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The EVO75 Kit from Aspire is a must-have Sub Ohm vaping system, packing two exciting vaping heavy hitters: Atlantis EVO tank and NX75 Mod. The Atlantis EVO tank features an optimized design that allows for high VG E-Liquid and a brisk route into the coil system, functioning well even when you need a thick dense vapor production. The EVO75 kit is available in 0.4Ω and 0.5Ω Sub Ohm coils for a superior vaping experience. On the other hand, the NX75-Z 75 watt mod features a five-button system, makes it ultra-intuitive. The NX75 also provides a new Customizable Firing Button Profiles (CFBP) function for the fine tuning of heat ramp-up (power curve).

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EVO75 Kit from Aspire - Crikey!!
Credit to: Vaping Biker
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Aspire Aspire EVO75 reviews

Video Transcript: EVO75 Kit from Aspire - Crikey!! by Vaping Biker

Hello everyone, and thanks very much for joining me. I'm Dean, the Vaping Biker, and today we are gonna be looking at a different little kit. Now, it's not often you get to say that you're excited about reviewing something from Aspire for instance. Not that they're a bad company, but there's just a lot of very similar products coming out. And the Nautilus X was certainly something that kind of made us all feel a certain way, I believe. However, when they said that they had a mod coming out, based on previous experience, I wasn't super excited, I've got to say. However, having said that, we now have this kit, which is the EVO75 kit, and I've got to say, it's not half bad at all. Let's dive down because this is not gonna be the quickest up close, because there is a lot to cover with this. So, let's dive down, we'll have a little look and I'll tell you all about the EVO75 kit from Aspire. Come on then.

Alright then ladies and gentlemen. So here we are with the Aspire EVO75. Oh, I've got things moving. I'm trying something different with the camera mount today. So we'll have to see how we get on with that. Right, now then, let's dig in, we'll get straight into the box, nothing overly exciting to look at there and underneath we've got just a whole bunch of stuff that they normally tell us, as well as our scratch and sniff there as well. So you can get stuck into that as much as you like. Right, I'm going to bring the camera down a little bit now, rest that on there and that should stop the wobble. So, lets have a little blast and see what's in the box, shall we. Now then, I'm excited about this and I'm trying to retain the excitement as much as I can, so we'll have to see. Now, I'm going to turn the... What do I wanna do with the exposure? Do we want the exposure there? Let's do that and have a little look and see.

So this is the Atlantis tank that we've got to play with here. Now, obviously we know that it's the Atlantis EVO. So we've got a few little changes from the Atlantis itself. It's quite a small little tank. It will take regular Atlantis coils. So if you do take... Well, if you do have a bunch of those coils from using the Atlantis, then you are okay. And I've tried a couple of different coils in there and they've all worked fine and dandy. Very similar to the Cleito we've got this kind of rubber band thing going on at the top and that just helps to take away any kind of extra heat that you may accumulate on the top there. It's a top fill, like so. And nothing really massively to get excited about. We can talk about this when we go up top. The only annoyance that there is, is this, the air flow control here, which you can see. It does spin kind of quite freely and will keep spinning. There is no stops on it or anything along those lines. Now, underneath, obviously, we've got the Atlantis EVO. We don't really have enough of a protruding 510 to make this hybrid safe. And it's obviously non-adjustable either. But otherwise as far as tanks go, it's a tank, it's okay.

But, I don't wanna get too tied up in the tank. And the reason I don't wanna get too tied up in the tank, is because I want to show you this mod, and it's... I'm just so impressed. Now then, let's have just have a quick look and see what else we get in the box there. We get a user manual which the only thing that I found quite funny in this one, which I thought was humorous. It tells us about all manner of stuff. The mod supports pass through charging to lengthen the life of the mod. We do not recommend vaping while charging pass through. That was kind of the whole point of a pass through so you can vape while you're charging. Anyway, a whole bunch of stuff here. This is telling us about customizable firing button profiles, which we'll look at in a bit. We've got a warranty card. We've got a USB. Spare glass for the tank and a spare coil. I think can you get a 0.4 and 0.5. Let's have a little look and see what this one is. That says Aspire there, that's 0.5 does that say? Yep, there we go, 0.5, 35 to 40 watts and so, yeah, you get a couple, but like I say, you will get these coils absolutely everywhere because they are Atlantis coils.

