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IJoy's back at it again, ladies and gentlemen with their newest product. It's a tube-mod kit. That's right. It's called the Saber 100. Vapes all the way to 100 watts. Just has regular wattage, that's it. None of this bullshit TC, TCR, M1 M2 settings, bypass mode. Doesn't need it. Doesn't need it, doesn't got it, don't care. It's for that vaper that wants some easy-peasy what-a-sleazy!

And it comes with a Diamond sub-ohm tank, and this tank is good, man, but the two coil heads that co

A+ Flavor! The Saber 100 Kit by IJOY!
Credit to: RiP Trippers
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Video Transcript: A+ Flavor! The Saber 100 Kit by IJOY! by RiP Trippers

IJoy's back at it again, ladies and gentlemen with their newest product. It's a tube-mod kit. That's right. It's called the Saber 100. Vapes all the way to 100 watts. Just has regular wattage, that's it. None of this bullshit TC, TCR, M1 M2 settings, bypass mode. Doesn't need it. Doesn't need it, doesn't got it, don't care. It's for that vaper that wants some easy-peasy what-a-sleazy!

And it comes with a Diamond sub-ohm tank, and this tank is good, man, but the two coil heads that come with this, woo-hoo-hoo! It comes with one mesh coil head that's got organic cotton. The other mesh coil has got flax fibers, wood pulp, and cotton. Let me tell you something about that coil head. The flavor off that coil head, that coil head that I have in here right now, it's as good, easily as good, as all the Falcon coil heads. A-plus-plus-plus-plus flavor. Yeah, buddy. So here's the packaging this iJoy Saber 100 comes in.

Of course, inside that packaging you're gonna receive your Saber 100 mod. Included is a 2700 battery for your Saber mod, an 18650 battery sleeve, comes with a USB cable for charging and upgradeable firmware. Included is this Diamond tank. You get an extra coil head. Comes with a matchy-matchy straight glass tube. And last but not least, you get some extra o-rings and a 510 Delrin drip tip adapter. As far as this Diamond sub-ohm tanks goes, she's primarily made of stainless steel. 25 millimeter, the width the base, and 52 millimeter in length. Down at the base she's got a slightly protruding gold-plated 510 pin which is not adjustable. Threads are obviously nice and smooth, and also at the base, it says Designed by iJoy Diamond Tank. She's got dual-bottom adjustable airflow. You grab hold of this airflow ring, it stops in one direction, stops in the other, and whatever you adjust on this side is obviously gonna be the same on this side. At the top of this tank, it comes with a proprietary drip tip, which is made of stainless steel and resin. Here's your drip tip catch-cup.

And she does fit snug as a bug, looks the tits. Also, this resin, it unscrews.

Nice smooth threads. Make sure when you pop this sucker on there, you back it out a little bit 'cause you could strip the threads on the resin. Grab hold of this top cap, unscrew it one turn, she comes right off. You got big old kidney-shaped slots to fill her up. When you're done filling her up, pop that sucker back on there, and she screws right in, and you are rocking and rolling. And in bubble tank mode, she yields 5.5 mLs of E-liquid. And every Diamond tank that I've seen for the Saber kit has a rainbow hue, just like this. And in straight glass tube mode, she yields 4 mLs of juice. Unscrew the base on the coil head from the rest of this tank. Alright, so the two coil heads you get for this, they're both mesh coil heads, as you guys can see, but one uses a different material than the other. The DM mesh uses just cotton, just cotton; regular old cotton. Vapes great. But this DM-DM, oh-ho-ho! This is Falcon coil head territory, boys and girls. It uses 70% flax fibers and 30% wood pulp and cotton. And here's the inside of the base. Here's the rest of the tank section. If you want, you can pop this tank off.

Go ahead and prime it up. Make sure she's nice and tight, and then fill her up. Pop the top cap back on there, adjust my airflow, and we're ready to go, go, go with this iJoy Diamond. First con I found, this is not 810 drip-tip compatible. And also, some of you guys out there may not like the proprietary drip tip it comes with. Other than that, for a sub-ohm tank, this thing is bitching. Both the mesh coil heads vape phenomenal. Airflow for this, smooth as a porn star's ass. Here she is wide open. Like I said, smooth, smooth, smooth, and you get plenty of it. Now I'm gonna close her off halfway. Slightly whistly, but still smooth. Close her off even more, and that whistle goes away and it still remains smooth.

Next pro. It comes with this bubble tank which holds 5.5 mLs of juice. Or if you want, you can rock that matchy-matchy straight tank it comes with. Personally, I'm digging the proprietary drip tip. Love the resin, love how you can screw it in and out. They should have different color options. But yeah, I'm digging this drip tip. Super comfy, and I love the fact it's resin. And back to this bubble tank. I like that rainbow hue. All that's gonna be subjective and I'm always gonna point that out. As far as color options, you got 10 of them for this kit. 10 color options. Hell, yeah. And the fact that this is 25-millimeter, love it. And personally, I like the way this thing looks. Oh yeah, and this is 510 drip-tip compatible, so for you 510 drip tip lovers, you're gonna like that.

