, there's not really much of a horse in there. If you take note of this logo, though, deep inside there you may see a flag. I do as well. There's not many flags that are like this with stars and stripes. So are they saying, Hey, we support America. Or are you saying that we wanna give the appearance that we're American is why you have those stars and stripes inside the shield. I guess you'd be the judge of that. On the other side, same exact thing. And then on the flip side of the box, everything that's included. What in the shit is this? I'm sorry, I'm a little taken back with this sticker. Apparently VGOD wanted to be different than everybody else and they instead of doing like an ice cream or a type of milkshake or maybe a waffle or even a donut flavor, they actually went with the rainbow sprinkles flavor and scented sticker.

And here we go, this is where it takes us. Would you look at that? Wow, that is advanced... Thank the proprietor for this time and quietly walk away? What? And you guys think I'm hard up on clones? They're saying if you got a clone then you could get the fuck out. Like that's basically what they're saying. We have a two-stage verification. Simply compare the security label to the scanned image above. Wow, that is... Yeah, that's roughly it. It's hard to tell with all those colors and then the serial down there. I'm not gonna do a scratch and sniff 'cause we know that that number is gonna match that. I mean, that is just... I don't wanna get that shit underneath my nails. Yeah, that's pretty crazy for authenticity check. And that's very, very anti-clone. It's pretty crazy coming from China and all considering that is the homeland of the clones. All right. Down here on the bottom, Designed in Torrance, California, USA. Again, when people are doing this, that gives the appearance that this is made in America, however, down here you see, Made in China.

This does come with a sub-ohm tank and inside the box, you're not gonna find an RBA head. However, if you were so inclined you could get this with an RBA head or buy an RBA head separately and be able to rebuild on the tank. Then you get a smoky tank if you don't like the crystal clear one. Underneath here, you're gonna get some stuff. That's gonna be for the sub-ohm tank, a sticker, then a manual and another manual. Now, the reason why there's two different manuals in this is, one for the sub-ohm tank and then one for the mod, which of course we're not really gonna go over just because I'm gonna go over it and there's no need to read the manual.

This is not a super expensive mod, but it's not super cheap either. VGOD USA. See, that's where people start getting confused. Has a really nice design on the inside, really Sabbath looking frame. It isn't matte black... Just keep in mind, if you do use something that's really acidic that may eat away at that matte black paint job that's on the inside. And I think that's why a lot of companies are not doing this inside their sub-ohm tank for fear of it actually degrading and coming off and chipping. On the bottom for your airflow, it's little, it's a little Tin Man-esque, but enough of juice, that'll go away. For your top, this whole thing does come apart to take the glass off, however, if you wanna fill this up, just grab the drip tip and then you un-thread it right here. Very, very simple to un-thread.

Now, take a look at these plugs. This is pretty bad ass. To fill this, when you put your bottle in, it acts as like a little sealer. I like this a lot. Something like this is the prime example of pure innovation. Now, if you wanted to, you could take this thing out. I'm not quite sure why you would want to, but you could. They even have vents on the bottom of the plug, look at that. That is innovative. That is pretty freaking cool. It's a little bit difficult to get back in too, just keep that in mind. It's like putting a tire on a rim. Okay, I am failing on so many levels with this. Take the bottom apart. That is how we're gonna access the coil, not bad threading. The coil in this is of course, proprietary. And this is called the shotgun coil, 0.2 resistance. The coil on this is proprietary, and when you take it out, it's going to be a little bit difficult to get it back in. Your threading end is very, very, oh, rough.

On the inside here, you have these little things that stick up, these ledges, so to speak. What those little nipples do, is they give a really good connection on the positive and the ground is, obviously, the whole thing that it screws into. That is a lot of cotton. We're gonna wanna make sure that you really saturate that up. And what we're gonna put inside of this... What? Alright. What you see me doing right now is the same thing you wanna do whenever you get this. There is a mesh on the top, now, what that's supposed to do is give you anti spit-back. However, that's great and all for the cotton, but that's not good because it's not over the coil. If it was over the coil, you'll have restricted airflow. So, you kind of have to take one with the other. See how that works? That's nice. I think that is the coolest shit that I've ever seen before. I'm not quite sure if anybody's ever done that either, that might be the first time that I've seen that type of apparatus on a sub-ohm tank.