Now then, this is the mod itself. This is so, so, so simple, and I think the simplicity may even put some people off, but who knows? I really like the construction. It's nice and heavy. It looks just really plain and un kind of threatening and all that sort of stuff. There's not really any major gaps to look at. There's a little bit further apart in the seam here and in some places in the bottom, but it's certainly nothing that I've found that's bothered me and it does look worse on camera than it does in the flesh. We've got the nice subtle kind of Aspire logo, black on black there, which I think is cool, and the NX75 black on black going on there.

We've got a charging port and also this will allow you to connect up for firmware upgrades and we've got the buttons. The buttons, nice and clicky and pretty easy to manipulate really. As simple as you like. Now then, one of the things that I really like about this mod, when we take the two sections apart, not only can we see that we've got some really nice strong magnets going on, and there's a lot of magnets happening, but on here we've obviously got the orientation, which makes it look very... You can't really mess that up.

Now then, normally what you would do with these sort of things is you'd put the battery in on the top there and that doesn't happen, clearly. So, with this one, what you're doing is you're actually sliding the battery in and that's not gonna go anywhere now. That is stuffed there and it will only slide out of the top. Now that being the case, once your battery is in, this is obviously a battery I've re-wrapped. It's a Samsung 25R, there we go. There we go. That clicks in nice and solidly. It's because the battery is rolling on the top of the contact there, and there I've not had any issues with pulling the battery or anything along those lines, so that's all fine and dandy. But it's a really secure solid connection which I really do like and that's not going anywhere. Now the one thing... Well, we can talk about any rattles and stuff when we go up top.

Now then, let's have a little look at this screen in itself, shall we? It's pretty cool. There is a lot of functionality with this mod, and I mean a lot. So we've got a W and a T here, so this is for wattage and temperature. So I've got a bit of... Got a bit of... What is it? Bit of on the old finger nail there. Right, so we've got wattage and temperature going on there. Now if I click on wattage, there we go, that's where we're at. So we've got plus and minus here, to take that up and down. Obviously this is reading 9.99 ohms because we haven't got an atomizer on the top and you'll see that we've got Vaping Biker going on at the top there. I'll show you about that in a second.

But as far as temperature goes, the T, we've got nickel mode, titanium, stainless steel, and then we've got three memory settings as well. But before we go into those memory settings I'm also gonna show you in wattage mode if we press that button more than once, we've got voltage, we've got by-pass, and then we've got these little C modes here. Will you get in there. These little C modes here. Now, these are where you can completely customize your vaping experience.

Now then, what shall I go into first? Shall we go into having a bit of that? Let's have a go. Now, I can't remember, is it these two. Oh, hold you on a second. Let's move the... Let's move that down so we can really get to see what we've got going on here. So, we've got here, we're able to customize the actual curve of our vape. So we've got wattage, which we can up and down here. And then if I press the temperature, you'll see that we've got the seconds issue, we've got happening here, or second. We've got zero, it will go to 0.5 of a second. But essentially what you can do is you can go through this whole system and you can change exactly what you want to happen at any given point in that curve, which is... It's really nerdy to do that if you really want to, but you can if you so wish and it works, and it works really well, if you want to really customize your vape to make it a something that really works out well for you.

Now then. Hitting the fire button takes us out of there, but I'm gonna go back into wattage mode for a moment. Now in temperature mode, I am going to go on to stainless steel, like so. Now then, while we're in temperature mode here, if I click the plus and temp buttons, here we can scroll through the different type of settings. So I wanna go with... I don't wanna go with that tool. That was the wrong one. Stainless steel, as so. I can increase or decrease my power setting in stainless steel, which you can do with any of the choices, obviously. At the same time as well, if I go to memory one, memory two or memory three, I can program my own TCR values as well, which is just super exciting. And you can get TCR values from

But once again, if you've got kind of a , if you've got kind of Claptons where you're using multiple wires, or anything along those lines, you can program your temperature setting exactly how you want to... How you want it to be. Which I think is pretty damn sweet.

