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Aspire K2 Quick Start e-cig kit is an economic and convenient alternative for tobacco. Featuring a bottom-filled, 1.8ml tank and 800mAh rechargeable battery, the K2 e-cig kit is ideal for new and existing vapers seeking the sensation of smoking. The Aspire K2 brings you an open source tank and reusable/rechargeable battery system. The best feature of the K2 tank is its reliability and flexibility in choosing a flavour. This device has a carbon-fibre finish and is compatible with Aspire BVC coils. Also included is a black battery with the black tank and pink battery with the silver tank.

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Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit Unboxing and Review
Credit to: The Vapery
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Aspire Aspire K2 reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit Unboxing and Review by The Vapery

Oh guys! How are we all doing? I've got another little starter kit review for yous all today. But before we go any further, very recently, a couple of days ago, this channel achieved it's 100th subscription with a bang. Because of that, this channel received it's 100th subscriber. But it looks like 124-125 now, so thank you very much. I'm so happy with how this channel's growin'. I've been doin' this what, maybe a month and a half? We've 124-125 subscribers. Thank you so much. One of me videos got almost 200 views. Thank you, thank you very much.

But, why we're all here today? Why we're all here today? Why we're all here today? I'm gonna be doing another little starter kit review, and it is this: Oh, I dunno how small that is. Look at that. Yeah, I'm gonna have to do it like that, 'cause it's quite a long little thing. It is the Aspire K2. Yeah, sorry. The Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit.

And do you know what? For what it is, it's an absolute little performer. I'll go through it all down below on the little table behind me. But, yeah, show you a little bit of cloud production and then we'll go down. Break it all down, show you what comes in the box, and then all of that stuff; how it comes apart, how you fill it, etcetera, etcetera. And how you change the coils. And we'll come back up, see my ugly mush, and I'll tell you what I think of it, and how much you can get it for, etcetera, etcetera.

So. Little tiny fella. It's sound, that. Do you know what I mean? Right. Well see yous all down below, in just a second...

Guys, I'm back down below, with the Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit, and I'm gonna show you everything that comes inside the box, how to operate it, how to change your coils, and how to fill it.

The Aspire K2 Quick Start, Quick, Quick Start Kit. Kwik Fit. Right, oh my god, I can't speak today, whatsoever. A satisfying, mild vapor experience. TPD warning's and in the tiniest little font ever. The above warning only applies when this device has been filled with nicotine containing e-liquid.

On the side, oh, I've lined that up wrong, you get a little Aspire sticker and a little thingy sticker, just to make sure you know it's all brand new. You get the importer thing, which is not gonna be on all of yours, more than likely. But it is on mine. And you've got your scratch and sniff, sniff. Inside the box you get one tank, 1.8mL. One battery, 800 mAh. Two atomizers, one pre-installed and one micro-USB cable. What's that, I wonder?

Where it comes from. All the normal warnings, massive TPD and a little bar code, and website, stuff like that. Anything else on it? And a little battery number on the side.

So, you get the actual device itself. When you use this, well, the way this is, this warning applies, apparently. But, it all comes completely empty. I do have e-liquid in it because I have been using it, testing it out, etcetera, etcetera. Try and not knock me camera over.

Inside, you get a warranty card, which you're probably never gonna look at. You get an absolutely, mahoosive, actually it's quite small compared... Well, compared to the size of the box, it's absolutely massive, installation manual, user manual, in quite a few different languages. You get one of these things. Don't know what that is. I've never seen one of these before, ever in my life. And, that's about it. You do get a spare coil there, but obviously, as I've said, I've been using this device. I've worked through the coil.

The coils that it uses are Aspire BVC coils. They come in three different wattages? Three different resistance, I think it's 0.7, 1.6, and 1.8. I'm not too sure about the 0.7. Might possibly be 1 ohm, 1.6 and 1.8. I'm not sure what I've got in here currently, but I'll check it all out.