On the original one, they had a really big shield. On the new one, they have a very gripey situation here which is not going to move. You know those little dash jammies put on the dashboard and it stops your phone from moving about? This has that built in to the sides. Smaller shield which is a good thing, I thought this was a little bit too big for what it is. Brushed stainless steel versus this that's rocking no stainless steel, and it's solid black across the board. They still kept their original fire button, and they still kept the original size that you could fit on top of this. 26 millimeters is gonna be the brink of, Oh no, that's too much.

So, this is the Gorgon RDCA, there is very, very small overhang on all edges, which means that a 25 will work. The mods are very much in the same, same type of height. It is a little bit thicker on this one because of the rubber gripies that you have on it. On the side, it says, VGOD. On the new one, it gives you a little bit more of a contour for your hand versus the other one that's kind of a straight shot. They are very, very similar. This is where things change a little bit. To put the batteries in the original VGOD, you're gonna slide this little door, put 'em in, lock it in place, kinda lift it, place it, flip it, rub it down, smack it. On the new one, they removed that and then, they went to this, the magnets are very, very stiff. Typical on the inside, they got a real nice VGOD situation right here. Some gripey jammies and then, your batteries are dual 18650s, not 20700s. When I first saw this, that's the first thing I thought of was, Wow, that'll fit a 20650 or a 20700. No, no, no it won't. Magnets on the top and bottom are your bar magnets, very, very snappy. Ribbon, which doesn't really have much of a play in regards to closing the door properly.

What you're gonna wanna do when you're putting batteries in this is put this side down first, because the keystone may, and possibly will, grab your wrap and jack it up. A lot of people hate those contacts. This does have reverse battery protection but I'm not quite sure as to why you would need that considering the battery orientation is listed right there on the tray. And then positive over here and then snap. Do you see what's happening? Take a look at the contact up top. Ready? Watch. See how that bends? Let me try to bring that on a little bit more so you could see it. Now, watch up here in this situation. Watch. You see that? What you'd be better off doing is trying to put it in flush like I did versus putting it on the bottom. To access a lot of this is a little unorthodox for me while I'm doing this with you just because the fire button is down here and I'm used to having something over here to fire. My hands look like they're doing some type of seizure. Don't be alarmed. It's totally normal, I'm getting a cramp. Micro USB down here to upgrade the firmware and to charge it, however, as always, I do not recommend you to charge this with the micro USB for a multitude of reasons. It's just not good, guys. You could do it on the fly for a little bit. Don't leave this plugged in overnight.

To access the menu, you're going to press the up and the fire button. In the settings menu, you press the fire button, that's advanced. You have titanium, nickel, stainless steel 304, 316, pro, which is your power curve, MEC, which is something we should discuss. We're gonna put that on for right now just so you can see what I got going on. And then, you have screen color. This is where it's a little bit difficult to change. Just press and hold the up button and you will see lots of different variations.

And that is back to the stock one. The fire button again, it's gonna go back to the menu. Temperature Fahrenheit. You adjust this. You can adjust the T to say Fahrenheit or Celsius. Brightness is the brightness of the screen. I don't think that was in the original VGOD. Down again, you have Rotate Screen, which is all that's gonna do is flip it, factory reset, boom, done, then back to exit. Now we're in Mech mode right now. You can't adjust anything.

The peculiar thing with this is that it says it has a 0.7 cut-off, not 0.07, which is a very, very awkward resistance to have a cap on. What we're going to do is see what happens if you try to fire a lower bill than a 0.7. We're gonna hit New Atomizer. Yes.

That's a 0.26 in Mech and guess what?

