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The all-in-one vaping device – Aspire PockeX is designed for power, simplicity and durability – making it a favourite for both new and experienced users. Featuring a high performance 0.6Ω (sub-Ohm), the kit includes Aspire Pockex heating coils, which means you can benefit from sub-Ohm vaping without the complexities of separate components. Alternately, you can buy 1.2Ω coils if you don't want to sub-Ohm vape. The PockeX has a wider drip-tip and bigger top-airflow allowing for increased vapor production. Do remember to use thicker juice if you're using 0.6Ω coils and lower nicotine levels so as to avoid it hitting too hard.

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Aspire PockeX Review
Credit to: Jason Watson
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Aspire Aspire PockeX reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire PockeX Review by Jason Watson

Hello, guys. Welcome to another video. Today I'm reviewing the PockeX by Aspire. I think it's the best way to give up smoking if you're coming off the cigarettes, first time into vaping. I think this could be the mod for you guys. Let's drop down to the table, do an unboxing, show you what you get in there, and we'll come back up and we'll vape it a little bit, and final thoughts. Okay, guys, let's drop down to the table.

Okay, guys. We're down at the deck with the PockeX from Aspire. Standard packaging from Aspire, the black boxes, scratch-and-sniff on the side to make sure it's genuine, standard run-down there. It is top-fill, easy to fill, replace coils without draining the e-liquid, top airflow, leak-proof design, 2-ml capacity, TPD-compliant, Nautilus X Utech coils, 0.6 ohm, stainless steel.

Okay. Well, let's crack the box open and get into these things, without nails. There you go. Okay, it's coming off. All right, so there it is. This is the rose-gold one, because my wife will be using it after I've reviewed it, and yeah, that was her colour of choice. And it's not a really in-your-face gold, it's more like a iPhone-type gold colour. And there it is. So Delrin drip tip, and that just pops off the top there, if you want to take that off. Okay, that goes back on there. Then, so you've got the battery section, which is there to there. Then you got the tank, and then you got your top cap.

So time to take it all apart. You take the top piece off, which your coil comes out with the top piece. Okay, so your juice stays in there. So if you wanna change the coil, the idea being that the juice won't go everywhere, but when you fill it up and you wanna change a coil, I would leave it in the top there just to drip the excess off. Tap it on the side before taking out. So that's it. The coil's in there. So the glass in the tank does come off, I believe. Like so. And that's just basically a battery, where you probably have a 510 standard fitting in there. That bit doesn't come off. That's back on there. Another thing to take note of is that max line there. Even though it looks like you've got another half a tank's worth of fill, don't be filling it over max line because when you put your coil in, the mass of that pushes the liquid out and it drips all over the top. So you don't want... That screws back on there like so.

On the bottom, you got your USB and a little green light when it's charging... When it's charged. Red when it's charging. It doesn't matter about laying it on its side and the USB being in the bottom because it doesn't leak, so you're good to go on that. Okay, so we'll prime the coil, fill her up, and we'll do mouth-to-lung, which I haven't done in about three years, and see what it's like. Okay, I'll see you up top, guys.

Alright, guys. So halfway up the fill line, it's filled up. You get your top piece back here, and you screw that into the top. That being done, five clicks for on. You got your flashing light to know you're good. And what I normally do now is just have a puff without pressing the trigger, just to pull the juice through the cotton a little bit. Alright, so that should be primed, good to go. I mean, if it wasn't a review, I might leave that on the side for just a couple of minutes and then have my first tug, but this is gonna be really difficult for me because, like I said before, I've been on mouth-to-lung straight hits, so straight with the inhale all the way to the lungs. To try and remember how to do the mouth-to-lung is gonna be interesting, so let's try it and give it a go. Okay. It's a bit cottony, but obviously that's to be expected because, obviously, the first few pulls you got the coil bedding in. But you get a nice little bit of vape out of that.

It's not too big, it's not too heavy. Great for your handbag or for your rucksack or whatever for work. It's great to stick in your pocket, it's not a problem. You probably won't get all day out of it. You'll probably get three quarters of a day, so if you've got a car charger or something, you can stick it into the button there and charge it up whilst you're at work, or sitting on your desk or whatever. It's not a problem. But yeah, a very, very good mod for giving up smoking, which is a definite plus, definite plus. Anything else to tell you about it, really? You wanna be getting yourself some... The good thing about this mod is that it can take 70/30 juice, with all are the really nice flavours, and that being said, so break that down. You've got VG/PG and your flavouring in juice, which is what's in this here. You got your three-element, oh and nicotine, so you've got four. The vegetable glycerine, and then you've got propylene glycol, and then you've got nicotine, okay. So VG is what will give you your clouds. PG is what gives you the flavour; that's what carries the flavour through. PG, they use in smoke machines in clubs. They also use it in aircraft air con units. Basically, it's got anti-bacterial properties, so they run it through the system on aeroplanes to flush them through. Vegetable glycerine, I don't know that much about it. It's vegetable-based, and then you've got your flavourings.

Okay, so when I mean PG and VG ratios, you normally, for these starter pens, mouth-to-lung, you're normally about 50/50. But going VG heavier, in my opinion, is a better thing. And these coils take it perfectly, no problem. Lasts forever. So that's why this is another plus for this model, really, is for that reason. But yeah. So if you wanna try and mimic a cigarette, I think you'll fail. Personally, in my opinion, I know a lot of people who do like... There are some good tobacco flavours out there, but once you start on a decent, say, fruit or custard or something that you really enjoy, you'll think to yourself, Well, what is tasty about a cigarette? Nothing. There's nothing tasty about it, it doesn't smell nice. It's just the fact that you're addicted to it. So once you can be addicted to a fruit or sweets or bubblegum, which smells way better and the more portable, then once you get that in your head, you will definitely... You've got a much more better chance of giving up smoking.

If you liked the video, could you give me a Like please, and subscribe. Any questions, then please don't hesitate to stick down the bottom. And I wish you all the luck, best of luck if you're not smoking. Cheers, guys. Thanks for watching.