So, to turn the device on, you've got a little button here. Five clicks. And it flashes. And you know it's on; it's ready to use. To change your coils in this device, unscrew it from the base of your battery; the top of your battery. Unscrew the bottom. Fill up your e-liquid, like so, hold it on a nice temp, pretend you're pouring a pint. Ease it up, and I've run out, almost, of this 6mg blueberry that I have been vaping inside there.

Change the coils. Can I hold that without it falling? Take a little unscrew. I can't get a grip on mine, because it is quite liquid-y, quite liquid-y? Quite wet, quite moist. Unscrew that and screw your new one on, prime your coil, couple of drops of liquid on all of your wicking ports, and a couple of drops down the middle. Screw it in, and screw it in, again. Stick it onto your battery. And on the bottom, you've got a charging cable, you've got the name of it on the side. And it's in a nice, carbon fiber-esque print. I'm not too sure what that is, but it's pretty nice. Nice and lightweight, and we are gonna go up top, and I'm gonna tell you the pros and cons of this thing. Would I use it? Etcetera? And... Yeah. Everything else. Sound.

So, I'm back up top, with the Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit. Gonna try, and my very, very best to get my words out, today. Today. See? I can't do it. I can't ever do it. I'm gonna try me very best to get me words out properly in this section, but I've already failed. So, I'm gonna slap myself every time that I do it wrong again, which is gonna hurt, because I can't speak. So, back up top, with the Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit. Yes. I've said it right this time. Pros and cons of this kit? I'll start with the cons first.

Obviously, it's a really small battery. To get a bigger battery size inside of there it will have to be a little bit bigger, which wouldn't work too much with the elegance of it. And I'm holding that like a mech mod that's not going to work, is it? It's not gonna help the elegance of it. It is one of the smaller kits, smaller pen style kits with the power that it produces on the market. So that isn't really a con because... It's a 800 mAh or 850 mAh I can't remember of the top of my head. 800 mAh battery inside of it which for the power that this produces it's good enough. You get most of the day out of it. You get half of a day at least out of it. If you're chugging away at it all day. But maybe a 1000 mAh battery wouldn't be too bad. Would be a similar size to a T18 and not myself through the job that I do that some people think even T18 is a little bit too chunky.

So they prefer something nice and sleek and elegant like this is. Any other cons... The filler method, it is a little bit awkward. It is pretty old school, pretty traditional filler method through the bottom. But would it kill you just for once to get the filler through the top? To make everything a little bit easier. Quite a few people that will go through to this device and someone really bigger. Generally from my experience, it might not necessarily be the case. But from my experience, it's generally the older generations and it's a little bit... I've struggled, do you know what I mean? I've struggled a little bit to get the liquid right down the mouth piece, the mouth piece, the chimney, that's the one. Said that before, didn't I? And the chimney. And it comes down on to me hands. Yeah, that's a bit of a con. It's probably the biggest con I found of this device. And anything else? No, I think that's it apart from that. It's brilliant. That's just a little bit awkward. Obviously, it's a K2 tank. Could you get different tanks, it might be a little bit different, but as a kit, it's just a little bit awkward. But quite a few the Aspire BVC, and the K1, the K2 and the K3, they are all bottom fill devices, yes.

Pros. Pros of this thing. It's really small. It's really easy to use. It fires up instantly. It's just that simple. It's got a little bit of a battery in the heater on it, which is good. That you really enjoy from Aspire products. The light is blue. Don't know if you can see that, behind the big fat sausage fingers. The light is blue when it's fully charged and as it diffuses, it comes a little bit more orange. And then as you've got little bit of time left on it, it becomes completely orange and you'll noticeably feel a difference... Oops, let me get me drink. You'll noticeably feel a difference in the actual vaping performance.

Flavour. For the size of the thing, it's got really good flavour. It's got really good flavour. It's a nice warm vapor as well. These Aspire BVC coils there're really cheap. Most shop sell them like £2, £2.50, even cheaper, maybe £1.50. In our shop we sell it for two quid.