But yeah as far as... As far as customizable options go, we have a lot to worry about. Now then. A couple of other things that we've got to play with. If we hit the wattage mode and the plus mode we've got the lock going up here. Now, the lock will allow us to still fire the device but not change the up and down settings. Now if we hit the wattage mode and the minus button. Look here, look. What? Now what we can do is we can set a code. So you can set whatever code you want and now it's got a child proof lock on it. So now, unless somebody goes in there to play with those codes, you're not gonna be able to get into it. Which I think is fucking marvelous. It's a really clever little thing. Is it essential? No. But is it a nice safety feature to have? Absolutely. Having a child lock, that's fantastic.

Right then, now then. The other things that we will see if we look at the temperature mode and the minus button again look at that look now this is how I entered the Vaping Biker and that is the maximum amount of characters I can use there as well, by the way. So you can change that if you so wish. That comes up saying Aspire when you first get it, but I've obviously changed that to whatever I fancied. Now, other than that three... Ooh, where are we? Three clicks turns the device off. Three clicks turns the device back on again, and if you press the fire button when popping the battery in, you can select various languages as well. I'm not gonna do that, purely because it means that I will absolutely put it in the wrong language and not be able to get it out again.

Now then, the other thing is if I want to pop a... Let's pop this in here. New atomizer, yes it is. Now you'll notice that this padlock here is there for the locking of the buttons, but there's no option to lock in your resistance. It's because as soon as you're in temperature mode, it will automatically lock the resistance of that coil. So make sure that everything is at room temperature when you pop it all together. And that ladies and gentlemen, is pretty much it. It's just, there's a lot going on here. There is a lot to play with and there is a lot to kind of really tickle your fancy if you want a fully customized experience. And on a little tiny dinky little box like this, I think that is absolutely awesome. I really, really do. And I guess, one thing we could look at next, finally, is just how quickly it ramps up and you'll see the accelerometer does kind of kick in and it will get going, but it'll take us all the way up to 75 watts. No round-robining, I don't think. Oh yes there is. I'm lying to you blatantly. So, there we go, it will power through nice and quickly to help you get to the desired wattage, or setting, that you're looking for. I'm gonna leave this on 55.5, voila! And that ladies and gentlemen is the EVO75, or the NX75, rather, part of the EVO kit. Alright, let's go back up top.

So that was the up close and personal with the EVO kit. I'm not entirely sure why we've got the, kind of, it's called the EVO and then it's the EVO75 kit, but the mod is the NX75 and the tank is the Atlantis EVO. Is that the EVO? Did I say it's the EVO? What did I say? What did I say? Yeah, it's the Atlantis EVO. Anyway, let's pretend we know what we're doing. I don't know where that came from. Let's pretend we know what we're doing and carry on, shall we?

So, feature packs. Now, I would have gone into more detail but this would have gone even longer and longer and longer. So I want to give you an idea of how you can customize literally everything to do with this little mod. Now then, let's have a little look at the mod itself or thoughts about the mod itself. It's heavy. It's a solid mod, it really is. The corners are quite cornery and the corners are quite cornery. Yeah, the edges are quite sharp, not sharp as in cut yourself, but they're very defined, defined edges, that's the way we'll talk about it. And because of that, I think it's going to put some people off. I personally think it's quite cool. I quite like it. If this was a light mod, it wouldn't work at all, but because it's a heavy mod, in my head, it kind of all works together with kind of a block of metal. And I like it because of that.

It is quite small. It is quite small. What can I... Let me pop it up against the Therion here, so you can see that there is quite the difference. I mean, I know this is a dual battery mod, but yeah, there is quite... It's quite a dinky little mod to be playing with and I really do like it.

Got the fan going directly at me.

Now, the tank. I'm not gonna get excited about the tank, 'cause it's a tank. It's okay, the flavor is okay. The air flow is pretty good. And it's just another, small, kind of sub ohm tank. But it uses the Atlantis coil, so the positive there is that you'll be able to get the coils pretty much anywhere, which I think is a good thing. The little rubber thing on the top, much like the Cleito, does help stop you get warm lips and yeah.