So I have no idea what they're talking about. There's no cut off at 0.7. Frame Maker might be pretty low. Let's take, test that out. New atomizer of course. And that's firing. You're not hearing anything 'cause there's no build in it. That is a.15. I'm assuming they mean.07, that would only make sense. I mean VGOD is typically known for being like a tricker style vape, so it just doesn't make sense for it to be a 0.7. However, we're gonna go back to the setting here. That is your speed. Not the fastest. And it doesn't round-robin when you get to the bottom?

If you have your set wattage that you like or you have the temp setting setup and it's all good to go, if you wanna lock the amount of power and it doesn't get adjusted on the fly, you just hold these two buttons together, that's going to lock and unlock it. Very, very self-explanatory. Now this says it picks up at a 0.2. So why would the Mech be a.7? Because that's lower than what we got. Atomizer, yes. New. And it's picking up at a 0.25. So it's not that far off of what's listed on the coil. Once again, that is a VGOD Pro 200. Let's bring it on the top.

Alright, there we go. We are good to go. What is this? Alright guys, today we are back on the top with the VGOD Pro 200 watt kit with the tank that comes with this on the top. Not bad looking at all. Very, very, very midnight black out-ish. We are working with 62 watts. I'm pretty sure on the original one, I had a problem with where the screen is. It's the same thing again. I get it that they just wanted to make it more visible to everybody else, like, Oh look, what I'm vaping on. But it makes more sense for it to be on this side, so I can adjust it with the same finger that I'm using to fire it. No? Okay, maybe not. Maybe the way that I'm looking at it is wrong. Let me show you some vapor production. 62 watts. Gotta look around the corner for this one.

Now, that is wide open, let me put a little bit more power through it. I'm going to tell you right now that this doesn't come with an extra coil or an RBAN. So if the coil that you get in this one is bad, guess what? You're fucked. There's nothing you can do to fix that situation. Well, there is, but there isn't, I'll explain in a second.

When I first got this coil, I saturated up. You saw me do it. I primed it, had it good to go. However, the issue I was having is I was tasting nothing but metal. Which either tells me the mesh is what I was tasting on the top or the wire, or it was grounding out. If It was grounding out, it shouldn't be firing. That's a safety precautionary measure.

So all that means is that the mesh was bad, but it's not wicking properly.

They write this coil at 100 watts. At 85, I'm having the hardest time.

What we're gonna do is go to 100 watts because that's what they say the coil can take. Even though I'm having problems with it at 85 and 60, why not do the 100? I'm gonna do one hit. That's about all you get out of this.

Felt weird at higher power. I'm not... Okay.

It's a very loud sub-ohm tank, but the flavor isn't bad, I... I don't think anybody that's gonna buy this device is really gonna give a shit about the tank. How many people that you know do jelly donuts actually worry about the tank that's on the top versus the dripper?

I know they're not called jelly donuts.

Truly, it's Jelly Fish or blowing rings but we could call them onion rings.

The tank that's on this isn't bad. It's not. I really like the way that it looks on the inside. The only thing I fear those of you using very citric or citrus acid-type e-liquid, it's gonna eat away at that paint and that's gonna break down into your juice and then you're going to vape that. That's why you don't see a lot of companies use any kind of coating on the inside of this.

The Zeus is a good example and also does that.

Not the biggest fan of that, especially now that I think about it. But I don't really use fruity juice, so I'm not too worried about the paint breaking down and getting into my coil. Just keep that in mind if you're gonna buy this for the reason of the sub-ohm tank.

Let's rule out the sub-ohm tank for a minute. I'm gonna have to put that on the side, I'll vape that in a second. What I wanna put on here is a dripper, a 502. And this is the Delrin rendition. So what's gonna happen with this is it's gonna look super sexy 'cause it's all black.

The label this as a Mod that can fire very, very quickly. A lot of people already know this company, because of Adam Vapes. It's a pretty well known company whether or not they have a good reputation or bad. I think it's kind of a relevant to the situation right now.

That is a new atomizer. And we're gonna go up to about 85 watts that's about what I run, that's picking up at a.4285 watts with a 502 on the top of that.

There you go, a...

