Innokin T20S
Innokin T20S

Innokin T20S

AKA: T20

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Capacity (ml):2ml
User Level:Beginner
Fits in Pocket:Like a Glove
Type:Pen Style, Starter Kit

The Innokin T20S is an e-cigarette kit that is portable and slim, giving you a fun and easy-to-store vape device. This e-cig is perfect for users who don't like to mess with settings or little parts, as it is built in a way that just gets right to the point of vaping. You can expect to vape with ease, with this very non-frustrating design that has been found to be appealing to users all over the world. The Innokin T20S comes with a top filled Prism-S tank that is located right on top of its battery, which has a power of 1500 mAh and is rechargeable. This kit is also able to charge the coils inside it up to 18 watts which is great who vapers who enjoy a more restricted draw that resembles something like smoking a real cigarette.

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Innokin Endura T20S Review / Good Starter Vape Kit?
Credit to: Zophie Vapes
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Video Transcript: Innokin Endura T20S Review / Good Starter Vape Kit? by Zophie Vapes

Today for review I have Innokin's Endura T20-S. This comes with a prism T20-S tank, the battery has the capacity of 1500 milliamp hours, it's a really simple device. Three clicks on, three clicks off and that's it, you can vape. But you do have to wait like five, six minutes before you vape on a new coil. Always make sure to prime your coils and the directions will tell you the same thing. So some of you are probably thinking, Well, didn't they just have a T20? They did. Here it is and this one came in 1000 milliamp hour and 1500. This is the smaller, 1000. Do look awfully alike but there's definitely some differences but I'll get into that a little bit later. And one lucky person's gonna get one of these. There's gonna be another giveaway. Go figure, right? I'll talk about that later, too, but first let's check out this up close.

Here's how it comes packaged. The color you see is the color you get. And on the back there's some kit contents and a scratch off authenticity code which has gotten very blurry. Opens like this. Very fancy pancy box. This is the manual, shows you all the different parts and on the back shows you how to refill the tank and how to replace the coils. Now with the coils make sure the tank is empty or the juice will whirl. Don't remove the coil if there's e-liquid in there or the e-liquid will come out of the drip tip. Inside of this envelope there is a warning booklet in a bunch of different languages if you really wanna read that. I actually did read the warnings in English and the fun part is it says do not use nicotine containing e-liquids. Alright. I wonder how many people are gonna listen to that. I am, I am. This is Mint To Be, zero milligram, 100 milliliter bottles. I got this at Orlando Vapor Show. It was like the last booth I went to and they're like, Oh try this. I'm like, I don't like mint. I don't like menthol, I don't like mint. And they're like, But this is like mint without that annoying overpowering mintiness.

I love this stuff and I don't like minty things. It reminds me of Doublemint gum, I'm gonna have a link to this down below in the video's description if you guys are interested. There's also this very thick warranty card and on the back it tells you how to verify the product's authenticity. Here's a battery care card and I can already see I have broken one of the rules. Do not use with car charger. And Innokin always likes to give you guys stickers. And over on this side, here's the Endura T20-S. There was an extra coil in here and there's an extra drip tip. Right here is the fire button to turn this on. One, two, three, now it's on. When you're vaping you'll see that there's a green light. So if there's a green light, your battery is mostly charged, yellow, it's about 50% and red you should recharge it. And to turn it off, one, two, three, and now the device is off.

Over here is the USB charge port. On the bottom it'll tell you it's a 1500 milliamp powered battery. At the top is a removable drip tip and it is 510 compatible. To fill the tank with e-liquid, unscrew the top portion with the drip tip. Go off to the side and then squeeze your liquid into the tank. The other cap for the tank, the drip tip, is not removable. So the prism T20-S unscrews like this. The battery has a 510 connection. To get to the coil, unscrew the base. And I do have e-liquid in here so I'm not gonna pull it out. But the coil does just pull out and then you can put another one in. Do make sure you have no e-liquid in there. Once it's time to buy more coils, they do come packaged like this. It's a five pack and these ones are actually 1.5 ohms. Let me see if I have one of the 0.8 ohms. 1.5 would make this more of a mouth to lung vape. I feel that anything under one, that's sub ohm vaping. That's more like a direct to lung. But I guess you could put it in your mouth and blow it out.

