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Introducing another fabulous starter kid by Aspire, an all in one pod style Cobble AIO kit. The Cobble is crafted with the user's comfort in mind as it is incredibly easy to refill and get working within seconds. Each pod for the Cobble AIO kit can hold 1.8 ml of E Liquid, and since this is an auto draw device all you have to do to start vaping is simply inhale from the drip tip. As far as the fashion component, the Aspire Cobble AIO kit comes in five unique and fun patterns, including dark marble, mountain mist, carbon fiber, zebra strips and wood grain. This device is also ideal for nic salt E Liquids, too!

Aspire Aspire Cobble reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire Cobble Pod Vape Review by Mike Vapes

What's up, peeps? Mike Vapes here. Today, I have a pod, yes, another one. Of course, another pod system to show you guys. And this one right here was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Aspire. It is the Cobble Pod System. Yeah. Comes in a bunch of different colors, you guys saw in the beginning, I'll show it during the up and close. Also, this one's the woodgrain, comes with one pod, 700 milliamp hour battery. Let's dive down. Let's check out the Cobble Pod System.

And here's the packaging the Cobble by Aspire comes in. Inside the packaging, you get a warranty card, user manual, a little how to fill the Cobble, USB charging cable, and your Cobble Pod System. So the Cobble is gonna come in a, if I'm not mistaken, five different color patterns which I'll show it right now. It has a 700 milliamp hour battery. 1.8 mls of e-liquid fit in this pod. And if I'm not mistaken, it's a 1.4 ohm coil, nichrome coil in here. It's a BVC coil. Alright. They got the smallest BVC coil ever made inside this pod system. So, we have a little indicator here, this will be a light indicator.

USB charge port right there. Nothing going on here. This one is the marble. Now, to get the pod out, you're gonna see you have this little window here to kind of see where your liquid level is. You have to push forward, just like that, and pull. Alright. That's the way you get it out. It's a little tricky getting these pods out, but yeah, that's the way you take it out. And there's only one way for it to go in. As you could see there, the contacts gotta match up, you cannot put it the opposite way. So where you see this cut out open, that's where this piece that you see here fits right in.

Alright. Now, to fill this pod system, you have a little rubber gas... Oh, and I just dropped something... Gasket, you just pull right there, and that's where you would fill it from. After you fill, you just press it down. Here's the one I've been using. As you could see, there is some branding there, Aspire, Cobble. This one's the woodgrain. There's that little light indicator. And you could see there the glass, that's where you're gonna push forward and your pod pops right out. Let's check out and see what's going on in there. I like to do this test on camera to see if there's any leaking.

And you could see there, there is a little bit of liquid going on there. I haven't wiped this down at all. This pod that's in here, I've refilled about six times now. It's almost gone, and put it that way. I've used this a lot, this pod right here. Alright. So it's almost gone on there. And as you could see, my liquid level kind of inside there. It's not the best for visibility on being able to see your liquid level. Now, to put it back in, as you could see, I wanna have it lined up that whole opening where you could see the glass all the way up to here. Well, not really glass, the plastic. And that's the way it's just gonna pop right in.

Alright. We're gonna do a quick size comparison. I'm gonna put it next to some other devices that are kind of shaped the same. We have the EQ, the Zero, the Wismec Motiv, and the Cobble. These are all pretty much made out of some sort of metal or aluminum. This one's made out of plastic, this is the lightest one of them all. I'll do one more demonstration. We'll refill my pod that I've been using, just like that. Get some liquid right inside there, which I'm pretty much full to begin with. Alright. And this is the liquid I'm using, as you could see there, some Acai Berry GhoStick, this is not a nic salt, this is a 19.5 milligram stem nicotine, this is what I like to use in all my pods.