The decent you get a good couple of weeks out of the coils depending on what you use. I'm using like a 50/50 liquid which is alright in it. I get about a week, maybe a week and a half. But if you're using really thin, high PG liquid you're getting two, three weeks out of this liquid. Obviously depending on the flavour. If you've got like sugar flavour, it's gonna go pretty quick. Let me have a little drink.

Anything else the vapor production. It's nice. It's not massive, massive cloud. Look at the bloody size of it. Do you know what I mean? Look at the size, it's not gone away. But it's respectable. Do you know what I mean? Better than the old style... What you call ce4 clearomizer that I used to... Do you know what I mean? Get a decent respectable... It feels like you've had to pull on something. Because obviously this is designed more to the current smoker, rather that to somebody who's been vaping for a while. Although saying that it's a really stealthy device. You can get away of having this in the pub. You can get away of having this at the match, depending if you going to watch the football. You can get away with vaping this in the toilets little cheeky one. And anything else pro. No. Yeah? No.

I'd like to add a little con actually. I like to add just a little con with the touch cap. Like the Innokin T18. I've compared that a couple of times today. But to me, the Innokin T18 is the ultimate style of a kit for what it is. And just a little swivel. Just to keep dust and little bits of crap out of your pocket, even tobacco. Because if you're using this nine times out of 10, you're probably gonna still be having couple of cheeky ciggies. Which, you know what I mean. If that's what you need to do just start vaping, just cut it out and have a couple as and when you need. Do you know what I mean? No one is gonna judge you guys if that's what you feel like you need to do to give them up completely. Go for it. I did it myself for a while. And I know for a fact very few people who ever they claim to be just went, Uh, that's a vap, that's for me now. It's the hardware, guys. It's hardware. It's hardware Do you know what I mean? We all know that and no one's gonna judge if you... I get customers all the time going, I had a ciggy last night. It's like, If that's. Once you've had a couple of drinks, couple of scoops. You gonna want to have a smoke. You know what I mean. I'm going off on a tangent.

Any other pros. Any other pros. Nope. Think I've covered absolutely everything in this. This is being, and I've said it a million times already, this is being the Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit. 800 mAh battery and an Aspire K2 clearomizer. It's not a bad little kit. It's sound for what it is. On a rating of starter kits, I'm gonna give this a seven out of 10. Couple of little niggly bits that I pointed out, but that's just my personal preference. The flavour's really good. Gives a decent throatage. Don't think I've mentioned throated yet today. Gives you a decent throatage. Feels like you have a pull on something. That's about it. The carbon fiber-esque I don't think may come along to pick it up. Make a really round up pretty nice. But I'm going off on a bit of a tangent at the moment. So nice one, guys. I'll have a quick of a vape.

It is satisfying. It is satisfying, I'll give it that. Right, my name is Bobo. Our channel is The Vapery. We are quite a new... We're not even that new anymore. We've been open 11 weeks today. Yes, yes come on. Been open 11 weeks today to the Crosby area of Liverpool. If you're ever about them ways, you wanna come and say hi, come and see us. Ask us for the coffee, we'll give you a bloody coffee. How about that?

I hope you like our videos, guys. I'm having a lot of fun doing them. As I said at the beginning of this video, we've just hit 100 subscribers. So if you could check down below. Check down below? Click down below to the links to our Instagram. And now that I have had it delivered, I will be doing a little bit of a giveaway. Just a little bit of a giveaway. Just a little bit, just a little bit of a giveaway. It's been a long day. A little bit of a giveaway to a giveaway. Yeah, you know what I mean. So keep an eye on that. If you're on our Instagram, give us a little follow, a little subscribe. If you're not already a subscriber of this channel... I don't think I even went on. You need to that's what the give-away's for. I don't know if I mentioned it. My brain's melted. Right. If you don't already subscribed to this channel, go and give us a little subscribe and you can watch me not be able to speak ever again. Nice one, guys. Thank you very much for watching. Hope you enjoyed the video. See yous all later.