Now, on to the Saber mod. As far as measurements go, she's 98 millimeter x 27 millimeter down here at the base. It' thins out as we go up top, and then when we get right up to the top, it's 25 millimeter in width. On the front of this device, at the top, you get your Fire button. Below that, you get your Wattage Up-Wattage Down buttons, and then below that you got your mini-screen. And then on the back of the top, you get your USB port, again, for charging and upgradeable firmware, and then at the bottom you got the iJoy logo. At the base of this device you got the battery cap, which I'm gonna show you in a second, but you got this little vent hole down here, it says Saber, designed by iJoy. At the top of this device, you got your stainless steel 510-connection thread. You also have a spring-loaded gold-plated 510 pin, and it says May vape force be with you. Go ahead and unscrew the battery cap.

Everything is nice and clean. You got your marker up top. Go ahead and insert my 20700 battery that comes with this kit. And as you guys can see that mini-screen is on. She's ready to go, go, go. All we gotta do is pop the tank on there and vape, vape away. So yeah, here's the little itty-bitty tiny mini-screen at the bottom. You got the wattage, the battery gauge, the puff counter, and then the resistance. That is it, guys. No temperature mode, no bypass mode, no M1 M2 settings, no curve settings. Just simple, easy-peasy what-a-sleazy. And of course, you got your Wattage Up-Wattage Down buttons. So right now, it's at 100 watts. It does not round-robin, and you can adjust down, obviously, 0.1 increments, or you can hold it down, all the way down to five watts. And five clicks of the Fire button turns her on and off, One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four five.

So there's really only one con that I found for this mod, guys, that's it. One con. There's a few other nit-pickies which I'm gonna go over in a second. All of that's gonna be subjective, but the first con that I found is the buttons. They do rattle. That's the biggest con that I found for this mod. Now, some nit-pickies. At the top, see how it dives in? It's not flush. Some of you guys may not like that. And here it is with that Diamond tank on there, see how it dives in, it's just not flush. Here's an up-close look. Another thing to point out, see how it has this stainless steel action at the bottom of tank? So it goes from stainless steel to black? That threw me off at first. Wish it was black at the bottom so it's all flush or continuous. All this is personal preference.

And the other nit-picky con? See how it's bigger at the bottom and it gets skinnier up top? Some of you guys may not like it. Other than that, everything else for this, for this whole kit, pros, man. First of all, how easy the mini-screen is. Oh yeah, another nit-picky con. The mini-screen is small. But you know what? You don't have all these options. You don't have temperature options, you don't have curve options, you don't have M1 M2 settings, TCR mode. I like the size of the screen for what it does. It's just simple-stupid. Just regular wattage. IJoy, you done did right on this one. You guys are the first manufacturer that's come out with a mod, a regulated mod, in a long time that just has regular old wattage. Anybody could pick this up and scroll up and down. Love, love, love the color options, man. Like I said, you got 10 of them. I'll post them right here so you could see. As far as comfortability, I dig it. I like the way it feels in my hand. Reminds me the Nunchaku by UWELL. The Fire button, how it protrudes, the Wattage Up and Wattage Down buttons, how they protrude. They're nice, comfortable, and clicky. Yes, there is noise, there is rattle, but they're comfortable. And look at the finish on the mod and the tank.

For a regulated tube kit, I think iJoy knocked it out of the park. Oh yeah, another little nit-picky con for this mod. Anything above 25 millimeter, and there's gonna be a little bit of overhang. Oh yeah, another con that I found for this, you cannot lock the wattage or the device. But the good thing is they have upgradeable firmware for this, so they could fix it. Yes, sir. So I'm vaping her at 50 watts. Got that airflow three-quarters of the way open. You know, let's go.

Man, the flavor, the flavor, the flavor. I'm talking about from the get-go. Just like all the other Falcon coil heads, it is tastic. I mean, it is banging. Oh yeah, RiP, what juice you vaping on? I'm vaping on some of this Merge Advocacy, man. It's a cookies and cream-pistachio nut. And guess what? You can get it on over at vapetrik.com.

Look at that vapor production, man. Just like all the other Falcon coil heads, it produces just as much. All these products nowadays can chuck the tits, but the flavor, for me, is where it's at. And this has it. Like I said, just as good as all the other Falcon coil heads. I can't emphasize that enough. This is the best coil head that I've used since the Falcon coil heads. Like I said in the close-ups, the other coil that comes with this, that mesh with the organic cotton, it's great. It just ain't this. IJoy, throw out that other coil head and include two of these puppy chuckers.

Hey, can you believe that's only at 50 freaking watts? Price point, price point, price point. 55-60 bucks is what I'm seeing online. I'll post the links down in the description to sites that I know of, that are credible, that will be or are carrying this thing. Now, on to the big question, the big answer today, Hey, RiP, which vaper out there gonna benefit from this bad boy the most? Definitely gonna benefit that vaper looking for a tube-regulated kit. A tube-regulated kit that comes with a nice sub-ohm tank and killer-ass coil heads. You're looking for that and all the other stuff that I mentioned in this video about that? Well then, get this puppy chucker. She's definitely for you.

So I hope you guys enjoyed the video, liked it, found it entertaining and helpful. If you did like it, well then, hit that Like button. Let me know that you cared and shared for all your friends to see, and if you wanna see more of me, subscribed for more. This is RiP Trippers, and remember, Smoking is dead, vaping is the future, and the future is now.