And I've found that it does what it says on the tin. So that's super.

But the thing that just gets me is this mod, the fact that it's so customizable, the fact that you can do so, so much with it and the fact that it does seem to work. Straight away the stainless steel mode, it does bring it down, yes, you do have to bump up the heat a little bit more than you would do on something like a Yihi board for instance, but that's acceptable. It does bring the vape down, it does let you know that the coil is going dry and so in that respect, to me, it works.

The delivery, I think, is spot on. I've got no issues with the power that's coming out of this bad boy and, yeah, I'm just... I'm really liking it. I am really liking it.

It does... Because of the corners, do I think it's maybe more of a masculine mod? I don't know. I don't know. It depends on how you're gonna feel about that. My wife wasn't overly happy about the sharpness of the... She had coped with the edges here, if you like, but the corners themselves were a little bit sharp. So, in a V2 it'd be nice to see it rounded maybe a little because, especially with this battery section, it looks as though we could possibly take down a little bit where we've got kind of the corners going down there. So, maybe even if that little aspect of it was kind of tidied up a little bit, that may help. But otherwise I really do li... Wind. Like it.

Like I say no problems at all. And as per usual, have I looked to see how much they are in the UK? Have I buggery. So let's have a little look. Aspire EVO75, EVO75, let's have a wee look here then for you. Right, let's have a wee look here. Hello. Official Aspire Cloudstix, Aspire cig... Let's have a look at Aspire cig, what's Aspire cig. That's the Aspire website. That's not gonna help me. is the next one that comes down, this is the EVO75 kit and it comes in black, stainless steel or white and they're on pre-order at 54.99., 54.99 same option. So £55 for a 75 watt massively customizable device I think is pretty damn good to be honest. Now I'm gonna say something controversial here. Not often I would say this but I think this mod on it's own is worth £55.

Battery life is as you would expect with any kind of single battery device. If you're gonna wind up that power and if you're gonna give it Billy Big Balls then you are gonna get through that battery. But I feel slightly weird that I'm gushing over an Aspire device to be honest. But I am. I am. I really am. I like it. It's been pretty hard wearing. I've dropped it. I've banged it. I've not really... I've not damaged it in any way. You do have... For the people that like the idea of venting, because they do have some pretty strong batteries in them, there are some holes. Now, are we gonna be able to see this? I don't think... There we go. You can see those holes that go on there and there. Well, they are actually... Where are you? Yeah, they go all the way through to the base as well. So, should anything go a little bit unfortunate... And also, thinking about it. A good thing with that is the top of the battery is at the bottom, so should anything vent or go untoward, which is unlikely, but should that happen that's gonna escape directly out of the bottom, which is actually... Just thought about that. That's actually really clever. Well done Aspire.

It's been a long time coming for something like this from these guys, they've certainly got the company to be able to back it up and I like it. Well done guys. Well done Aspire. I think this is a little cracker. I think it looks really cool. I like the feel of it. I really like the weight of it. You're not gonna be... It's not a top pocket mod. Okay, it is gonna make your boobs sag more than mine do. So it's gonna be a jean pocket mod. The child lock on it. Great idea. The customizable features, brilliant. And it works.

There you go. I'm gonna stop gushing now, ladies and gents. But I think it's the tits. I really do like it. In my experience, it's been performing seamlessly, it's worked everything that I've thrown at it, from the stainless coils, to Claptons, to TCR settings too. I've not messed around too much with the kind of the curve setting, because I don't really find the need to do that, I don't do it with a DNA board so it's unlikely I'm gonna be doing this... Doing it with this one. But it's there if that sort of thing tickles you and floats your boat.

That's it ladies and gentlemen, that's all I'm gonna say. This has been the Aspire EVO75 kit, I think it's a little cracker and for £55 I think that's a bloody bargain as well. Thanks very much for watching, I will catch on you on the next one. Thank you. I can't remember how to sign off it's been days since I've done a review.

Have it large.