Cool Fire Mini
Cool Fire Mini
Cool Fire Mini
Cool Fire Mini
Cool Fire Mini
Cool Fire Mini
Cool Fire Mini

Cool Fire Mini

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The Ultra-Compact CoolFire Mini packs 40 Watts of output and a 1300mAh battery into an ergonomic shape that’s just 63mm tall and fits perfectly in your hand! The all-new curved button design is more comfortable than ever whereas the bright OLED displays all-important vaping information with brilliant clarity. Meanwhile the gold plated spring loaded connector pin and high quality stainless steel 510 threading are compatible with all standard coil and tank systems. You can vape CoolFire Mini even while charging as it is charged via Micro USB. The CoolFire Mini also features over-discharge, integrated overheat, and charging safety protections.

Cool Fire Mini Innokin
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Innokin Cool Fire ACE / Mini!
Credit to: TiaVapes
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Innokin Cool Fire Mini reviews

Video Transcript: Innokin Cool Fire ACE / Mini! by TiaVapes

I didn't think that they would come out with another one. Hey, vapers, welcome back to my channel. Today's video is all about the CoolFire ACE.

Alright, guys, yes, today, we are looking at another member of the CoolFire family. This is the CoolFire ACE, aka., the CoolFire Mini. I am so stoked because I do love the CoolFire series. I always use my CoolFire TC100 Chrome Edition for my flavor testing videos. And this is also a Mini Mod, so it's like a two-for-one for me. Let's check it out. It's not as small as the CoolFire Pebble. It's like a step up, which I think is great because the more sizes, the more variety, the better for all of us different vapers out there. Check it out. Comes like this. I have the black one. It does come in five colors. This color you see here, blue, purple, pink, and stainless steel or silver, whatever you prefer. I would have loved the pink one, if you know me.

But we're gonna settle for black because look at how stinking cute it is. It does come with the Slipstream here. So these two go together like so. Oh my God, it's so little, it's like a little baby, baby CoolFire. I can't! Oh my God, let me show you guys real quick. I'll use my CoolFire TC which is basically the same size as the regular CoolFires. And look, oh, it's so cute. Underneath the device and the little atomizer, you get a user's manual right here, an extra coil, an extra drip tip, a wide bore drip tip, a charge cord, USB to micro-USB, looks like you have some extra o-Rings just in case, and a new type of Innokin sticker.

This extra coil is 0.8 ohm. So here is the little guy. We got some venting up here. Here is the fire button, the regulatory buttons, the micro-USB charge port, the OLED screen. We have this stainless steel 510 threading with gold plated spring loaded connector pin down in there. And just look at how little it is. It is 63 millimeters by 35 millimeters by 22 millimeters. I'm going to pop the slipstream on here, which has a 20-millimeter diameter, a 2 mL capacity, it is Pyrex glass and stainless steel. It is also a top fill tank with top adjusting airflow. And I am filling it up with some Vape Milk's Sin City. This is a cinnabon flavor, with a yummy frosting twist to it. Three clicks to the fire button turns it on and there it displays the battery life, the wattage, the ohms, the voltage, and the seconds that your puff is. So you can see when I first turned it on, it is in voltage, but you can change that by pressing the fire button and the plus button at the same time and it'll switch over into wattage, and you can adjust there. So to adjust that, you just press and hold one of the regulatory buttons until the wattage flashes and then you can change it from 6-40 watts.

The minimum resistance allowance on this device is 0.2 ohms. It does have a little 1300 milliamp hour battery built in, so let's take a little baby vape off this, little baby vape. Wow, clouds, bitch. So this is a 0.5 ohm coil installed. I do have it at 40 watts. If you press and hold the plus and minus button at the same time, you get the precision reading of the coil and your puffs. But if you press and hold it for a long amount of time, dodoloo, it will change the screen orientation for left or right-handed vapers. This works for me. I can really do it both ways if I need to.

So, of course, like traditional Innokin products, it has a vape while charging technology, which means you can have it on the charger and be vaping away at your computer desk or wherever at the same time. It does have short circuit protection. It has low resistance protection. It has overheating and over-charging protection as well. It's just a great, cute little on-the-go vape that I am in love with automatically 'cause it's just so cute. And this is a perfect setup. The Slipstream also comes with the chroma, which is just like mimicking of an all-in-one but it's not a true all-in-one. But look at this little guy.

Kicking out the clouds, 40 watts though, 0.5 ohm. It's like right where I like my vape anyway. Just check out the vapor production from this little guy right here. Can you see it? Can you see it? Focus camera. CoolFire ACE, ching ching. I will leave a link below to where you can check this out for yourself. If you've tried it, let me know. You guys know how I feel about Mini Mods. And if you're new here, hi, I love Mini Mods so much and Innokin is one of my favorite vaping brands. So when they put out a Mini Mod, I am in love and I mean, I like the Pebble too, but that's like super mini and I feel like even the Slipstream is like, oh maybe even a little too big for the Pebble itself, but like that's still good, come on... I don't know. This... I definitely prefer this one, this size over the Pebble.

Yup, that's it for the video. Just a quick little video of the cute CoolFire ACE or, aka., CoolFire Mini. I've heard that said either way, so like ACE/Mini, whatever. Give this video a thumbs up. Give it a thumbs up for Mini Mods. Check the description box below for important links like where to get my favorite things like e-liquids, mods, etcetera. You can follow me on almost any social media site like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat. All those social media links will be below. And one more thing before you go, if vaping is something you're passionate about, please consider joining and fight for your right to vape. So, as always, I'm Tia, and thank you so much for watching.