Alright now, that my pod is full, I'll grab a napkin. Make sure you have everything clean when you're putting this all back together, it will make your device last longer. So after each fill, make sure everything is nice and dry, all the contacts. And the way this works is, there is no fire button, so that's why you have make sure you keep it clean, it's basically an auto-draw, when you take a puff, it detects it. You could see right here, there's a little hole, and that's where it detects the auto-puff, and that's why your light is right there. So when the light comes on, it's being detected that you're taking a hit off it, and it activates it. Alright. And your airflow on these pods, basically are coming in from the sides, they're coming in from all around it, that's what's giving it that restrictive airflow that I actually like. Alright. So, there you go, the Cobble by Aspire. Let's go back up on top. Let's vape on it, and I'll give you guys my thoughts.

And there you have it. The up-close Cobble Pod System by Aspire. Mike, your thoughts please. Okay. Yes, Aspire has been coming out with lots of pods. They came out with... What was it? The Breeze, the Spryte just recently, and now they've come out with this Cobble. It's a little different than those two, this is more of the traditional pod system, sort of, but there's some cons. Well, not really too many. There's two cons to it. Yeah. First con is gonna have to be... Which is the biggest con of this, one pod. They only give you one pod, that's a big con in my opinion. We're gonna say it again. Sub-ohm tanks come with two coils, this should come with two coils also. And also, yeah, it's gonna be a con in my opinion. What if someone buys one and the pod is a defect? They should have that second pod just in case. Alright. So con right there. Second con is gonna have to be getting the pod out. It's sometimes tricky. Sometimes it's easy to come out, sometimes it's a little bit of a pain in the ass. Let's see if I can get it out quick now. Push it forward, okay, it popped out. Sometimes it's a little pain in the ass, what you have to do is, put your thumb right there, and just push forward, and then help it slide out, and it comes out.

It holds it secure. The pod is nice and secure inside there. One little nitpick I have to give it is, which is also a pro, but it's a con too, is the airflow on here, it's a little bit on a noisy side. It's a little noisy for a pod, but the draw is that mouth-to-lung draw, that nice tight mouth-to-lung draw. I really love the way this one vapes. The flavor is nice. Airflow on it, like I said, it's a tight airflow, so if you're into the loose, or semi-loose mouth-to-lung draws, this one is not for you. Now, if you're into that tight traditional mouth-to-lung draw, they nailed it with this one. It's got that nice tight airflow, that's the way I like it. I like the tighter airflow, even going towards a little bit loose to tight airflow, somewhere in there, I'm fine with it. That's my style. That's the way I like to roll.

And I've been enjoying this one. This is a nice pod system. Light, very lightweight, it is plastic. It's gonna cheap in price, 25 bucks, something like that. Heaven Gifts, $25. I think Element Vape has 'em in stock right now. 27 maybe on Element Vape, not sure. But all in all, I'm really enjoying this one. I like the mouthpiece. Okay. I'm more of a person that likes the stick style pods, I like those. These kind with the big mouthpieces, I don't like, but this one's tapered in. I don't know if you guys could see it, you see the way it's tapered in? It's not bad for me. I've been really enjoying this one. One more vape.

Except for the noise it makes. Yeah. It's loud, it makes all obnoxious noises. It is a con. I'm saying this could be a little bit more smooth, and I think it's due to the fact of how it's getting its airflow for it to be so tight. It's trying to squeeze in all around the pod to get in there to create airflow for it. Let me see, I'll cover the USB port. So it's grabbing its air from around the pod trying to get in there, and it's making those noises, but you're at least getting that mouth-to-lung draw, that tight mouth-to-lung draw if that's what you're looking for.

Alright. So, 1.8 mls of liquid in here. Wish it was a little better than that. I think it's a little bit on the shorter side, this should be around 2-2.5 in my opinion. $24.99,, coupon code AMV15 will get you 15% off. All in all, not bad. It needs a little bit of here and there, a little bit of tweaks on this, but the draw on this thing is awesome. So, in the description below, I'll have a link to Element Vape,, and all of my links are down below as always. Also, Aspire's link. Alright. Aspire also sells them off of their website, so I'll have their link down below also. You wanna know where to get the GhoStick?, that's where you could get it. That's it. I'm done. Thank you, and remember, keep on vaping.