So here's the 0.8 ohm and that's actually what comes in the kit. These can be vaped between 16 and 18 watts. Now, this thing has an 18-watt output so it's hitting at 18 watts. So I'm not really sure why they sent me the 1.5 ohm coils because these can only be vaped between 13 and 14 watts. And here's what one of those looks like so these can be vaped between 16 and 18 watts and they're 0.8 ohms. They also give you a USB cable but I have so many of these that I really don't take out a new one every single time I get a new rechargeable vaporizer. And there's also a little baggie with extra O-rings or seals. I do kinda remember reviewing this one and I remember the fire button would stick. I haven't had that issue with this so I do believe they corrected the issue. Complained about the coil how I would have liked to see a no spill design. Unfortunately that's still the same. Both of them if you pull out the coil and there's e-liquid, they're gonna leak.

But that is the only time you're ever gonna see a leaking. You're not gonna see any leaking when you're actually using the product. This one had a really loose drip tip. So now I can see why they included this cap/drip tip dealio where it's just fixed because this one over time it will get looser. But it's not as loose as the other one was. The old model it had a dust cap which apparently I have misplaced right before my video. The new one does not come with the cap. But I think in a way that's kinda good because it does make it look a little bit nicer on top. So that is with the 1.5 ohm coil. And that is with the 0.8 ohm coil. So it's not really a true mouth to lung device. But you don't have to take that big of a hit. You could just go, just put it in your mouth and then spit it back out. Great for beginners. It's really simple and their instructions are absolutely excellent. Really easy to understand. Three clicks on, three clicks off. Prime your new coils before you use them and that's pretty much all you have to know.

Feels durable. It's got this cool rubberized texture. I like that it comes with two different drip tips and I complained last time, this one only came with one coil, now they include two coils. I guess you could use this with other tanks, just make sure that the resistance is 0.6 or higher. And remember it's only gonna vape at 18 watts. I like the flavor. I actually think flavor is better out of this one than it was, I don't think I was too impressed with flavor out of this one. But they have improved it. With it being as simple as it is, it's definitely not something for everyone. So that's pretty much it. That's my whole review. I do have one extra for giveaway and here it is. So it's kinda like all my other giveaways, except this time I would like you to use the word Innokin in your comments spelled correctly. If it's spelled wrong or you didn't use the word, you're gonna be disqualified. And you can say anything else you want so please use the word Innokin and then say something else.

If you just use the word Innokin, you will be disqualified as well. Sorry, but I'm gonna make these a little bit harder 'cause I have a feeling like as soon as I post my video, people are like, Best video ever. This was awesome. It's like it's been on for five seconds. How do you know it's a good review if you haven't watched it. And for those of you that stayed to the very end or skipped ahead, now you know the secret word. Innokin, I-N-N-O-K-I-N. And please leave a comment after that. You do have to be 21 or older. Sorry, but a lot of states, well, not a lot, but some of them are converting from 18 to 21 and I don't wanna accidentally send it to the wrong state. So this contest is for those living within the US or its territories only. Sorry, but shipping outside of the country has proven to be one heck of a pain in my butt. About a week from now I'm going to post the winners in the video's description and on my Facebook page.

And however if you don't wanna wait for the giveaway to end, you kinda might have to anyways because right now these are only available for pre-sale, preorder, and they're gonna be between like $25 and $32 once they have them in stock. So I will throw some links down below the video and hopefully those stores will get this in soon. Oh and before I go, there is a $6-FDA fee if you are the winner. I'm required to charge one. They don't get any of it. Basically just covers shipping. And that is it. That is it. That completes this review. So if you guys wanna check me out elsewhere, I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my other channel called Just Zophie. Alrighty guys, bye.