I don't know if I would say that this has a quicker ramp-up time than most mods. But it's not horrible, as soon as you hit the button... There you go, there's a good reference. So three clicks, let's listen. It's not bad. If I had to compare this to the original 200, I would prefer this. Just because I really like this gripey shit on the side. It's not that non-slippery shit we've seen like PAM or the cooking spray, it's not like that. When I'm referencing that, I'm talking about like the Vapor Shark feel.

It is very, very, very much gripey. This is something that if you put it in your pocket, you're wearing a pair of jeans, you're not quite sure if you're gonna be able to get it out, just because it's gonna stick to everything inside of your pocket. You may pull out some change with this, this would be a really good option if you're a guy that carries change. You go to the bank, you're jingling your shit in your pocket, you go to pull this out, you can't get that quarter, put this in there, it sticks right to the side.

The original, I like the stainless steel that's on it because they're really nice accents and I like the way that you put your batteries in. You put your batteries in this just like you would any of the device that was made two years ago. That's not that it's a bad thing, it's just that they're going back to the roots of what it is. The fire button on the top for your thumb is exactly the same as the way that it is on the original. And the fire button on the original, the whole end actually presses down. Versus this, you have to kind of play like, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, to get to the fire button. And then before you know a Blue's Clues is inside your dripper, it's a party on Channel 13.

All in all, it's not a bad mod at all. I'm gonna have to rate this as a kit because it does come as a kit, and then I'm gonna rate it individually if you just bought just the mod, which I'm not quite sure you can do. So if I was to rate this on a starter kit level, someone that's just getting into vaping to pick this device up, I feel like most people would not get this as a starter kit, just because of the way you fire it, the way you hold. It's different, it's unique. It's not the first time this has been done, there's no way that this is innovation in any type of way. Maybe except for the gripey shit, I don't know any... Well, the Dovpo E-LVT, the E-LVT Mini, had that type of rubberised coating around the whole thing, so did the Invader. There's been a couple of mods that's been encased in rubber, not so much sticky pads like this.

I'm gonna give it a 5.5, just because I don't like that for a kit, the tank comes with nothing. They give you an extra glass, but they don't give you an extra coil. So if the coil you get is shit when you get this, you better hope you buy some extra coils with this. That's assuming that wherever you're buying this from is carrying the coils of the sub-ohm tank. Also, there's a rebuildable option. Why not give me that? If this is designed for some of those tricks or stunts or flips and kicks, why not give me the option of wearing an extra set of pair of shoes. I wanna be able to build the rebuildable to my liking and then I feel I like this tank that much more. It's just not an option. You could buy it individually, but it doesn't come with the kit.

So that's where the starter kit really, really starts to fade away from being a starter kit versus someone that's just buying a mod and a tank with no extra peripherals whatsoever. Coils for this tank are very, very, very, very, very expensive. For five coils is 30 fucking dollars. That's brick and mortar prices, individual coil, $6. A pack for $30, it's a little bit uncalled for. And that goes back to why I wouldn't prefer this sub-ohm tank. I kind of retort what I said in regards to that being innovative. There has been another tank that has implemented that, which is the Frogman sub-ohm tank that came with the Vapito or Vaptio. Whatever it is, I'll post a link right now, not quite sure how to say it.

I feel like that's something that a lot of Chinese companies should be implementing in all of their sub-ohm tanks or even RTAs that are top-filled. Very simple to rub a ring, done, good to go. If I was to rate this mod all by itself, without the tank on the top, seven. An easy seven. I wouldn't go any higher than that because it does have its flaws. For instance, this screen being on the opposite side and the battery tray. I would've much prefer the old way of doing it. If you're looking at picking this up to replace your 200, that is a good option. If you're looking to pick it up as I starter kit, not a good option.

So just weigh your pros and cons, kinda figure out where you wanna go with this. And if you wanna upgrade this later on down the road, let's just say you buy this as a starter kit and you wanna upgrade this down the road, you are gonna be able to fit anything that is above a 25 mm. I'm sorry that I'm talking really fast with this, it's just that everything is on the top of my mind and as I'm going, it's just coming out. That's what she said and I've got the grill, have you? Jai Haze out.